Hache (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Dolls floating at sea

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [indistinct chatter.]
[man, in English.]
How much for your services? - [indistinct chatter continues.]
- [lighter clicks.]
[worker, in Spanish.]
Wanna have a good time? You'll need much more.
HOSTEL RIBERA [client, shouting.]
You whore! Thief! Out of my way! [panting.]
[jazz saxophone playing.]
[jazz music playing.]
You, me The moon The sun She He The rose The carnation Spring The wait Summer The hand Autumn, sprout Winter, a hell That is Love Yes, sir Give me a kiss Give me a kiss, give me a kiss Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Give me a kiss Give me a kiss, give me a kiss Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Give me a kiss Give me a kiss, give me a kiss [indistinct chatter.]
Give me a kiss, do it, please Yes, sir [client.]
Hey, you! Give me my money, bitch! [grunts.]
- [groans.]
- [crowd murmurs.]
[music stops.]
What I paid you wasn't enough? [grunts.]
I'm no thief! [client groaning.]
[woman grunts, pants.]
Stop it, man! Enough.
You're going to kill her.
I took her to the hostel, I paid her rate, and she robbed me.
Show's over.
Ladies, gentlemen, please go back to your tables.
- Enjoy the evening.
- Look what she did to me! - Out.
- [client grunts.]
Never show your face around here again, got it? I'm only telling you once.
Get the hell out.
Go now! - [woman panting.]
- I rarely give second chances.
Julia, sing something.
- [Julia.]
Give me a kiss - [whispers.]
Give me a kiss, give me a kiss Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Take care of her.
Give me a kiss - [employee.]
This way.
- [Julia.]
Yes, yes, yes, yes Give me a kiss, give me a kiss Give me a kiss Give me a kiss, do it, please Yes, sir - [jazz music continues playing.]
- [employee.]
He nearly killed you.
I need to go.
You're the one that ran in here, looking for help.
So what? You're lucky Malpica's noticed you.
Where do you live? Far.
You don't look like a hooker.
You're new to this, aren't you? A few months.
Take off your dress.
You don't get it.
It's your lucky day.
Give me a kiss, give me a kiss [employee.]
If you want your reward, you'll have to play ball.
Give me a kiss Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Santos! What happened? What did we lose? A boat with 15 boxes.
- The last one.
We heard a gunshot - [man 1.]
What? Did someone see who did it? No.
The rest of us were nearly ashore.
They attacked from a boat? No, and we were far away.
- [man 1.]
From where, then? - I don't know! - Why are we paying you? Do you know why? - Hey, this wasn't my fault.
- No, it never is! Never! - That's enough! Let's go.
[man 2.]
Santos! Santos! Santos! This washed up on the shore.
You're different Different From everyone else I've ever known You're different, different That's why, when I met you I fell in love [in distance.]
Your eyes have a different hue A foggy grey and the green of the sea Come find me when you're done.
It's only tonight's situation.
Why is there a new port director? [man 1.]
It must be related to what's going on.
- [Malpica.]
And that's all you know? - [man 2.]
He's clueless.
Can't you see? When he tells the truth, he cries like a baby.
The boat left empty without any explanation.
We couldn't get the trucks to the docks.
- I know that! - [man 1.]
Maluenda was the last - to pick up the cargo.
- Watch your mouth! Those shots might have killed him.
Malpica, she's ready.
Julio, I want answers.
[man 2.]
I knew Maluenda.
I trained him for a few years.
I trust him.
We don't know where he is.
He might be pulling a fast one.
[song continues in distance.]
Different from me [audience clapping.]
How old are you? Did that beating make you deaf? Why did you steal his wallet? I thought he wouldn't notice.
You nearly bit his face off.
He wanted to kill me.
He wanted his money.
Risking so much for so little Open up.
Go to the bathroom, strip down completely.
I've never seen a woman fight back with her mouth.
[breathing heavily.]
You're brave.
