Gyeongseong Creature (2023) s01e09 Episode Script


[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[Kato] We have conducted
various experiments and research
on the limitations of the human anatomy.
It was during one of these experiments
that we came upon the Najin parasite
purely by chance.
So it was all just a coincidence, then?
[Kato] In the way Penicillium
was discovered by accident,
we, too, came upon a chance discovery
that will change
the course of human history.
Here on out,
science will never be the same.
The Najin parasite, it will evolve us,
creating a new world never seen before.
Evolve us in what way, exactly?
Besides the healing properties,
we can also weaponize it.
Oh, I see.
Thank you for explaining everything.
Director Ichiro is no longer
head of Ongseong Hospital.
I have no use for him,
so he will return to Japan.
[pensive music playing]
You will be in charge
with what goes on in here from now on.
So please continue all the wonderful work
that you've been doing.
I will be here to support you
in whatever way
you need me to, Lieutenant.
For the record,
I can't guarantee a time frame
or how much money is needed for this.
My work is rather unpredictable, you see.
I wouldn't worry about that.
All I need from you is Seishin
when you have finished her training.
I want Seishin to obey me
so that I can command her.
That is all I want from this.
[unsettling music playing]
- [gasping, whimpering]
- [whistle blowing]
[whistle blowing]
[rifles cock]
[car door closes]
Ishikawa, I'm sorry.
[pensive music playing]
So it was you. It was you all along?
[gasping whimper]
[unsettling music playing]
So you've been wandering around
looking like this
on a killing spree
for the past three days, is that right?
Ishikawa, don't do this.
What has happened to you, huh?
What did they do to you, Akiko?
Help me, Ishikawa. What do I do?
You will return back to Ongseong now.
You've killed over ten people
that we know about already.
You will be executed for this,
and there is nothing I can do for you now.
And what of our child?
It's your child, Ishikawa!
It's mine no more!
Did you really think
I would acknowledge that child as my own
after all that you've done?
How dare you bring such dishonor
to my bloodline, Akiko.
[sniffles, sobs]
[Ishikawa] Now get in the cage.
This is the last bit of kindness
that I will ever show you.
Do you understand?
Get inside of that cage
right this instant.
Get in the cage!
[tense music playing]
- [Akiko screams]
- [Ishikawa grunts]
[gasps] Akiko, let go of me!
[tense music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[gunshots continue]
[breathing heavily]
[gunshot echoing]
[melancholy music playing]
- [Ishikawa gasps]
- Commissioner!
- [gasping]
- [officer] Commissioner Ishikawa!
Get him to the car! Hurry!
- [officer] Stay with me.
- [gasps]
[officer] Commissioner! Stay with me!
[music fades]
[breathing heavily]
[dog barking in distance]
[knocking on door]
Father, are you there?
[knocking on door]
I'm coming in now, Father.
[Jung-won] My dearest Chae-ok
[wistful music playing]
I have made the decision
to go be with your mother.
[soldier 1] Who goes there?
Don't come any closer!
Stop right there!
Stop, or we'll shoot you!
I am here to find my wife.
Go and tell the individual named Lt. Kato
that I am the husband to Seishin,
and that I have come
to be reunited with her.
Now go.
[Jung-won] I want to honor your mother
by fulfilling my duty as her husband.
So all I ask of you
is to go and live a fruitful life.
My dearest Chae-ok,
please live the life you've always wanted.
[unsettling music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
We brought Seishin's husband, Lt. Kato.
So Seishin is your wife?
Yes, she is.
I would like to meet my wife, please.
[iron bars clattering]
[creature snarls]
[tense music playing]
[creature roars]
[breathes heavily]
[breathing nervously]
So it's been ten years?
[Kato] How does it feel
to see your wife again
after spending such a long time
looking for her?
You evil bastard. What have you done?
How could you?
How could you do this to her?
How could you do this?
You sons of bitches!
Fucking bastards! Let go of me!
Let go! You sons of bitches!
