Gyeongseong Creature (2023) s01e08 Episode Script


[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[unsettling music playing]
[heavy breathing]
[Lady Maeda] I have already arranged it
with Director Ichiro of Ongseong Hospital.
The child in your womb
will hold special meaning,
not only to Mr. Ishikawa but also to me.
So that being said,
you need to be very careful, hmm?
Take care of yourself,
Miss Akiko.
[Myeong-ja gasping]
[muffled screaming]
[panicked yelping]
[breathing heavily]
- [keys jangling]
- [cell door clangs]
[lock clicks]
[heavy breathing]
[man] I'm sorry,
but we're all closed up for the day, miss.
- [Myeong-ja inhales sharply]
- [screaming]
[ominous music playing]
- [scrabbling]
- [bones snapping]
[music fades]
[unsettling music playing]
[groans sleepily]
[soldier] The creature's spores stopped
floating around an hour ago.
[Kato] Has she awakened?
[soldier] No,
it hasn't shown any movement.
Perhaps we used
too much nitrogen gas earlier?
[creature breathing softly]
[Kato] What are
you thinking about, Seishin?
What's on your mind?
[flesh squelching wetly]
[Ichiro] Lt. Kato,
we have a distinguished guest.
Her name is Lady Maeda.
She is the wife to Commissioner Ishikawa
and the daughter
to the most respected Lt. Gen. Maeda.
This area's restricted. I'm afraid
outsiders are not allowed down here.
Lt. Kato, Lady Maeda is
the hospital's most generous sponsor.
Is that the creature?
I would advise you not to get too close.
[breathing heavily]
[flesh squelching wetly]
[soft, sleepy snarling]
So, Master Seishin, it looks like
you are still alive.
[snarling ferociously]
[Maeda gasps]
[creature growling]
[roaring furiously]
[bars clanging]
[creature roaring]
[bars clanging]
[unsettling music playing]
[man] He must have gone through
quite an ordeal.
He hasn't been able to sleep at all.
Or swallow a bite of food!
[Jun-taek's father]
What about Master Jang?
[man] He didn't make it back.
Also, all the merchants in town,
they have all been arrested.
[officer 1] Yes, hello.
Yes, I completely understand.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I'll let you know
Everyone, quiet! Sit back down right now!
Hey, Mr. Gu,
do you know what's going on here?
Why haven't we heard from Master Jang yet?
Where is he?
Is he not coming to save us?
Is he?
Ah shit. [breathes shakily]
[solemn instrumental music playing]
[Mrs. Nawol sighs]
[inhales shakily]
Master Jang.
Where have you been?
It's time for you to come back.
Is he breathing?
He's barely breathing, sir.
All right, then,
you two take him to the medical unit.
- Go right now.
- [both] Yes, sir!
[weakly] Kill him.
[groaning weakly]
[tense music playing]
Track him down
wherever he is,
and kill the bastard.
[groans painfully]
[tense music playing]
[gasps weakly]
[grunts, pants]
[strained grunt]
[pained groan]
[pained groan]
[breathing heavily]
[groans, breathing shakily]
[man] Stop where you are, all of you.
Stand back!
[feet stomping]
[footsteps approaching]
[ominous music playing]
[man] As you were.
[feet stomping]
Sir! Something's happened, sir.
How urgent is it?
First Sergeant Haneda was found
at the lower-level morgue,
severely wounded from a gunshot.
My apologies, Lady Maeda.
Please wait here until I return.
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[creature snarling]
[roaring furiously]
[heartbeat rhythm echoing]
[door closes]
[lock turns]
Master Jang!
What are you doing here?
I had some business to attend to.
But then I missed
my chance to get out of here.
So I need you
to help me get out of here, Lady Maeda.
[breathing shakily]
[heartbeat rhythm speeds up]
So what are you saying?
There's still a Josenjing hiding
somewhere around here?
Yes, sir.
He's running around here somewhere.
[man] Director Ichiro!
Looks like the Josenjing
is headed towards the lab.
A guard just found fresh blood stains
located near that area.
