Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e20 Episode Script

How Far Will God Test Us?

1 Bullet Speed Subs and Anon Presents - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - TL/Rough Timing: Ryux TL/TL check: Anon QC/Timing: mreweilk QC: Krade, Motaa Editing: Saphix Encoding/Fine Timing: skystrife This is the story of a man who searches for his path in life, even after being betrayed by his own destiny.
There are two weeks until the Moon falls onto Earth.
In order to minimize the panic amongst the citizens, Rossiu has put the responsibility on Simon.
Simon, who was ordered to be executed.
After his final launch with Gurren-Lagann, what awaited him in jail? Welcome to jail, Commander Simon.
Wait, you aren't commander anymore though, right? War criminal Simon, isn't it? Even in here we get news from outside.
Interesting The beastman who rebelled against Simon and the hero who freed the humans, are now confined together thanks to "The Trial".
I guess human "wisdom" isn't so bad after all.
One week left, huh What Is this? Episode 20: Just how far is God willing to test us? Currently, Gekon area evacuation progress is 68%, Sakunga area 32%, Behama area 44%, 98% of evacuation will be completed in 6 days and 18 hours.
Kamina citizens' evacuation to Arc-Gurren is 58% completed and going well.
Leeron, how's the Moon? It is slowly descending.
According to my calculation, we have 10 days, 6 hours, and 23 minutes until the Moon enters our atmosphere.
When the Moon gets closer to the Earth, it will affect the surface world as well.
We need to evacuate people to the shelters as soon as possible.
You're acting like a leader now, eh? Commander Rossiu? That's not it.
I am just doing what I am supposed to do.
Oh? You've became quite an attractive man.
How about we have a little date? There is something I'd like to talk to you in person.
I'll wait for you.
That kid I hope he doesn't have a mental break down.
Even if we eat food, the Moon will fall and we'll all die anyway.
Thanks to the former commander sitting "somewhere".
Although he seems to be eating well.
Please stop them one more time, Commander~ I heard the people outside are evacuating underground.
What?! Who the hell are you? I am here to avenge Cytomander, Simon.
Cytomander? One of the four generals of the Helix King? That's right.
If you didn't defeat Cytomander-sama, I would be flying in the sky now! Look at me, when I was brought here, they clipped off my wings! This is disgraceful! It's all your fault, Simon! ViViral?! How about you stop squawking and be quiet like a weak bird should do? You are supporting Simon? And you call yourself a beastman? I can't forgive beastmen, who are as reckless and pathetic as you.
That's a nice look you've got there, monkey.
What? You've lost Gurren-Lagann, your woman and your comrades.
You've turned back into a monkey.
Can you even save your own life? What did you say?! Kamina was able to fight me equally without weapons.
Shut up! Huh? What's with that look.
If you don't like it, come and get me! What? Yeah! Beat him to a pulp! Come on, do it! So you can fight a little.
Go! Kick his ass! Do it! He is my prey, get outta the way! That's It's the immortal body that the Helix King gave me so I could become a messenger.
And I am supposed to face someone as weak as you? How disappointing.
What do you know? I am just doing what I am supposed to do.
Interesting! To lose everything Is that your duty? It seems like you are just like Helix King after all! What did you say?! This is the future you've gained after destroying us?! I can't forgive you!!! I never asked you to forgive me! Damn them! Ignoring me like that! Go to hell! You first! Both of you, die!!! Fighting is forbidden! Who's causing all the commotion? Them! Those two ganged up against the middle one.
Just how far is God willing to test us? You don't have to believe things that you don't want to.
This is only a simulation, after all.
Right now, I have no choice but to believe this.
Was it wrong for humans to desire the surface world? Are we such sinful creatures that we don't deserve it?! The ones who see it that way are the Anti-Spirals, aren't they? This is not God's doing.
Are things going smoothly? Overall, we are 48% done.
Ahh, I miss those times.
You were so afraid to ride the Nakibashiri.
Huh? Those are grape-hippos and molepigs What the hell? We won't have enough room for the humans.
Is Rossiu trying to open a zoo or something? Connecting Lord Genome's head.
He used to be the Helix King.
Are you sure it's not dangerous? Even if it is, we have no choice.
Arc-Gurren only operates by recognizing his biological reactions.
Just like how Lagann won't move without Simon.
But if this bio-computer ever gains Lord Genome's ego So many worries You can always "take a bomb and sit beside him", eh? If you are as determined as Kinon, anyway.
If this doesn't work out, we won't be able to sleep again.
I didn't even get any sleep until now.
Alright, the connection is finished.
Arc-Gurren's Spiral engine operation.
Ready to go.
Activate!!! Stupid! It's too early! Super Spiral Engine activation complete.
Well, it's all good.
Nothing's impossible for me.
He talks big even though he only has his head.
Anyway, it's complete.
I will report it to Commander Rossiu.
Minister Kittan.
What are you doing? You are gonna tell me what that idiot Rossiu is thinking of, Gimbley.
What are you talking about? Don't try to fool me! Why are you taking animals into the Arc-Gurren? And it's not small number of them either.
WHY?! Who knows If you can't say it out, then I will.
What will happen to this planet? Huh? So, Rossiu, who is so kind and nice, wanted to save even the animals, Am I wrong!? So I was right Now explain it to me.
That's That's because we need to live in Arc-Gurren for one year.
