Gyeongseong Creature (2023) s01e10 Episode Script


[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[solemn music playing]
[Chae-ok] Since I was young,
I dreamed of an ordinary life.
I dreamed of the possible conversations
during family dinners,
and everyone sharing stories
about how their day went.
And I dreamed about a future
with the person I love.
It's all I ever wanted.
I wished that I could
live the kind of life
everyone else dreams of.
[gunshot echoes]
[Maeda] How foolish to think
you could have such a dream.
To think a Joseon woman would dare
to have any aspirations
is completely senile.
To do so will only bring suffering.
Why are you holding me hostage?
Well, because I was very curious
to finally meet
Seishin's daughter in person.
Now that I have seen you up close
it's apparent you are indeed related.
You have her eyes.
How do you know who my mother is?
That is no concern of yours, I'm afraid.
But it's funny how the world works
in mysterious ways, don't you think?
It was only a matter of time
before we met.
In the end, we are all
linked together, Seishin, you, and myself.
Fate has bound us in the end.
[Mr. Gu] Beom-o has told me
he knows where Yoon Chae-ok was taken.
[Mrs. Nawol] You trust him?
Do you seriously believe
what he says at all?
How do we know he saw her?
Oh, but I'm sure of it!
I I just saw her with my own two eyes.
You have no credibility,
do you understand?
How could you betray
the hand that feeds you, huh?
[Mr. Gu] He's already heard
those words from me.
You were living on the streets, kid.
Master Jang gave you a home.
You are so ungrateful.
I already made that point too.
Lady Maeda said Master Jang
wouldn't be harmed at all.
She told me he'd be safe
if I reported the sleuth woman to her.
She said it would help Master Jang.
I'm really sorry.
[Mrs. Nawol] My goodness,
you thick-headed idiot.
You actually believed that woman? Huh?
[Mrs. Nawol sighs]
Where is she?
Tell me where they are keeping Chae-ok.
[ominous music playing]
Where is the prisoner?
Lady Maeda just sent us
a Josenjing woman for you to see.
[door clunks open]
[Chae-ok grunting]
[pained groaning]
[chuckles softly]
What's this for?
Just hold on to them.
If I don't make it back
Say no more.
Then sell the pawnshop.
Will you do that?
[In-hyeok] The short fuses go off
after five minutes,
and the long ones go off
after eight minutes.
Each explosive has a blast radius
of about five or six meters.
It may not bring the entire building down,
but it will do some major damage.
Wait a second.
Master Jang, wait.
Good luck. I hope it all goes well.
I will hold onto these
until you come back, okay?
[chuckles softly]
[Jun-taek] Sure you'll be fine
on your own?
[Tae-sang] Yes, I know my way around,
so don't worry about me.
It'd be better if I'm alone.
I can get around much quicker.
Less chance of getting caught.
Listen, Tae-sang
Wait till later.
We can talk once this is finally over.
How about we grab a drink
once we get through this?
[chuckles] I look forward to it.
[Tae-sang] Let's go.
It appears
I have underestimated Lady Maeda.
She's very resourceful.
I wasn't sure
if we could find you in time,
but she brought you right to me.
You should know,
your precious father
will be joining us very soon.
This experiment will be
the first of its kind.
A family reunion.
I wonder who, between you two,
will your mother devour first?
I hope she goes for your father's head
just so you can watch.
[Chae-ok grunts, breathes heavily]
[roaring, growling]
[distant snarling]
Who goes there? Stop right there!
[running footsteps receding]
[tense music playing]
So how is it
that even now
you're not afraid of me whatsoever?
You know that you can't win here.
Yet still you look at me
without any fear in your eyes.
Since we're asking questions,
I have one for you.
Why are you all so shameless
and proud of what you do in here?
You completely violated my mother
and ruined my family
from having a happy life.
You've murdered so many innocent people,
yet stand there so proud. It's delusional.
How can you be so shameless
about everything you have done?
The science I've done here
will create a new era in this world.
