Hache (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The first job

They've even brought the wall calendars.
Was that necessary? You have any better ideas? Okay, here's what we found at the hostel.
An appointment book.
He had another one at the garage.
This one.
Compare them.
Cross-reference the names, numbers, and addresses one by one.
I'll be back in a couple hours.
Frank, my dear.
How are you? When? Understood.
We await your arrival with open arms.
Who the hell told him? He knows everything! The lost shipment, the dead guy, all of it! Frank Caruso is coming to Barcelona.
Tell them if they haven't loaded by seven o'clock, they won't be allowed to leave.
Okay? Inspector Vinuesa.
Thanks for your time.
Have you been able to look at the names I sent you? Do you want my opinion? No one's going to miss those three.
They were lowlife picketers.
That said, the last one was working here when he died, but the other two hadn't set foot in the port for some time.
- They were dockworkers and whatever else.
- All three men worked here.
And all three were killed, shot in the neck.
I'd like to see their contracts and talk to Please.
This whole thing makes me sick.
I have friends at the governorate.
I asked about you.
I know you're new in Barcelona.
I'm sorry about your wife.
I'm in a bit of a hurry and I need What you need to do is prevent any more murders.
I'm not interested in whatever happened before me.
The port must stop making the crime headlines.
That's why I'm the new director.
Good day.
Yes, I want to speak to the attorney.
Fernando Arribas.
A client of his, Helena Olaya.
When will he be back? When he returns, have him call me.
It's urgent.
Hello? Hello? It can wait.
Still want to report me, Hache? What for? Will the cops support me? Tell me that I can trust you.
We've just met.
That works in your favor.
Let's imagine something.
Let's suppose the cops didn't get there on time.
And you jumped off that roof and splat! Forget everything.
This is your new life.
That's what that M means.
Change your dress.
Come with me.
Thank you.
- Detective Girón? - Hm? I'm Alejandro Vinuesa.
- Do you have a minute? - Yes.
I'm filling out an arrest report.
Violent crime, I see.
A jealous husband.
He went ballistic when he saw his wife in a bar.
He went straight at her.
Poor woman.
She killed him.
She knew how to fight back.
Here you go.
Let's go inside.
We can talk there.
I need some details on the death of Marc Planell.
Your case.
Right, Planell.
He crashed a Gordini against a wall in La Barceloneta.
He had more gin than blood in his veins.
The case file said he was shot in the neck.
Forensics said the bullet came through the window.
The weapon wasn't found, and there weren't any witnesses.
I saw that, but concluding it was an accident With no further evidence, the conclusion is irrelevant.
A stray bullet, case closed.
Statistics are the new craze.
Charts, you know? And an unsolved murder unbalances the numbers.
This town unbalances all the numbers.
Let's go.
There was another one, also shot in the throat.
Did they send you here from Madrid to reopen old cases? What's the deal? I'm just getting up to speed.
Lorente handled that one.
The body showed up in a brothel in the red-light district, holding a gun and a note for his widow.
- Want to talk to him? - I'd rather talk to the widow.
Tomorrow night, this place must be a paradise on Earth.
The best party we've ever hosted.
- Caruso is coming here? - Luciano wants to get rid of us.
If Caruso's coming, that means we still have a chance.
We must assure him the port is ours, that everything is under control.
- We'll need to fool him, then.
- Fool him? Is that your plan? Tell me, how did he find out about everything? I don't know.
Anyone know? Huh? Everything's on the line tomorrow.
Let's give Caruso the best welcome of his life.
Who's Caruso? My dear Caruso, welcome to Barcelona.
It's a real pleasure welcoming you to my home.
Salvador, give me a hug.
Pity you're not as classy as you look.
I will be.
Living is learning.
They've arrived.
Thank God.
Any later, and they'd have finished all the booze.
How are you? You never miss a party, do you? Never.
Remember Anna McVeigh? The consul's wife.
Perfectly well.
Madame - Frank, my dear.
How are you? - Terrific, at the sight of you.
I've invited some of your compatriots.
You think all of this is going to make me forget why I'm here? I only want to make you feel at home.
Luciano wanted to come.
You're lucky I came instead.
Shall we talk? He no longer wants you to be our man.
He no longer trusts you.
Let me talk to him.
Call him.
Right now.
I'll explain the situation to him.
That's not a good idea.
Three deaths.
You've lost two shipments.
I'll pay for the merchandise.
Of course you will.
But it's not enough, Salvador.
You think everything can be fixed with a party, hookers, a little champagne You think that lets you off the hook? They've appointed a new port director.
He won't grant our trucks access.
That's the problem.
That's your problem.
May I? - Kopinski.
Come in.
- We're finished here.
You can join the party then.
You're missing all the fun.
