Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e19 Episode Script

We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary

1 This is the tale of a man who continues to look for his own path, even while he is being betrayed by fate.
The war between the Spiral races and the Anti-Spiral races.
This was the root cause of everything.
In order to exterminate humanity, in which Spiral Power lies dormant, they send the moon plummeting towards the Earth.
It was Simon and his fellow Team Gurren members who triggered this calamity.
Will their struggle for freedom lead to mankind's downfall? Having lost Nia, Simon is shackled by the handcuffs of despair.
Episode 19: We Will Survive, By Any Means Necessary - Give us Simon! - Make him pay for what he did! He was never a hero! Simon is the cause of all this! It's his fault that the moon is falling! Rossiu.
Tell me why.
The citizens who were evacuated to the Parliament Tower have begun to riot.
Our defeat of Lordgenome is what set this catastrophe in motion.
Team Dai-Gurren is to blame for the moon falling from the sky.
That anger is being directed at the New Government.
Your conversation with Nia was broadcast live across the world.
Every citizen now knows that the moon will slam into the Earth in three weeks' time.
Your reckless fight earlier was also seen by the entire city.
I can no longer protect you.
Protect me? This is the guy! It's all his fault! Tear it down! In their eyes, you are now no different from Lordgenome.
In which case, we must punish you in the same manner.
Exactly as we could not restrain ourselves from doing back then.
Please wait here until it is time for your trial.
Trial? We are now a nation of laws.
Questions of war responsibility are also settled in a trial.
First it was God's rules, and now it's the law.
You're a man who loves to be tied down, aren't you? We have always made progress on the backs of the dead.
Such as my mother.
And Kamina.
What? When Kamina died, it made us stronger.
It was thanks to Kamina's death that we were able to win that battle.
Hold it right there, Rossiu! Are you trying to tell me that my Bro's dying was a good thing? Judging it from the outcome it produced, then yes, I am.
Don't joke about that! There are some things you can't say! Hey! You bastard! Do you really think that?! You are exactly like Kamina was in the old days.
Have you learned nothing from his death? You haven't grown at all! I will keep your Core Drill.
It's ironic.
The source of your power was the seed of mankind's destruction.
Rossiu, you'll never understand what he was feeling.
Or what his death gave to us.
That look in your eyes It's exactly the same as the priest back in Adai Village.
No, it is you who understands nothing.
You haven't so much as tried to change in the past seven years.
It is you.
So it's true what they say? Simon's been arrested? Yeah.
Why would they do that?! That's so messed up! That jerk Rossiu's gone crazy! - Kiyal, don't shout in the hospital.
- Oops! What Rossiu says makes a certain amount of sense.
What he did to Simon did might only be a temporary solution.
Rossiu might have common sense, but he's so coldhearted that I can't stand him.
What the heck does Kinon see in that guy? Kiyal.
I don't care HOW busy she is, how can she not even stop by to see Anne? Kinon's totally changed, too.
Kiyal! Now, now.
It's one thing to talk like that in here, but don't say that outside.
These days, there's no telling what might happen.
Send out Simon! The guy who's responsible has to pay! Do you have a plan to deal with the moon falling?! What's the government doing?! Give me back my house! Reimburse me! I want my peaceful life back! The Mugann's energy barrier can be breached by using the Giga Drill to reflect its beam back at it.
The problem is, how do we stop the body itself from exploding? This enemy is pretty tricky What I don't get is, aren't the Grapearls superior to Gurren Lagann? It isn't right for the prototype to be more powerful.
Goodness, what a cheeky thing to say.
Whatever shall I do to close that mouth of yours? Ever since I was a kid, this is the one guy I can't deal with What do you think is gonna happen with Simon? You mean his arrest? Arrest?! Is he gonna be executed?! Don't get ahead of yourself, Aretenborough.
I think that Rossiu has something up his sleeve.
Anyway, our task at hand is developing weapons against our new enemies.
I guess it's no sleep for us until we come up with something Aretenborough, turn this report in to Rossiu.
You got it! What are you doing?! I said to turn in the report, not to turn me! Honestly! Spinning? Could it be? Show us that again! You got it! Didn't you hear me?! I said, NOT me! We have completed our survey of surviving underground cities.
Scattered around the world, there are 36 cities over 1000 meters underground whose construction is estimated to be capable of withstanding the lunar impact.
They are capable of holding 640,000 people.
That's wonderful news.
That's more than we expected.
I suppose we owe a debt of gratitude to the humans of the past whose civilization reached such heights.
Even so, those humans were no match for the Anti-Spirals.
Nevertheless, we will survive.
By any means necessary.
That leaves 360,000.
The citizens here in Kamina City will be especially difficult.
Advisor Rossiu! I found this file in the biocomputer's deep-level database.
What in the world? Where is it?! Right underneath Kamina City's Parliament Tower.
Amazing! That's the Spiral King for you He had this card up his sleeve the whole time.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann I will now hand down the sentence.
The defendant is hereby sentenced to death.
Hey, hold on a second! Get real! What the hell?! This don't make no sense! First of all, it was crazy to make Balinbow his defense attorney! And Guinble was the prosecutor, and you were the judge! You never had any intention of giving him a fair trial! I will have quiet in my courtroom, Legal Affairs Chief Kittan.
If no one is held responsible, the populace will never be satisfied.
Who do you suggest we hold responsible, if not Supreme Commander Simon? But that don't mean you have to have him put to death! This may quiet down the unrest for now, but what about afterwards? What do you plan to do about the falling moon? An evacuation plan for that very purpose is already underway.
To ensure humanity's survival, we must quell this foolish disturbance at once, and then take calm, swift action.
Yes, with Chief Advisor Rossiu, no, with New Supreme Commander Rossiu at its heart.
