Hache (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The kiss of death

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Now that this world has permanently passed for our brother, Juan Terol, we ask the Lord to deliver unto him all the heavenly joys BODY OF JUAN TEROL APRIL 24th 1960 that he has prepared for his children.
Dear Lord, you chose to take our brother, Juan Terol, in death.
Now, we ask you to also deign him with a new life of eternal glory, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Rest in peace.
I'm sorry.
And Malpica? The police are looking for you.
We shouldn't be seen together.
Is that what he told you? Why did you come? Because I'm nobody.
Commissioner, has there ever been a shooting like this before at a boxing match? In this city, of course not.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? Terol was shot in the head.
Is it reasonable to assume that killing him was the aim? It is reasonable.
We know some fights are rigged.
We're continuing with our investigation.
Can we expect arrests in the coming hours? I repeat, we can't give any information that might hinder the investigation.
When will the investigation be concluded? Obviously, as soon as we have all the Are you bored, too, Inspector? If this was fun, I wouldn't get paid.
We're not paid if we don't fill the papers with news.
The news is behind you.
Come on, Inspector.
No one ever tells the cameras the truth.
Do you want the truth or a story? Um, we have something that may interest you, too.
It depends on what you can give us in return.
Have a nice day, Inspector.
Hey, what did they want? I borrowed their lighter.
- We're going to the port.
- Now? We have to recheck the Horizon's cargo records.
Things in Marseille are getting tricky.
Too much control.
Barcelona has good news for Luciano.
We're keeping our promise.
For how long? Come in.
I was just about to tell Caruso that Anna got us a contact with an American shipping line.
- Oh, good news, right? - Mm-hmm.
The new boats will go from Barcelona to New York, Boston When? - Well, it's still early to - First, we close the deal.
Um Bravo.
Luciano will be very happy, as will I.
We're happy the American consulate takes such good care of our businesses.
Glad to hear it.
Allow me.
There's no need, thank you.
I know the way.
Thank you.
- What is it? - Um Anna's, uh, disappeared.
Disappeared? I haven't seen her since that last night here.
Obviously, she's disappeared before, but she calls, or comes back the next day, or If you were good in bed, she wouldn't be out looking for fun.
Son of a bitch! I'm sorry I didn't mean to.
I'm desperate.
That woman's uncontrollable, and if the consul finds out You think the Americans are going to talk to us about heroin because of you? - Hmm? - No.
- Because of me? - No.
We need her.
Get out.
How did you know that guy accepted bribes? Don't they all? - This is all the cargo loaded that night.
- Hmm.
Let's see who had their goods on the Horizon.
When was the shooting during the fight? During the second round, at 9:15 p.
according to witnesses.
This cargo was loaded 90 minutes later, once we'd left the port.
- Tuna.
- Six Encinas Street.
You know where that is? Where's Anna? - I don't know.
- She hasn't come home.
I don't know where she is, if she's even alive.
Anna is a free woman.
It's not the first time she's gone partying.
She'll be back.
You better tell us if you know where she is.
Were you with her? Where is she? I don't know.
I can't remember.
Let him go.
He's just an idiot who loves heroin.
What's going on? Maybe Ramiro has something to say, hmm? Leave him.
I don't remember anything.
- So try harder! - Shh! Let's see Look at me.
How long have we known each other? Hmm? You play well, but not so much that we can't live without you.
Hmm? Okay.
- We fell asleep on the beach - Mm-hmm.
- in Bogatell.
- Good.
- And Anna? - When I woke up, she was gone.
I want Anna at the table with the shipowner.
You have one day.
What if she doesn't appear or if she's dead? Resuscitate her.
Show me I can trust you.
Come on.
You're coming with me.
Let me clean him up.
Sisita What about Sisita? She was with us.
She was unconscious.
Fuck, she's only a kid.
- What happened to her? - We were smoking heroin.
- How much? - I don't remember how much.
And where is she? I left her outside Sant Pau hospital.
I didn't know what to do.
They don't know anything.
- What now? - The photo.
Take a walk and ask people.
- Leave no stone unturned.
- Boys.
What's your deal with Anna? Uh, well, she's passionate, and, sometimes, we fool around.
What are the effects of heroin? What? I want to know what happens when you shoot up heroin.
Nothing happens.
That's the best part.
You feel like things stop happening, as if everyone suddenly shut up and started whispering.
It makes you forget, too? No, that's the booze.