Come here.
Fight back the way you know how to.
- Hmm? - [breathing heavily.]
[gasps, grunts.]
[both panting.]
[Malpica grunting.]
[Malpica inhales sharply.]
It's morphine.
[breathing heavily.]
You know how? I almost lost my leg.
Shot at with a machine gun with expanding bullets.
I often think losing my leg would have been better than this torment.
Sometimes, the only remedy for pain is more pain.
Remember that from tonight.
It's a life lesson.
What's your name? Helena.
- Helena with an "H.
" - [Malpica.]
Helena with an "H.
" Good luck, Hache.
[camera shutter clicks.]
It's a good thing he had his papers on him.
Ramiro Maluenda, 48.
From Premià de Mar, married.
- The magistrate should be here.
- [officer scoffs.]
He should.
I don't know about Madrid, but over here things go slowly.
Settling scores, I'd say, right? Some jackass rubbing up to the wrong people.
I'd say he's been dead for less than 24 hours, - judging from his body, the wound.
- I don't know about Barcelona, but in Madrid, the coroner establishes the time of death.
Inspector, there are 12 dolls like this one.
Take them to the station.
Inspector Vinuesa? How are you doing? I'm Tito Laguna, reporter.
This is Alberto Fraguas, photographer.
I have no comment.
Right, right, we know it's your first day.
We don't mean to hassle you.
Inspector, this one's open and shut.
Last month, in some dive hotel in Chinatown, they found a body with a gunshot to the throat.
Before that, a guy crashed his car in Barceloneta.
But he didn't die then.
They shot him in the same spot.
You two know your stuff.
You should join the crime brigade.
We can't have that.
Their paper needs quality reporters.
We covered it, but let's say we were forced to drop it.
These two just want a scoop.
Who forced them to drop it? Nobody wants these things all over the papers.
Orders from upstairs to avoid unnecessary public alarm.
We're in peacetime, boss.
You catch my drift? Drink your milk.
I don't want milk.
What, then? Huh? You want me to buy you cookies? You always say that.
Just drink your milk.
What happened? I fell down the stairs.
[knocking at door.]
Helena, open up! [knocking continues.]
- Mom, open it.
- [man.]
I know you're there.
Go to your room with Camino.
Open this door, or I'll knock it down.
I've fucking had it with you two and that girl.
Pay, or I'll throw you all out.
Keep your voice down.
Hey, you don't talk to your wife like that.
Wait until she hears I sucked your cock a few times.
Shut up.
You're worse than her.
I should drag you out by your hair.
Go ahead and try.
Or are you afraid of me? Enough! That's all we've got.
It doesn't cover what you owe me.
I've got other girls waiting.
But not as tasty as us.
One more week.
Otherwise, I'll call the cops and I'll tell them you're crooks.
And I wouldn't be lying! I'm sick of living hand-to-mouth.
I'll get the rest of it today.
A sick hooker is useless.
I'm a burden.
I should go back home.
Take care of Tina, and I'll take care of you.
You're staying.
Who did that to you? I fell.
Let's just leave.
Go anywhere.
This is hopeless.
I can't leave.
For medicine.
All this money all of a sudden? I got lucky.
Inspector, surprise! Look what's inside.
Any idea what it could be? - It needs to be analyzed.
- [officer.]
We don't have a lab here.
A chemistry professor from the university helps us out.
- Commissioner.
- Mm.
I don't like finding things out on the radio.
I called your office, but you were out.
What's this? Something valuable.
A man got killed over it.
There was a body and floating dolls with no apparent owner.
Don't jump to conclusions.
You're right, Commissioner.
I'd like to have a look at two closed case files.
What cases? Two recent homicides with gunshot wounds to the throat.
I remember perfectly.
Yeah, a suicide and an accident.
Don't you find it odd that three men were found with bullets in their throats in such a short period? They would appear to be unrelated.
Nevertheless, I'd like to have a look.