[ominous music playing]
Lady Maeda, right now isn't
a good time, I'm afraid.
Soldiers, we have an emergency!
Lady Maeda has been taken!
We need to find Lady Maeda right now!
She's in great danger!
We need to find her now!
[dramatic music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[knocking on door]
Lady Maeda?
[music fades]
[tense music playing]
Don't ask me any questions.
Just drive the car.
[dramatic music playing]
[Tae-sang] Just drive.
[music fades]
[Tae-sang] Thank you.
[breathing shakily]
[tender music playing]
[driver] What should I do, ma'am?
Shall I stop?
To Honmachi.
[music fades]
[solemn music playing]
[solemn music continues]
[Jung-won] Did you visit
the House of Golden Treasure again?
[turns off engine]
Have you been waiting long?
It's been four days
since we got out of there.
And we still haven't heard
from Master Jang.
The chances of him being alive are slim.
With that said,
our job was to find Myeong-ja,
and that's what we did.
It's time for us to go home.
We should leave early in the morning,
so get ready.
[Chae-ok] I should've stayed there
in his place.
He made his choice.
It was the right thing.
All he had to do was save Myeong-ja,
but he stayed there anyway.
He stayed because of us.
I should've stayed in the hospital,
found a way to rescue Mother.
At the very least
I should've gotten my revenge
on the men who did that to her.
If I had rescued Mother,
Master Jang wouldn't have been left there.
Now I feel really guilty
for leaving the hospital.
What do you mean by that?
[breathes shakily]
I found Mother while we were inside.
She is still alive.
You probably saw her there too.
[creature growling mournfully]
It's been like this
ever since Lady Maeda's visit earlier.
It looks like
it's been aggravated by something, sir.
[creature growling]
Something must've triggered the creature.
- [creature growls mournfully]
- Huh?
She's not just aggravated.
I think she's enraged.
[creature growling]
[solemn music playing]
[breathing shakily]
[pained growling]
[solemn music continues]
[breathing shakily]
[music fades]
[machine winding]
[electricity buzzing]
[Mr. Gu splutters, gasps]
[exhales sharply]
Let me ask you again.
Where are all the prisoners
you helped escape?
[Mr. Gu groans weakly]
[groans] I I don't know.
- [exhales sharply]
- Where is Master Jang hiding?
[weakly] I wish
I wish I knew where he was.
Am I not speaking clearly enough for you?
Do you want me to start over? Hmm?
[Mr. Gu grunting weakly]
Start start over.
Go ahead, just start over.
See what happens.
Go ahead.
Start over. I don't know anything.
[Mrs. Nawol] Has anybody ever
ripped out your fingernails
from your hands?
[choked grunting]
[rapid breathing]
[Mrs. Nawol] Has anyone
ever burned your skin?
[Mr. Gu yelping]
[pained screaming]
[Mrs. Nawol] Have you ever
been electrocuted?
[machine whirring]
[electricity buzzing]
[Mrs. Nawol] Do you know
what happens to a person
when someone forces chili powder
and water up the person's nose
while they hang upside down?
[gasping, yelling]
[Mrs. Nawol] You get to that point where
you can no longer remember
you're a human being.
If you're ever in
a situation like that, Mr. Gu,
don't be a hero.
It's just going to make it worse for you.
Instead, you should tell them everything.
If you ever end up in that situation,
if you betray us, I won't resent you.
Just keep that in mind.
[groans weakly]
[officer] Let me ask you again.
What is the true purpose
of the House of Golden Treasure?
Are you rebels?
Have you all been
secretly funding the rebellion?
[Mr. Gu moaning]
[yelling] Hey, answer me!
Why aren't you answering me, huh?!
Where is Master Jang?!
[moaning loudly]
[moaning weakly]
[breathing sleepily]
[door sliding open]
Are you well rested?
Lady Maeda, it's you.
Well, it looks like your fever's gone.
And those wounds of yours
are doing much better.
How long [breathes shakily]
have I been over here for?
As of today, it's been four days.
Well, I have to admit you caused
quite the commotion at Ongseong Hospital.