I'll kill you! How could you do this?
I'll kill all of you!
[gasps, sobs]
[creature growls]
[breathing heavily]
- [loud bang]
- [creature growls]
[loud bang]
[tense music subsides]
[breathing shakily]
[door closing]
[door lock clicks]
- [creature growls ferociously]
- [loud bang]
We tried calming it down with more food,
but it's not working at all.
It's becoming more aggressive, sir.
Then it seems
we must find her daughter, then.
A family reunion.
[roars ferociously]
[Mrs. Nawol] What else could we do?
We can't turn a blind eye.
Yet even if we wanted to get involved,
there's not much we can do
to help anymore.
We'll have to find another way, then.
I know what you're thinking,
and it's a terrible idea.
Don't go back to the hospital, all right?
And as for you,
how could your people do
such horrendous things to all of us?
The hospital is where we all go
to get help,
not to get tortured or abused
by all of you.
Well, I, uh,
I didn't know
what was going on inside of there.
- It's not my jurisdiction.
- I don't care!
Now you know what's going on,
so how about you help us out?
You're a so-called police officer, right?
Go and be a policeman!
If that's what you are,
solve some crimes, huh?
Well, I just follow orders,
um, because I'm a low-ranking policeman,
so I don't have any power to do anything.
So I'm sorry.
Even if you don't have the power,
does that mean you should do nothing
when your people do something wrong?
Well, I, uh
They might think
this country is theirs to own,
but there are things you should
and shouldn't do as a human being!
There are clear rights and wrongs,
no matter who you are.
Next time, why don't you
hold people accountable, huh?
You're right, miss.
The House of Golden Treasure
will remain closed
until we find a way
to resolve this situation.
Also, it would be safer if we can find
someplace else for Mr. Gu to recover.
What are you planning to do?
More problems are going to arise
'cause of what Chae-ok and I witnessed
earlier in the forest this evening.
Don't do this, Master Jang.
I saw everything that was happening
inside of that hospital,
and it was pure evil.
The atrocities
that are happening inside there
shouldn't happen to any human being alive,
no matter who you are.
You already know what will happen
if we don't do anything to help.
The Japanese will pretend
nothing happened.
As if it was all made up.
A distant rumor that can't be proven.
Myeong-ja went on a killing spree,
but no one knows about it.
I didn't see a single story
in the newspaper about what she did.
They don't want people to know
it's their fault.
They sweep it under the rug.
They blame it on something else entirely.
I understand, Master Jang, but
You were right when you said
there were clear rights and wrongs here.
Turning a blind eye
makes us a part of the problem,
no matter how impossible the circumstance.
If we choose to do nothing,
then we are no different
than those who oppress us.
Tell me, Master Jang,
what can we do to help you with your plan?
[Ichiro] We have tried
to stop the bleeding,
but there is nothing more that we can do.
The wounds on his face and carotid artery
are too wide and deep.
We cannot stop the bleeding.
We will still do everything that we can.
However, if the bleeding continues,
he won't make it.
[doctor] Gauze! More gauze, hurry!
I fear he may not survive
through the night.
I wish I had better news for you,
but I do not.
Well, how unfortunate.
There's nothing you can do for him.
Thank you, Director Ichiro.
And, please, take good care of my husband.
[Ishikawa gasps, groans in pain]
[Ishikawa gasping, coughing]
Ah, I found the picture.
Lady Maeda, a message from Shiro.
[pensive music playing]
[music fades]
What are you doing out here?
I was
just looking at the view.
[Chae-ok] It's strange, isn't it?
The world seems so peaceful from up here.
There's no death at all.
There's no pain.
There's nobody oppressing us.
Way up here, we're free to just be us.
[pensive music playing]
I know right now everything
that's happening is hard to fathom.
I feel like I'm holding my breath here,
waiting and hoping
for the long night to become morning.
So what of Myeong-ja?
Have you heard anything about her?
From my sources, I was told
she was taken back to Ongseong Hospital.
