Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e24 Episode Script

I'll Never Forget This Minute, This Second

1 BSS and Anon Presents This is the story of a man who rips a hole in the destiny of a Universe fated for battle The homeworld of the Anti-Spirals was finally discovered, as the ring Simon gave to Nia had shown a response.
Yes, going there would mean meeting Nia.
In order to save the woman he loves, Chouginga Dai-Gurren the Earth in which his friends reside, and to finally bring an end to everything, the Chouginga Dai-Gurren was launched (Chouginga means Hyper Galactic) with Simon aboard.
The Main Bridge Spiral monitor activated.
Spiral Object-Recognition System, Target confirmed.
Simon, Focus on Nia.
I still can't believe it.
Isn't Nia-san's home really far? Can we really make it with something like that? I don't really understand the details either, but From what I can tell, Simon and Nia's feelings are simply connected beyond the bounds of space and time.
Is that how it is? Confirmed.
Target lock, complete.
Okay Simon, we're ready when you are.
Everyone, listen up! Space Gulaparal Squadron We will now head to the Anti-Spiral's main base.
We don't know what enemies we'll face, but no matter what, we can't afford to lose.
We'll protect our home by winning for sure.
Can't get enough of this.
How far are we going? Isn't it obvious? Wherever it takes us.
We'll go anywhere! We'll go to wherever! Like that~? Let's go.
This is the Dai-Gurren Brigade's final battle.
Engines, full power! Spiral Object-Recognition System, activate! Episode 24 - Never Shall We Forget, This Minute and Second What the? We're already here? This is where the base is? Aaaah! A giant naked woman in space! Idiot, what are you sayi- Nia! You came for me! Yeah, I promised you didn't I? Yes, I believed in you.
I'll save you.
So, is that the real Nia? Don't be ridiculous Looks like a hologram or something.
Be careful, Simon.
The Anti-Spirals are more powerful than you think.
Don't worry.
I will win! I'll win and we'll go back home to Earth together.
Nia! Her body is Being analyzed.
Analyzed?! Nia was born on Earth and grew up alongside humans.
Her body contains information on the human race.
However Why is it There is no reason to analyze her at this point.
If that's a hologram, where's the actual Nia? Let's try to fly again This time to the real Nia! What the hell We haven't moved at all! I see.
The fake Nia is interfering strongly.
Damn! One more time! Foolish people of the Spiral.
Who is it!? Anti-Spiral This voice is Where's it coming from? Well, from every direction, simultaneously.
That's absurd.
This is the fabricated Universe that they have created.
It is only natural that they have complete control over it.
I'll tell you this, Our enemy is the universe itself.
The universe itself Clinging on to a sliver of hope, and emerging from the abyss of despair What foolish acts But they end here as well.
Your glimmer of hope shall vanish along with the girl.
If Nia disappears, it will be impossible to locate their home planet.
Like hell I'd let you do that! So huge! Feast your eyes, and understand, That this is absolute despair.
We won't fall to despair.
Attenborough! You got it! That's a! Energy Barrier.
Same as Mugann, but even stronger.
Then we've got only one choice.
Arc Gurren-Lagann, heading out! Yeah.
But hey Reite, When did you get something like this? The production ability of Hyper Galactic Dai-Gurren is just extreme.
It doesn't really need me anymore.
Idiot! You can only fight something huge using something just as huge! It's something only you can do.
Well, I leave the rest to you.
Yeah! Leave it to us.
And daddy, you too.
Enemy movement detected! They've launched their carrier-based aircraft.
It's a massive amount In other words, immeasurable! Hey hey, this whole place is full of enemies.
Simon! We'll open a path here, so I'll leave the rest to you.
Got it.
Alright! The last barrage.
Don't hold back! Of course.
Even for the children who are waiting, We'll give 'em everything we have.
Ch-Children?! When did you A good lady always has some secrets.
Secrets 10 seconds until contact with the enemy force.
Right! Let's go! These guys only got force in numbers.
They're not special at all! Let's slice them up.
Focus on enemy attacks.
Yeah! Simon, go now! This is bad.
The machine's frame is giving out.
Hold on! Just one more push! Damn! Simon, are you okay? Yeah.
One more time! The damage from before is taking it's toll.
And the enemy's too massive.
This guy's drill isn't enough.
You're saying we need a bigger drill? But, where would something like that be We kind of have it Reite! If we transform this Chouginga Dai-Gurren into humanoid form We can use this drill.
Transform? Indeed.
The humanoid form is the supreme manifestation which unleashes the maximum force of Spiral.
If we transform Chouginga Dai-Gurren into its humanoid form, The spiral energy shall rise exponentially, and become an existence whose force is tantamount to a sub-Universe.
So basically a Chouginga Gurren-Lagann.
It's not that simple.
In order to transform this giant ship, We must apply a sufficient amount of Spiral energy directly to its core.
And the only one with that kind of Spiral Energy is Me, right? Looks like we've got no other choice.
Guess not.
