Hache (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The bout

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ["Ola, Ola, Ola" playing.]
Swim with me.
It's not too cold.
I can't swim.
I've never been in a pool before.
Come in.
I'll show you.
Trust me.
Otherwise, I can't trust you.
Put on a bathing suit.
Are you scared? Come here.
Lay on your back.
I've got you.
Don't be afraid.
Staying afloat is easy.
It's a primal instinct.
Trust me.
Open those boxes, please.
Routine inspection.
Inspector! Inspector, what are you doing? We were tipped off about this ship's cargo.
You can't just barge in here - with no warning.
- [Vinuesa.]
It might be a false alarm, but I'd like to make sure.
We won't be long.
Where's your search warrant? Are you asking for a warrant? Absolutely.
[theme music playing.]
[man shouting.]
Where are we? Why are you here? I thought you were at your beach house.
I cut it short.
Sabell called me.
The cops are buzzing around the port.
They were tipped off.
What tip? That's impossible.
Julio, we have enemies.
They've been boycotting us for a while.
Why is she here? Why did you bring her? - What does she know about this? - I'm the one who asks you the questions.
First came the bags with confetti then the dolls.
Our Italian friends are very creative.
- Have we lost packages while unloading? - We're just checking.
- I think it's all there.
- It should've been checked.
We can't fail.
The boat leaves on Friday night.
How can we load with the cops at the port? [shushes.]
Leave that to me.
You make sure the cargo's ready.
The cop's name is Vinuesa.
I want everything on him.
Family, hobbies, vices, all of it.
- [knocks on door.]
- [Larrubia.]
Have a seat, Vinuesa.
Tell me, did you also disregard search warrants in Madrid? [Vinuesa.]
No, sir, but we got an anonymous tip.
The American ship Horizon will depart on Friday night with a heroin cargo.
Anonymous tips aren't taken seriously here.
Official informants are one thing, but someone who doesn't even say who he is No one would make up something like that.
I'm certain, sir.
You're obsessed, Vinuesa.
A judge won't issue a search warrant with what you got.
And without it, you're not to set foot on the port.
One thing is to investigate, but doing whatever you please around Barcelona is very different.
Good luck.
And if you smoked cigars, I'd give you one.
Mostly to see if it would calm you down a little.
Never show up here again without an appointment.
I'm very busy.
You told me there wasn't much time to file an appeal.
I need more money.
I've given you plenty.
I need to bribe some witnesses.
A cop here, a doorman there - [Hache.]
How much do you need? - Where do you get the money? That's not your concern.
Well, Bruno's concerned.
He doesn't want to cooperate.
He doesn't want to cooperate? [Arribas.]
Not until he knows where the money's coming from.
He's well aware that you can't afford rates like mine.
Why didn't you tell me? Because getting in touch with you is impossible.
If Bruno doesn't sign the appeal, there's nothing I can do.
Fine, I'll sign it.
If the appeal is successful, there'll be another trial.
If he's uncooperative, I can't save him.
We'll need to convince him.
We'll go visit him together, the day after tomorrow.
[both grunting.]
The footwork, in and out.
Come on.
Come on.
That's it! [man.]
There are high stakes on the fight.
So your kid has to bite the dust in the third round.
My kid's been training a long time for this.
It's going to be a clean fight.
Tsk, tsk.
That's unlike you.
Friday's fight is going to be clean, you hear me? Go ahead and tell Leandro for me.
He's not going to like it.
- Why's he so scared? - He doesn't want any risks.
That's all.
Well, tell Leandro I said that sometimes, risks are a necessary part of life.
[shower running.]
[jazz music playing.]
[groaning and panting.]
If it hurts that bad, go see a doctor.
Go, leave me alone.
A doctor could help you.
- He could ease that pain.
- No.
There's nothing that can ease it.
All I need is time.
Just a little longer, and it'll go away.
Here, two tickets for the fight on Friday.
Arístides gave them to me.
There won't be any boxing.
I'm going to stop that fight.
Sit down.
[grunts and sniffles.]
I need to come up with a distraction.