I was also told that Commissioner Ishikawa
might not recover from his injuries.
So my father and Myeong-ja
are back at the hospital yet again.
What are we going to do?
It feels like we failed everyone
despite our best efforts to save them.
Do you mind
if we go inside for a little bit?
There's something that I wanna show you.
[Tae-sang sighs]
What is all of this, huh?
[Tae-sang] This is my private collection.
Some of the items were pawned
and never claimed back,
and the others I purchased myself.
That's how a pawnshop works
if you didn't know.
Every piece that comes through these doors
has a unique story to tell, Chae-ok.
Okay. So, for example, that record player
once belonged to Wang Su-bok,
the Pyongyang courtesan.
that coat hanging right over there,
Mr. Yoon Dong-ju pawned it so he could buy
his children some food at the time.
He didn't, uh, make it back, sadly.
And that there is Na Hye-seok's artwork.
One of my favorite pieces.
She was a brilliant painter,
and her artwork was shown
at the Joseon Art Exhibition.
I suppose living as an artist is not
all smooth sailing since she pawned it.
Mrs. Nawol chastised me
for appraising it too high
since it won't make any money back,
but I really like her style.
I actually own a few more of her pieces.
Could you, um
give me your hand for a second?
I bought this from an American missionary
a while back.
The stone in the middle is called an opal.
I believe over in Europe,
they say it's quite a lucky stone,
so you should wear it, then.
Now you'll have good luck.
Let's hope for the best, Chae-ok.
So, uh
[breathes deeply]
I have quite a few interesting items
if you wanna peek around a little more.
We can look through them
anytime you want to,
and I'll make myself available.
How about
we make a promise to one another tonight?
If either one of us ends up getting killed
while the other person is still alive
[wistful music playing]
the survivor must remember
the one who passed away.
That way, they won't be forgotten at all.
What are your thoughts on that?
I'm not worried about dying,
as I know that is inevitable.
It's just the thought
that no one might remember who I am
after everything that I've fought for.
Makes me feel lonesome.
It's as if I never existed.
I'm sorry.
However, I won't let it come to that.
The two of us,
we will stay together
to see the free Joseon that awaits.
[wistful music continues]
Do you really believe that we'll see that?
That we'll be able to see
a free Joseon together, you and I?
Oh, I do.
And I will make sure of that.
We will all get to live
in a free Joseon one day.
- [Chae-ok sobs]
- So
[wistful music soars]
Stay with me, Chae-ok.
Stay by my side.
I want you to stay with me.
[music fades]
Candles lit in the room ♪
Wind from the chink, swayed by it ♪
It's like my mind ♪
It's just like me ♪
Staring for long time ♪
Where the wind came from ♪
Went out through the door ♪
[singer vocalizing]
[music fades]
Be safe out there.
I'll be back in no time, Mrs. Nawol.
I need you
to watch the shop for us tonight.
Make sure all the doors
are locked and secured.
Mmm. Will do. You be safe out there.
[door closes]
You made it out of there.
Thank goodness.
I'm so glad to see you.
[monk chanting]
[chanting continues]
[bell dings]
[chanting continues]
[bell dings]
[chanting continues]
My condolences, Lady Maeda.
[chanting stops]
[unsettling music playing]
[Ichiro] I'm sorry, but I have no choice,
Commissioner Ishikawa.
I have to do this
if I want to keep my position here.
Direct your resentment to your wife.
- Because of her, you have to die.
- [Ishikawa gasps]
In fact, everything is
according to her will.
[gasping] No, please.
Help me, Director.
Director, help me. [gasps]
[groaning in pain]
[Maeda] It is my wish
for my husband's death
to be more honorable
than what actually happened here.
An officer of his status
and great influence
dying at the hands
of a Joseon courtesan girl.
I would imagine it would be quite shameful
for the police bureau as well,
don't you think?
Yes, ma'am.
[Jun-taek] Commissioner Ishikawa died
early this morning.
And once again, it looks like
a Joseon doctor is being blamed for it.