It was unexpected for me
to see you risk your life for someone.
It's not like you, is it?
[Tae-sang scoffs]
I know.
But things are different now.
It's not my fault
that my country has become this way.
[solemn music playing]
I personally have nothing to do
with everyone who was locked up in there.
So why help them?
because once I saw it with my own eyes,
that's when I got really angry.
I wanted to help.
Master Jang, you're not making any sense.
You helped because they're Joseon?
It's not only because they're Joseon.
It's because I'm a human being.
Do you think that every life has meaning?
Do you believe
all lives are created equal?
Yes. What do you believe, Lady Maeda?
[chuckles softly]
Master Jang,
you and I, are we still friends?
You said a serial murder case?
Yes, sir, 11 murders have occurred
in the area over the past four days alone.
We've asked the military for autopsies.
However, a large number of the corpses
are in such a strange state.
What do you mean by that? Strange how?
Every one of the corpses were
missing its brain, sir.
[unsettling music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[ominous beat]
He's from the military ward, Commissioner.
[music fades]
[phone ringing]
Yes, how may I help you?
I'm sorry.
The store's not for sale.
No, where'd you hear that?
Who's dead?
What else has everyone
been saying about him?
Now, just wait a minute, sir! [scoffs]
That's stupid. Only the dumbest idiot
could ever believe that were true.
Watch your mouth! Exactly who
do you think you are? I'm serious!
I'll make you regret that.
Yes, I'll sew your mouth shut.
Who are they to say something like that?
The nerve of some people,
pronouncing someone to be dead.
[Mrs. Nawol sighs]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Mrs. Nawol sighs]
[phone ringing]
My God, has everyone in town
gone completely crazy?
- [revelatory music playing]
- [Mrs. Nawol whimpers]
Yes, how may I help you?
About that, I believe that, uh,
my associate here
has explained that to you already.
Who am I, you ask?
The master
of the House of Golden Treasure,
Jang Tae-sang.
No, I'm not dead.
That's right. I'm very much alive.
It's seems everyone wants to get
a little piece of our pawn shop.
Don't they now?
[voice trembling]
Master Jang, you're here.
Didn't I say
there was no need to close up the shop
just because I was gone for a few days?
No wonder everyone thinks we're for sale.
what took so long, huh?
Sorry, I got held up.
[relieved sobbing]
So you're not hurt at all, then?
You're fine?
I'm okay. Mm-hmm.
In that case!
Why didn't you come home earlier
if you weren't injured?
What took you so long?!
I almost had a heart attack
because I was so worried!
- Did you even think about that?
- Ah, I'm sorry I did that.
- I did have my reasons, you know.
- [sobbing]
Don't be upset with me, Mrs. Nawol.
I'm back now.
[Mrs. Nawol sniffles]
I said I was sorry. Don't cry.
It doesn't matter now.
Besides, you have to go pick up Mr. Gu.
Where is Mr. Gu now?
[solemn music playing]
[door locking]
- [Mr. Gu groaning weakly]
- [shushing]
[Mr. Gu groaning]
[shocked gasps]
[Yeong-chun] No!
- [footsteps approaching]
- Oh no.
Come out now.
[panicked breathing]
[prisoners whimpering]
No! Let me go! No! I'm not going! No!
- [squealing]
- I said out!
[gasps, breathes heavily]
[solemn music playing]
Master Jang, it's you.
[gasps] Is that Master Jang?
Is that really Master Jang?
- [man] No way!
- [woman] I think it's him!
[shocked whispering]
Just wait here, okay?
Hey, stop right there!
Master Jang,
where do you think you're going?
[officers chattering indistinctly]
Isn't that Master Jang
of the House of Golden Treasure?
I need to talk to Commissioner Ishikawa.
[officer] Hey, you!
Are you ignoring me or what, huh?
Go and tell him Master Jang is here.
You bastard! Are you deaf or what?!
Why are you swinging your fist at me?
Are you a police officer or a thug?
It's not very professional.
You're all policemen.
Would it be too much to ask
for you to act like it?
[door opens]
You caused quite the stir
over at the hospital.
