Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e21 Episode Script

You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive

1 This is the story of a man who searches for his path in life, even after being betrayed by his own destiny.
Simon was sent to jail as a criminal, the place where his arch-nemesis, Viral, awaited him.
Meanwhile, Rossiu learned of the Moon's true destructive potential if it hits the Earth.
Arc-Gurren launched in the middle of enemy fire, leaving many people behind.
However, Nia, having become the Anti-Spiral's messenger, replies: Even in space, all that awaits them is absolute despair.
What are you saying?! You've become quite a boring woman while I was gone, Nia.
Give up.
There is no future for mankind.
Hey, wait! How many are on board? We've confirmed around 176,800 people.
About half of what we planned, huh? Enemy detected! There's a giant Mugan No, two of them! No way! Is this another trap?! Episode 21: You are one who must survive! - One Year ago - Give it back! Hey! If you're pissed, then take it from me! Nakim the weakling! Time to go! We'll be late! Don't let them do that, Nakim.
Here, get up.
Let him stand up by himself.
Well done, big boy.
Today I'll introduce you to a new teacher.
Look at her.
What a hottie! Eh, I wouldn't say so.
She was a teacher My name is Yomako.
Let's all get along, shall we? I'm sorry about this, the place is quite humble.
This place used to be the residence of a teacher, so it should be fine.
Thank you very much.
It's only me around in this school.
That's why I thought getting some younger folks to help around here would be great.
However, a person like you Why did you come to this small, remote village? Are you confusing me with someone? I'm just your new teacher, Yomako.
Uh Oh, pardon me.
It's harder to watch your mouth when you get old.
Bye-bye, teacher! Bye! Those children They're the first to be born on the surface.
I've decided to look after them.
Nobody wants them to live their lives without a sky.
What now?! Let me copy a little! No way! There! One, two, three, four.
Hey, don't be picky! Aw! Ms.
Yomako! Until six years ago, humans lived underground.
The ones who set us free were Kamina and Simon.
They were the two heroes.
This is This is teacher! No way.
You there.
No whispering in class.
Why do I have to Morning! Good morning! Let it be! If we try to deny it, they'll tease us even more.
This is a lie, so, it's totally a lie, so Aah! My bag! Who did this?! It's just a bag, why are you so freaked out? My father gave that bag to me before he died! It's the only thing I have! Then why don't you go get it yourself? It's impossible! Don't do it! Fine! I'll get it! What are you doing? It's dangerous! Maosha? Teacher, Nakim has Nakim Keep your voice down, it could make the situation worse! But why would he That bag is a memento of his father.
Nakim came here three years ago, to his mother's birthplace, but he hasn't been getting along at all.
I did it! Don't look down! Now look at that Teacher.
You overdid it, didn't you? But this is my dad's.
I hate this island because dad's not here.
But I think this view is pretty.
You know, your teacher has looked at a view like this before.
And she was there with a child who was just like you.
Just like me? After that, she made lots and lots of new friends.
She did lots of things, and did her best while facing tomorrow.
Some people died too, though.
I think it's fine to have such memories, like the ones of your father.
Keep them deep in your heart, Nakim.
Hey, Nakim! Are you okay? Do you dislike the others too? That was awesome! You climbed a tree that high all by yourself! You're not just Nakim, you're Nakim the tree climber! Thanks.
Spiral Beings have the potential to cause the destruction of the Universe.
To prevent that, we, the Anti-Spirals exist.
Once humankind reaches a population of one million, they will soon have the power to endanger us.
That is why we will annihilate them.
Is that the Human Extermination System? Are you talking about that mecha? In three weeks, the Moon will leave its orbit and collide with Earth.
That will be the end.
Responding to the situation, the government has carried out the punishment of former commander Simon.
After today's trial, we have ordered Simon to be executed.
Thirty-six shelters around the globe.
Teacher! It's fine.
We should trust the government.
Those officials, what are they doing?! and temporarily escape outside of the stratosphere.
Attention everyone, in one hour, a Gan-boat will come for evacuation.
You hear me? Make sure you didn't forget anything.
Yomako! Our little Maosha has We can't find her anywhere! Teacher, I'll go look for her! No, you stay here! If it's Maosha, I'm sure she's at the lighthouse! She always goes there to cry if something happens.
I can't go there.
He's a liar, after all.
I can't escape with Nakim.
These tremors.
Folks of the island, hear us out! If you care for this girl's life, give us all the food you have! Maosha! What can we do? If we don't evacuate soon, the Moon will fall on us! We've got prices on our heads anyway! We'd just get caught by evacuating, so it's a smarter move to steal some food and hide in our Ganmen for the time being! You don't care what happens to your daughter?! You need to be taught a lesson! Stop it! This is unforgivable! So how is it? Give us your food, or the girl goes straight to hell! Maosha! No! Maosha is gonna get eaten! Huh? What the fuck? Maosha! Maosha.