It's the same pattern over and over again.
When anything happens, it's blamed on us.
We have no say in what they fabricate
or what they tell the world.
And if that isn't enough,
they'll turn their swords on us,
then lie about it.
Do you remember the great earthquake?
They blame Joseon on purpose
to cover up their crimes
so the world won't remember
what they did to our people.
The death of Commissioner Ishikawa
will be blamed on us.
They'll punish Gyeongseong folks,
showing us no mercy.
Or even worse,
they will directly come for us.
Us? But why?
We haven't committed any crimes at all.
We know what they're doing in Gyeongseong.
That's our crime.
We know about their secret laboratory
and everything that's happening there
and what happened to Myeong-ja.
So, in that case,
what is your plan this time around?
You must have one.
It's why you came over, isn't it?
Because you need my help
with whatever it is.
There's someone
that I'm trying to protect here.
What I'm getting at is
I want to
be a part of your rebellion
in whatever way you need.
[melancholy music playing]
[Chae-ok] Do you know what it is
that I fear the most?
When I yearn for something so much
in a world so hopeless
that it weakens my heart.
Have a safe trip back to Tokyo,
Director Ichiro.
Oh, Comrade Kwon.
[melancholy music continues]
[Chae-ok] What if my heart
has become so weak
because of the hope I've held onto
that it makes me hesitate
to do what must be done
when the time finally comes?
And so, for now, I bid you goodbye.
Thank you, Master Jang.
Thank you for everything.
[eerie music playing]
I will never forget you.
No, don't shoot me! Please don't! Ah!
This was long overdue.
Ah! Ah! No! Don't shoot!
- [gunshot]
- [Ichiro screams]
[Tae-sang] And do you know
what it is that I fear the most?
When I end up losing something
close and dear to me.
[man] Director Ichiro has been shot!
- Grab her! Go after her!
- [people clamoring]
[somber music playing]
[music fades]
[roaring ferociously]
[rattling echoes]
[loud bang]
- [creature growls]
- [loud bang]
[creature roars ferociously]
[loud clattering]
[growls ferociously]
What did you just say?
I asked you
how much dynamite you have hidden.
Tell me, how many explosives can you make
with the amount that you have?
Why do you wanna know?
Does this mean
you're joining our rebellion?
You must not know,
but the propaganda event
is no longer happening.
Why not?
It's delayed indefinitely due to
Commissioner Ishikawa's funeral event.
So, as of this moment,
our original plan no longer works.
Are you sure about that?
Our sources haven't mentioned anything
about the event being canceled.
Well, I received this information
from someone on the inside.
So I know for sure
the event isn't happening.
You'll have to trust me
on this one, Comrade.
In that case,
why are you asking about the dynamite
if the rebellion's all but lost now?
I was hoping I could use the dynamite
for something else.
So you're only here just to get a hold
of the dynamite for your own use, then?
Forget it.
I've heard quite enough from you.
You should leave right now.
If we give it to you,
what will you use it for?
- [man] Comrade Lee
- It's for Ongseong Hospital.
I plan on
wiping it off the map completely.
[tense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[officer] Lt. Kato!
Lt. Kato!
[officer breathing heavily]
[knock at door]
Master Jang, we have a big problem.
Ms. Yoon Chae-ok, the sleuth woman.
She's done something. She's in trouble.
[music intensifies]
[man grunts]
[bike bell ringing]
[car horn honking]
[man 1] What's going on?
[crowd murmuring]
[man 2] Do you know what happened?
[woman 1] Oh, that's just so crazy.
[indistinct chattering]
[breathing heavily]
[man 3] Did you see what happened?
This is just wild.
[man 4] It's unbelievable.
[tense music continues]
What's the status? Where is the creature?
[soldier 1] We don't know, sir.
We've been surveilling for almost an hour.
There's still no sign.
The creature hasn't resurfaced.
- What about the elevator?
- [solider 1] It's been shut down, sir.