You're used to getting your way, aren't you? Why were you transferred? Did you request it? Someone suggested it, so I did.
Sir, a shot in the neck isn't a common cause of death.
Do you know what goes on in Barcelona? You know nothing.
Nobody cares about the majority of corpses that turn up.
Be warned, I'm not going to let you rock the boat around here.
You can tell that to whoever advised you to transfer.
Both men had a record for robbery.
Similar in age.
And arrested around the same time.
Are you married? I knew it.
Why? That collar needs ironing.
- Aren't you going to ask if I'm married? - No.
I think you and I are going to get along.
You're one of those dry Castilian types.
The ones who like to call a spade a spade.
I'll take the files with me.
Castilian and a workhorse.
Five minutes after quitting time, I forget this place.
Let's have a drink sometime.
[phone ringing.]
Hello? Inspector.
The ballistic experts have identified the type of weapon.
NATIONAL DOCKWORKERS UNION [prison bell ringing.]
[door opens.]
[excited chatter.]
What happened to you? - What? - [man.]
What happened to you? Ah! Nothing.
I ran down the stairs and fell.
How are you? Helena I don't want you coming here anymore.
Stop saying that.
I won't stop coming.
How's Tina? Good, growing fast.
I'll bring her next time.
She asks about you a lot.
I want to tell her the truth.
Her dad's in here for fighting for his job and for what he believes in.
Tell her it's my fault you lost your job.
That's not true.
- [man.]
It is true.
- It's not! Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
And how are you? Fine.
Still getting sewing jobs from Eulalia.
We're okay.
Helena, it would've been eight years for going on strike but because of the guard's death, it's a life sentence or worse.
No way it's a life sentence.
You didn't kill anybody.
They don't care.
Listen to me.
I'll get you a real lawyer.
A good one.
He'll get you out.
That's impossible.
We have to do it for her.
We have to do this for Tina.
Then the three of us will go to Argentina.
Isn't that what you wanted? Huh? For the three of us to move to Buenos Aires? [alarm ringing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
I'm getting you out.
- [Vinuesa.]
Who are we here to see? - Who? We're here to see a fucking prick.
Why, look, it's Gato! [grunts.]
Jesus, fuck.
This guy goes by the name El Gato.
He's been our snitch for years.
He knows everybody.
Lately, he's been feeding us bullshit.
It's not bullshit, okay? Why am I even here? I haven't done anything.
If he tips us off, we pay him.
[El Gato grunts.]
If he doesn't tip us off, then we don't.
[El Gato grunts.]
Let me go.
I don't want to work for you people.
Leave him alone.
Eladio, enough.
Tell me where I can find a Magnum in Barcelona, and you can go.
Or do you want some more? [doorbell buzzing.]
I told you before, I'm unable to represent your husband.
We're not married.
Please sit.
Challenging a big company is not something I want to do.
There's evidence of your husband using violence to coerce others to join the strike, and that he also fought against police.
- He didn't kill anyone.
- [unzipping pants.]
He might not have taken part in the factory security guard's death.
That I won't argue with, but [intercom buzzing.]
Pilar, I asked not to be disturbed.
It can wait.
I know a few judges who are willing to do me a favor.
Money is the only key that opens cell doors.
How much? We don't have much time to appeal the ruling.
Talk to those judges.
You three, with me.
POLICE Police, do as you're told.
What's going on? We're working here.
You'd better shut up.
Your boss, Roko Valencia, where is he? No idea.
He doesn't tell us.
He goes to Germany a lot, brings cars from there.
Move back.
What's going on? Scampering off to warn your boss? Freeze! Don't shoot.
We need information, not corpses.
- Why are you here? - I want to see Malpica.
You don't know what you're saying.
- Go before he finds out you were here.
- [Hache.]
I need more money.
I'll do whatever he wants.
It's Malpica's choice.
No one decides for him.
He told me he really liked me.
- [employee.]
Not really.
