Gyeongseong Creature (2023) s01e07 Episode Script


[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
- [eerie music playing]
- [footsteps approaching]
[sighs] What have you done?
What have you done?
Oh, Mother.
[footsteps approaching]
[breathing shakily]
Master Jang.
[Chae-ok] What happened to you?
How badly are you hurt?
Chae-ok, help me.
[skin tearing]
[Chae-ok gasping]
[skin tearing continues]
Please, Master Jang.
[breathing heavily]
[solemn music playing]
[Tae-sang] Miss Yoon Chae-ok.
Jang Tae-sang.
All right, it's time.
Everyone, listen. We have ten minutes.
[Tae-sang] When the truck pulls up,
we have ten minutes to escape.
[unsettling music playing]
Completely seal off the military ward
and block every entrance.
[soldiers] Yes, sir!
We all have to move quickly.
I don't want anyone to get left behind.
What if we don't get everyone
into the truck on time?
What happens then?
The truck will still leave.
We have to save who we can. I'm sorry.
All right. Are we all ready to do this?
It's time.
Let's get out of here.
[liquid pouring]
[Jung-won whispers] Careful.
Let's have all the women go out first.
[In-hyeok] Watch your step.
Hold on tight.
Be careful now.
[Tae-sang] You can do this.
[Tae-sang] Easy now.
They are wearing stolen uniforms
as a way to escape from here.
Keep an eye out
for anyone that looks at all suspicious.
- We need to find them.
- [soldiers] Yes, sir!
[Haneda] What about this area?
Has anyone searched this yet?
Well, actually, three of our men
did enter a short while ago to look, sir.
Then why are the lights
in the rooms turned off?
[In-hyeok] You need to hurry up.
If we delay any longer,
we might not all get out of here,
so hurry. Just go.
[Tae-sang] Go ahead, Myeong-ja. Careful.
Hold on tight.
[Tae-sang] Easy now.
What are you doing?
Why aren't you in line?
Watching for soldiers.
Didn't you hear
when I said women go first?
I'm pretty sure
I made myself clear, didn't I?
I said I'd do things my own way.
Yes, you made yourself very clear,
but listen to me.
I'll feel better
once you're in that truck.
So go and get in line.
Are you developing feelings for me?
Um, why would you, uh, ask me
completely out of the blue like that?
Needless to say, in a situation like this
If you're not developing feelings for me,
then forget any concerns that you have.
- [gasps]
- [Jung-won] Careful.
Careful now. Don't move.
[unsettling music playing]
You gotta go! Get out right now!
Get in your truck and get out of here!
- Get out of here right now!
- Yes, sir!
[body thuds]
[Tae-sang] We have to go now. Hurry.
Come on! Get out!
- Let's go! Let's go! Let's move!
- [woman] Hurry! Hurry! Go, go, go!
You're almost there.
[Jung-won] I've got you.
There you go. Slowly.
They're on the second floor!
Hurry up! Move! Let's go!
[soldier] Move, move! Come on! Let's go!
[sobs] What do we do now?
It's my fault that they know we're here.
[Chae-ok] It's not your fault.
Don't blame yourself, okay?
The Japanese soldiers
will come looking for us.
They're gonna kill all of us.
[Tae-sang] No one's going to die.
Everybody's getting outta here.
So how about you pull yourself together
for all our sakes?
You should get to the truck.
I can hold them off on my own.
Are you trying to act like
the lone big hero?
I'm buying more time for us, so just go.
No, I won't go. We'll hold them off first,
and then we'll escape together.
[Tae-sang] Hey, aren't we
on the same side?
Why do you always object
to everything that I tell you?
We can be on the same side
and still disagree with each other.
If I can't freely express
my difference in opinion with you,
then I think the real problem here
is your ego.
So just do as I say.
[unsettling music continues]
Let me help with this.
We should try and ration our bullets.
If you can't make out a clear shot,
then don't shoot.
