Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e26 Episode Script

Let's Go, Buddy

1 BSS and Anon\nPresents This is a story of a man who rips a hole In the destiny of a Universe fated for battle.
The Chouginga Dai-Gurren was swallowed into the ocean of darkness.
Within the grave of the Spiral Warriors, what pushed onward and saved everyone Was the last glimmer of Kittan's life.
I've accepted Your dying wish! My companions' feelings have been etched upon this body.
I'll change this eternal darkness into light! Heaven and Earth! One who matches the gods! Chouginga Gurren-Lagann! I'll show you The power Of Mankind! Episode 26: Let's go, my friends! Episode 26: Let's go, my friends! What's going on?! A strong Spiral field is negating all enemy attacks.
Of course it is! As if something like that is going to stop me! Gurren Boomerang! Chouginga Great Cutter! So that's Simon's power? It's amazing I told you.
An attack like that won't What happened?! I don't know! The Spiral field is currently completely neutralizing their attack according to the monitor.
But they hit, didn't they? It is a probability fluctuation failure.
The enemy is interfering with the probability of our defenses being successful.
They can even control probabilities? Isn't that the domain of God? What? Are you still willing to continue on and sacrifice more of your companions? For that is the basic instinct of Spiral beings.
Because of that sin, you must be obliterated.
Don't screw with us! We won't sit here and be destroyed because of that! Well then, take a good look At where this universe is heading.
The power of the Spiral, which can only think of evolving, will eventually bring the destruction of this universe.
The power of the Spiral is that which connects lifeforms to the Universe.
The growth of life and the growth of the Universe are proportional.
In order for life to gain the power of Spiral, the search for a form which could harness its desires had begun.
That is evolution.
However, in the end, control over the Spiral power shall be beyond constraint.
And all life shall become its own galaxy.
These gigantic galaxies will consume each other and become a black hole.
Returning this Universe to the void.
That is the Spiral Nemesis.
It can't be What are you doing, Simon?! He's bluffing.
You don't have to believe that! Unfortunately, that is the truth, Viral.
Those who use Spiral Power are the ones who know that the best.
Simon has suddenly realized through instinct, that the words of the Anti-Spiral are indeed truth.
However, there is one more truth.
That is the fact that Nia is waiting for you.
That the Earth is Placing its faith in you, so that the Spiral beings won't be destroyed.
Yeah That's right.
That's exactly right! Foolish beings.
You intend to annihilate the entire Universe for the sake of a fleeting emotion? That's where you're wrong! I'll protect both of them! The woman.
The Universe.
Both of them! Never afraid of what the future holds, never regretful of the present.
That is who we are! The Dai-Gurren Brigade! The enemy has disappeared.
Be careful.
The enemy is using a random Schrodinger warp to approach.
I'm begging you, say that in layman's terms! The Multiple Dimension probability fluctuation is controlled by them.
While shifting through Space-Time they will approach and attack.
Like I said, I don't understand! It doesn't matter! Let's beat the crap out of them! Understood.
Prepare for the simultaneous decimation of all the weak points in responsive Space-Time.
We will trace down the enemies.
The Time-Range is expanding? Calculating Space-Time for possibility of enemy existence.
Near past -10, Near future +8.
We've detected the enemy! Their numbers are immense.
Is the main cannon ready? Leave it to us.
I don't really know that much about probability, but we'll show them how determined the Dai-Gurren Brigade is.
That's right! Maelstrom cannon, preparations OK! Megavortex cannon, standing by.
The gauge is empty Something about Time Levels Don't worry about it, just go ahead and lock onto them.
It just means we can shoot randomly and it'll still hit them! Alright! Go! We'll pierce the past and the future in an instant! Impressive It looks like a galaxy is being born from within the engines.
With this, there's nowhere to run away or hide.
Simon You've done a lot already.
Don't worry about here, go destroy them! I'll do just that.
Chouginga! Giga Drill BREAKER! Nia! The fake interference has disappeared.
Now you can warp to the real Nia.
Alright! I can see her.
Simon What? To feel that it is beautiful to fight until the very end Is also the instinct of those with Spiral power.
However, that was a mistake repeated many times Follow the fate Of the Spiral Knights of the past! What is this? BSS and Anon Do not release re-encodes with our scripts (edited or not) on the internet without our consent.
BSS @ rizon.
Do not release re-encodes with our scripts (edited or not) on the internet without our consent.
Day after day, my only duty is to dig.
It doesn't matter where I was at yesterday, or where I'll end up tomorrow.
How's it going, Simon? I'm almost there, Aniki.
I'm counting on you, Simon! Only your drill can be trusted! This is amazing! It's a great success, Simon! Awesome! With this much, we can enjoy our lives forever.
No need to be shy.