This is my greatest achievement,
and it towers
above your comprehension, Josenjing.
You're no scientist.
You're just crazy.
Do you think by justifying
and glorifying what you did here
will erase all the crimes
you have committed here in Joseon?
You can pretend all you want to,
but it's crystal clear
to the rest of the world
how inferior you must all feel
for you to occupy Joseon.
[breathing heavily]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [roaring]
Lt. Kato?
Lt. Kato!
What is it now?!
[soldiers scream]
- [booming]
- [clattering]
[roaring ferociously]
[panicked screaming]
[pained moaning]
[soldiers screaming]
- [soldiers screaming]
- [creature snarling]
[softly] Help me, Mother.
[growls softly]
[growling gently]
[creature howling]
[Chae-ok gasping]
That's right.
Don't move, or I'll shoot!
Stay right where you are,
or I will shoot her, Seishin.
[rifles cocking]
[Chae-ok gasping]
[creature snarling]
Just do it!
Shoot her now!
[pained snarling]
[solemn music playing]
[music fades]
I heard that next month
you are returning to Tokyo.
[sighs] Wow, I'm so jealous.
Does that mean your anatomy book
will get published once you're there?
It's a done deal?
Yes, I suppose so.
Whoa. Are you going to be famous?
She's really pretty. Who is she?
Your Josenjing girlfriend?
No, it's Seishin.
It was when she first arrived.
Wait, uh, seriously, that woman was her?
She had such a pretty face.
No wonder her husband
couldn't forget about her.
Oh, she had a husband?
What, you didn't know
that she had a husband and a daughter?
Well, she did.
And apparently,
her husband came looking for her.
He requested that we let him see his wife.
[tense music playing]
- Master Jang, it's you.
- And it's you, sir.
- [creature snarling in distance]
- [soldiers screaming in distance]
Bring all the nitrogen gas we have!
Release every canister!
Do not let the creature
come up to this level!
- [all] Yes, sir!
- [shushing]
Be quiet.
[creature snarling]
It's the creature. Go get her!
The rest of you,
hold on to the woman. She goes with us.
- [distant roaring]
- [dramatic music playing]
So are you saying that my daughter
was arrested and brought back
to this hospital again?
Sir, I'm sorry.
I should have never left
your daughter all alone.
Here, take this.
A ship is leaving to Shanghai
very early tomorrow morning.
Chae-ok is wanted
for assassinating Director Ichiro.
Your only way out of Joseon is
to board that ship with her.
Listen, Master Jang.
Whatever your plan was, I'll do it.
Just get yourself and Chae-ok out of here.
She won't get onto that ship
unless you're with her.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [creature roaring in distance]
[creature snarls]
[Chae-ok breathing heavily]
- [gas hissing]
- [creature roaring]
Let her go!
Don't let the creature pass through!
Soldiers, attack!
Help me, Mother!
[creature snarling]
[gates closing]
[Chae-ok grunting] No!
- [gas hissing]
- [creature breathing heavily]
[roaring furiously]
[dramatic music continues]
[soldier] Hurry!
We have the creature blocked on level two.
I don't know how long we can hold it.
Where is Lt. Kato?
He was heading east towards
the emergency exit with the Joseon woman.
Take your men to level two
and stop the creature from getting out.
Do what you need to do to stop it.
Don't let it escape.
Yes, sir!
Damn it.
That was Chae-ok they were talking about.
I see an emergency stairwell
by the central elevator.
We can get there undetected.
Let's head over that way.
What are you doing? This is mine.
Let me take care of this for you.
I want you
to get Chae-ok out of here, understand?
No, this is my responsibility.
Give it back.
- Master Jang, I will do this.
- No, you won't!
Not once have I ever placed
my responsibility onto somebody else.
I'd never willingly put you or anyone
in this type of danger, so just forget it.
Let me do this so I can keep you
and Chae-ok out of harms way.
If you really want to protect my daughter,
then the right thing to do
for her sake is to let me do this.
When will you get it?
Listen to me.
This entire time,
I have been living in my past.