[footsteps approaching]
[tense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
No one is spared. Do you understand that?
[all] Yes, sir!
Soldiers, attack!
Tell me. What exactly is happening
inside this hospital, Director?
[breathes deeply]
Are you quite certain you know nothing
about all the missing women lately?
If you really want to know
what goes on inside of this hospital
you should first get permission
from the governor-general,
as it is classified.
Or you could return back home
and ask Lady Maeda yourself.
What did you mean by that, huh?
Well, what I meant by that was
no outsiders are allowed to know anything
that goes on inside
of Ongseong Hospital, Commissioner.
And furthermore,
not a single Josenjing man,
woman, or child
gets to leave this hospital alive.
Discretion is a must.
I'm not able to say
anything more than that.
I hope you understand.
And what if there is
a Josenjing here
that I have been searching for?
There can be no exceptions.
Soldiers, cease your firing!
[gunshots subside]
Move in.
[tense music continues]
[angrily screams]
They won't quit, those bastards.
Are you injured?
[breathing heavily]
I just got grazed, is all.
And what about you? Are you okay?
I'm okay. I didn't get hit.
And what about you over there?
[rifle clatters]
We need to get you out of here.
Try to get up.
[Chae-ok grunts]
- [Chae-ok breathing heavily]
- [gasps]
Think about your mother.
I'm sure you miss her, right?
If you wanna see her again,
let's get out of here.
[Chae-ok sobs] Just stay with me.
Come on, get up. Please!
[Chae-ok breathing heavily]
[solemn music playing]
It says Choi Yeong-gwan.
That's my [gasps] name.
Please remember me.
My address is
9 Sangwangsimni-jung.
Please tell my mother
how much I
how much I miss her.
I said we'd escape together.
Listen, I know you can do this.
Your mother is waiting to see you again,
so let's get out of here, okay?
Hey, just stay with me! Please!
[Chae-ok crying] Please!
[somber music playing]
[breathes deeply]
Chae-ok, don't blame yourself.
They did this to him, not you.
It's not fair what happened.
He didn't deserve this.
Nobody deserves to die like this.
Not those poor souls we lost earlier,
nor anyone imprisoned anywhere.
My mother didn't deserve this.
I want to know why.
[Tae-sang] We can't stay here.
We have to go.
Even if we do get out of here alive
is there any hope out there for us at all?
I can't say
but I won't give them the satisfaction
of killing us.
These guys aren't going to see
either of us die today.
You see,
I plan to survive their terror
as long as possible.
I will live
just so I can continue to make their lives
hell for what they put us through.
So I will just keep on surviving
so I can keep reminding them
about everything those bastards did to us.
I'm staying alive.
I'm never giving up.
I'm fighting for all of us.
[In-hyeok] Everyone made it down.
You two better hurry over right now.
It's time to go.
Just stick with me, all right?
We need to force our way to gain entry.
You will storm in there and exterminate
every person inside that room!
- [all] Yes, sir!
- [man] Sergeant, wait.
[Tae-sang] You go first. Be careful.
See you soon, Master Jang.
[tense music swells, subsides]
[music fades]
Master Jang, why don't you go down?
Hey, what's wrong?
Comrade Lee, one of us has to stay,
so I'll remain up here for now. You go.
[Haneda] What's the meaning of this?
Director Ichiro has sent orders
that the prisoners
are all to be captured alive, Sergeant.
Alive? What?
But six of our own men
have already been killed!
Well, I don't make the orders here now,
do I, Sergeant?
We spare no one,
and that is a direct order!
No, take them alive!
[In-hyeok grunts]
What's going on? Where's Master Jang?
Why did he throw the rope down?
Master Jang's not coming.
[In-hyeok] Why does one of us
have to stay?
In order for everyone on the truck
to leave this hospital safely,
we need somebody here
to divert the Japanese soldiers away.
What are you suggesting?
Once you get down there,
don't wait for me. Just leave.