New Supreme Commander? Is this some kind of coup, Rossiu?! This is nothing of the sort.
According to the law, the instant Simon was found guilty, I succeeded him.
Bro If you were in my shoes right now, what would you do? Nia?! Hey, it's Nia! Are you serious?! Where'd she come from? What the Anti-Spirals want is absolute despair.
There is no hope of survival for Spiral life.
What are you saying, Nia? What do you mean, absolute despair? Why are you doing this?! For the next two weeks, meet your end in suffering as you clutch desperately to life.
Nia! Don't go! Cybela! What's happened? I'm detecting a Mugann above planned shelter area Littner.
It's a good deal larger than what we've seen before.
T-This is Littner Sector! A huge clump of Mugann is heading this way! We're under attack! They're pulling out all the stops! The shelter can't take much of this! Request immediate assistance! Help us! Please, help us! The Mugann have apparently begun moving towards Kamina city.
Littner What's happened to Littner? Back to the Operations Room! Rossiu, wait! Let me Let me pilot Gurren Lagann.
What did you say? Gurren Lagann is our only means of fighting against them.
Trying to redeem yourself through an act of heroism, eh? That has nothing to do with it! I just want to protect the city! Nevertheless, you are a condemned man.
Am I supposed to entrust a prisoner with Gurren Lagann when he might escape in it? Rossiu, you son of a bitch! Then wire me with a bomb or something! If I run, all you have to do is detonate it! Guinble.
Disengage the lock on the Core Drill storeroom.
And don't forget to wire Gurren with explosives.
Have it done at once! Gurren Lagann, heading out! Roger that.
I'm standing by and ready to go.
Kinon? What are you doing aboard Gurren? I've wired the detonator switch to my belt.
What?! Simon, if you try anything funny, anything at all, I'll hit the switch.
This is crazy! What do you think you're doing?! Why does Kinon have to come with me?! With her aboard, you have no choice but to return to base intact.
If it were just you, I expect you would try to go out in a blaze of heroic glory.
That doesn't mean you need to risk Kinon's life like this! I volunteered to do this.
Kinon?! It's all right.
If we make it back in one piece, there won't be any trouble.
Come home safe and sound so I can be put to death properly, huh? - Let's go! - R-Right! Commander Rossiu, we are ready for your broadcast.
Hey, ain't that Gurren Lagann up there? But Simon was arrested, wasn't he? What's going on? Stand by for an urgent message from the government.
I repeat, stand by for an urgent message from the government.
My fellow citizens.
The surface will be severely damaged by an attack involving dropping the moon, carried out by unknown enemies calling themselves the Anti-Spirals.
In response, the New Government pressed charges against former Commander Simon.
As a result of his trial today, he was sentenced to death.
There it is! I can't let that thing get anywhere near Kamina City! Whatever it takes, I'll stop it here! I have dispatched Former Commander Simon in Gurren Lagann to intercept the Mugann that have appeared outside Kamina City, but he is completely under the New Government's control.
We are able to blow it up if he exhibits any suspicious behavior whatsoever.
Son of a Rossiu, you bastard! To protect its citizens from the impending lunar impact, the government will carry out a large-scale evacuation plan.
Citizens will be evacuated to 36 giant underground shelters around the world.
Residents in the Kamina city area, which has no shelter, will temporarily leave the stratosphere in the Superdreadnought Space Dai-Gun.
And this is that Space Dai-gun! The Arc-Gurren! Have faith in the New Government! We will not be defeated by the Anti-Spirals! We shall survive, no matter what! Rossiu! Rossiu! Rossiu! This will keep us alive! Rossiu! Simon! The Mugann have turned around and are heading this way! That's what I want.
Now, let's draw them away from Kamina City! These guys are slow.
We'll go slow enough for them to keep up.
Right! The beams have stopped Now they've just showing off This is bad They've got us heading towards Kamina City again! Simon! That big Gunmen has stayed at a distance this whole time! It's possible that it's their control tower! I follow you Let's put that to the test! You're mine! - Nia! - Goodbye, Simon.
We're surrounded! If this many fire at us at once, one Giga Drill will never be able to deflect them all! Then we'll just use more than one! GIGA DRILL MAXIMUM! Kinon? Are you okay? Kinon! Simon? Yes, I'm all right Damn, the big one's still alive It's no use, I can't move Damn it! Whew, made it just in time! Is that Gimmy? Sorry to keep you waiting! Now, we'll show you what the Grapearls can do! Let's do it! Tornado Formation! Firing Spiral Bomber! Erecting Tornado Shield! It worked! Ron, it worked! For adults, making it in time is all part of the job.
I'm sorry.
What we saw That wasn't the Nia I used to know.
Your Core Drill, please.
Gurren Lagann will be scrapped.
We will no longer rely on you.
I understand.
Simon! Simon! SIMON! Rossiu! You bastard, what do you think you're doing to my sister?! The bomb you talked about, that was Kinon?! Is that how you do things? You're gonna pay You'll pay! Don't get the wrong idea, brother.
The reason I volunteered to go, the reason I said I would be a human bomb, it was because I wanted to be of use to Rossiu.
Kinon Brother, you don't know the first thing about Rossiu.
Former Supreme Commander Simon, By Reason of Major War Crimes, Sentenced to Death To Be Held In Lincarne Prison Until Sentence Carried Out RX-Note: Yeah, I know, I didn't fill in the last line the DVD subs didn't separate it for this screen.
Well, well, look who we have here.
Welcome to prison, Supreme Commander Simon.
To Be Continued Next Time Even hope will change to despair in an instant.
What had been the best option turns into the worst possible choice.
Even so, I make the decision.
And then they will How Far Will God Test Us? Next time on Gurren Lagann, "How Far Will God Test Us?"