H8R (2011) s01e01 Episode Script


Celebrities-- most are loved and adored by their loyal fans.
But every star has at least one Hater.
I think he's arrogant.
Little prissy-boy jerk.
He's just an all-around.
I hate that man.
Hate him, hate him, hate him.
But these haters are about to get the surprise of their lives when they're confronted by the stars they love to hate.
Chris, I wanna show you the camera right Hey! Oh, my God! Do you really hate me? Do I just--hate you.
Feels good to you to hate me.
I'm just being real.
Slap my face.
Slam my face.
Your job is to go out there and act out the image that she hates.
Hidden cameras capture a hater's true feelings with celebrities secretly watching from our control room.
He wouldn't be looking through all that.
She's not a celebrity.
She's d-list.
I have nothing but disdain for him.
Aw! Hey, you wanna play that game you were just talking about? But what will happen when the celebrity confronts the hater face-to-face? Oh, my God! Ooh! So you're calling me a douche bag and a? Yeah, I did.
Yo, guys! Guys! No! Oh, my God! Tonight, it's two celebrities America loves to hate-- Snooki Which (bleep) is Nick? Damn.
And former "bachelor" Jake Pavelka.
I heard a bunch of stuff you said about me.
I'm really not interested.
You need to go away.
They'll get their chance to set the record straight.
You have no idea who I am, sweetheart.
I have a perfect idea of who are you What, 'cause you-- you're the one that got arrested, who wrote a (bleep) book.
That's why I'm telling you to, like, (bleep) off.
She enjoys hating.
you, dumbass.
You're so boring.
There's no point in being friends.
You are a bully.
Stop getting drunk on camera and misrepresenting us.
You're a bully.
You're making this impossible.
I feel really uncomfortable.
I'm about to be done with this.
I'm gonna go this way.
Arrogant, cocky.
He's a coward.
Wipe the tan off your face.
I will beat the tan off your face.
Aah! Ow! Ah! It's all coming up tonight She sucks.
On "H8R.
" Hey, I'm Mario Lopez, and this is "H8R.
" America loves their celebrities but we also love to hate 'em.
Everywhere you look-- you see it in the tabloids, online chat rooms, blogs.
And most people do it anonymously, so somehow they think that makes it okay.
Well, for the first time ever, we're gonna hold haters accountable for what they say.
We've got hidden cameras that are gonna capture a hater's rant about a celebrity, and then that celebrity is gonna confront their hater without interference from managers, publicists, bodyguards.
Just the celebrity and their hater face-to-face.
All right, let's meet a celebrity all the way from Jersey Shore.
Call her controversial, call her unpredictable, but she answers mostly to "Snooki.
" Nicole Polizzi, A.
"Snooki," shot to fame as the pint-sized powder keg on the hit TV show "Jersey Shore.
" The situations she finds herself in have made her one of the most controversial figures in reality TV.
So we're on our way to pick up Snooki to see what she has to say about all this.
Going up to meet Snooki.
Hello! Hello.
How are you? How are you, honey? Nice to see you.
Nice to see you, too.
Ooh! Nice shoes! Oh, thanks.
Look at that.
It's party time.
Yeah, I wanted to look, you know, sexy for you.
I d--I see that.
I'm trying not to stare.
Thank you.
So I came with a mission.
I wanted to tell you that you got a hater.
What else is new? You ready to meet him? Should I be scared? Come on.
Hater ha, ha, ha, ha, hater All right, Snooki, this is Nick your hater.
He has no idea I'm showing this to you.
He thought he was auditioning for a talk show about celebrities and pop culture.
Here's what he had to say.
You wanna know why I hate Snooki? Because she's not even Italian.
She's from Santiago, Chile.
I know I'm not Italian.
She's a cheap leather handbag knockoff.
Snooki is the Newark of New Jersey.
She walks around, and you're like, "What is that smell? Newark? No, it's Snooki.
" $30,000 an episode she makes.
That's ridiculous.
My dad was an L.
county sheriff.
He barely made $30,000 a year.
She makes $30,000 an episode for being a drunken donkey.
She sucks.
Oh, my God.
I've never seen that in my life.
He's very passionate about how he feels.
Oh, my God.