I'll try to buy you
as much time as possible.
Just get everyone out of here safely.
[wistful music playing]
No, we can't just leave
Master Jang behind.
- This is what he wanted, okay?
- Get out of the way.
[In-hyeok] Stop wasting time!
Get on the truck!
I said get out of the way!
[In-hyeok] You're gonna get
everyone killed!
It will be your fault if we die.
We have to go.
[Mrs. Nawol] Mr. Gu.
No matter what happens to you,
you need to leave on time,
even if everyone isn't on the truck.
That includes Master Jang.
Do you understand?
Otherwise, this was for nothing.
Just get out of there.
Where are you? I can't just
[engine starting]
[wistful music intensifies]
[music fades]
I'll take full responsibility here.
I'm the officer in charge,
so get in there and shoot them!
Now you listen here, Sergeant!
I can report everything
to Director Ichiro myself.
Why are you standing there?
I said to attack!
[soldiers] Yes, sir!
[grenade hissing]
[gunshots continue]
- [melancholy music playing]
- [gunshots continue]
[rifles cock]
[melancholy music continues]
[melancholy music intensifies]
[music fades]
[Ishikawa] Once Akiko is rescued,
get rid of everyone else.
[officer] Yes, sir.
[car door closes]
- Let's go.
- [officer] Yes, sir.
[lamp squeaks]
[unsettling music playing]
Search every corner now!
That means everyone! That's an order!
- [tense music playing]
- [breathing heavily]
[metallic clattering]
- [music intensifies]
- [panting]
[soldier 1] There he is! That way!
The intruder is heading
towards the north side of the hospital
through the air shafts.
- [tense music continues]
- [panting]
[music intensifies]
- [loud clattering]
- [grunting]
[music subsides]
[man] I am certain of its authenticity.
This piece was indeed crafted
in the late 18th century
during the reign
of King Jeongjo the Great,
the 22nd king of Joseon.
What's that?
Are you sure?
All right.
Yes, I will do it, then.
They're taking quite a long time.
Sir, look over there.
[vehicle retreats]
Young Master! Young Master!
[Jun-taek whimpering]
Please have mercy on me.
- Don't kill me.
- Young Master, it's all right.
Please have mercy on me.
I don't wanna die. I I don't wanna
- [man] It's all right.
- Please don't kill me.
[man] You're safe now, okay?
[Jun-taek] Please! Please don't kill me.
- Please have mercy on me.
- [breathing heavily]
[Jun-taek] Please don't kill me.
Please have mercy. I don't want
Please don't kill me!
[breathing heavily]
[intriguing music playing]
Let's go.
[car door closes]
Ishikawa, is that you?
[Myeong-ja whimpers, pants]
[Myeong-ja] I've missed you.
Thank you for saving me.
I knew you would, Ishikawa. I did.
Are you hurt anywhere?
Our child is fine, Ishikawa.
Wait, um,
you should bathe first.
[body thuds]
[man] Please forgive me, Director Ichiro!
When I when I came to check on her,
the woman was already missing.
If the woman was already missing,
then how do you explain
getting locked inside her cell?
Please forgive me! I'm deeply sorry!
Director Ichiro,
Soma is the one who did this, sir.
Yes, that's right!
I'm certain it was Sergeant Soma, sir.
[man] Soma, help!
Sir, please help me!
Soma, please!
- [man panting]
- [unsettling music playing]
Soma, no!
[body thuds]
Soma, what a rat.
Director Ichiro?
Yes, what is it?
[Kato] By any chance, did anyone here
happen to drink what was in this glass?
I didn't. I swear.
I was tied up the whole time.
I didn't even know that glass was there.
Then I wonder
who it might've been.
I don't know.
I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry.
[Ichiro] Lt. Kato,
I don't think you understand
how serious this situation is right now.
I don't care who drank
from this cup of yours.
That is not what is important, Lieutenant.