And for once in the past ten years,
I I see a future.
A future for my daughter and you.
My heart is full because I know
you will always have each other.
I want to stay here with my wife.
That is the job of a husband,
and I want to honor that.
Master Jang, take care of Chae-ok.
Please give her a happy life.
[sentimental music playing]
[breathing shakily]
Promise me you'll do that.
- [officer] Lt. Kato, sir!
- What's the situation?
We are setting up a perimeter of defense
against the creature.
Just in case, it might be best
to shut down the underground laboratory
to prevent more casualties.
I need to grab some things
from my lab first.
Give me ten minutes.
When I get back, close this entire level.
- Take the woman to my upstairs office.
- Yes, sir!
[yelling] Seishin!
[dramatic music continues]
[snarling ferociously]
[Chae-ok grunting]
[soldiers yelling, grunting]
You better stay still,
or I'll shoot you right here, understand?
[dramatic music continues]
[distant gunfire]
[distant roaring]
[distant screaming]
[suspenseful music playing]
[creature roaring]
[glass shattering]
[creature snarling]
[growling menacingly]
[tense music playing]
[creature snarling]
[creature roaring in distance]
[breathing heavily]
[Myeong-ja] Someone help me
My stomach,
it hurts so much
[gasping] Someone please help.
My baby
Please, somebody help.
I don't wanna die.
Help me, sir.
[breathing heavily] My baby
my baby is coming.
[suspenseful music sting]
[breathing heavily]
[Chae-ok whimpering]
Let's go this way.
[bars clanging]
[singing in Korean]
I have heard no news ♪
Of the boat that left ♪
On the day of Chilseok ♪
Over there ♪
[growling softly]
♪across the sea ♪
[voice wavering] The boat returns ♪
[metal clanging]
And the song of the boatsman ♪
Draws nearer and nearer ♪
But you, my love ♪
- I've not heard from you ♪
- [heavy footsteps approaching]
Ever since you left ♪
[creature snarls curiously]
[growling softly]
[sentimental music playing]
[growling in recognition]
[creature snarls]
[exhales forcefully]
[creature growling softly]
Oh, sweetheart, there you are.
[creature snarls]
I've missed you so much.
[growling gently]
[breathing shakily]
How about we leave together?
Let's go and see our daughter.
How does that sound?
[creature growling softly]
[distant explosion]
[boom echoing]
[both coughing]
We better go.
We have to find a way out
while we still can.
I can't!
Both of my parents are still down there.
[Chae-ok sobbing]
Listen to me.
It was your father's last request!
[breathing heavily]
I gave your father my word
that I would get you out of here safely.
That is the promise I made to your father.
I intend to keep that promise.
So you met my father,
and that's what he said to you?
It's what he wanted.
He wanted to be with your mother
one last time.
[Chae-ok gasps]
[solemn music playing]
[sobbing continues]
[solemn music continues]
There was a large explosion
at Ongseong Hospital just now.
Ongseong Hospital had a huge explosion
a couple of minutes ago!
It shook the entire building!
The fire department is on its way over,
but it's a complete disaster!
[patrons gasping in shock]
[distant sirens wailing]
[music fades]
[ominous music playing]
[fireman 1] Hurry!
We have to put out this fire!
- [fireman 2] Hurry! Let's go!
- [fireman 3] Put this out now!
[fireman 1] Can't let it spread!
[fireman 5] I need more water! More water!
Bring more water!
[fireman 2] Put it out, now!
[soldier 1] The creature
is nowhere to be seen, sir.
[soldier 2] It was not found
in Area One either.
[soldier 3] What are the chances it died
in the fire or got crushed by the rubble?
[soldier 1] There'd still be pieces of it.
There's nothing here.
[solder 3] What?!
Where could it have gone?
[soldier 1] I don't know, sir!
[suspenseful music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[music fades]
It looks like the entrance is open
thanks to all the firefighters.
It's your way out.
You can escape
through all the chaos that's happening.
I got it from here.
You can't risk being seen with us.