Since the elevator's the only pathway
to the upper floors,
there's no way for the creature to get up
here, so it should be down there.
- [music fades]
- [crowd murmuring]
What do you mean by that?
So you're saying she just vanished?
Where is she now?
Nobody seems to know where she is.
After she shot Ichiro,
she tried to run away,
but she was chased by our police officers.
But that's when things took
a really weird turn.
She vanished into thin air.
The police bureau has been searching
all over town for her,
but no one seems to know where she went
or who took her at all, Master Jang.
We don't know what happened to her.
Also, I'm sorry,
but some police officers were just ordered
to raid the House of Golden Treasure.
- [sergeant] Find her!
- Yes, sir!
Look over there! The rest? Come with me!
Yes, sir!
[Beom-o] Stop!
What are you doing? [grunts]
[sergeant] Hurry up! Find her!
Search everywhere!
[muffled clattering]
[Mori] The situation is
is really becoming
quite serious right now, Master Jang.
So this could be
the very last time that I
can help you. I hope you understand that.
I completely understand.
I'm thankful for what you've just told me
and for everything else.
You better be going now.
And, Mori, you should keep your distance
for your own safety.
Otherwise, people will talk.
[unsettling music playing]
There seems to be someone
controlling everything from the shadows.
Someone very powerful, sir.
Be careful out there, all right?
How could something like this
happen here, Police Chief?
And in broad daylight!
Explain how an assassination occurred
in front of this house
while she's in mourning!
My sincerest apologies.
We should have been
more vigilant with our security.
Not only is this an act of aggression
against all of us sitting here right now,
but it's also an act of terrorism.
You must find out who's behind this,
Police Chief Nishimura.
We need to act soon if we want to wipe out
any future rebellions.
As police chief, it's your job.
Anyone who is a part of the rebel forces
should be dealt with immediately.
- [man 1] I agree!
- [man 2] As do I!
We can't just let this go on!
[man 3] We should dispose of them!
[phone ringing]
Maeda's residence.
[Beom-o] What's going on?
You promised you wouldn't touch
the House of Golden Treasure.
That's what you said!
You said I just needed to tell you
where the sleuth woman was.
But officers just came in and
completely turned this place upside down.
No, sir, I'm sorry. I can't.
I wanna quit now.
Please give me my money, sir.
That was our deal, wasn't it?
You promised to get me on a ship to Tokyo.
That's what we agreed on.
I cannot discuss this with you right now.
You must call back another time.
Hey, wait a minute.
It's what you promised.
[breathes sharply]
[breathes deeply]
- [gasps]
- [unsettling music playing]
Mr. Gu!
What is the update on the creature?
It's been quiet.
She needs to be persuaded.
We don't have any more test subjects
to feed to her, sir.
Actually, there's one.
[footsteps approaching]
[door lock clicks]
Hey. Hey, you, let's go.
Get up!
Hey, give me a hand here.
[clears throat]
[soldiers grunting]
[tense music playing]
- [gunshot]
- [gasping]
[eerie music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[heavy breathing continues]
[eerie music fades]
[mysterious music playing]
[door opens]
[unsettling music playing]
What? Lady Maeda?
Oh dear.
It looks like you know who I am already.
Yoon Chae-ok, is that right?
[music fades]
It's strange, Master Jang.
The police station is pretty quiet,
more than normal.
I have no idea where she's gone.
Papers here! Get your papers here!
Papers! Papers!
Get your papers here!
Breaking news this morning!
What about Jongno station, huh?
It seems they haven't found
the true whereabouts
of Yoon Chae-ok either.
I wonder why
every police officer is being so silent?
Normally, at a time like this,
they'd be going crazy
and terrorizing everybody,
so why the change?
Yes, the atmosphere is,
well, it's very calm. That is weird.
They seem to want to cover up
Director Ichiro's death as well.
- [Mrs. Nawol] Master Jang, I'm back.
- Mrs. Nawol, how did it go?
I was able to get them for you.