All of the Joseon test subjects
we had imprisoned here are gone,
including the woman
Lady Maeda entrusted us
to keep safe within these walls.
Do you understand?
Go after that son of a bitch Soma,
right this instant!
Return to the barracks
and stand by for orders.
Yes, sir!
- [Kato] Sergeant.
- Yes, sir.
Who else did you say
entered this room again?
Oh, it was, uh
Your clothes.
It was, uh, it was four people, sir.
I see.
That is all for now.
[door closes]
Who was it?
Which unlucky person drank this?
Who is infected?
[mysterious music playing]
[music fades]
- [unsettling music playing]
- [groans]
[gun clatters]
[Haneda] I finally caught you.
How about that?
[gunshot echoing]
[unsettling music playing]
There's another truck
following close behind. What do we do?
[unsettling music intensifies]
[man] Watch out! Watch out!
Get out of the way!
- [man 2] Watch out!
- [woman screams]
- Reverse the truck!
- Yes, sir!
[tense music stops]
- [crowd cheering]
- [festive music playing]
- [loud explosion]
- [crowd cheering]
Everyone, listen!
Everybody, enjoy yourselves.
Everything is free tonight
because Master Jang is treating all of us.
[Yeong-chun] Come over this way, please.
- [man] Is it free?
- Everything's free tonight.
Enjoy it, good sir. Here, take this.
- Over here! Here you go!
- [man 2] Come over this way!
Yes, absolutely! Have a free beer!
Have as much as you want!
- [man 2] Drink up!
- [man 1] Yes, over here! Come this way!
[unsettling music playing]
We're losing him.
Hey, reverse the truck.
We can catch him on the side road
if we hurry. Let's go now!
All of you! Get out of the way now!
Oh, sorry, Officer. I'm sorry about that.
Come on, let's go! They're leaving!
[crowd cheering]
We better hurry,
or they'll disappear from our sight!
- Let's go!
- Yes, sir.
[unsettling music intensifies]
[unsettling music intensifies]
- Get out.
- Huh?
I, um But I'm supposed
to deliver this truck.
I said get out!
Okay, I will,
but I'm just following
what Commissioner Ishikawa said, huh?
Who are you hiding back there?
I don't know what you mean.
The back of where, huh?
The back of this truck, or
I dropped off Myeong-ja as instructed,
and nobody else climbed in.
I promise you, Officer.
Are you sure?
[people screaming]
[man] What was that? What's going on?
Officer, don't! What are you doing?
Civilians are watching.
Where are they, huh?
Where did the prisoners go, huh?
You were smuggling prisoners in there,
so tell us what you did with them now!
Officer, I told you already.
Myeong-ja was the only individual
from the hospital we took.
Commissioner Ishikawa
requested her and nobody else.
So we have fulfilled our promise
to the commissioner.
What is the problem, Officer?
[crowd cheering]
Hurry and change your clothes.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [woman] We're gonna get out of here.
[waiter] Drink up! Have fun!
Oh, sorry, Officer! I'm sorry about that.
[jazz music playing]
[dramatic music soars]
[man 1] Careful. Careful now.
We better hurry,
or they'll disappear from our sight!
- Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
[music subsides]
We are relieved
that you made it out safely in one piece.
With that said,
I'm afraid time is really not on our side.
You must hurry out of town this instant.
- [Jung-won] Quickly now.
- [woman] Let's go.
[woman] Thank you so much.
[In-hyeok] You have to go. Be safe.
[woman] Hurry. Let's go.
I'll see you there.
[In-hyeok] Excuse me, but
are you with the House of Golden Treasure?
I'm sorry to report this.
Master Jang did not make it out
of the hospital.
You get home safely now and be careful.
I wanted to ask you something
if that's okay.
Was this Master Jang's plan from
from the beginning,
or was this all of your own doing?
You must not know this yet,
but anyone who needs anything
in Gyeongseong seeks out Master Jang,
whether it's money,
a favor, or a missing person.