He has no idea who I am.
Like, he's talking about somebody that's, like, not even real.
So you're ready to meet him? I am very ready to meet him.
I mean, get real.
Like, I am a good person, and you have no idea who I am.
All right, Nicole.
Go get him.
Good luck.
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm gonna freakin' kill him.
Go on, give it to him go, go go on, give it to him Now remember, Nick won't know there are hidden cameras in the room until Snooki walks in.
He has no idea what's about to go down.
Hey! is Nick? I just saw your rant about me.
Sh-- damn.
What up? Uh What is wrong with you? Um I don't know.
Oh, okay.
Well, I have a little thing to talk to you about.
I just saw your rant.
I saw what you were talking about.
You have no idea who I am as a person.
I wanna change your mind.
I am nothing that you think I am.
Show-- she knows English.
Excuse me? Excuse me? Dude, she-- I think she's sober, too.
You are crazy.
You don't know who I really am.
You have no idea.
You were saying, "Oh, she's a wannabe Italian.
" I know I'm not Italian.
I'm born in Chile.
I was adopted by an Italian family.
How can you hate that? Um (Laughs) He's in shock.
He doesn't know what to say.
He's speechless.
You're an idiot.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Yeah, you gotta hate something that sucks, something that's stupid, something that makes us all look like idiots.
You have no idea who I am, sweetheart.
I have a perfect idea of who you are.
What? You're the one that got arrested, who wrote a (bleep) book.
Oh, 'cause you've see me on TV? Did you even read my book? I don't have to.
Because if you did, you would know that it's good.
So now they're gonna censor your book because it's, like, Mark Twain, right? That's not even funny.
If you're trying to by funny, that's not funny.
Yeah, whatever.
Your book is horrible.
You're a hater.
You're calling my book horrible, yet you didn't read it.
All you do is judge people.
You are a bully.
You are a (bleep) bully.
I am a bully because you need to, like, tell these people, stop getting drunk on camera and misrepresenting us.
Oh, you're a bully.
I think it's time for me to go in.
You know what I think? I hated this girl in school, in high school.
I hated her because she was gorgeous and she was awesome, and I was jealous of her.
So I don't understand why you're calling me a drunken slob, 'cause that's all you see in me.
'Cause you are a drunken slob.
How you doing.
Guys? Nicole.
What's going on, Nick? Save me.
He's so cruel.
Your reaction when she walked in was priceless, my friend.
And clearly, you were not expecting this.
No, not at all.
And you-- you've softened a little bit.
So I'm curious as to where the, uh, hate-o-meter's at right now on a scale of 1 to 10.
It's dropped a little bit, probably from a 10 to about a 9 1/2.
Oh, that-- that's a little little bit.
Yeah, it's-- there's a dent in there.
Okay, there's a dent.
So--so how can we resolve this? Like, what can we do? Do you have any suggestions? Well, I definitely want to invite his family and you to a nice Italian dinner.
Then I wanna show your parents that you're hating on a sweetheart.
We're verbally sparring back and forth.
She's trying to convince me that she's not this drunken donkey.
She proposes that, uh, you know, my family and I go have dinner with her, uh, which I don't think is a great idea, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
Are you okay with that, having her in your home with your family? I don't know if I can round them up with this--for this chick, but I'll try.
You're gonna try? I'll try.
All right, he's gonna try.
Well, I'm gonna leave you two, and God bless.
I'll see you.
Why are you leaving me with him? Go, go go on, give it to him go, go go on, give it to him go, go go on, give it to him What are you making for dinner--Chilean sea bass? Okay,.
I'm actually gonna make you chicken cutlets, and I don't know if you call it gravy or whatever, but sauce and macaroni.
All right.
So tell me about your parents.
Like, your father-- you seem very connected with your father.
Yeah, I am.
Uh, he's an awesome guy, uh, was an L.
county sheriff.
He sounds cool.
I guess we can relate with, uh, fathers.
I mean, my dad's a volunteer firefighter.
He's assistant chief.
Your dad's a cop.
I didn't know your dad was a firefighter.
That's why one of my charities is burn victims and firefighters.
That's good.
And you didn't know that, and now you do.
No, I didn't.
Hmm? You're so boring.