You told me I should do
whatever it takes, did you not?
Yes, that's true.
But what did you do with
the Joseon prisoners you helped escape?
That wasn't part of the deal.
I actually have no idea
what you're talking about.
I'm here on behalf
of all the Joseons in custody
you have wrongfully imprisoned here.
Please release them immediately
as the charges against them
are completely false.
But so many of our laws
were broken that night, I'm afraid.
Playing foreign music,
drinking alcohol in public,
violating public safety codes,
not to mention many other misdemeanors.
How about we settle this
with a simple fine?
You think you can fix this
by throwing me some money?
I think that that is the easiest way
to clean up everything.
What if I refuse?
Well, every business
in the district of Bonjeong
will be shut down for the time being.
I'm sure you know the fundraising party
is being held in Gyeongseong in two days.
With the businesses closed,
all deliveries of alcohol and food
to the event will be halted.
Just think about
all the officials and their wives
who've ordered garments
to be made for the occasion.
I wonder how this will look for you.
Since you oversee everything,
an investigation
will be launched immediately.
Your superiors will most definitely
hold you accountable for this.
Is that a threat?
[inhales sharply]
There comes a point in time
when two enemies can, uh,
form a temporary alliance together.
We are simply just having a conversation
on how to help one another.
You are walking a fine line here.
It'd be best if you didn't risk your life
for matters that don't concern you.
So my little visit at Ongseong Hospital
taught me something very important.
When you put your own life on the line,
you have to go all-in.
And if you hesitate
even for a single minute,
you will end up dead.
[Kato] If I may, Commissioner.
I have an idea who the prime suspects are.
Master Jang
of the House of Golden Treasure.
The sleuth, Yoon Chae-ok, as well as
a courtesan.
A Joseon named Akiko.
[tense music playing]
- [retching]
- Miss Akiko?
- Are you feeling all right?
- [breathing heavily]
Do you have a specific reason
why those are your prime suspects?
Because all three have been
in this hospital, Commissioner.
They broke into this ward,
and then they all escaped together.
Lieutenant, I'd like to know
exactly what is going on in that hospital?
Well, I'm not inclined
to disclose that kind of information.
That information is classified.
[ominous music playing]
What the hell? What is this?
Tell me, Master Jang.
I want to know what you saw in there.
I want to know
everything that was happening
inside of that hospital
right this second! Huh?
[clicks tongue] As you already know,
the price for my services
is quite steep, Commissioner.
The kind of information you're asking for,
about military hospital secrets,
now, that's gonna be
top-level information.
I most likely
wouldn't hand it over so easily,
especially something
of that caliber, you know?
Are you trying to bribe me?
Commissioner Ishikawa,
what I hope to achieve here is
that we gain mutual trust for one another.
Not to mention I kept my word to you.
I returned Akiko to you safe and sound.
Now you return the favor.
Release my people, Commissioner.
[officer] Get out!
You are all released!
We're released! We're really free!
- We're really getting out!
- [excited chatter]
I can't believe it! We're getting out!
Oh my God. Thank you, Master Jang!
Master Jang got us out of here!
I can't believe it. We're all free!
I can't believe it! Everybody's out.
Everybody's free!
We're getting out of here alive!
- I can't believe it! Let's go home!
- [relieved sighing]
[excited chatter fading]
Master Jang, it's you.
You're really alive?
[solemn music playing]
Mr. Gu, are you able to walk?
What took you so long? [sobbing]
Let's get you out of here.
[Mr. Gu sobbing]
- All right, hang on.
- [whimpering]
- [man 1] Bonjeong!
- [prisoners chanting] Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong! Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
- Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
- Do you all want to die here?
- Then quiet down!
- [terrified screaming]
[prisoners chanting] Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
Bonjeong! Bonjeong! Bonjeong!
- Mori.
- Yes, sir?
I want you to keep tabs
on where Master Jang goes.
Sir? But what for, sir?
All right, um
I will do what you ask, Commissioner.
[solemn music continues]
[music fades]
[Mrs. Nawol gasps]
Don't worry too much. He'll be all right.