[Mrs. Nawol] That's not all.
There is someone here
who requested to speak with you.
They are waiting downstairs.
[liquid pouring]
[dishes clatter]
I'll be outside.
I'll leave you two alone now.
[footsteps retreating]
What does she want from us?
I don't know.
When I left, Lady Maeda wasn't speaking,
so we'll just have to wait.
Also, uh, I have been looking for Beom-o.
Where is he, huh?
You won't find him.
He's not coming back here.
The woman out front just now, Mrs. Nawol
Tell me, is she trustworthy?
I've known her since I was a child.
She's family to me.
[chuckles softly]
Even if she's family,
it doesn't make her a trustworthy person.
You mustn't trust others so easily
because, in the end, they can betray you.
They don't betray you
because they are evil.
They do these things
because they are so weak.
And most people are weak.
You need to be careful.
[inhales sharply]
So what did you wanna tell me, Lady Maeda?
I wanted to say,
don't look for her anymore.
The woman, Ms. Yoon Chae-ok,
she is never going to come back.
[pensive music playing]
What do you mean by that?
As I said earlier,
betrayal doesn't come from evil
but from weakness.
She was so weak
and not the type of woman you, um,
needed in your life, Master Jang.
What have you done to her, Lady Maeda?
Tell me where she is.
You better answer me!
She is dead.
You need to move on.
I don't like the person you've become,
Master Jang.
It's as if you're a lost hero.
Before this, you knew the difference
between who to help and who not to.
You were very powerful
and a businessman at heart.
Please listen.
Return to the Master Jang I knew.
Forget about Ishikawa,
Akiko, and Ongseong Hospital.
Forget Chae-ok.
In the end, she wasn't loyal at all.
Go back to the person you were before,
and we will continue
our business partnership as it was.
Conform and I will guarantee your safety.
Your pawnshop will be safe.
[Mori] There seems to be someone
controlling everything from the shadows.
Someone very powerful, sir.
Be careful out there, all right?
If she's dead, prove it, hmm?
Tell me, who are your sources for this?
I pulled every string I had,
and no one could tell me
where Chae-ok was, but somehow you know.
Tell me how that's possible.
I asked you a question, Lady Maeda.
How did you come by this information?
You are sitting there because of me.
If it wasn't for me,
you would have been arrested and detained.
This woman, Chae-ok,
kills Director Ichiro,
and it so happens
that you're friends with her?
It makes you look as if you're part
of their rebellion, Master Jang.
Do as I say,
and stop behaving like
you are one of the rebels here.
Do you understand?
Yoon Chae-ok. Tell me where she is.
I told you. Chae-ok is dead.
If that's true,
why don't you let me see her body?
Stop while you can.
[unsettling music playing]
You're beginning to upset me now.
The last thing I want is
to become enemies here.
Where's Yoon Chae-ok?
I won't ask you again.
You'll never see her again.
Mark my words, Master Jang.
[footsteps retreating]
[tense music playing]
Mark my words. I will find her,
no matter what you say or do.
I will find her
whether she's dead or alive.
I will find her, you got that?
I'm not afraid of you, you hear?
[Tae-sang breathes heavily]
So you plan to become my enemy now?
Is that what you want?
You say it as if we are equal here.
You know I'm no match for you.
The only one with any power here is you.
You have a powerful family,
you're rich, and Japanese.
I'd watch my mouth if I were you.
Only I can ensure your safety.
No one else.
Enough of that!
I want Yoon Chae-ok.
[wistful music playing]
I may run a silly little pawnshop,
but that's not me any longer.
I was a coward before,
and all I cared about was making money
and how to survive in this corrupt world.
That's not who I am anymore.
For the first time in my life, I'm willing
to give up everything I have for someone.
It's settled, then.
The House of Golden Treasure
is no longer an ally to me.
Then this means war.
How do you plan to stand against me?
And with what army, Master Jang?
The trash behind you?
You watch your mouth.
You don't know them at all!
Oh, but I do know them.