So, has he told you? The shipping line.
Six ships every week.
The ship operator is on board.
What's the point if Malpica can't access the port? Frank, give us a little time.
We'll sway the new director.
There's a big shipment next month.
If you fail us again, you're out of business.
- Understand? - Mm.
One more thing to learn: knowing your place.
I can't talk, I can't listen If he wants a trophy, he should lock me up.
Good idea.
I'll tell him you said so.
I don't like traveling.
Every time I leave Naples, I think I'll never go back.
This is a great place to live.
That's what I said when I arrived.
Barcelona's fooled us all.
You remember my lawyer, Julio Senovilla? Champagne cocktail.
The best in town.
I don't like champagne.
I'll be right back.
Why is it the best? Because our barman is top notch, and it is very good.
Very good or the best? Some party, right? It's full of Italians.
I was about to study that in school.
Part of my mom's family is from San Giuliano, near Florence.
I love Italy, don't you? I've never seen you around here, and I'm a regular.
I'm from another part of town.
Same here.
If my parents found out I came here, they'd kill me.
That's why I do it, to stick it to them.
What about you? - Also to stick it to them.
- To your parents? I don't have parents.
Malpica wants you at his table.
Observe, listen, and be quiet.
He'd been working there forever and never gave us trouble.
It doesn't make sense.
So beautiful.
Her name is Hache.
She's with me.
As I was saying, I don't get why he was fired.
- I suspect he was chasing skirts.
- The order came from upstairs.
Like any other order, but no one complained about him as a port director, and he wanted to stay.
I'm sure of it.
That's behind us now.
What do we know about the new guy, Sabell? - I've been asking.
- Gentleman, please.
You're boring the lady.
Hache, isn't it? Hache, have you been to Italy? Um Part of my mother's family is from San Giuliano, near Florence.
I love Italy, but I don't speak a word of Italian.
Such a shame.
Ooh! Yeah! One dance, please.
- Just one dance.
- Not right now.
- You told me to come.
- I'm working.
Not now! Oh, my God! My fucking dress! Are you serious? Are you blind or just fucking dumb? You stained the dress! Good evening.
A minute of your time.
Thank you.
I'd like everyone to raise their glasses.
A toast for Italy.
For Naples.
For your generosity.
- Cheers! - Cheers! And to San Giuliano.
Honey, you've had enough, all right? Hey, you're making a scene.
I'm bored.
I don't know why I came.
You know exactly why you're here.
Now fucking behave.
- Malpica is looking at us.
- Malpica works for me.
Tell me, what's your real name? Hache.
You don't like it? I do.
You've never been to Florence.
Hmm? Don't lie to me.
I'll take you there.
Malpica will just have to say ciao.
What if I don't want to go? I can pay you ten times what Malpica does.
Hmm? Where's all this money coming from? Are you really Malpica's boss? Too many questions, Hache.
She's with me.
I already told you.
Salvador, she's a hooker.
This isn't part of our business.
It's all business.
Why did you think I came here tonight? Because we're friends? Wait for me outside.
Luciano isn't going to like what I tell him.
Let's go back to the table, Frank.
There are other women.
The party's just started.
No, Salvador, you've got that wrong.
The party's over.
Excuse me, are you all right? You'll be sleeping here tonight.
And Malpica? - Why isn't he telling me that? - I'm telling you.
If you need anything, dream about it.
It might come true.
It hasn't healed yet.
I want to see my mother.
Buy her something from me.
Arístides will go with you.
Double-cross me again, and I'll throw you out that window.
Thank you.
Why did you let Caruso put his hands on you? Because you asked me to make an effort with him.
I thought that's what you wanted.
No one will ever touch you again.
Only me.
- Why did you choose me? - I didn't.
You showed up here, remember? You were being chased.
Maybe it's you that chose me.
- Is that Italian your boss? - I don't have bosses.
What's happening at the port? I can't trust anyone, Hache.
That's what happening.
No one.
- Your mother lives here? - Yes, right here.
She's sick, really, but she can't live on her own, and lives with my aunt.
- Need any help? - It's fine.
Help me with these.
So many things.
That's it.
Mommy! Hooray, you're here! Hooray, you're here! Did you miss me? Huh? Your aunt, right? Who's that man, Mommy? I'll wait downstairs.
Half an hour.
No funny business.
- Come on.
Who wants to open the presents? - Me, me! Where the hell have you been? Here.
I bought some clothes for you.
Let's see, and some food, too.
And that whole outfit? I bet you can't guess what this is.
Tina, come dance.
- You look so pretty! - You're the pretty one here.
Where have you been? This is important.
This money is for Bruno's lawyer.
His name's Fernando Arribas.
Get it to him by tomorrow.