Master Jang
We appreciate all the help and support
you've given us, Sachimoto.
We can't thank you enough.
But I'm not letting you risk your life
helping us escape.
Chae-ok, I want to apologize to you.
I should have told you.
I should have told you
I knew your mother and where she was.
I am very sorry.
I made excuses to myself
that there was nothing I could do
because of the times we live in.
But the truth is,
I was afraid.
I should have helped her.
Instead, I was just a bystander.
We understand.
Sachimoto, please take care of yourself.
[sobbing quietly]
[dramatic music playing]
[creature growling softly]
[tires screeching]
- [fireman 1] We need more help!
- [fireman 2] Help us put this fire out!
[fireman 3] We need
to get this thing under control now!
[guttural growling]
[solemn music playing]
[music fades]
[knocking on door]
[Mrs. Nawol breathes shakily]
Newspaper, ma'am.
I'm here on behalf of Mr. Wang tonight.
He said this was a message
from Master Jang.
[breathing heavily]
Beom-o, listen, get Mr. Park over here.
Tell him it's very urgent.
Tell him to bring his rickshaw. Go!
Hold on there Huh? I will do it.
Taking a car would be a lot faster.
And what if the police bureau sees you?
Nobody will notice me.
I'll be very careful!
Just stop it.
We have to be very discreet here.
[Mr. Gu sighs]
Let me do it. I can deliver it for you.
If I use my bicycle, I can get there
a lot quicker than a rickshaw.
The police won't notice
because they never pay attention to me.
Just give me a chance.
I want the opportunity
to prove that I'm trustworthy.
[ominous music playing]
[Maeda's butler] Follow him.
Thank you, Mr. Wang.
In the morning, please visit Mrs. Nawol
to receive your final payment.
Please be careful, Master Jang.
I arranged passage for us
to Incheon. We better go.
What's the matter?
Why don't we end things here?
From this point forward, I go on alone.
What do you mean, go on alone?
I'm the one
who killed Director Ichiro, not you.
It's me they are looking for here.
I may have to live the rest of my life
constantly on the run,
never knowing when I'll be killed
or if I will get to live another day.
And I've made the decision
to go with you anyway.
It just doesn't make sense
to drag you into this.
It's not fair for you
to carry my burden as well.
[tender music playing]
Do you not, um
like me?
That's not what I was trying to say.
[chuckles softly]
For a second there, I was a bit worried.
We're sticking together, no matter what.
Are you sure about this?
I am.
Remember when you were looking for me?
This man standing in front of you now
barely escaped death
the first time around.
I'm here all because
I've been given a second chance.
So this time I'm staying by your side.
They'll never stop looking for us.
You know that, right?
I'll do whatever's needed to protect us.
I can't imagine my life
without you, Chae-ok.
We're meant for each other.
It found a way out.
[unsettling music playing]
[distant roaring]
[brakes squeaking]
[heavy footsteps stomping]
[Tae-sang sighs]
[unsettling music playing]
[music intensifies]
[engine starts]
[music fades]
We can't delay our escape any longer.
We have to make our way to Incheon
or be left behind.
[distant gravel crunching]
Someone's coming, look.
[Beom-o breathing heavily]
[Beom-o grunts]
- Beom-o! Are you okay?
- Yes.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
I had to shake someone off my tail
along the way.
[vehicle approaching]
[ominous music playing]
[tires screeching]
[tires squealing]
Well done, Shiro. You did good.
I didn't do anything.
It's not what it looks like.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
I swear to you, Master Jang. I swear.
Get outta here.
Find somewhere safe to hide.
In any case,
it seems you are a man of your word.
Once you set your mind on something,
you go through great lengths
to make sure you succeed.
Although demolishing an entire hospital
was a bit excessive, no?
Yet it doesn't compare to what you all did
to those people imprisoned there.
Oh really, now? What are you going to do?
Will you really give up everything
for that rebel woman?
A poor Josenjing, no less.
I already gave you my answer.
It hasn't changed.