Like, I think of you as, like, a straight line.
Me--there's like, curves.
Like, whoo! Yeah, that's what I thought.
Coming up Wipe the tan off your face.
I will beat the tan off your face.
Aah! Ow! Ah! This is definitely gonna be a challenge.
"I should be on Jersey Shore.
" You don't even need those.
You already got.
And then I hate you, Jake Pavelka.
Jake Pavelka meets his hater.
I think he's arrogant, cocky, and I think he might be gay.
But what happens when Jake confronts her face-to-face? Right now, you're just trying to, like, persuade my opinion on your image.
It feels good to you to hate me.
I'm just being real.
I feel like I'm beatin' a dead horse.
But I'm here-- you don't want to like me.
You're not even giving me a chance.
You're making this (bleep) impossible.
I feel really uncomfortable.
I'm about to be done with this.
Usually, I go in first.
So Nick is, like, your typical hater.
He judges a book by its cover.
He doesn't really try and get to know somebody.
And if you do try and get to know him, he just brushes you off like an ant.
What if I poison your family? Uh, then you'll have proven me right.
So so hopefully when I meet his family and I get to prove who I really am, I really think I can change Nick from a hater to a lover.
Go, go go on, give it to him go, go go on, give it to him So we need to, obviously, get some pasta and sauce.
Two? Uh, you know what? Better make it four.
They can out away food.
Looks like you can eat.
Thank you very much.
Love this.
We'll need these.
Uh, wipe the tan off your face.
I will beat the tan off your face.
Aah! Ow! Ah! Oh, it was a joke.
What happened to having a sense of humor? Come on.
You suck.
Does that mean it's Ugh.
It's expired or No, I think it'll be okay.
Uh, I hear they have a long island iced tea section.
So we could stop and-- Are you sure you wanna go that level with your family? Uh, no, just with you in here, so I just wanna see "Jersey Shore" in real life.
Hey, check it out.
I'm you.
I should be on "Jersey Shore.
" You don't even need those.
You already got.
And they're spectacular, by the way.
So as me and Nick are shopping, you know, I see him opening up a little, making jokes.
Um, I'm just really excited for Nick to get to know the real Nicole.
So every time you go grocery shopping for Sunday dinner mm-hmm.
You have to have a pickle.
Whoo-hoo! Mmm! You're supposed to suck on it.
This is good.
They are pretty good.
So do you, uh, you cook for your family? Um, I try.
I mean, obviously, I'm an only child.
I'm spoiled.
But all right.
You know, when we're at the shore, I cook for myself.
We're walking around a grocery store.
Sometimes we're connecting, sometimes we're not.
But it seems like there's a person in there somewhere.
She's quicker on her feet than I thought she'd be, so, uh, she--she gets a point.
Do you like me yet? You seem all right.
You seem not so bad.
Not--less--less horrible? You're not as annoying as you were before, but you're still annoying.
All right, right here.
Got that for you.
Hey, thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Just open it? Yeah.
You wanna meet my family? Here they are.
Hello? Hi! Hello.
Your shoes are-- your shoes are flashing.
Are you gonna make a left-hand turn or what? So when I walked into the house, it was very, very awkward.
I just like to be fashionable, so I think that's cute.
I knew this is definitely gonna be a challenge.
You guys probably see me as, like, this crazy girl that just wants to party.
And, yeah, that's a part of me.
But, you know, I'm a down-to-earth girl.
And I'm gonna prove this hater wrong, that I am a good girl.
You know, I'm just trying to warm up to them and just be like, you know, "I'm chill.
" Nicole.
Nice to meet you.
So you guys ready to make some dinner? Sure.
Well, me and my mom always like to cook chicken cutlets on Sunday.
That's, like, my favorite to cook.
So you were shooting pool, and she just walked up? Yeah, she just walked up.
Were you surprised when you saw her? I was pretty shocked.
When you talk trash about people, you don't want them to see you, you know? And then you don't want to face them.
That's typically how it works.
So you gonna invite her out or what? Wh--no.
So usually, um, I like to cook over, like, a glass of wine.
Whoo-hoo! You've seen my show? I have.
Why do you think he doesn't like me? Um I don't know.
I don't like it either.
