Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e25 Episode Script

I Accept Your Last Wish!

1 BSS and Anon\nPresents This is the story of a man who rips a hole in the destiny of a Universe fated for battle.
The Chouginga Dai-Gurren had left with the intention to end it all.
To recover from their hopeless situation, they had risked it all on the Chouginga Dai-Gurren's transformation, but are enveloped within a dark ocean in Space.
Now, their final moments are approaching them.
Episode 25: I accept your dying wish! The Chouginga Dai-Gurren is going to sink! Sink? This is space! Why would there be an ocean in space?! This space is being compressed by super high-density pressure! That's why it looks like an ocean.
I don't know what's what anymore! We're going to try and surface! It's no good! The output just isn't rising! Thank you.
To lose your balance because of something like thishave your skills become dull? Don't worry.
You get experience through shooting blanks.
E-Experience? What is it? It's nothing! This is no good.
What the heck's going on? The enemy fleet is closing in from above.
I'm firing the cannons! Take this and this and this and this and this! Wait! Our energy is! What's wrong? The cannon's beams were extinguished! The spiral energy was absorbed? That's impossible! My cannons aren't working You always miss though It seems this place is the Death Spiral Field.
Death Spiral? Spiral power is absorbed and is then converted into raw energy.
The more you use Spiral power, the more dense this space will become.
Is that why it looks like an ocean now? If we head deeper into its depths, even the Chouginga Dai-Gurren will not hold.
Water pressure? No, we'll be crushed due to the gravitational pressure of the space.
This can't be happening Leave it to me, Dayakka! In short, before all our energy is absorbed, we just have to get this engine started faster! Our power is infinite as long as we have a heart that won't give in! He says some absurd stuff.
But I'll go along with that boldness! Leave the unit's adjustment to me! DAMN IT!!!!! Our output is rising.
Raise the bow! We're surfacing! Here we go! The enemy has entered the ocean! They're heading towards us! Fire at them! Attenborough, switch to live ammunition! Roger! Take this!!! The missiles are working! But there's too many! They're trying to drag us down to the bottom of the ocean floor! Can't we shake them off somehow?! Aren't you scared? Huh? Aren't you scared of dying? You're going to fight all those enemies in the super dense space field.
Just how long can you fight in the worn-out Space King Kittan? Even with all that, why are you still going to go? Gimmy, you It's unfair You're just looking for a place to die.
I want to fight too! My body won't move though! Gimmy Are you an idiot?! Huh? Is there anyone who isn't afraid of dying? But you know It can't be helped.
We've got to do this! We're doing this because we want to! When you're scared, it's all the more reason to move forward! Basically, it's Argh I just can't say it well! I'll tell you this one thing.
Jougan and Barinbou saved you because they wanted to save you.
So there's no reason to feel burdened.
Got it?! I couldn't really say it well, dammit Really? If it was him I think he would've been able to cheer them up better.
His words were ones that really reached your heart.
It's quite bothersome.
Him I'm now at this age and I start to think again Kamina was quite the man.
But you know, Kittan The Dai-Gurren Brigade got this far because you were there.
Simon pulled the brigade from the top.
You pushed it from below.
That's how I think we got this far.
Isn't that a fine job for a man also? We've wasted time.
Let's go! Kittan? The Space King Kittan can still move? The Spiral engine isn't the only source of power, you know.
It moved with electricity when it was on the ground.
I see! Space Ganmen can call on that power too! Watch out! Don't underestimate me! Are you okay?! I only lost an arm.
It's nothing serious.
That was a poor mistake.
I'm sorry! Don't worry about it! "You gain experience through shooting blanks," right? They're coming at us endlessly.
Hey, Yoko.
When we return to Earth, could you let me meet your kids? Eh? Even though I look like this, I love kids! We'll take care of these guys, beat down the Anti-Spirals and once we're back at that time Dammit! They wouldn't let me finish! Are you alright?! Don't overdo it you two! Oh? We'll kick the impossible aside and drill through that! That's how the Gurren-dan does things, right? But! We're doing this because we want to! Please let us to fight with you! Geez, I just can't refuse women and kids.
Alright everyone! Let's get all those monsters! Roger! BSS and Anon Do not release re-encodes with our scirpts (edited or not) on the internet without our consent.
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We really cleaned them up.
Take a look at that, Yoko-san! I'll do a closeup.
Isn't that the Lagann? What's the meaning of this? Leeron? Those are the Spiral warriors that once fought the Anti-Spirals.
Then There were others besides us who got here? That's exactly it, foolish Spirals.
Don't think that you're the only special ones.
Among all the battles between us and the Spirals that have crossed time, You are all Your existence is but a mere speck.
Look well upon the Spiral race's history of defeat.
That is the Galactic Spiral Trench, A Spiral graveyard.
An energy response has been detected deep below! We're being pulled further in! The Death Spiral Machine.
It is the one maintaining this field.
Galatic Spiral Trench So many Laganns were sacrificed The space ocean is where the Spiral race's tears end up Don't try to show off! We've got to do something or! At this rate, the ship will be crushed! Don't give up, everyone! We won't let the Anti-Spirals have their way! Our dead friends the sorrow of the Spiral race we'll take in all their regrets.
We'll take it and turn it into power.
At a place like this! I won't let it all end here!!! Turn us around, Gabal! Point the ship towards it! What are you planning to do? I've decided.