I'm in his debt now.
I have to make things right with him.
No, you don't.
You've saved Mr. Gu's life
so many times now that I've lost count.
In fact, all of us owe our lives to you.
[solemn music playing]
The trauma from being tortured,
it lasts a while, doesn't it?
Why don't you get some sleep?
No, it's okay. I wanna stay right here.
There's someone else waiting for you,
just so you know.
She came by here every single day.
She kept visiting to see
if you had come home safely.
Leave Mr. Gu to me.
Go pay her a visit, Master Jang.
[solemn music continues]
[music fades]
Are you not going to have dinner tonight?
[Jung-won] I'm not hungry.
Go ahead and eat.
How about some dumplings?
I can go buy some for you.
I'll get some. I'll be right back.
[footsteps receding]
[indistinct background chatter]
- [knife unsheathes]
- [Chae-ok] Show yourself.
["Time" by Baek A playing]
Candles lit in the room ♪
Staring for ♪
And somehow here I was
hoping for a warm welcome.
Where the wind came from ♪
Now that you have seen my face
would you mind letting me go?
It's really you.
[gasps, relieved sob]
[relieved sigh]
Will it come when winter's gone? ♪
- Will it come when spring comes? ♪
- [relieved sobbing]
Before the cherry blossoms fall ♪
I feel the same way.
Melting the painful times ♪
I've missed you.
I've missed you more than you would know.
[Chae-ok breathing shakily]
[relieved sigh]
[music fades]
Exactly what is it you wanna know?
I want to know
[chimes tinkling]
what goes on inside of Ongseong hospital
and the basement laboratory below it.
Are you even remotely aware
of what is happening in Ongseong Hospital?
There's nothing that goes on
I don't know about.
What have you done to Akiko this time?
I asked you a question.
Why aren't you answering?
It sounds like
you are a little confused right now.
You have forgotten you do not have
any right to ask such things of me.
I don't owe you
an explanation about anything.
Oh, yes, you do.
From the very beginning,
we both had an understanding
that this marriage was formed
for mutual benefit.
I was in need of a loyal husband
in order for me to come here to Joseon.
And you needed
my powerful name and lineage
to move up and succeed.
It feels rather awkward now
to suddenly pretend
that you're my husband now,
Commissioner Ishikawa.
You shouldn't have crossed the line
and meddled with Akiko.
And you should not have employed
the master of the House of Golden Treasure
to find her.
We agreed we wouldn't interfere
in each other's lives, didn't we?
But you're the one who decided
not to honor the arrangement.
It's your own business
what you decide to do at night.
However, when you impregnate someone else,
it complicates our original arrangement.
I don't know if you've heard yet
but Master Jang has found himself a woman.
[tense music playing]
Her name is Yoon Chae-ok.
I heard she is a Joseon woman.
Apparently, she's young and beautiful too.
How unfortunate for you.
I thought you would like to know that,
considering all of that time
and effort nursing him back to health.
I suppose it was all in vain now.
[music fades]
[door slides open]
[door slides closed]
[indistinct background chatter]
[shaky breathing]
- [tender music playing]
- [Tae-sang] Hmm
[woman] Here are your dumplings, miss.
[Tae-sang sighs awkwardly]
How about we go?
Saw that! Huh!
[girl] Gimme a bite of your food.
[boy] No! [chuckles]
Go get your own!
This one's mine.
[children giggling]
[Tae-sang clears throat]
[gunshot echoes]
[music fades]
[ominous music playing]
[Mori whimpering]
[ominous music continues]
[Mori] Don't come any closer! [panting]
[breathing shakily]
Go go away. Go away!
Get away from me!
[Myeong-ja gasps]
- [choked gasping]
- [Myeong-ja grunting]
[Mori screaming]
[screaming continues]
[Mori screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
[Mori gasping painfully]
Myeong Myeong-ja?
[music fades]
Is this it?
The Najin parasite you discovered?
That's correct.
They were discovered deep
in the glaciers of the Muryong Mountains.
They were quite difficult to retrieve.