When I meet Nick's mom, there was a lot of negative energy.
It--it just seems like it's a little over-the-top.
You know, I just wanted to let her know who I really was.
Well, I don't personally like my daughter to watch the show, because I don't like the image that it portrays.
The young people, they like to emulate you.
You know, they wanna yeah.
"Oh, I wanna be Snooki.
" But that's not really what us moms and dads would like our kids to do.
Um, you know, I think the haters-- and I-I would consider you a hater of myself-- I'm not a hater, but I just dislike it.
You're a hater.
If everybody hates me in the world, there's nothing I can do about it.
I mean, you don't know me.
You're seeing me on TV and that's it.
You're pretty much judging somebody by what they look like.
I can see where Nick gets his judgmental aspect of him.
I mean, his mom is like, "Okay, I see you on the show.
How you dress and how you perceive yourself is the person that you are.
" It's kind of like an eye-opener for you, and an eye-opener for me.
But if you weren't as provocative, then probably I wouldn't have ever judged you that way.
I don't think I dress provocative.
You don't? I mean, like, I'm being myself.
And even if, you know, I walk in with nothing on, I'm still a good person.
Sometimes I go out, yeah.
I have a good time.
It's a part of growing up.
You can't tell me, you were 21 years old, you never went out to a bar and had a good time.
As long as you're nice to people, you're caring, and, um, you know, you're a good person, I feel like that's all that matters.
I think I got it through to Nick's mom that, you know, even though you see me dress like that or, you know, act like that, judge me for who I am, like, talk to me and then let me know how you feel after.
You know my background as a sheriff, right? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, Nick told me.
Yeah, yeah, and, um, you know, I'm very much involved with a lot of Snooki-type personalities in girls on the streets.
So I meet Nick's dad.
He's a former cop, and obviously we all know, I got arrested for being a little too crazy, so I was kind of really scared to talk to his dad.
Me getting arrested for being drunk-- I mean, obviously, that's really embarrassing, and, you know, my dad was very disappointed.
My mom was very disappointed.
We all make mistakes, obviously, and, uh, sometimes yeah.
That was obviously a mistake.
Certain things wake us up.
It's a great thing, because it actually has changed my mind about life, and, you know, maybe I really do need to calm down with, you know, partying and stuff like that, so sure.
This is very interesting, to see the side of you that we don't get to see on television.
Yeah, that's why I love to prove my haters wrong.
Talking to Nick's dad was kind of like talking to my dad, you know, like, "Listen, you know," not--I wouldn't say preaching, but just, like, you know, saying, like, how it is.
Do you have a nickname? Well, my nickname is Snooki, but I would love for you to call me Nicole.
Nicole is a beautiful name.
Oh, Nicole.
Oh! Yes.
Thank you.
Yeah, that's my real name.
I like that.
It's beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
How would you like it if we all called you Nicole tonight instead of Snooki? That would be amazing.
I would definitely appreciate it.
We're--we're all gonna call you Nicole, and if anybody makes a mistake, we'll correct it, but we're gonna look after you.
Thank you.
You got it, Snooki.
I had to get the last one in.
I had to get the last one in.
Compliments to your mom and dad and to you for having the will to be here tonight.
I appreciate the daughter that they raised.
Thank you.
It was very sweet.
Mom, let's eat.
Okay, let's eat.
I would like to point out that you had a lot of guts coming into a bar where me and my buddy were just, you know, playing pool, and then you walked right up to me, and you laid it out there on the table, and I found out a lot more about you, and we actually have a lot more in common.
Nicole's pretty cool, so yay.
Yeah, very cool thanks.
And, uh, you know, I definitely, uh, I gotta say, my hat's off to you.
Everyone deserves a shot to not be hated, and everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves, and Try to be a little bit more mindful before you just start hating people.
So do you still hate me? I am no longer a hater.
Whoo! I'm really happy to see that strangers can open up to me and not just see Snooki from "Jersey Shore," but see Nicole, like, you know, my real self and, like, how I really am.
So Nick is no longer a hater.
All right.
He's a lover.
Oh, team Nicole.
Let's cheers to it! Whoo! Someone like you disguised like that couldn't fool me Don't hate.