[chuckles wryly]
There was once a time
I considered you a true friend.
To be honest, I never thought
this is how it would end for us.
But I suppose our friendship
wasn't meant to last anyway.
Come to think of it,
why, this is quite familiar.
Unfortunately, you are not
the only friend to have turned against me.
There's a woman from my childhood.
To think your mother and I
were once friends.
It seems
the two of you will have to die.
This is the end for both of you.
So long.
[music fades]
[tense music playing]
[music building]
[men yelling]
- [gunshot]
- [groans]
[pained groaning]
[pained grunt]
- [ominous music playing]
- [pained groaning]
[pained grunt]
[creature growls]
- [knife slicing]
- [pained groaning]
[dramatic music playing]
[creature roaring]
[pained grunt]
[both breathing heavily]
[men yelling]
[dramatic music playing]
[growling, snarling]
[men yelling]
[creature roaring]
[creature snarling]
[roaring ferociously]
[Tae-sang] We have to go.
[Chae-ok grunting weakly]
[growling softly]
[men yelling]
[creature screeching]
[pained screeching]
[music fades]
Hang on to me! [grunts]
Get up.
- Chae-ok.
- [creature growling]
[footsteps thundering]
Get up, Chae-ok.
[flesh squelching]
Mother, please. [spluttering]
[breathing shakily]
You have to stop this
[growling softly]
[labored breathing]
I know you're you're in pain.
I understand. [splutters]
[Chae-ok] I
[pained grunting]
I love him.
He is someone
that I love so much, like you.
- [tender music playing]
- [Chae-ok] Mother!
let's let's just stop this, okay?
Let's just stop this, huh?
[creature groaning]
[Tae-sang] Chae-ok.
- Chae-ok Chae-ok!
- [spluttering]
You're gonna be okay.
Just hold on a little longer.
[panicked muttering]
We said that we'd be together.
Just try to hang on to me.
Chae-ok, please just try to get up.
[breathing shakily]
Master Jang, look, the cherry
blossoms have lost their flowers.
[solemn music playing]
[Tae-sang] Stay with me, Chae-ok.
Stay by my side.
I want you to stay with me.
["Time" by Baek A playing]
Will it come when winter's gone? ♪
Will it come when spring ♪
- Before the cherry blossoms fall ♪
- [Tae-sang] Don't leave me, please!
Please! No! Why?!
Why?! [sobbing uncontrollably]
No! Why?!
[wailing sobs]
Please don't leave me!
[Tae-sang] Please don't go!
- [sobbing]
- [Tae-sang crying]
[sobbing uncontrollably]
Oh, please, come back.
I I'm begging you. Please!
[solemn music playing]
[creature groaning]
[creature roaring]
[music fades]
[soldier] Lt. Kato!
Lt. Kato!
Lt. Kato!
- Lt. Kato!
- [Kato] Shh!
Don't wake it up.
It's beautiful.
[solemn music playing]
My friend asked that I personally
deliver this message to you.
What friend?
His name is Master Jang.
I believe you've met.
[tense music playing]
[music building]
[breathing shakily]
[explosion echoing]
[woman 1] It's so beautiful tonight.
[woman 2] I know! Drinks are on me.
[indistinct chattering]
[Jun-taek] In the end,
justice will prevail.
We are finally free now.
[classical piano music
playing in background]
And in the end,
you were a tremendous help.
If you hadn't come with me that day
to convince Comrade Lee In-Hyeok,
this rebellion
would not have been successful.
[clicks tongue] So it turns out
you're a patriot after all.
Thanks for the drink.
I'll see you later.
Oh! Comrade Jang!
What a big achievement it is
to fight for our nation's freedom.
We heard everything you did.
You're a fighter. You're a true patriot.
- Huh?
- Hear, hear!
That's right!
By any chance,
are you in desperate need for money?
What's that?
If you have
any valuable items to pawn off,
swing by my shop.
I'll make sure you get a good deal.
Oh, by the way,
don't ever call me Comrade Jang again.