You are also a part of the government.
If you want to know so badly, I guess it doesn't hurt for you to carry some responsibilities, either.
Listen to me.
What is this? A simulation of the Moon colliding with Earth.
I've never done calculations like this, so it took quite a while.
At this rate, the surface world is finished.
Not only the surface, but underground as well.
Due to the Moon's impact, the surface world will be obliterated.
Then, it will be surrounded by a scorching heat.
Everything on this planet will burn.
For one year, no animals or plants can live.
Then are you going to let those underground die? Do we have any other choice? We can't fit one million people inside Arc-Gurren.
ThenThen Why don't we destroy the Moon with this ship? This is a giant battleship, we can do it! I've thought about that as well.
But it's too dangerous.
If we fail, humanity will go extinct for sure.
Can you take that responsibility, Kittan-san? Save those we can.
It's not just humans.
Arc-Gurren will act as the Second Earth We'll take all the animals and plants species from the surface, and live in space for one year until the planet cools down.
Those who choose to fight can't be leaders.
Those who make decisions are the leaders.
Am I wrong? No, you're right! However, I can never accept it.
Bullet Speed Subs #BSS @ rizon Brother.
He's here.
Uncle's finally here.
Well, I had to see her at least once while we are still on Earth.
You make it sound like it's end of the world.
Is she healthy? Yup! She eats so much that it surprises me.
She even sleep talks! Let's see.
She looks troubled.
Look here at her eyebrows.
Is she? Maybe She might have got that weird eyebrow from her father.
That's no good.
When are you going to evacuate? Kiyoh is not in good condition, so it's not wise to move right away.
Idiot! Get on Arc-Gurren as soon as you can.
There are doctors in the ship, don't stay around here! I heard you quit.
News sure travels fast.
I know this is a bad time, but I would like to remain beside Kiyoh and Anne.
Probably because this is a bad time.
Looks like Kamina died in a good time.
At the moment, my baby is more important than a dead man.
Is that so? I see.
Looks like there is a roof in the sky.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey Huh? It's nothing.
Wha- What's going on? The base was hit by Mugan energy beams.
The second wave is coming.
The attack is concentrated underground.
Did they notice the Arc-Gurren's presence? Possibly.
They might be responding to strong Spiral energy.
Is there anything we can do? Calculate using Lord Genome's head.
This is? Looks like an energy shield.
Spiral Energy Shield, this is a Spiral Knight's battleship.
Obviously it would have some sort of a defensive shield.
It's good that we can kill them in one shot, but there are just too many.
Arc-Gurren is safe, hurry to the underground pathway! Is this all? At least those who are alive.
Go ahead Dayakka.
What about you? I have Spiral bullets.
I can at least slow them down.
Brother! I can't let my cute niece die in place like this.
Go ahead Dayakka.
Please take care of Kiyoh and Kinon.
Go!! They will start shooting soon!! Brother!!! Brother!!! Step back, Kittan.
Makken? Sorry for being late.
I had to get someone to take care of my children.
Sounds like you've had enough of dad duties.
Oh, you have a convenient weapon there.
It's a barrier bullet made for the government under a contract.
We safe-kept it.
Brother's okay! What?! Alright! Get on, Kittan! I thought they were destroyed? A government official brought destroyed parts to our factory.
So I reassembled and fixed them.
As expected of Reite.
Thanks! A roof eh? I guess it can be called a roof.
Alright, get the refugees on the ship now.
Commander That is Impossible, how are Gunmen fighting in this era? Ancient Gunmen attacks work? Gunmen were originally made as a weapon to destroy Anti-Spirals.
Of course their attacks work.
Forget about them.
We have to operate Arc-Gurren first.
Announce to the entire crew! We will fly to the stratosphere in 30 minutes! Take all the refugees you can in that time.
30 minutes The shield can only last 30 minutes until the ship reaches the stratosphere.
That's the limit.
The people who can't make in time We will leave in 30 minutes.
That is the final decision.
As expected So that's your decision after all, eh.
Save only those you can.
I guess you are so determined right now.
What do you want to say? Just thought it's an action fit for the new leader.
I admire your determination at such a young age.
But in that case, couldn't you give that thing back? We don't fit in governments anyway.
We are just the Gurren-Brigade.
But for us, the Gurren-Brigade, we have our way of doing things.
Don't you get it? What you're going to do is useless.
So why do you care? Now return the key back.
It is the spirit of the Gurren-Brigade and Simon.
I once entrusted the future on this.
Well, I will entrust my future in it.
Please don't die.
Sorry Leave it to me.
Everyone, it's time to take off.
We don't have time! Get outta my way! You are blocking my path.
Let me on!!! Seems like we were left to die.
Yeah, you're right.
So you did it, Rossiu.
This is boring.
To see you die like this.
It's okay As long as others can survive.
You think so? You Rossiu has abandoned humans.
When the Moon collides, the Earth will collapse and engulf the surface, as well as underground.
What is this? Impossible! Even if they went out into Space, all that awaits them is despair.
What did you say?! What Anti-Spirals want is absolute despair.
We've already prepared everything for that to happen.
Nia, you went that far to.
! You bitch! You've become quite a boring lady while I was gone.
What that person loved was a future under the blue sky.
When that sky falls, she will rise.
Then she becomes one with a fated meeting.
Next time on Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Episode 21: You are someone who must live