Here's to second chances Coming up, it's Jake's hater caught on hidden camera I hate guys like that.
He's just, like, a piece of.
He's really obnoxious.
He's a creep.
Story of my life-- people passing judgment, and they don't even know me.
And then yeah.
What--what's your name? You need to go away.
Do you have a boyfriend? You're, like, a douche.
Do you want a boyfriend? off, dumbass.
Hey, I'm Mario Lopez, and this is "H8R.
" As TV's "The Bachelor," Jake Pavelka was a man looking for love.
Well, he still is.
Jake fell in love with Vienna on "The Bachelor," and he got engaged to her in one of the most romantic "Bachelor" proposals of all time I am so happy right now.
But then You are a fame whore, is what you are.
And you're busy having flings with other men.
Their engagement ended in one of the most dramatic public breakups ever I'm done.
And Jake went from one of the most beloved bachelors to one of the most hated men in America.
All right.
I'm here with Jake Pavelka, and today we are gonna be meeting one of his biggest haters.
What are some of the things that haters have said that they've got wrong? Probably the first one is that I'm gay.
Another one is, things that I was accused of in tabloids, stuff that came up with my ex-fiancee from the show.
No one's come up to you and told you to your face that they have an issue? Nope.
I'm sure they will today.
Have fun.
Don't be a hater ha, ha, ha, ha, hater All right, Jake.
This your hater Danielle.
She has no idea I'm showing this to you.
She thought she was auditioning for a different reality show, and we asked her about you.
Bring it on.
I hate the guy from "The Bachelor.
" His name's Jake Pavelka.
I think he's arrogant, cocky.
He's a coward.
He just reminds me of people that I do not even want to be around, and I think he might be gay.
I mean, obviously you don't know how to treat a woman, since you cheated while you were engaged.
Like, really? I don't have respect for anyone who cheats.
It would do her good to not ever pick up another magazine.
If I saw him, I would just be like, "Dude, you think you're so cool, and you have all these reality shows.
You've been on three.
"You're fake.
" Like, I just think he's a bad person.
I hate you, Jake Pavelka.
That's my typical hater right there, completely informed by the tabloids.
There was abso nothing true in that.
Okay, so here's the plan.
Your hater Danielle thinks she's gonna spend the day at a spa With a friend who's actually our accomplice.
What she doesn't know is that everyone else at the pool Is an actor working for us And they're gonna ask Danielle questions about you, and we have hidden cameras set up everywhere.
Your hater says you're arrogant, fake, and a fame whore.
Your job is to go out there and act out the Jake Pavelka image that she hates, okay? And then we're gonna watch to see how she reacts.
You ready? All right.
Oh, here they come.
So there's your hater And there's her friend Mike right there.
Remember, he's in on it.
They're gonna sit down next to the actors right there.
So, Mike, you can sit here.
The friend is eventually gonna leave, and your hater Danielle will be completely alone for you to do your thing.
What exactly am I supposed to do here? Like, go out go out de-robe De-robe, maybe take a dip in the pool.
Before you do that, though, bust a few push-ups, okay? Okay.
I And--and, like, maybe stretch and limber up.
Really ham it up.
All right, Michael.
We're ready for ya.
We'll be right with you.
All right.
Thank you.
All right? Go do it, man.
Go do it.
Get out there.
She's checking him out.
Is that the guy from "The Bachelor"? Oh, God.
Right? I don't like that guy.
He's totally bustin' a workout right in front of her.
What's going on? Douche.
I liked the military The "Rocky" style.
Very good.
So you don't like him? Like-- You don't know anything about him? He just, like, is cocky and, like, a douche.
No, I hate guys like that.
Didn't he, like, have that huge, like, fight, like, with that Vienna girl? Like I heard, like-- Yeah, he cheated on her.
How do you know that he cheated? It was in my magazines that he cheated and on, like, Google, I think.
I might as well go with it, 'cause I don't care for him anyways.
People say he's gay, from what I read.
The story of my life-- people passing judgment, and they don't even know me.
All right, Jake.
You ready to turn it up a little bit? I want you to actually hit on the actual hater.
Flirt with her and lay it on thick.
All right.
All right, man.
You're doing great.
Here he comes.
Just look.
Just look.
I'm Jake.
