Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e22 Episode Script

That is My Last Duty

1 BSS and Anon Present: - Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - TL/TL check: Anon, Pablo212 Karaoke: Crostoss QC: Krade, Requiem QC/Timing/Editing: Saphix QC/Fine-Timing/Editing: Mreweilk Encoding: Skystrife When objects revolve at high speed, even if force is applied, the axis of rotation will always remain in a fixed position.
Just like this gyroscope.
This is one of the laws of this universe.
Strange, isn't it? Seven years ago, I was a watchman in the Ritona armory.
Back then, I could barely read, but now I'm maintaining this giant spaceship.
Sometimes I scare even myself.
I wonder if it's the awakening of Spiral power? What are you doing alone at a time like this?! The ship will be destroyed at this rate! Everyone's doing what they can.
That's right.
The faster you spin, the faster you free yourself from Earth's gravity and seek the heavens.
It's here! What's beyond the heaven you seek? Show it to me! Two paths between man and beast intertwine to create the path of the Spiral! Piercing destiny as yesterday's enemies, and with these hands, creating a new path towards the future! The Union of Fate! Gurren-Lagann! Who the fuck do you think we are? Episode 22: That is my final duty Amazing! They took out most of the Mugan in one shot.
Th-This is! Behind the Mugan, a huge energy response has been detected! What?! A giant beam cannon has been detected on the Moon's surface! Gurren-Lagann will have to take care of it.
Simon! We'll protect the Arc-Gurren, so you take care of the Moon! Got it! Let's go, comrades! Yeah! As expected of Kittan and the others, they took out so many in their first fight in space! All the small Mugan have been annihilated! Simon! Kittan! Jougan! Barinbou! I see, you guys What a relief.
Incredible Yeah My Dayakkaiser! Who in the world?! Gimmy! Don't drop your guard! Yoko-san?! If you don't pay attention, I'll make you stand in the hallway! She sounds like a teacher! Remaining Graparl squad, gather up! Don't lose to the veterans! Spiral energy is restoring! Is it because of them? Is this hope? If that's true then what have I been doing up until now? Direct all energy to the Spiral Shield! Protect this ship, no matter what! Roger! Viral, let's destroy the beam cannon before it shoots again! Giving orders to me, eh? It's not an order; just a suggestion.
Then it's fine by me! Double Boomerang, Final! What?! In your dreams! The Moon head towards the Moon That is my What the? Is he processing new information? No In his case, he's getting back old memories? Two giant Mugan detected with a huge energy response! Lord Genome! They're concentrating their attack here? It's tough being this popular! Arc-Gurren! We're coming! Shit! Don't cry, don't cry Everything will be just fine.
Calm down, everyone! The ship won't collapse from something like this! Everyone's protecting us! The Arc-Gurren won't be able to hold it at this rate! Rossiu, don't give up! We've always barely made it! When we captured the Dai-Gurren When we defeated the Teppelin We've always bet on what little we had and barely made it! I know you're like that, but Now, now, don't complain.
Leeron, what are you Did you forget? Arc-Gurren is A giant Ganman buried underneath the Teppelin! That's right! We've always won somehow! We'll do it this time too! No matter what! Damn it I hate being here with you! Let's go! Arc-Gurren! Simon? What's this? A suicide attack? Move it, move it! Out of their way! This is A union with Gurren-Lagann?! Large quantities of Spiral energy are pouring in! It's sending a signal.
It's a transformation signal! Code sixteen! Preparing for transformation! Ensuring the safety of the civilians! Simon, it's okay now.
Do it! Giga Drill! Spin On! Breaking through destiny and the Milky Way! The screams of life echoing through the galaxy! Union of the raging billows, Arc Gurren-Lagann! That's impossible What the hell is this? Transforming something that huge? You made it work out well.
As expected from you, Leeron.
I'm not satisfied with words of praise, I want your burning heart! Can I kill him? Not now.
We're starting from this guy! They're uniting too, eh? Come! Arc Gurren-Lagann, full power! Let's go, Viral! Very well! Take this! Space-time level Burst Spinning Punch! Is that Simon's power?! That's right.
Bringing out incredible power at the last moment is Simon's ability.
It seems like it What's that hole? It looks like a rip in the space-time continuum.
He punched them right out of time and space! Incredible This is the awakening of Spiral power, isn't it? Now, all that's left is to kick that thing back! BSS and Anon # BSS @ Rizon It's getting hot in here We'll collide with it shortly.
It's dangerous, so you'd better return.