We'll head towards the Death Spiral Machine and destroy it! That's how we, the Dai-Gurren Brigade, do things! That's right.
We've always risked it all on Simon's drill.
Up to now and from here on! Right? Gabal! Turn us around at full speed! Just leave it to me! The Death Spiral Machine's surroundings is made up of a super high-density space.
The Chouginga Dai-Gurren however would only hold out for around 300 seconds.
The Spiral Conversion Field surrounds the machine.
The field protects itself by converting the Spiral energy around it.
By eliminating the pressure, it'll gain energy at the same time.
Killing two birds with one stone.
However, It's also fatal.
If we are able to inject it with enough Spiral energy, it will be disrupted.
In effect, the Spiral conversion Field will be annihilated.
Then we fire our Spiral missiles and it'll be over for it.
It's unexpectedly fragile.
The Anti-Spirals never assumed that there would be a big enough of an idiot that would jump into the immensely high-pressured space.
How are the preparations for the Super Spiral missiles? Simon is quite exhausted.
We'll only have two shots to get into that damned place.
With two shots, it'll be enough! What is it? There's a flood in Block-5120! Flood? The super high-density space is entering! Rather than flooding, it's invading! Block-280 no! Block-447 and Block-2391 too! Shut off all the barricades! Don't let any more of the space in the ship! The probability of this mission's success is--- You don't have to say it.
We know it's reckless.
We'll have five minutes to complete the mission once we get in firing range.
If we take longer than that, we'll be crushed.
Tetsukan! Leave this place to Cybela and go help Reite.
I got it.
Simon! I'm fine.
Don't worry.
Hurry with the replacement! We don't have time! We're replacing the drill.
Rest for a bit.
Only for a minute.
Sorry, Simon.
If only I had Spiral power Dammit! Hmm? What is it, little mole-pig? You want me to let you in? I get it! I get it already! What? Don't tell me, you're! What is it?! The little mole-pig is a mass of Spiral power! Gurren and Lagann can truly share their power now! Do your best, Boota! You're a splendid member of the Dai-Gurren Brigade too! Boota has Spiral power too? Spiral life is not only limited to humans.
Did he suddenly change? Or was it a reaction from Simon's Spiral power? Either way, He holds a massive amount of Spiral power within him.
The amount of space inside is becoming more fierce Gate-589, Gate-3264, and Gate-779 are damaged! Hurry up and close all the hatches! What's this? It's Gurren-Lagann's drill.
It broke off? Yeah.
It's the first time.
Simon's worn out too.
I see.
We're approaching the Death Spiral Machine.
We'll be within firing range soon.
I've been waiting for this! How are the preparations for the Super Spiral missile? It's done.
The enemy has entered firing range! Fire!! It couldn't reach?! I even calculated its course! Its pressure was greater than our calculation? The flooding is progressing! We only have 4 minutes and 20 seconds left! Reite! Reinforce the Super Spiral missiles' exterior! Do it within a minute! I'm already on it! Reite.
Hold on, Yoko.
That's my job.
Reite, Load Space King Kittan with the Super Spiral missile.
What did you say? It'd be easier to get there in Ganmen shooting mode.
There's no time left.
Rather than strengthening the Spiral Missile's exterior, it's faster and more reliable.
Isn't that right? Sorry for my selfishness.
Thank you You're doing it because you want to, right I can't stop you.
I won't say anything like "Later, my friends!" I'm off, you all! We're counting on you.
This is it? Now! Launching all missiles! Dammit! Right at the crucial moment! An explosion was detected at the Spiral Conversion Field! We got it? No, The Death Spiral Machine is unharmed.
Kittan You went in just to die? You idiot Wait! This energy reaction is.
! This size It's the Ganmen inside the Space Ganmen! King Kittan is still here! Gurren-Lagann's drill that I borrowed as a lucky charm I'll be using it! Kittan! This is Simon's The Dai-Gurren Brigade's The Human's No, this is my soul!!! I'll make you regret this!!! Take this KingKittan GigaDrill BREAKER!!! This is Spiral power, eh? It's quite something The probability of success for this mission was 0% But, it seems theoretical calculations are meaningless when it comes to you guys.
What is it? An enormous An extremely enormous amount of Spiral energy has been detected.
With the destruction of the Death Spiral Machine, All this darkness will be re-converted to Spiral energy.
It is an obvious outcome.
Then tell us beforehand! The Super Spiral gauge is rising! 10,000 100,000 1,000,000! Simon! We're ready when you are! Kittan I've accepted your dying wish.
Viral, Boota, Let's do this right away.
Transform! I've been waiting for those words! My companions' feelings have been etched onto my body Transcendant Super Spiral Dreadnought Ganmen I'll change this eternal darkness to light! Heaven and Earth One body, one soul! Chouginga, Gurren-Lagann! I'll show you The power of Mankind! Our companions' feelings were passed onto us.
One body, one soul, chouginga! Even if Hell were to bind us, all the paths will open up to us men! Next Time: on Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Episode 26: Let's go, my friends TL notes: Originally the line "You gain experience in life through blanks" said by Yoko and later Kittan meant an Idiolm meaning "I will cover up my lack of talent with my life long experiences OR I will make up for my mistakes with life long experiences (depending on situation.
) We've decided to leave it the way we did "You gain experience through shooting blanks" (to make things less complicated), but hope it may be insightful to know what it actually meant.