Where are you from? Florida.
Can I, uh, can I ask you a very personal question? Sure.
Is it hot out here, or is it--is it just you? Did you hear that pickup line? I hope he doesn't, like, come over here and try to talk to us, because I'm gonna be, like, a bitch.
I really just want to soak up the sun.
Well, you're no fun.
Here he comes.
Bye? That's awesome.
What is that supposed to mean? That I-I'm not interested.
Interested in what? You don't know what I have to offer.
Talking to you, I don't know, in general, in you.
So you're new to L.
, or No, I'm from here, but I'm really not interested Nice.
In the--in you, though.
You need to go away.
You have a boyfriend? No.
Do you want a boyfriend? Not you.
How do you feel about older guys? I don't.
We don't play games.
We kinda know the ropes.
Me neither.
That's why I'm telling you to (bleep) off.
What--what's your name? You're really obnoxious.
Can I make one up for you? No, you can't.
You're Marcie.
Marcie, I'm gonna get you a drink.
I'm 20.
You're 20? Yeah.
That's kind of a turn-on, actually.
How about a Shirley Temple? How about I make up a nickname for you Go for it.
And you could be, like, a douche? You need to, like, leave.
A Shirley Temple.
Yeah, go get me one of those.
Do you want anything? No.
One Shirley Temple, coming up.
, dumbass.
Dude, that was awesome.
That was awesome.
I can't believe that just happened.
I really hope he doesn't come back.
Like, that's a bad person.
The way he carries himself is just (bleep) unattractive.
He's just, like, a piece of.
He's really obnoxious, a douche, a pervert.
He's a creep.
Coming up What's going on? Danielle gets the surprise of her life.
I heard a bunch of stuff you said about me.
What? Where did you hear that I cheated? Do you-- does it matter? You don't even know me.
You're a douche, but you keep trying to talk to me, and I'm just not interested, and, like, what the (bleep) don't you get? But can Jake change her mind? If this can't win somebody over, I don't know what can.
Your turn.
My turn? I don't want to do it.
He just, like, is cocky and, like, a douche.
She's really coming at ya strong.
And I don't blame her.
Some of the stuff that I've read-- I wouldn't like me either, and she deserves to know the truth.
All right, Jake.
This is the final moment right here.
Just go out there.
I'll follow.
Keep your guard up.
Go, go go on, give it to him go, go Wait.
What's going on? Go, go go on, give it to him go, go go on, give it to him go, go go on, give it to him So how are you doing? Can the douche-- Why am I on camera? I heard a bunch of stuff you said about me.
What? I want to know why you believe all that stuff about me and why you said all that.
I just-- I just have a bad vibe.
You don't even know me.
Do you know me? I don't have to know you.
I don't think you're a good person.
Why? Because of what I've heard.
Where did you hear that I cheated? In magazines.
Does it matter? Do you-- you're a douche, but you keep trying to talk to me, and I'm just not interested, and, like, what the (bleep) don't you get? Why are you such a hater? Hi, Danielle, Jake.
I'm Mario.
Just want to let you know, there's cameras hidden all over the place, and you're on "H8R.
" You guys are liars.
Well, we know that you're a big Jake hater, and Jake has really just been kinda pumping up the image that you think of him, and he w-- Well, it came across great.
Right on cue.
Well, he wants an opportunity to kinda show you the real Jake, so I've got a really cool afternoon planned to get to know Jake a little bit, and maybe he can win you over.
What do you say? Okay.
I'll do it.
All right.
I think I'm gonna be able to win Danielle over today, because I'm not the guy that she thinks that I am.
It's gonna be tough, but I think she's gonna be team Jake.
Cool? Today, Jake is gonna try to win me over and, like, make me like him, but there's no way that's gonna happen.
When I think of Jake, I think of just, like, this fame whore guy who's a cheater and a liar and a perv.
It just makes me, like, not like him at all.
How are you gonna win me over? I have no idea.
Do I even have a chance? I don't know.
I'm pretty stubborn.
Today I've got my work cut out for me, but I figure I'll be able to win Danielle over by just being myself.
So you're really not gonna tell me what we're doing? Nope.
I've got a really cool day planned for Danielle.
First, big surprise, we're gonna go flying.