I'm Master Jang
of the House of Golden Treasure.
Well, then.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Jun-taek] Listen, Tae-sang.
I need to be really honest with you here.
I betrayed you and gave up your name.
I ratted out my best friend.
Actually, I ratted out everybody.
I was tortured
and begged for my life like a coward.
We can talk once this is finally over.
How about we grab a drink
once we get through this?
[silk vendor] Silk!
Come take a look at our silk!
[indistinct chattering]
[man 1] Have a taste.
[man 2] Oh, thank you. This is delicious.
[silk vendor] Silk!
- [woman 1] Yes.
- [man 3] Special sale tonight.
[woman 2] Good evening, sir.
[man 4] Ask them
to bring some green onion.
- [woman 3] Absolutely.
- [man 5] Please slice some of that meat.
- Yes, that's good.
- [man 6] Hey, excuse me!
I'd like one gukbap!
- [heartwarming music playing]
- [man 7] Please move out of the way.
Sorry, I need the space.
[man 8] I'll take two of those.
How about we go inside?
The night's getting cold.
[motorcycle passing nearby]
[instrumental version
of "Time" by Baek A playing]
[Tae-sang] That year,
that particular spring in Gyeongseong
passed by in the blink of an eye.
And in August of that year,
we finally recovered
what was taken from us.
[stifles sob]
As she once said,
the cherry blossoms
have already begun to fall.
[chuckles sadly]
[sighs, sniffles]
[music fades]
[man on radio] The welfare of the wounded
and the war sufferers
and those who have lost
their homes and livelihoods
are the objects
of our profound solicitude.
[crowd] Hooray
for the independence of Korea!
[man] Hooray
for the independence of Korea!
[crowd] Hooray
for the independence of Korea!
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
Lady Maeda.
As of today, Ongseong Hospital
is closing its doors permanently.
[liquid pouring]
The entire staff will be leaving.
They will return to Japan
within a fortnight.
You must also make a decision.
Now that you no longer have
a purpose in Gyeongseong,
will you go back to Kyoto?
would you like to continue exploring
new possibilities together with me?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[footsteps receding]
[Tae-sang] As for me,
I'm still waiting
for what I have dreamed of.
["Time (Elec. ver.)" by LEAFY playing]
Candles lit in the room ♪
The wind from the chink
Swayed by it ♪
It's like my mind ♪
It's just like me ♪
[mother] Chae-ok.
Where the wind came from ♪
Went out through the door ♪
[music fades]
[dramatic music playing]
4:20 A.M.
[man] Ho-jae, we're ready. Let's go!
["Forever" playing]
Stuck in my head
I've been searchin' for the reason ♪
Nameless longing ♪
I've been waitin' for you for so long ♪
For so long ♪
But got no direction
No matter, I wanna reach you ♪
Another way you runnin'
Goin' on and on ♪
But need a way to get to you ♪
You ♪
You know I'm so stuck with you ♪
No, oh, oh, oh ♪
You ♪
Baby, I don't care at all ♪
You'll never know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh no ♪
Chasing the lights
Even don't know where I'm goin' ♪
Losing my sight ♪
Hope you know
That what I'm lookin' for ♪
Lookin' for ♪
But got no direction
No matter, I wanna reach you ♪
Another way you runnin'
Goin' on and on ♪
But need a way to get to you ♪
Ride on a paper plane ♪
Sandcastles on a seaside ♪
Don't scare me at all ♪
If I can get on with you forever ♪
Just wanna be there with you forever ♪
How beauty miserable us ♪
Let me keep on ♪
Know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
Lead me to the way towards you ♪
I've been waitin' for so long ♪
I'm ready to run to you ♪
Reason for another reason ♪
Now I'm so sick of waitin' ♪
Voice in my head ♪
Mess around in my mind ♪
Know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
You'll never know what I could do ♪
You'll never know
What we could have been ♪
For you, no, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Do you know? ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
All the way I found you here ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh, I'll be right back for you ♪
Oh, no ♪
So long, so long ♪
[music fades out]
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