So this parasite latches
onto the brain of its host,
and that's when it mutates
into a monster like Seishin did?
Not exactly.
If it is the Najin alone,
the host only turns into a predator.
[unsettling music playing]
[Kato] But it still retains
the outward appearance
of its human form.
In order to survive,
the Najin controls them from the inside,
hunting for human brains.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [Chae-ok gasps]
[Myeong-ja breathing heavily]
[choked grunting]
[Myeong-ja straining]
[Tae-sang coughing]
[Kato] The Najin is highly aggressive
and more violent than most apex predators.
It can analyze situations quickly
and heal its wounds almost immediately.
[flesh knitting rapidly]
So explain to me.
Why does Seishin look disfigured
like the way that she does?
Because she was given two injections.
One serum was combined with anthrax.
[unlocking door]
[refrigerator humming]
Once injected with this serum,
it mutates with the Najin parasite,
as is the case with Seishin.
From what you observed so far,
are there any weaknesses?
Nitrogen weakens it,
as well as sunlight and fire.
[Mori breathing rapidly]
[Myeong-ja gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[Tae-sang] Get a hold of yourself.
What's wrong with you?
[yells] Myeong-ja!
[high-pitched ringing]
[Lady Maeda] How horrible it must be
to remember what it was like to be human
when trapped in that state.
Something's happened to her.
I think they experimented on her
at the hospital.
[Tae-sang breathing heavily]
[confused breathing]
[whimpers softly]
[clattering in distance]
[pained gasping]
There was a red flare
fired into the sky, Commissioner.
[dramatic music playing]
[panicked whimpering]
[feet skidding]
- [officer] Over here! Get her!
- [whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[officer] Stop right there!
[whistle blowing]
- [panicked breathing]
- [whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[suspenseful music building]
[terrified panting]
[whistle blowing]
[whistles blowing]
Don't lose her!
- Find her!
- [others] Yes, sir!
[whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[running footsteps]
[locking door]
She was unable
to remember anything at first.
But then her daughter showed up.
What about a daughter?
So Seishin was a mother?
How do you know this?
She broke into the hospital
hoping to find her long-lost mother.
That's when the two were reunited.
Somehow Seishin recognized her daughter,
and something changed.
She was able to control the Najin.
And what's the poor girl's name, I wonder?
Her name is Yoon Chae-ok,
and she works as a sleuth.
[Ishikawa] I don't know if you heard,
but Master Jang has found himself a woman.
Her name is Yoon Chae-ok.
I heard she is a Joseon woman.
[dramatic music playing]
- Find her!
- [others] Yes, sir!
Search this way too!
- Hurry up!
- [officer 2] This way!
- Move quickly!
- [officer 3] Find her!
[whistle blowing]
[dramatic music continues]
[whistle blowing]
[distant clattering]
[panicked gasping]
[horn honking]
[whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
There she is! Go after her!
[truck engine revving]
[whistle blowing]
[tires screeching]
Are you all right?
If they catch Myeong-ja,
they might kill her
or do something much worse
to her and her baby.
Just like what happened to my mother.
[whistle blowing]
[officer 1] Go after her!
[whistles blowing]
[officer 1] Hurry! Get her!
Catch her!
[whistle blowing]
[eerie music playing]
- [door closes]
- Let's get going.
[Myeong-ja breathing heavily]
[whimpers] I don't want to die!
Please don't kill me!
Please let me live!
[officer 1] Hold up!
- [sobbing]
- [officer 1] That way!
[officer 1] Find her! That way!
- Don't let her get away!
- [officer 4] Stop right there!
Don't kill me!
Please don't kill me! Please don't!
I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
I don't wanna die! Don't kill me!
I don't wanna die!
[Myeong-ja sobbing]
[unsettling music playing]
[eerie vocalizing]
[music fades]
["Time" by Baek A playing]
Candles lit in the room ♪
Staring for long time ♪
Where the wind came from ♪
Went out through the door ♪
Will it come when winter's gone? ♪
Will it come when spring comes? ♪
Before the cherry blossoms fall ♪
Melting the painful times ♪
[music fades out]
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