If I guess it, will you tell me? I would think it would have to do with the airport.
I'm scared of planes.
I won't get in it.
Coming up How are you gonna win me over? Jake returns to where it all began This is the "Bachelor" mansion.
Yeah, I know where we are.
I'm just not, like, impressed.
Right away I don't even care.
It's a house.
Where is the rest of his life? But will it change Danielle's mind? You don't want to know the truth.
No, I am listening.
You--it feels good to you to hate me.
I'm just being real.
I feel like I'm beatin' a dead horse.
But I'm here-- You don't want to like me.
You're not even giving me a chance.
You're making this impossible.
I feel really uncomfortable.
I'm about to be done with this.
What is it about me that you--you hate so much? I'm a fame whore? I think you just hop from, like, show to show What-- and that's what-- I don't know.
I came on the show thinking it would be fun, kinda easy to win Danielle over.
The trouble is that she really hates me.
I guess I just have a strong opinion.
See, I'm a good guesser.
It's with planes.
Are you scared of flying? Yeah, I won't get in it.
Have you ever flown? I'm just kidding.
You're not afraid of flying? No.
Aah! You're doing great.
I think Danielle's having a pretty good time.
Getting her up in the airplane and flying her around a little bit, you know, she'll see who I am outside of reality.
If this can't win somebody over, I don't know what can.
What did you think? It was fun.
Cool, and you got to fly a little.
Danielle's a little spitfire.
It's gonna be tough to change her mind.
I smile.
I feel like you're starting to warm up to me a little bit.
I don't know.
But I think I'm gonna be able to win her over.
Like, my-- you're smiling a lot.
I know, 'cause I, like, when I get, like, nervous, I smile.
Yeah, I smile when I'm nervous, too.
I'm gonna continue letting her get to know me.
The place that I'm taking you now is real near and dear to my heart.
This is the "Bachelor" mansion where everything takes place.
Yeah, I know where we are.
I'm just not, like, impressed.
We just arrived at the house on the "Bachelor," and right away I don't even care.
It's--it's a house.
I've seen it before.
I don't need to be in front of it to know it's real.
Like, where is the rest of his life? I'm about as insecure as they come.
I felt like I had impress to my dad.
Um mm-hmm.
It's, like, I didn't feel like he told me he loved me enough.
I've never told anybody this, actually.
And it'smade it hard to date, because, like, when I meet a girl that I like, I try so hard, because I want her to like me back Mm-hmm.
So, I mean, going on "The Bachelor," it kinda made it easy, because it was like Mm-hmm.
I went through all the psychological testing, and I was like, "These girls are just-- they're just gonna like me," and that's, like-- actually I think I just kind of realized that myself, but that's, like, truly why I did "The Bachelor.
" Yeah, well, I mean like, you--you put yourself in, like, the position where you're gonna have people who don't like you and, like, you could, like, be perceived as someone you're not.
You know, when I saw some of the things that--that-- and I'm not attacking I know.
I'm just telling you, uh, like, that--some of the stuff that--that--on that video that you said, you know, I mean, it--it really does hurt to hear that, 'cause you're not the only person.
You, like, on my--and I'm not-- this isn't a pity party for me.
Yeah, well, I feel like now I'm supposed to be like, "Okay, I like you," and, like, I'm not gonna hit you up to hang out.
I'm not gonna, like, care to do anything.
Like, I'm just being real.
Like, there is no point in being friends.
Danielle just doesn't want to like me.
She enjoys hating me.
It's so frustrating, because she's not even giving me a chance, but I'm not gonna give up.
So you--you've been in love.
I mean, do you have a boyfriend? No, I don't, but this isn't about me, so I don't want to talk about me.
Like, we're not-- we're--we're-- you're not trying to get to know me.
You're trying to, like, figure out you.
I'm trying to show you who I am, but you've got blinders on.
You--you don't want to see who I am.
No, I just-- everything you've shown me is, like, the same thing that I've already seen.
You know, it kinda sucks.
I was myself completely You know, you said you'd give me a chance, to get to know me, and this-- Mm-hmm.
This is a big part of my life.
And being myself and being vulnerable and making her laugh and have a good time today just wasn't enough.