I'm going to start a shoot-out at the fight to attract the cops, so we can load the ship.
What do you think? Arístides won't like it.
Our job is getting those tuna cans to New York.
You asked for my opinion, so there it is.
Sometimes, life is about making choices.
And that's the only way to draw the cops away? You need your people.
You can't betray Arístides.
There's no other way.
Let me find one.
If you find one, I'll be delighted to hear it.
[Julia, in English.]
they call me They know I love too many Lover, that's what they call me - Because - [Celeste, in Spanish.]
What's your secret? [Senovilla.]
The kid's everywhere.
What can be done to keep the cops away from the port? [chuckles.]
What's so funny? Aren't you a lawyer? Stay out of it.
You're out of your depth.
Just sit on the stool and wait for Malpica.
That's what your contract says, right? And what about yours? What does it say? [Juia, in English.]
Lover That's what they call me Because I've loved so many So if you want me, baby Take me, I'm free for love [in Spanish.]
Get in.
I've called you twice.
Why didn't you answer? Uh, I must not have heard it.
I'm very busy, I had to fix a problem You have to pay attention to the telephone.
- What if the judge calls? - The judge? - But why would the judge be calling me? - The police want a search warrant.
The judge may call you, asking if the cargo's sealed or if you've seen something suspicious.
What are you going to tell him? [sighs.]
That everything's fine.
Stay by the telephone, you hear me? Why don't you just load your cargo? This is killing me.
The cargo will be loaded at the last minute, so the cops don't go near it.
What if they come with the warrant? Do whatever's necessary to keep them away.
I can't do a thing if they have a warrant.
Then that means I can't do a thing for you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Listen to me.
I swear on my daughters' lives, the most sacred thing in my life, that I am on your side.
Please don't pressure me any further, I beg you.
Don't move from the telephone until the Horizon has set sail.
Come on, let's go.
[breathing heavily.]
"Three dead dockworkers with identical gunshots to the throat, a cargo of dolls with heroin in them, attempts to bribe the port director, and a ship flying an American flag about to depart this Friday with heroin, according to an anonymous call.
" Is that all of it? He had an Italian accent.
What? I talked to Silvia.
The guy who called had an Italian accent.
We need to get this to the court immediately.
- Munir is the on-duty judge.
- Is that good or bad? [Eladio.]
That depends.
If he's drunk, he may authorize the warrant, but if he's sober, he's going to scrap it and have a nap, you know? [chuckles.]
- The report on Arístides, done.
- Give me a summary.
Arístides García, former boxer.
He started a gym to train new boxers.
This Friday, one of his boys will fight for the title, and at night, he works as a bouncer at the Albatros, a swanky nightclub.
There's big money in boxing.
What's he doing working as a bouncer at a nightclub? [piano music playing.]
Like in a dream Without expecting it You got close to me That wonderful night We keep running into each other.
- Who are you? - Someone who wants to be alone.
Let me buy you a drink.
Sit with me.
What would your wife think if she saw us? I don't have a wife.
I bet you're not that tough.
If we spent more time together, you'd see.
Cat got your tongue? I'm suggesting spending more time together.
Shouldn't I be the one suggesting that? Are you waiting to be seated at a table? I've got one, thanks.
Follow me, please.
I can go on my own.
Are you crazy? You can't flirt with the clients.
Says who? The shipbuilder is a good friend.
He's arriving in Barcelona in a few days.
He's willing to bring his ships here.
Six every week.
Just imagine the amount of heroin we can move with six ships a week.
Why Barcelona? Why not Marseille or Sicily? Because they have visa issues.
And since she's the consul's wife, she can handle all the paperwork.
I don't want the consul to suspect anything.
He often doesn't even know what he's signing.
He married me! [chuckles.]
I need to know something.
Your friends, what do they want in exchange? Something we can't refuse them.
A flamenco shindig.
A flamenco shindig? And a 30% cut.
- No way.
- Of course they expect a cut.
Come on.
I need a little fun.
All this business talk is boring.
[door opens and closes.]
Would you like a dance? Come on.