It is you who doesn't know
what they have done.
They betrayed you.
The one you call your family,
the old lady standing behind you there?
She sold out your mother
when you were a child.
[young Tae-sang] Where is my mommy?
Did you see her inside of there?
Did you see my mommy in there?
Her name is Sim Sun-deok. Did you see her?
Do you know her at all?
I don't know her.
Her name doesn't remind you
of anyone at all?
It doesn't. I'm so sorry.
[breathing shakily]
[sobs, sniffles]
[Maeda] And that man beside her
recently betrayed you
by exposing your dealings
to the police bureau.
Okay, I'll tell you.
I'll tell you everything.
[Maeda] And that boy of yours.
He was so desperate
to find his long-lost mother who ran off
that he told me your every move.
He sold you out
for cheap passage to Japan,
even after you gave him a family
with the House of Golden Treasure.
And your so-called best friend Jun-taek?
He confessed that you and your entourage
were all part of his rebellion,
along with members of his group.
That is your family. Do you understand?
It's pathetic, actually.
How weak they must be inside
to betray the person
who has given them a better life.
They lack morals and principles.
So I ask again, what army?
There is no one standing here now
that can fight me and win.
You are all as good as dead.
All I have ever done was
try and protect you.
You are standing there
because of me, Master Jang!
After everything I have done for you,
you're planning to betray
your biggest support in Gyeongseong?
[breathes deeply]
[shuddered exhale]
Yes, I am.
And, yes, they betrayed me. You're right.
But I know
they wouldn't have
if it wasn't for people like you
who have made the world so insufferable.
They did it because they had no choice.
This is our reality
because of your people.
You persecute all of us.
You force us to betray one another
in hopes to break our spirit
and erase who we are.
You torture and burn my people.
You rip out their fingernails
and electrocute them
until they cannot take
the dehumanization or pain any longer
that they're forced to betray
the ones that they love.
And you wanna stand there
and tell me that it's their fault?
Yet despite everything
they've been through,
they do everything in their heart to
make up for the betrayal they committed.
No matter how humiliating it is,
they do their best
to survive in a world you all created.
Because if we don't survive all of this,
who will tell the world what you have done
when this is all over, huh?
[melancholy music playing]
So how about from now on,
you watch your mouth?
Not a single person here
deserves to hear you call them
pieces of trash
when it was your people
who created this mess.
So this is the end
for you and I, then?
Yes, that's correct.
The end.
This is the end for you and I.
Goodbye, Lady Maeda.
Everyone inside.
The night
is beginning to feel cold.
[Mrs. Nawol] Master Jang.
Master Jang.
Are you okay?
- What did I do?
- [sobs]
What have I done, Mrs. Nawol?
You stood up to her.
Someone had to do it sooner or later.
[Mr. Gu] Stay here, Master Jang.
I will go look for clues for you.
I will find where Chae-ok is, okay?
And I will find out
what Lady Maeda has done to her.
Can I ask you
how long have you known
that I
was the one who gave
your mother's name?
after I asked you
if you knew who my mother was.
How come
how come
you took me in, then?
Because I knew it wasn't your fault
what happened to her in the end.
[sobbing continues]
Don't worry, Master Jang.
You know how Mr. Gu is.
Once that man sets his mind on something,
he always makes sure
he completes his mission.
So let's just wait and see.
What if she's really dead?
What if it's true, Mrs. Nawol?
[both sob]
- [Tae-sang sobs, sniffles]
- [music fades]
Where is the prisoner?
Lady Maeda just sent us
a Josenjing woman for you to see.
[door opens]
[unsettling music playing]
[woman panting]
[woman grunting]
[woman grunts]
[woman yelps, groans]
[woman groaning]
[tense music playing]
[creature snarling]
[creature growls]
[growls ferociously]
[creature roars ferociously]
[unsettling music playing]
[creature growls]
[dramatic music playing]
[music subsides]
[gentle string music playing]
[music fades]
[wistful music playing]
[music fades]
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