Master Jang has a big hand in everything.
He helps his people more than anyone.
That is the man he is.
Sir, you're under arrest!
[unsettling music playing]
I want everyone to spread out
and find those prisoners!
Arrest anyone that looks suspicious.
That's a direct order!
Now hurry up and move!
[officers] Yes, sir!
[people scream]
- [gunshots]
- [people screaming]
Put everything away!
[people screaming, clamoring]
[girl crying]
[grunts, screams]
[music subsides]
[solemn music playing]
[bell jingles]
[music soars]
[Tae-sang] Till the cherry blossoms
lose their flowers.
Do you think he's still alive?
[wistful music playing]
[pensive music playing]
[wind chime rattles]
Your husband just sent word
he is working late again.
So he won't be returning home
until very late tonight, it seems.
[intriguing music playing]
[Ichiro] My apologies, Lady Maeda.
I am deeply ashamed.
[Maeda] I have already given you
several chances, Director Ichiro.
Have I not?
You asked for a hospital,
so I built one for you.
You needed funding for your experiments,
so I spared no expense in my support.
I I will rectify this situation,
no matter what it takes.
You have my word, I promise.
And how will you do that?
All of your test subjects escaped,
so just how are you planning
on recapturing them?
And Akiko has completely disappeared.
How will you find her, Director?
Uh, I, uh
Very soon I will draw up a plan, um
I just If I could have some time,
I'll take responsibility and
You will resign.
You will step down from your position,
Director Ichiro,
and then you will return to Tokyo at once.
Before you go, we had success
in a significant experiment.
We've created a valuable organism
that will shake up the medical world.
I also think it could, uh,
possibly change the course
of human history as we know it.
I assure you that you will not be
disappointed with me this time.
May I be given another chance, please?
Please, Lady Maeda.
[unsettling music playing]
[Ichiro] Yes, that's her.
She is the Josenjing woman
you asked me to take special care of
all those years ago.
She is the experiment.
[brooding music playing]
[music subsides]
[officer] The specimen
has been successfully sedated
and securely locked in a cage for now.
How much more nitrogen
do you think is needed, sir?
Lt. Kato.
I wonder,
who was the one who drank this?
[tense music playing]
[bell ringing]
- [Soma] Hurry, get in! Get in!
- [woman] Okay. Okay.
[tense music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[labored breathing]
[Kato] I wonder who
drank from the glass.
Who swallowed the Najin?
[tense music swells, fades]
[soothing music playing]
- [wistful music playing]
- [crying]
[crying, sniffles]
[crying continues]
[music fades]
[eerie music playing]
[skin squelching]
[ominous music playing]
[music swells]
["Forever" by SUHO playing]
Stuck in my head ♪
I've been searchin' for the reason ♪
Nameless longing ♪
I've been waitin' for you for so long ♪
For so long ♪
But got no direction ♪
No matter, I wanna reach you ♪
Another way you runnin'
Goin' on and on ♪
But need a way to get to you ♪
You ♪
You know I'm so stuck with you ♪
No, oh, oh ♪
You ♪
Baby, I don't care at all ♪
You'll never know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
Chasing the lights ♪
Even don't know where I'm goin' ♪
Losing my sight ♪
Hope you know
That what I'm looking for ♪
But got no direction ♪
No matter, I wanna reach you ♪
Another way you runnin'
Goin' on and on ♪
But need a way to get to you ♪
Ride on a paper plane ♪
Sandcastles on a seaside ♪
Don't scare me at all ♪
If I can get on with you forever ♪
Just wanna be there with you forever ♪
How beauty miserable us ♪
Let me keep on ♪
Know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
Lead me to the way towards you ♪
I've been waitin' for so long ♪
I'm ready to run to you ♪
Reason for another reason ♪
Now I'm so sick of waitin' ♪
Voice in my head ♪
Mess around in my mind ♪
Know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
You'll never know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
[music fades]
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