- What do you know? Did he brand you? What? He marks women that mean something to him, the ones he considers his property.
Why's that? It's his game.
If he didn't brand you, he doesn't want to see you.
Good luck, sweetheart.
Raise the hand.
Raise it.
Learn to block.
No one's touched my face in years.
You should train again.
That's him.
In the green shorts.
Juan Terol.
He's only 22.
Wants to take on the whole world.
That kid has skills, Malpica.
I'm telling you.
I can make him Spain's welterweight champion.
And then, with the title, we book high-stakes fights all over the world.
- Sound good? - [Malpica.]
If you're so certain, go ahead.
I'll front whatever you need.
He's good.
Way more than that.
Let's go.
I don't want to be late.
What? Where's Dad? He'll be back soon.
I want to talk to him.
You can't, because there aren't any phones there.
He's in jail because he's a murderer.
Who told you that? Who told you that? Berta.
She heard her dad say it.
Don't play with her again.
Your dad's not a murderer.
He's coming back, and we're moving to South America, understand? Yes.
Get out now! Kids are cruel.
She's been crying all afternoon.
I couldn't stop her from telling you.
I want to go out.
I'm feeling better.
Haven't coughed much.
Not tonight.
You have to stay with the girl.
It won't kill you to stay in You can't go out tonight.
You must stay with Tina.
I'm not your maid.
What? Meeting that guy from the other day? I can't tell you.
Why all the secrecy? I hired a good lawyer.
He's going to get Bruno out.
And I have to pay him.
Stay with Tina tonight, please.
I'm not sure if any man is worthy of such sacrifice.
Tina, come here.
We can't hide what's going on from Luciano.
This American guy is going to tell him.
Let me do things my way.
Welcome to US territory.
Friendly territory, I'm assuming.
I'll get to the point, Malpica.
We had agreed there would be no deaths.
That's not your concern.
Everything that puts my business at risk is my concern.
Don't use that tone with me.
We've started negotiating with a new shipping line to launch a New York-Barcelona route.
A minimum of six ships every week.
Ensure they can operate in Spain, as always.
Luciano trusts you.
So do I.
I'm sure there won't be any more mistakes.
- [door opening.]
- Malpica, it's been ages.
You don't invite me to your parties anymore.
You're always welcome at the Albatros.
- [woman chuckles.]
- As you know.
[in English.]
Anna, uh, we're in a meeting, if you don't mind.
[in Spanish.]
It's my consulate.
Sometimes, he forgets I'm married to his boss.
[lighter clicks.]
Have something for me? I never carry anything.
This can't be.
I'm helping you with your business, and you make me beg.
- Isn't that what you promised me? - [man, in English.]
Anna, please.
[in Spanish.]
So long, Malpica.
Always so dapper.
[in Spanish.]
The consul doesn't know anything, nor will he.
I know how to control Anna.
We need her.
She has connections.
Her father has a shipping Drug addicts are unpredictable.
Anna is none of your business.
[in English.]
Señor Malpica is ready to leave.
- [Julio.]
How did it go? - We need to act before they interfere.
Malpica It's been ages since you came on stage to play something.
Why's that? I quit piano lessons ages ago.
You don't need any lessons, Malpica.
Why don't you go back to the States? Nobody in this town is worthy of you.
They might look at me a bit strange here, but back home, there's the Ku Klux Klan.
- [kisses.]
- The next song's for you.
- Why are you here? - We need to talk.
The police are on my tail.
I've always done my job.
I need your help.
I don't want to die.
I only run guns.
- I'm not part of your outfit.
- In my office.
He was one of your men, wasn't he? The stiff on the beach.
Malpica, I need your protection.
I can't go back to the workshop.
You've already told me.
Don't worry.
- Have another drink.
- Thanks.
I've always valued loyalty.
And you've always been loyal, haven't you? Then that's it.
[both grunting.]
[neck snaps.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [thud.]