No, I'm not very good.
I can show you.
- Won't it annoy that nice lady? - Don't worry about her.
It's my first time here.
Do you know a guy called Arístides? You people are always on duty, aren't you? [Vinuesa.]
Been in Barcelona long? A month and a half.
I moved from Madrid.
Why the change of scenery? [whispers inaudibly, giggles.]
When you left I cried I cried [crowd applauds.]
I've had a really nice time.
In case you need to call me.
That's the cop that was with the commissioner the night we shook down the port guy.
The same one that came to the gym asking about Roko.
You knew he was a cop.
God only knows what you told him when you were dancing together.
- [Malpica.]
You knew that? - Of course she did.
She's playing both sides.
I'm amazed you can't see it.
Leave me alone with her.
Malpica, did she give you - tickets for Friday? - Mm-hmm.
I'd like to see you there.
Hmm? [scoffs.]
It's going to be epic, you'll see.
We're going to beat the crap out of that guy.
I'm sure.
He's excited.
Did you know that man was a cop? Yes.
What did you tell him? Nothing.
Were you seducing him? Yes.
What are you playing at, Hache? Are you testing me or what? Why were you seducing him? Because I don't want you to ruin Arístides' fight.
I want to find another way.
Chatting with that cop, I've found out more things than Senovilla.
He likes me.
I can lure him away from the port so you can load the cargo on the ship.
[both breathing heavily.]
You can't just do whatever you want.
You can't be dancing with a cop without my knowledge.
You can't.
[Hache moans.]
Worming information out of him, good idea.
Do it.
Hey, Leandro.
It's been a while.
- Bought a new car, I see.
- [Leandro.]
Give him the envelope.
[man sniffs.]
He doesn't want it.
It's going to be a fair fight, Leandro.
I explained that to your guy yesterday.
You and I have a deal.
We go 50/50 on the fights.
- Look, my boy's been training for months.
- [Leandro.]
Your boy's still a kid.
If you want, we can make him European champion next year, but tomorrow he's taking a dive in the third round.
How about the other way around? Hmm? All bets are on the Bull tomorrow.
Life's a bitch.
We cash in with this, and then we can focus on your boy's career.
Find him a good nickname.
I was thinking cocksucker.
Leandro say that again, and you're dead.
[car door opens and closes.]
- You're late.
- [Hache.]
I need to use the bathroom.
[prison bell rings.]
- What? - [prison guard.]
Come on.
I've got a good witness.
A cop that's willing to testify that you didn't kill the guard.
Not interested.
We're talking about a bribe here.
Where did you get the money? - Working.
- [Bruno.]
I don't want to spend my entire life owing that guy money.
We don't owe him anything.
His fees are already paid.
Bruno, if I may Let her help you, or you'll end up rotting in here.
Beat it.
I want to be alone with her.
Get out.
- How's Tina? Does she still ask about me? - Of course.
She needs her father.
That's why I want you home.
At what price? Do you think I was born yesterday? I don't want that scumbag lawyer to collect his fees by laying a hand on you.
- What are you saying? - I see how he fucking looks at you! It all fits.
You sleep with him, and he does the rest.
- That's not true.
- [Bruno.]
No? I work for that money.
Where do you get it? And don't say sewing, I don't believe you.
- It's true.
- You shouldn't be working! I should be the provider for you and the kid.
In prison? Here? Nice way to provide for us.
When I get out.
But I don't want that lawyer.
I don't want a lawyer that's going to bleed us dry.
Why did you have to be the strike's ringleader? Huh? Why did you have to be on the front lines? Because there's no freedom in this country and someone has to fight to get it.
What? Don't you share my values? Have you changed that much? Of course I share them.
- You do? - [Hache.]
Yes! I've always liked that you want to change the world, but for that to happen, you can't be in here, don't you think? Not at any price.
I don't want any bribes.
I can't accept you betraying yourself to pay a lawyer.
I'm sorry.
My dignity is more important.
Life is about making choices.
So I've heard.
It's true.
Life is about making choices.
[prison bell rings.]