Maosha! Ms.
Yomako? Please step back.
I knew it! She's the same as in the book! Who the hell are you supposed to be? A teacher.
Don't fuck with us! How dare you do that! This will be on the test, so remember it well.
Don't wreck people's houses! Don't take children hostage! Don't threaten people with force! That is all.
Class dismissed.
You fail! I'm sorry! I'm the one who threw your bag into the tree.
Climbing trees is my specialty, and I made it look like it was Kanpa who did it.
If I had brought the bag back Maosha I didn't know the bag was so important to you! I'm sorry, Nakim! Let's run away together, Maosha! Nakim I've got mail? Yoko.
When you hear this, I wish for you to return to Kamina City.
Please board the Arc-Gurren.
The surface will be destroyed.
You are someone who must live! Please.
Contact us immediately! Please.
Contact us immediately! Please.
You call that politics? Don't make me laugh! Teacher! Ms.
Yomako! Are you going, teacher? Teacher, you were Yoko after all! No I'll always be Ms.
Yomako to you.
Yomako of Koreha Island.
Teacher! Ms.
Yomako! I'll bring it back to you.
The blue sky you loved.
I will have to hand out your report cards as well when I come back.
We'll be waiting! It's a promise, teacher! Goodbye! Teacher! Goddamn, there's no end to them! You're doing great, Kittan! Huh? Yoko? Is it you, Yoko? Where's Simon? He's still in prison.
Okay, I'll let you handle the enemies in the area.
H-Hey, wait a minute! Damn it! You're just going to butt in and steal the best part for yourself? Fuck.
Man, they just keep coming.
You guys! Were you planning to sit here until you're senile? Yoko! Where have you been all this time? I'll tell you later.
If Nia was telling the truth just now, we're in a pretty tough situation.
The Moon will fall, destroying both the surface and below the surface.
There's no place to hide.
Looks like we're ambushed in space too.
We're pretty much cornered.
However, dealing with these impossible circumstances is what the Gurren Brigade's for, right? Yeah, exactly.
Mighty as ever, aren't you, woman? Viral! Yoko, give me the gun.
What's the meaning of this? You heard it.
We, the Gurren Brigade, are out to save everything on Earth.
Oh, how? That's obvious.
We'll stop the Moon.
Are you serious? If anyone should, you should know that I'm always serious.
Who the hell do you think I am? I know that well enough, idiot of the Gurren Brigade.
Everyone! Good work, everyone! All but familiar faces here, eh? Hey, you're Why's this guy here?! Right now, we will welcome any good Ganmen pilot available.
Are we doing it? Yeah If we don't stop that, there's no future on this Earth.
You knew that already? That makes things faster for us.
Guys! We're going to kick the crap out of that huge ceiling! Boota! You're alive! Looks like everyone's present now.
Boota, you're as tiny as ever.
It's a present from Leeron.
Its power has been upgraded.
I will launch the others with that rocket Ganmen.
Persistent bastards, aren't you? You and that man.
You wanna pilot it, Viral? What? You wanted to save mankind, didn't you? Then you'll get a prime seat.
Gurren's cockpit Gurren-Lagann, eh? Even after being humiliated that much, my body's being honest I will pilot it.
Prepare yourself.
He's not something to be fooled with.
I know that very well.
Hurry! Are you gonna pilot it or not? It's falling apart! It's okay, the Ganmen you're piloting were originally created for entering the stratosphere.
What's a stratosphere? Can you eat it? No, you can't.
It means you can fight using Ganmen in space.
All right! That rocks! Do your best, everyone.
We'll bring it back.
A world where children can live peacefully, watching the Sun.
Damn it! It's endless! Calm down, Gimmy.
We have to do this right.
Damage report! The 357th block is destroyed.
We'll seal each block.
Grapal squad, remaining force 53%.
Damn it! They're monsters! The Moon's descent is accelerating.
It will collide in about twenty hours! We have to survive, no matter what! If this ship loses now, then everything we've done up until now is What's wrong? Spiral energy is decreasing.
The Spiral Being response is weakening rapidly.
What did you say? They must be worried.
It is because the people aboard the ship are very worried due to the attacks.
Not only them, but even ourselves.
Impossible! A machine that depends on people's hearts? No, it might be possible.
If so, then is this my limit? Don't give up! Rossiu! It can't be! Simon! If you give up, it's all over! Did you forget? This drill is a drill that will pierce the heavens! Viral, let's do "that!" "That?" Yes, "that" will be very interesting! The two paths between human and beast intertwine to create the path of the Spiral! Piercing destiny as yesterday's enemies, creating a new path towards the future with these hands! The union of fate, Gurren-Lagann! Who the hell do you think we are? When the path was blocked by absolute despair, humans found one miracle.
The name of that miracle is Arc Gurren-Lagann! Next time on Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: That is my last duty.