Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e17 Episode Script

You Don't Know Anything!

1 Seven years since the fall of Teppelin Kamina City, the New Capital (Human capital built on the its ruins) With Lordgenome's defeat, humanity was free to come up to the surface.
What are Lagann, the Core Drill, and Spiral Power? Why did Lordgenome try to drive humanity underground? All those mysteries and more remain unsolved.
But we are intent on building new lives for ourselves, so we focus on tomorrow's hopes, not yesterday's lingering questions.
One of the few riddles we DID solve is Old Coco's true identity.
Apparently, he was a Beastman created to serve as Nia's butler, and he had always looked after her.
Is it because we're at peace that we've only solved such trivial mysteries? Yes, we have luxuriated in this peace for seven years.
Pretending all the while not to notice Lordgenome's dying words gnawing away at us from the inside.
Come on, Rossiu, have a heart! These are all citizen complaints.
The sewers are backed up.
Taxes are too high.
The neighbors are too noisy.
It's all self-centered nonsense.
They've all completely forgotten what life was like in the cellars.
- I think that's great.
- But is it? Something bothering you? No, sir.
Well met, you two! Nia! What brings you here? I made you some lunch! Oh, I'm sorry, Rossiu.
I forgot to make any for you! I'll rush out and make something! No, that's quite all right.
There is an Executive Council meeting in 15 minutes.
Please finish lunch by then, all right? Episode 17: You Understand Nothing This is your Leeron, Science Bureau Chief! Our moon probe Gunrocket was launched successfully.
It'll arrive at the moon in one day.
Submit your report later.
Will do! This has been the one and only Leeron! Ciao! Come on, do you really think you'll find something on the moon, Simon? Address him as Supreme Commander, Legal Affairs Bureau Chief Kittan.
Yeah, yeah One million apes When the land comes to overflow with one million apes, the moon shall become Hell's messenger and destroy the world of the Spiral.
Those were Lordgenome's dying words.
Thinking about it hasn't gotten us anywhere.
We have to go there and see firsthand.
If we don't find anything there, no harm done.
It's pretty amazing.
Seven years ago, we didn't even know the moon was a satellite, and now we're capable of sending probes there.
Citizen Affairs Secretary Jorgun, how is the census proceeding? Uh, about that The "million apes" refers to us human beings.
It is vital that we determine when the planet's population will reach one million.
And we must do it as soon as possible.
Aw, don't talk like that.
It's a mistake to have these two count anything.
No one is suggesting they do it themselves.
Use your organization to do it.
Look, I'm just sayin' that these two can't handle a delicate job like that.
Then what are you people still doing in the government? During every council meeting, all you do is kick back and relax! Is that your job?! Those who said they couldn't handle the job and left are better men by far than you! - Say what? - What?! Give it a rest! Would if be all right if I issued orders to the Citizen Affairs Bureau? Sure.
Relax, you two.
There won't be any change in your status.
Let's let Rossiu oversee this.
That's all.
Who does he think he is?! We got somethin' to offer! We got somethin' to offer, too! My goodness! Look at these two fine notables of the New Government! No one eats quite like you do! Please, feel free to eat all you like! After all, Kamina and Simon, the heroes of the revolution, grew up eating my pig-mole steaks! I raised those boys as if they were my own! With him around, you wouldn't need to be Kamina to want to get to the surface.
What's the matter? You look kinda bummed out.
A million apes The Spiral King was just messing with our heads.
You gotta take that with a big grain of salt.
Dumbass, Dayakka's worried about his kid.
Oh, right.
It's about due.
How can you be so relaxed, Kittan? You're about to be an uncle, man.
It just hasn't sunk in yet Come try the pig-mole steak loved by the heroic Gurren Lagann, it made Kamina and Simon's mouths water! Hey, sis! Does the laundry go over here? That's fine.
Chief Shak's Steakhouse's pig-mole steaks come straight from Jeeha Village! Coming! I've got it! You sit down, sis.