[crying softly, grunts.]
Did you study piano, or is it all by ear? [Malpica.]
The war ended my musical career.
Sabell's called three times.
He's worried.
He says he has urgent business, and you won't let him step away from the telephone.
Can we trust him? The Americans are getting nervous.
The Horizon has to shove off tonight.
He knows his marriage and reputation are on the line.
I've been to the courts.
The on-duty judge is Munir.
I know him.
We can try something.
Bribing a judge? Are you crazy? If the police get their search warrant, we won't be able to load.
[stops playing.]
What do you have on the cop? I've got some guys looking into his past.
I'll have everything on him soon.
He arrived in Barcelona a month and a half ago.
He asked to be transferred from Madrid because his wife died there.
No children.
He lives to work, meaning he won't stop hounding us.
Where did you find that out? Her? She's rising up fast.
Some folks rise, other fall.
Such is life.
Is there a problem? If you need anything, you know where I'll be.
Last night, I dreamt I won the fight.
- I know I'm going to win.
I can feel it.
- [Arístides.]
You can't win.
[Juan chuckles.]
Yeah, I know.
I know what you're going to say.
"You shouldn't be so cocky.
That beast will clobber you" Juan, a betting ring has money on the fight.
You need to go down in the third round.
The gym is funded with this kind of cash, you know that.
- Leandro? - That's not your business.
You're going to hurt yourself.
I've been training for months.
Months! I don't want to throw the fight.
Next year, they're going to bet on you again.
- You're young.
You need to be patient.
- He should beat me.
That jerk should beat me in the ring.
Not like that.
Shit, not like that.
Did you stick up for me? Juan, I'm sorry, but we have no choice.
You didn't even fight for me? Good job.
Bravo, bravo, Arístides.
- [sighs.]
Let's talk.
- No.
Don't touch me.
Don't even come near me.
[man on radio.]
Good evening from the Grand Price Theatre.
- We got a call from court.
- [man.]
In less than an hour - Do we have our warrant? - We can go get it whenever we want.
two contenders will be fighting for the welterweight title.
The fight seems to be pretty evenly matched.
I didn't think you'd call me so soon.
Me neither, but last night you left so quickly, you left me hanging.
Who was the woman that was upset seeing us together? Someone who thinks she can control me.
I also like women I can control.
That's not true.
Of course it is.
Who asked whom for a dance last night? And who asked you to have dinner here tonight? You like strong women.
That's why you're here now.
How very brazen of you.
A toast to brazen women.
They make life more fun.
You ask a lot about me, but I hardly know a thing about you.
What is it you do? I work at a textile factory.
You're the classiest factory worker I've ever seen.
I sew my own dresses.
So I'll ask again What is it you do? Don't you ever stop working? Hmm? [door opens.]
Pardon me.
Isn't that the hooker - who wanted to jump? - Shh, Eladio.
What the hell are you doing with her? - We have the warrant? - [scoffs.]
Waiter, my coat and the check, please.
Forgive me, I have to go.
It's urgent.
I'm sorry.
Your coat.
Thank you.
[police sirens wailing.]
Search every single box.
You, go get the cargo manifest.
Police! Put the boxes down.
They need to be searched.
Inspector! Inspector! I beg you.
All the boxes have been sealed by customs.
There's no time for this.
Open the boxes.
The cargo is fragile.
Can't you see the label? [jazz music playing.]
The ship weighs anchor in three hours.
What's the status? Later.
Vinuesa got the warrant.
We don't have much time.
It's time for my plan.
- [Hache.]
What about Arístides? - He'll understand.
Fire at the ceiling.
Just cause a ruckus, that's all.
Cover your faces.
Make as much noise as you can.
Make them think it'll be a bloodbath.
[line ringing.]
Is this the Grand Price Theater? This is Arístides.
Who are you? [Hache.]
The cops are at the port.
They're searching for the cargo.
Hache? Malpica wants them gone so the ship can leave.
What are you saying? Malpica is going to stop the fight with gunfire.
He's sent a few men to fire at the ceiling.