Here's his address.
- Where did you get this? - It doesn't matter.
Helena, you're scaring me.
Take the girl, so he sees her.
Are you going to tell me what's going on? I've paid two months' rent in advance.
Mommy, let's dance! Do you like them? They look better on you.
Take them.
I can't accept this.
I'm on a winning streak.
I'm not stopping.
Buy your medicine.
Silvia, look up this address in the street guide.
And the closed case of that dockworker's accidental death was no accident.
Let's see what he finds on the suicide case.
Silvia, did you hear me? I'm Commissioner Larrubia's secretary, not yours.
Should I go with you? No, it's better if I see the widow on my own.
Anything in Roko's documents? I'm checking bills, payments It's a big mess.
Checking suppliers - Where did you find this? - That? With his things.
" - Is this gym nearby? - Yeah, ten minutes away.
Come with me.
Silvia, it's just the new-job jitters.
I realize I take it out on others, especially you.
I'm sorry.
And the girl's father? He died in an accident.
You lie like a rug.
Well, it's the truth.
The truth? I don't understand why Malpica trusts you.
Are you going to tell him about my daughter? - None of this is her fault.
- Then why did you lie to us? Is it wrong to want to protect her? I've trained a lot of people like you, you know? They take the blows, waiting for their chance.
They look like losers, but it's just a ploy.
You only have to give them time.
What shipping line do you represent? It's a new sister company.
We're personally visiting every major Mediterranean port.
And what do you want, exactly? My clients need to unload their cargo on the docks in a manner that's discreet.
Making it worthwhile for everyone, naturally.
May we continue in your office? Leave or I'll call the police.
How dare you? Calm down.
It's best you come to your senses.
Be grateful I'm not reporting you right now.
And if you're not gone in five minutes, I swear I will.
Hang on, hang on.
Hang on.
Arístides! Arístides! I've told you not to call me by my name here, especially yelling, Juan.
- When can I go for the title? - When I say so.
Hey, set up the fight with whoever you want, okay? Whoever, I don't care.
I'm not afraid of anybody.
Fear nor respect.
And if you're not afraid, you are not ready.
You have to fucking suffer in the ring.
And you haven't yet.
You get that? Look at me when I'm talking.
All right, go on.
Get going.
Go! Charly - have Ampuero clobber him.
- Got it.
Arístides, they've been waiting for a while.
Good morning.
Alejandro Vinuesa, Inspector, Criminal Brigade.
I'll get right to the point.
Boxing's not my thing.
Do you know this man? - Why should I know him? - Because he trained here.
Like I'm supposed to remember everyone who's been here.
Roko Valencia.
Ring a bell? Roko? I get half a dozen of those guys every year.
Roko, Roki, Riki, Tiger Look, I've got two Tigers here.
They must all get baptized at the same church.
Just in case you suddenly remember.
It happens.
Ampuero! What are you doing, kid? Enough already! What are you doing? You told him to, right? You told him to do it.
What sort of lesson am I supposed to get from this? He caught you off guard, Juan.
You didn't know how to react.
- And there was nothing at stake today.
- It was your fault.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Everyone's gone.
- You don't know how.
- I don't know.
Always in a rush, aren't you? I can't take it anymore.
One of these days, in front of everyone Right.
What are you going to do? I'll go tomorrow.
And the day after that.
Mornings, afternoons, but there's no way he won't come around, believe me.
No one says no to money.
Caruso hasn't given us much time.
Let's scare him.
Give the guy a good fright.
Find his weaknesses.
Something we can blackmail him with.
He's married to his lifelong sweetheart, church-going.
That's a dead-end.
- Malpica, listen to me.
- Out! Get out now.
Don't come back until it's done.
Get out.
The cops were at the gym.
They showed me a picture of Roko, asked me if I knew him.
If they're going around with photos, they've got nothing.
They'll be back.
Did you see Hache's mother? What mother? She doesn't live with her mother.
She lives with her daughter.
She has a little girl.
She said she lied to protect her.
When are you going to leave us alone? I'm sorry.
- Do you know who your husband worked for - If he had a job, he never told me.
- Did you know he carried a gun? - How would I? He spent his money on whores.
He got what he deserved.
Who gave you that doll? He brought it for the girl.
It was the last time they saw him.
This case wasn't a suicide.
Nor was the other an accident, sir.
All three men worked at the port at some point.
The three of them were shot in the neck with a Magnum.
And at least two of them were involved with heroin stashed inside these dolls.
Gang warfare.
Maybe they're getting rid of witnesses.
The body in the canal.
We're looking for their would-be customers.
These gangs, sir, have inside people at the docks.
Where are the drugs coming in from? We need the new port director to deal with the problem at its root before it escalates, sir.