I'll throw one on the grill just for you! - He proposed?! - He proposed?! Yes.
Well, well.
Simon finally took the plunge, did he? That's why I was hoping to get your advice.
Tell us! What did he say? I have to know! It's beautiful, isn't it? This city.
Everyone is living happy lives under the sun.
You're right.
Maybe the time is finally right to get out.
To be regular people, not a princess or the leader of Team Gurren.
To see the same things, hear the same sounds, and to laugh together.
Maybe it might be nice to have that kind of life now.
My eyes would be your eyes, and your ears would be my ears.
Maybe something like that would be nice.
What's this? Let's get married, Nia.
No way! You turned him down?! Yes.
Why did you turn him down?! Well, I thought that maybe two people couldn't really become the same person.
Um Well, that's true, but, well, that's basically what married couples are.
Anyway, he only meant it as a figure of speech! Sis! Be careful with the baby! Simon, that boy who's only good at digging tunnels and fighting in Gurren Lagann spent seven years trying to get those words out! How about you? How did they make you feel? How did I feel? Yes! It isn't the meaning of the words that's important, it's how they made you feel! Looks like we have an answer.
You're the same old naive, pampered princess as ever Well, I'd say that's what makes Nia Nia.
It's the woman's turn this time.
Don't tell him in words, tell him how you feel.
It's huge! Well, it's the Kamina City monument, after all.
He would have appeciated the overkill of it.
Yoko! We can't talk you out of going? Nah I'm not cut out for all this council and politics stuff.
That's not true! I'm sure you would do just fine if you set your mind to it! No, no.
You guys can do it.
See ya.
You better keep Nia safe.
You hear, Supreme Commander Simon? That pampered princess isn't going to deign to let me protect her.
Hello? Nia? Um I think you and I are different people.
Very, very different people.
But since we're the same in being different, I think living together would work out.
Thank you for this ring.
I really like it.
Yeah! I did it! Bro, I did it! You seem awfully happy.
Supreme Commander.
A-Ah, Rossiu.
What can I do for you? There's been an attack by anti-government guerillas in southern Henpeena Sector.
What?! The Grapearl Squadron has already been scrambled, but you should see this.
Viral? Okay, I'll join them in Gurren Lagann! No.
You are Supreme Commander of the New Government.
It is not your job to go into combat.
That's Viral out there! If I don't settle things with him, he'll Please focus on doing your own job! Supreme Commander Simon! You cheap Gurren Lagann knock-offs are no match for me! Where is Simon?! The Supreme Commander isn't gonna dirty his hands on you! Gimmy, be careful! Your shooting's as sharp as ever! Thanks for the save, Darry! Viral! My shield! It won't hold?! You're screaming, aren't you, Enkidudu? Hang in there for just a little longer! You're down for good, huh? Thanks for putting up with my selfish demands on you for so long.
I'm sorry.
What's with that look? You are one persistent guy.
Why do you insist on opposing us? The war is over.
I don't want to hear that from the man who's taken over Teppelin's throne.
What's that supposed to mean? Look at that.
I was trying to protect them.
- They're humans? - That's right.
They told me that they wanted to live underground.
There are some humans who feel that way.
They believe that their true home lies underground.
That's why I decided to assist them.
The only difference is where they're forced to live.
Isn't what you're doing exactly the same as what the Spiral King did? Right, Simon? Stop this self-justification.
Anti-government activities will be punished in a court of law.
You will have your say at your trial.
My "trial"? What's that? A new piece of wisdom that humanity has acquired.
Gimmy, take him away.
Why didn't you tell me about this? Did I issue any orders to find and drag to the surface people who want to live underground? You mustn't rise to Viral's bait.
He's a holdout of Lordgenome's old order.
Then is what he said a lie? No, it's the truth.
- Why, then?! - It is for population verification.