- [grunts.]
[gun cocks.]
[Hache grunts softly.]
- [Malpica grunting.]
- [Hache whimpering.]
Come on.
[breathing heavily.]
[Malpica groaning.]
Open your mouth.
[gun cocks.]
[Malpica groans.]
You do know the meaning of pain.
I've seen it in your eyes.
You saw me kill that man.
[breathing heavily.]
I'd be a fool if I let you leave.
Two options: stay with me of your own free will, or I kill you.
Your choice.
[officers grunting.]
Roko Valencia had a garage.
Sold luxury cars.
Possibly stolen, Inspector.
Among other things.
If you know something, go to the station and make a statement.
I want your version.
There are tire tracks.
They didn't kill him here.
- They broke his neck and brought his body.
- You had one corpse.
Now there's two.
- Is that how things are done in Madrid? - [sighs.]
The provincial governor called.
Do you know what that means? That we're all edging closer to getting fired.
[in Italian.]
Barcelona is my territory.
Caruso, I trust my men.
Don't speak with Luciano.
Everything is fine.
Caruso Wait, I don't have to explain you, I don't work for you, I work for him.
[in Spanish.]
For a second, I forgot you were here.
What's going to happen to me? - Am I going to live here? - [Malpica.]
As good a place as any.
I need my things.
I want to go home and get them.
- [Malpica.]
I'll buy what you need.
- I want my things.
A woman of stern resolve.
Arístides will go with you.
What now? How much money are you giving me? How very brazen of you.
My mother's sick.
She depends on me.
Medicine is expensive.
Anything else? [Hache.]
See you tonight.
That's him.
Inspector, this is Professor Luis Moya.
Nice to meet you.
It was easy determining the content of the canisters inside the dolls.
There was a big clue on the canister itself.
An "H.
" "H" for heroin.
- Hey, stop! - [brakes screech.]
- [Arístides.]
Here? - My mother lives here.
Can I go see her for a second? No.
She's bedridden.
I prefer to go alone, to be discreet.
Go on.
We'll wait here.
You don't know who Malpica is, do you? He let you live.
I wouldn't screw that up.
Any funny business, and your mother loses her daughter.
Be quick.
Coming, coming - What? - Do you have a phone? - Yes.
What's wrong? - A woman wants to jump from the roof.
- Call the police.
- I'm going.
I'm going.
[Hache panting.]
[police siren wailing in distance.]
[car door opens.]
- [Vinuesa.]
Why'd she want to kill herself? - [Eladio.]
Probably a hooker.
Tons try to earn a living and end up working the streets for next to nothing.
They get desperate, and they off themselves.
It's all right, calm down.
Come with us.
[police siren wailing.]
She's smarter than I thought.
[knocking on door.]
The girl.
- What about her? - She's at the police station.
Christ, you idiot.
What happened? I'm going to bash your face in one day.
Watch it.
She won't talk.
She just wanted a way out.
How can you be so sure? She knows I'll kill her otherwise.
So then what? Fix it.
Inspector, she doesn't want to notify her family.
I'll handle it.
You'll probably agree that this is an odd situation.
I'll leave soon.
Are you in some sort of bind? Need some help? Inspector, someone's here for her.
My love! [kisses.]
Are you all right? Why did you do it? Inspector, I'm sorry.
She's my [sighs.]
A good friend.
I went to pick her up at her mother's, and they told me what happened.
It's not the first time this happened.
I I'm sorry.
Come, my love.
Let's go home.
It's all right.
Yeah, let's go.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
["You Mean Everything To Me" playing.]
If you should ever, ever go away There would be lonely tears to cry The sun above Would be never shine again There would be teardrops in the sky So hold me close and never let me go And say our love will always be Oh, my darling I love you so You mean everything to me So hold me close and never let me go And say our love - Will always be - [gasps.]
Oh, my darling I love you so You mean everything to me [theme music playing.]
[piano music playing.]