We won't allow them to use Barcelona as an entryway for heroin trafficking.
Inspector Congratulations.
Calling a spade a spade.
What do you want? You avoid me all day.
At night, you don't want to see me.
Why do I have to dress like this if you don't see me? I'm paying you for that, too.
If you're going to ignore me, I want more money.
You never say what I want to hear.
I've got news.
- Speak.
- The port director.
His secretary told us his daily routine for some silk stockings and ankle boots.
He always has dinner at the same place, and always sits at the same table.
Near the window.
The table is visible from the street.
It's our chance.
We need to take a girl to the restaurant, sit her down with him and take pictures.
- Why doesn't she do it? - No.
If we don't do it, forget about unloading.
You know how well this shakedown works.
Isn't that what you need, huh? I'm fine with it.
What do I have to do? Out, both of you.
Why do you want to do it? For the money.
It's unpredictable.
He's the port director.
I'm not scared.
How's he in your way? Trust me.
We traffic heroin.
You know what that is? We put it inside some glass canisters.
We label it with an "H.
" And that's profitable? "H.
" Just like you.
Don't get chatty with him.
We only need a photo.
What's he like? Is he very old? Yes.
He's just been appointed.
That's all we know, really.
Do you think he'll have a gun? Are you scared? - A little.
- A little? A lot.
Use it.
If you look fragile, he'll want to help you.
He just went in.
You almost ran into him.
Come here.
That's him, with the glasses.
Raul will take shots from out here.
Let's go.
Careful not to block his face.
Hug him, hold his hands.
Make it obvious.
- What's your plan? - I don't have one.
Go on.
Two friends are coming, but they won't be eating.
They've already eaten.
Oh Jorge, Jorge! No, no, don't bother.
I'll pick it up.
I'm sorry.
- Careful.
- Let me Let me see.
Shouldn't you go to the bathroom? - No, no.
No, I'll be fine in a minute.
- Here.
Tightly, tightly.
Lately, it's all been going wrong.
Such rotten luck.
What's wrong? Nothing, it's just my boyfriend.
We had an argument.
If he sees me in here with you, he won't dare come in.
He's a coward.
It'll only be a minute.
You You have blood on your shoulder.
Do you mind wiping it, please? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Let me see.
Okay, that's it.
That's your shot.
Um Careful.
That's it.
Uh It's fine now.
It's fine now.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- It's no trouble.
Thank you.
That's the cop.
Christ We have to get her out of there.
He'll recognize me.
You go.
He knows me too, jackass.
It stings.
It stings a little, but I'm fine now.
I'm so clumsy.
- Apply pressure.
- Yes, right.
We didn't know you'd have company.
The lady had a little accident.
You're very kind.
- Thank you very much.
- Ah, not at all.
Pardon me.
Get out of there.
Come on.
A vermouth and soda.
Is your daughter also coming? Yes, both of them.
Next month, God willing.
Well, tell me.
You wanted to discuss something.
Vinuesa? We have evidence of very serious incidents taking place at the port.
- What are you doing? Leave.
- My job.
Don't touch me.
What's wrong? No, leave it.
Leave it.
Lovers' quarrel.
I said, let go of me.
We're not going anywhere.
Which one is Sabell's car? Over there.
What are you doing? - Where are you going? - Stay here.
You, too.
Lay off the girl, Christ.
This was found inside the dolls that washed up with Maluenda's body, the dockworker.
Vinuesa found another doll at the home of another victim, who also worked at the docks.
They use the port to smuggle in the drugs.
This very morning, they tried to bribe me.
Some moron.
He didn't tell me his name.
I didn't want to listen.
I'm sure he's a part of this.
Do you think you could identify him if we showed you some photos? I never forget a face.
Gentlemen, a pleasure.
- We'll be in touch.
- Very good.
Jesus! What are you doing here? Sorry.
It was unlocked.
And my boyfriend was after me.
He wanted to hit me.
- But - I didn't know where else to go.
Forgive me, I was really scared.
I'm sorry.
Calm down.
Would you like me to take you somewhere? You're too kind.
Forgive me, you're going to think I'm You are going to think I'm shameless.
No, no, no.
You're not Crack open a bottle.
We're thirsty.
- I thought we'd never get it.
- We've got him, boss.
All ours.
Come on, kid.
Glasses all around.
She did it.
A one-round knockout.
Right, Julio? Give me a beer.
I thought we'd never get out of that one.
He'll do whatever we ask.
The port is all ours.
All he asks for is discretion.
That's his only condition.
We can organize the pickup.
Please leave.
I was waiting for you to come and thank me.
Thank you.
I never want another man to touch you.
Is that clear? If you ever hit me again I'll kill myself for real.
Is that clear? Huh? Huh?