If people live out of sight, we won't be able to maintain an accurate census.
They could bring us over one million without our knowing.
It is the government's responsibility to prevent that! If you will excuse me.
What would you do then?! If you found a millionth person, would you exile him from the planet?! That would be no different than what went on back in Adai vilalge! You understand NOTHING.
Chief Advisor, we've been contacted by the Spiral Power Research Institute.
Apparently, they were successful in activating the bio-computer.
- I see.
- Congratulations, sir.
Your dream is finally about to come true.
With this, we will be able to learn this world's secrets.
Commander Simon, the council, the citizens, they've all grown complacent! You are the only thing keeping the government running, Chief Advisor.
It's not just me.
There is also you, the younger generation.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Boota! That's a good boy.
You're one thing that never changes around here.
Hello? Kiyoh had her baby?! That's right! A girl! It's a girl! Her name is Anne.
It seems Dayakka had been giving it some thought for a long time.
That's wonderful.
I'll stop by the hospital later.
It's fine.
What's that?! I'm sorry, Nia, I'll call back later! Hello? Simon? Simon? Huh? What's this? Nia! Huh? Nia? You didn't detect the enemy's approach? It appeared without warning over Kamina City! Almost as if it tore a hole in the sky! Grapearl Squadron status? - Already launched! - We'll engage the enemy momentarily.
It hasn't got a face I've never seen a mecha like this before.
Some new anti-government guerilla weapon? We are currently running a match on the enemy machine's model.
Grapearl Squadron, prevent the destruction of the city.
- Roger that! - Roger! All units, scatter! Attack simultaneously from all directions! - It absorbed them? - I can't believe it In that case, Grapearl Blade! Contact lost with Korza's Grapearl.
Handguns and blades have no effect? What're you doing, Rossiu?! Gimmy! I'm okay! It's still working! But we're down to just two functioning units now Damn, it's tough If only we had our Gunmen that thing would be a pushover! Gunmen are relics of the Spiral King's time.
They didn't fit in with the new era, so we disposed of all of them.
The Grapearls are mass-produced, combat-specialized units based on our Gurren Lagann research.
If the Grapearls are no match for it, your old Gunmen couldn't so much as scratch it.
Kinon? Um, your personality has done a 180 Darry! Don't be crazy! I can still fight! Darry! Gurren Lagann We've been waiting for ya, Simon! It's too dangerous, Commander! It is not your job to go out and fight on the front lines! How many times do I have to tell you?! Dumbass! Protecting the city and the lives of the citizens! THAT is our #1 job! Has all this peace made you soft, Rossiu? But, sir Yeah, this is the one place I can really be me.
Let's go, you faceless bastard! - GIGA DRILL BREAK! - Why must you keep taking the easy way? Is that model analysis done yet?! Team Dai-Gurren Resistance, Lordgenome Army, New Government units There are no matches in any of our databases! Then where in the world did it come from? Commander! Give top priority to identification! - It didn't work! - If possible, capture it! Quit bugging me! Like I have time to do that! - Simon! - Your drill, it's building up energy? Here goes! I'm sick of you and your light show! I'm gonna take this crappy beam of yours and shove it down your throat! - Awesome! - Did he do it? No way! The city! Dispatch fire and rescue crews to the city! Keep the fire damage to a minimum! What the hell just happened? He didn't know what it was, and yet he charged in and counterattacked blindly, and he destroyed the whole thing! "Rash" doesn't even begin to describe the Supreme Commander's actions! Nia? Is that Nia? Attention, humans of Earth.
We Anti-Spiral races have determined that humanity has achieved Spiral Power danger level two.
We hereby activate the Humanity Extermination System.
To Be Continued Next Time When I was young, I had a dream.
A dream to know everything about the world.
When that dream comes true, Simon, I will take you and You Will Tell Me The Secrets of This World Next time on Gurren Lagann, "You Will Tell Me The Secrets of This World".