But Leave the rest to Arc Gurren-Lagann! Look! The Moon was a giant machine? Whatever, we'll stop it anyway! That thing belongs to me.
The biological computer has restarted! Did you notice something, Lord Genome? Lord Genome?! Not to worry.
It's a biological computer we built from his cells.
We didn't exactly bring him back to life.
Preposterous It was necessary.
Is that you, Viral? Don't get upset.
This is a fairly interesting experience.
You've changed, haven't you, Helix King? You think so? I guess it's true, then.
I suppose it's because only my head remains.
Remaining time until collision: five minutes! It's as hopeless as ever.
The enemy is way too big! There's no way we'll give up, having come this far! This is Insert a source of Spiral power here.
By doing so, it becomes possible to control the Moon.
Possible to control? The Moon is one of my instruments, the Cathedral Terra.
That was a Ganman too? Judging from the size of that hole, you'll need to use the Giga Core Drill.
You're telling me to break inside with Gurren-Lagann, right? Gimmy, Darry! I'll leave the controls to you! Okay! Let's do our best, Gimmy.
We'll have to buy some time for Simon.
You can do it, Graparl! Mass-produced models have spirit too! Three minutes left until atmospheric collision! Did you hear that, Gimmy and Darry? Try to hold it back for one more minute.
And when there's one minute left until collision Arc Gurren-Lagann will withdraw! I will protect the 180,000 people on this ship until the end.
Even if I am going to be despised, that is my final duty.
Is that the core? There's no time! Let's go! Nia! Step aside, Nia! I cannot do that.
I am the Anti-Spiral's messenger.
Aiding the downfall of Spiral beings is my mission.
I've heard enough of that.
Step aside! Then you might as well pierce me along with that drill.
And that's what we'll do! Viral, wait! Lord Genome says not to! What? Her body is made of the same energy substance as the Mugan.
Damage her, and the following explosion will destroy the control system.
What? We've come this far That is the absolute despair.
What? The survival instinct of Spiral beings is extravagantly strong.
That is why we will crush your hopes, one by one.
When no hope exists, you shall realize there is nothing you can do.
You will be left in absolute despair.
The Mugan appearing, the Moon falling, the destruction of the underground shelters, the ambush in space.
They were all planned out? How far will they take this irony? Yes.
Fear and despair are the most powerful means to restrain the Spiral Beings.
I wonder about that Nia.
To me, it seems like you're expecting something from us humans.
No matter how hopeless the situation, we stand up.
We grow stronger as you put more obstacles in our way.
That's why I'm here now.
And you were hoping for that, am I right? You and I are of completely separate dimensions.
My past is entirely fictitious.
Your words do not reach me.
That's a lie.
That is the truth.
Then then why do you wear that ring? This is That's your will.
The will of you, who won't throw away her past.
That's it I finally understand.
The reason why you kept appearing at crucial moments.
That was for the absolute despair.
I just told you that.
You might not have realized it yourself, but when you appeared before me, you were seeking help.
Simon I'm right here Please, save me No I am When Lord Genome was defeated, you said you'd go facing tomorrow.
You and I, with the humans coming to the surface.
You were there to build that tomorrow.
Will you destroy that by your own hands? I'll grasp that tomorrow of yours! So step aside! I'm begging you! Look! Simon! The Moon is transforming! This is A battleship model! Yeah that's the Cathedral Terra.
So we succeeded in controlling it! The Moon battleship has reversed its course! It's slowly returning to its orbit! It looks like we made it somehow.
That's our Simon! That's right.
As incredible as ever.
Thank you, Nia.
However, your fate has not changed.
What? Because Earth's Human Extermination System proved ineffective, Anti-Spirals will enter full-force combat mode.
When they get serious, there is nothing we can do.
The Anti-Spiral's purpose is to destroy the awakened Spiral Beings.
They will arrive at the Milky Way.
The battle's not over, eh? If we win, will you revert to your old self? I will be summoned to the Anti-Spiral government to analyze your data.
The possibility is extremely close to zero.
But it's not zero, right? In my case, that's as good as a hundred percent! Are you coming for me? Yeah.
Who do you think I am? I will be summoned to the Anti-Spiral government Nia! There's no match for him.
He could overturn everything, after all.
The Moon's collision has been avoided.
The ship will return to Earth shortly.
We're going home.
Wait for me, Nia.
The bending, warping, twisting path goes and strikes beyond the impossible.
Changing the universe with one's spirit and love, it's the manly will of perseverance! Next time on Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Let's Go! This is the final battle!