Simon Leave this to us, you go transform with the Chouginga Dai-Gurren.
But, will you be okay without Arc Gurren-Lagann? Kittan! Hey, hey Who do you think we are? We want the spotlight too.
We'll buy you some time.
This'll be on me, Simon.
On me, on me! Pay it back immediately! I'll be back soon, with a giant drill.
I leave this to you guys.
Let's show them what Dai-Gurren Brigade can do.
Let's go out with a bang, men! Wait for me, everyone! BSS and Anon Do not release re-encodes with our scirpts (edited or not) on the internet without our consent.
#BSS @ rizon "Because Chouginga sounds less corny".
Do not release re-encodes with our scirpts (edited or not) on the internet without our consent.
Stealing all the action.
Gimmy, you're going too far.
You're part of the Gulaparl Squad.
Defending's too boring.
But that's our role.
The enemy battle ship has begun to move.
It's heading this way.
Now that you mention it, it's strange that something that large hasn't been attacking.
Could it be setting something up? Withdraw! Just try to keep a distance.
Focus it on the center of the Spiral Energy.
Reite, how much longer? 48% more until you're able to transform.
About 10 more minutes.
I'll finish the preparations here by then as well.
Got it.
Don't be so rash.
I can also understand now.
Your over-the-chart Spiral Energy.
You're one hell of a guy.
Except I have a bad feeling.
What is it This feeling? Hey, Kittan! What's wrong Yoko? Don't you think something's wrong? The enemies are far too weak.
Why? We're just too damn strong.
108th unit down! What? Fall back? Gimmy.
Regroup order, let's go back to Dai-Gurren.
Fall back? And it was just getting fun.
What the What?! What's with them? Suddenly becoming agile.
They were just acting.
The Gulaparls won't hold.
We'll cover you.
Gulaparl Squad, head back to the Chouginga Dai-Gurren! Kittan! Zoushi's in trouble.
Kidd and I are going to help.
You idiot! Weren't you listening? Fall back! We can't just throw him away.
Fine, I'm going too.
Hey Kittan.
I don't think so, this is our job.
You gotta take care of the little ones, right? Ailac! That's how it is, I leave the rest to you.
Kidd! Damn! You better come back afterwards! If you don't come back, you'll regret it! Yoko! Makken! Jougan, Barinbou! We'll protect the Gulaparl with everything we have.
You bastard! Damn it!! Zoushi! I'm coming! Hold on for just a bit more! Kidd! This is bad.
Even the emergency eject won't work.
It's the end for me.
Zoushi! You piece of shit robot! Enemy battleship has launched some high heat objects.
The target is Most likely this ship.
And the number? Thirteen in total! Lord Genome, do we have interceptor missiles? Of course! Attenborough! Roger! All rounds, fire! Missiles?! Darry! Let's take down those missiles! Roger.
Strong heat sources Are about to make contact with the interceptor missiles.
How many did we get? Half of them.
Six remaining.
Leave the rest to us.
Four more.
Sorry, Kidd I'm out of ammo.
Actually, me too.
We're alike even till the end.
Simon! Don't make a waiting girl cry.
Ailac? Simon.
You must save Nia! Kidd! Well pal, one more barrage.
We'll show you, the resolve of the Gurren Brigade! Kidd Ailac Those guys Just took off on their own.
Giant missile sensed from the Warp Gate.
I won't let you guys do whatever you want anymore.
Oh no! It's too close! Second volley, incoming.
Darry! It'll be too close from there.
But, we have to destroy this.
Darry! This time we confirmed a portal on the port side.
From the other side?! Evade it! We won't make it.
We were saved? A defence shield? Yes, but we couldn't have withstood a direct hit.
Did someone charge at the missile? It was Makken-san.
At the end, Moshogun's signal was confirmed.
Makken Daddy Spiral energy is at 95%.
Making preparations.
Darry, are you ok? Gimmy? Let's make it back to the Dai-Gurren together.
Gimmy, you can't escape if you take me along.
Get away from here! You idiot! There's no way I'm gonna do that.
Gimmy, Darry! You guys alright? Jougan! Barinbou! Alright, we're gonna go back.
This is bad.
We won't last all the way back.
It's alright, our Twin-Boukun is a tough one.
There's the ship already.
You're right What are you doing! Gimmy, make sure you protect Darry.
You must live, for our sake too.
Jougan! Barinbou! I will not forget.
How could I ever forget.
This minute and second! Critical point has been reached.
You did it, Simon.
Prepare for transformation! The gravity is pulling us from the port side! What is this wall? There's nothing on the radar.
An ocean in space?! What is the meaning of this? The energy is Simon! This is bad! Launch! Dayakka, hurry! It's no use.
There's not enough power The Spiral gauge is dropping steadily! What? It's a trap, and we got caught in it like rats.
The ocean in space is the grave of the Spiral.
Sleeping in the darkness, the heart blooms like a flower.
We will find the victory of tomorrow! Next time: Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Episode 25: I Accept Your Dying Wish!