- They want to cause pandemonium.
- [sighs.]
I know this fight's important to you.
- Why are you warning me? - I don't know.
- I had to.
- [chuckles softly.]
Yeah, he's ugly, short, old Some days, he pays attention to me.
Other days, I'm invisible I don't really know Larrocha that well, but I also think he's not your type.
But why not? That's why I like him.
Everybody thinks he's not my type.
Do your parents know you come here so often? No.
My father would do anything to put Larrocha in prison if he knew I was sleeping with him.
- [laughs.]
My father is a judge.
- Is he a good judge? I'm sorry? What do you mean? Is he a good person? Um Well, he prays a lot.
He doesn't say much and he never laughs.
He thinks I'm in my room right now.
I leave a pillow on the bed in case he comes in, and I leave through the service door.
Shall we go back? [crowd cheering.]
- [crowd applauding.]
- [door opens.]
Don't touch me.
Let's go for it, Juan.
Go get him, kick the living shit out of Bull Guzmán.
Make him remember you for the rest of his life.
Can I fight for real? Are you serious? What about Leandro? I'll handle Leandro.
You just go for the Bull.
Sound good? [door opens.]
- [Sisita.]
What are you doing? - [Larrocha.]
Come here.
- Do you want to get a little crazy? - [Sisita.]
I was looking for you.
Could you be any more beautiful? [chuckles.]
She's like a doll.
She reminds me of me when I was young.
What are you guys on? When she was young last century.
- No? - [laughs.]
Good one.
Don't get carried away.
We don't have time.
The ship leaves at 12:00.
I'm talking about that lady.
She's bad news.
On the right, wearing blue, the man who has broken the record for most consecutive wins in a year, the Los Montes Puma, the Bull from Vic, the Bull Guzmán! [crowd cheering.]
And on the left, in black, this year's revelation, with 25 wins and only three defeats, the Baby from Cornellà, Juan Terol! [crowd booing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[breathing heavily.]
[bell dings.]
[both grunting.]
The Bull is going for him.
Out to get his opponent, who's guarding from the left and now on the right.
But be careful, with that right You need to start moving, Juan.
Come on, that's it.
The Baby from Cornellà avoids contact.
He swings a hook from the right that reaches the Baby, - but he recovers! - Come on, Juanico.
Away from the ropes.
No doubt about it, the Bull from Vic wants the win.
- [man 1.]
Olé! - [guitar playing.]
[man 2.]
Flowers are worth nothing What is worthy is your arms Hugging me at night What is worthy is your arms [commentator.]
We've started round two.
The Bull Guzmán on the attack.
He's letting him have it, taking him against the ropes.
You got it.
Hit him.
He's trying to punish Juan Terol, and the referee separates them.
Come on, separate.
Attacking again, Bull Guzmán.
[crowd cheers.]
And now, a hit from the right that reaches his face.
Juanito's down.
Juanito is on the floor.
He has a gash on his eyebrow.
That's it.
That's it.
The Bull already smells blood.
- [flamenco guitar playing.]
- [group singing.]
Come on! Up and down! Up and down! [gunfire.]
[people screaming.]
Arístides! Arístides! [firing continues.]
Something at the Price.
Shots fired.
All units to the theater immediately.
Now! We haven't finished our inspection.
Are you hearing me, Vinuesa? All units.
Now! It's a ruse, sir.
Vinuesa! One of the boxers is Arístides', and there is trouble at the fight.
What a coincidence.
That's an order.
[Arístides sobbing.]
["Guarda che luna" playing.]
No! - What happened? - Gunfight, sir.
A stampede.
Just one victim, with a bullet wound.
Who was firing? [police officer.]
Multiple people.
They had their faces covered.
Juan! [man.]
Come on, hurry! We have ten minutes.
What are you doing here? Where's Malpica? He couldn't come, so I came instead.
Is there a problem? You've wrecked my life.
Mine's been wrecked lots of times, yet here I am.
I said to shoot at the ceiling.
I don't want to hear about stray bullets! [slams receiver.]
[jazz music playing.]