It's your portion, Bro.
How is it? It was great to get out of Jiiha village, right? Even if we're still underground, as long as we are underneath the Capital, we can do whatever we want! Yup! We might not win against the Beastmen, But if we secretly steal money from them, We'll have no problem living here.
You dig, I steal, got it? I'll be counting on you, Simon! Got it, Aniki.
I will stay on the ship.
Captain! You are more precious than this jewelry.
Awesome cleaning~ Take my laser beam! This is an emergency report: There has been an incident.
A robber was shooting around Shiton Area.
Give me the money and food! Hurry it up! We just received live footage.
That is An unknown Bounty hunter appeared out of nowhere.
Her name is Yoko Ritona! Get over here.
It's okay now.
Thank you! Thank you, Sis! You're welcome.
What is this? Just what in the world happened? Can it be? That's right.
Just as you thought, Lord Genome.
They are all trapped inside an alternate Universe.
They are trapped within the chains of a universe created by one's own recognition.
As long as they are intelligent beings, they can never escape.
Bastard, you are the Anti-Spiral.
That's right.
The famous Spiral Knight of the galaxy is now but a bio-computer? It seems like your comrades also use whatever they can to win.
However, I lost to you.
I couldn't even protect the galaxy.
If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet you in person.
So to bring things to an end, you came all the way between the crack of the 10th and 11th dimension? Looks like it to me.
But you're surprisingly courteous, aren't you.
Don't you think you're being too kind to us? Why do you bother with such trifles? If you really fought at full strength, it would be a piece of cake to destroy us Spiral beings! It's because we felt an unknown type of Spiral energy.
It's not good to have a half complete analysis.
What? You are the one with extraneous Spiral energy? Into a human form I see.
The solid energy was converted into a type of evolutionary energy? However, it should be impossible to go through such a rapid evolution by itself.
It's all thanks to your Spiral power, Lord Genome.
My powers? Step back, Anti-Spiral! I won't let you touch Simon! You have shown me something interesting.
However, evolving was a big mistake.
This place can't be An alternate Universe which only exists when you have begun to recognize yourself.
For you to have converted into human form, means you have entered the labyrinth of this alternate Universe.
Simon With this, there are no longer any holes in my plan.
Spiral energy can never be activated again.
It's over for you all.
Sorry It's my fault! Please forgive me! I'm apologizing here! Please give me another chance! We were wrong! We'll listen to anything you say! If you want me to beg, I will beg! Sorry, sorry, sorry, SORRY! So please, at least my life Please let me live! What's wrong, Simon? Did you lose it? Your drill? Another Aniki You fool! We're the legendary Gurren Brigade of Jiiha village! Carrying a true man's spirit on his back The stubbornly tenacious demon leader! There's room for only one Kamina in this world! But there's two of you That's right! Choose the one you like! But that's crazy! Did you forget? It was you who made this madness work out! The one who made my advance possible was YOU! Your drill is different from those weird rocks lying around! Your drill is here.
Stop being useless in a place like this! For what reason does your drill exist? For Aniki? What are you doing?! You should beg too! Bow down and pretend to apologize.
We just have to survive! My My drill is.
My drill is THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS! The drill is my soul.
Go now, Simon.
Don't be held back by someone else's bullshit in fake memories.
The one path that you've chosen yourself, is the truth of your Universe.
That's right.
It's just as you say.
Don't you forget My Universe is the same as yours.
Not just mine, But theirs, too! Looks like you've grown taller than me.
You're right.
I'll be off then, Aniki.
This time it's our final goodbye.
Go, my brother! It's not a goodbye.
We're together, right? Yeah! Yeah!!! Let's go! My friends! Sensei! Thank you, Sensei! Yomako-sensei! No that's not it.
Your sensei is a much more wonderful lady! This year's Miss Ritona is, Yoko-san! The best sniper in the Universe, Yoko Ritona is finally here.
She demonstrated precise shooting technique in the pre-game! That dresslooks good on you.
Thank you.
I'll be off then.
Here, Papa.
Is that so I am also Having a sweet dream.
Such a mysterious reaction.
How irregular Why do you go against us to such an extent? He will definitely come.
For sure.
Looks like you've regained consciousness due to influence of defiled Spiral power.
However, you no longer have any time left.
Simon! Sorry for the wait Nia! The end of a galaxy that spins around endlessly The big story of a small man, From the tiny, shimmering planet The Sun will rise again before you can finish his story.
Next week: Final episode: All the lights in the sky are stars.
Notes: As you may have mentioned we've changed Ikkitoushin's translation from "One body, one soul" from the previous episode to "One who matches the gods" The reason is being that Ryux messed up the TL so that was our fault on our end.
Thanks goes out to Aohige, and Musashiken for their help on pointing that out.