Like, I already knew that you're a pilot.
I know that you've been on a show.
I know this house.
I know what it is.
Like, I know bad stuff about you, but what's, like, good things? Like, what's, like, five good things about you? Five good things about me? Yeah.
I've never cheated on a woman.
I'm honest.
Um, I have good values.
Um Morally, I'm--I'm great.
Uh, in--in, uh--the way I m-- that's, like, the same as values, though, and being honest.
Like, I don't feel like I'm getting to know you, 'cause, like, every time I, like, ask you something, your answers are just not straight to the point.
I feel like I'm beating a dead horse.
She's not in a position to be changed.
That's how it just feels.
It doesn't feel, like, genuine.
She's basically telling me, "I don't want you to change my mind.
" Well, right now you're just trying to, like, persuade my opinion on your image.
"I love hating you.
" You're telling me, like, everything I want to hear or, like, everything that you want to come across as.
This seems like a complete waste of time.
You don't want to know the truth.
Not at all.
No, I am listening.
You--it feels good to you to hate me.
I'm just being real.
You hate me for no good reason.
But I'm here-- you don't want to like me.
You're not even giving me a chance.
I just feel like you're telling me-- You said.
I'm trying to sway you, yes.
I just feel like--like you're here to, like, fix your image.
'Cause you hate me for lies.
That's not why-- like, (bleep) no chance.
You're making this impossible.
I feel really uncomfortable.
I'm about to be done with this.
I'm gonna go this way.
We were just having a conversation, and just because I was expressing the hater side of me, he, like, didn't like what he heard and, like, walked off.
I feel like I got him to where, like, he couldn't think of what to say fast enough, to where he was just like, "Uh" And, like, baby bounced.
I didn't realize that I was gonna get somebody that-- they would rather believe the lies than open their eyes and--and see the truth, and Danielle is just not willing to do that.
She loves to hate me.
By Jake storming off like that, he just proved my point.
Like, he's arrogant.
He obviously thinks his don't stink, and it does.
He probably just realized, like, "Dang, this girl's opinion, like, isn't gonna change.
"I just wasted my time.
" I think he's, like, angry about that, 'cause he probably thought he could.
Sorry about that, but You know, this, like I know that I-- I'm not gonna be able to, like, get you to change your mind about me and everything.
For that, I'm sorry.
I appreciate you being that honest with me.
It's not--like, I'm not a hateful person I don't think you are.
And I don't, like off of what I've seen, like, that's what I've seen.
Jake tried to impress me with the plane ride and with the mansion and just, like, the small talk that we had, but I could tell, like, it was still, like, fake.
I'll see you around.
Take care.
Good meeting you.
You, too.
Have a good day.
I started the day being a Jake hater.
I spent the whole entire day with him, and at the end of the day, I'm still a Jake hater.
She does not get a rose.
Today was so incredibly frustrating, because there was nothing that I could do to win Danielle over.
She read and bought in to the tabloids, and, you know what? Life is way too short for that.
My advice--don't believe everything you read, and don't hate.
This season on "H8R," be careful what you say She's not a celebrity.
She is d-list.
The ultimate douche.
You don't even have to say anything else.
I have nothing but disdain for him.
Because you never know who's watching.
Kim Kardashian-- I hate her ass.
Oh, come on.
And these celebrities Uh-oh.
Want nothing more I-I had no idea I pissed people off this much.
Than to set the record straight.
I want to show you the camera right here.
Oh, my God! You're calling me a douche bag and a.
I'm gonna bust your ass right now, you girlie.
This is some.
You're being a.
Look it up on Wikipedia.
Your picture's on there right now.
Do you really hate me? Do I just--hate you.
It's Charles Barkley, Eva Longoria, Scott Disick, Maksim, Joe Francis, Kim Kardashian, Levi Johnston, and many more.
For the first time ever on TV You are every mom's worst nightmare.
Celebrities confront their haters You've got kind of a bad attitude.
That makes no (bleep) sense.
Where are you, man?! Is Dina here? You said I'm certifiable.
You're insane.
You are a complete pig.
And you won't believe what happens.
Oh, my gosh! Aah! It's all coming up this season on H8R.
" You're gonna die, kid.
Don't hurt him, man.