I wrote down some of the places I often go with her.
There's not much else I can do.
- And? - Nothing.
Christ! You sure it's here? That's what it said in the paperwork.
I can recheck if you want.
You can't sleep? I've got something for you.
I want you to be prepared.
Prepared for what? Some days, I can't even move.
You've seen me.
The pain's killing me.
I can't do everything.
This is for you.
I don't know how to use it.
I don't want to.
You can't always defend yourself by biting.
Arístides will show you how to use it.
Arístides is grieving.
He won't want to.
Arístides will do whatever I ask.
He blames you for everything.
He'll be back.
Won't you go and see him? You never do a thing for anyone, right? Don't you shut up? I can't trust anyone.
Whoever is betraying me wants to take my place.
Carry it on you at all times.
What are you doing here? I want you to teach Hache how to shoot as soon as possible.
Pick her up at her place.
It'll do you good to stark working.
How would you know what's good or bad for me? You know the business as much as I do.
The good and the bad.
What's the good part? I'm sorry.
You have my sympathies.
No one wanted the kid to die.
I told them to shoot in the air.
I didn't tell you what was gonna happen because there was so much at stake.
You got what you wanted, right? Then that's that.
I'm glad it was worth it.
You can leave now.
At least he didn't die in the ring like Paíno.
Or have you forgotten him? I remember, yes.
But Juan was only 22! It was an accident, a stray bullet.
Keep your eye on the viewfinder.
Strong grip, straight arms.
This isn't for me.
I'll never forget that you warned me.
Of all the men in his life, you're the only one The only one what? The only one who looks at me and doesn't judge me.
Why didn't you turn him in? You saw him kill a man right? Why do you stay with him? Can't you see we're all going to end up dead? You, too.
You've got a daughter.
Shooting is easy, Hache.
The hard part is choosing who to shoot.
Spanish News is glad to be here to broadcast next to our press and radio comrades.
Cinematographic News and Documentaries, NO-DO, provides fast, complete information about every part of national and foreign life.
LA BARCELONETA: DRIVER KILLED ONE DEAD IN RED-LIGHT DISTRIC All our jobs are made in Spanish labs, labs that have the best technological devices.
Truthfulness and thoroughness is our reporters' motto.
I received my share for the Horizon cargo.
I want you to put it in a safe-deposit box at the Hispano American Bank.
The gun should give you an idea of how much it is.
- Why do you want me to go? - I want you to see how much I trust you.
You're a part of this now.
What if something happens? If someone tries to rob me No time for questions.
They close in 30 minutes.
Now's the best time.
It won't be busy.
Try to act natural.
No one knows you.
You won't attract attention in the bank.
Ask for Luis Ramos.
He'll take you to an office.
He knows what to do.
CREDIT & DOCKS HISPANO AMERICAN BANK I'm sorry about your protégé.
Such a young kid.
I was at the port when I heard about the shooting, supervising the loading of an American boat, the Horizon.
I don't know anything about boats.
About boats, or weapons.
- What do you know? - Boxing.
We had to leave the port to get to the shooting.
Hooded men shooting the place up.
All that fuss over a boxing match? What are you getting at? You spend months training a kid for him to get shot in the head in the ring? Were you responsible for it? Are you to blame for the death of your student? It was a stray bullet.
Look, if you've got something on me, arrest me.
Otherwise, leave.
I can see his death has affected you.
Think about whether you want to help me.
I'm always here to listen.
You heard me already.
Get out.
- Miss Folch? - Yes, next door.
Are you Sisita's parents? Who are you? I'm a friend of your daughter's, Mr.
I've never seen you at the house.
How do you know Sisita? - We met at the theater.
- At the theater? I didn't know Sisita liked the theater.
She never wants to go with us.
We went several times and ended up becoming friends.
Who told you she was here? Another friend.
What happened? She fell down the stairs.
Hit her head.
I'm sure she'll be better soon.
I brought something that might help.
A record she really likes.
Can I give it to her? Thank you.
I came to see you.
And I've brought you a gift.
Mom, can you leave us alone? Sure, honey, but not for long, hmm? You need to rest.
You have to get me out of here.
- You're not well.
You need to get better.
- No I don't want to be here.
Please, tell Larrocha to come get me.
- I'll leave home.
- Sisita, you need to get better.
You know that Anna, the consul's wife, has disappeared? You were with her.
Do you know where she is? Why are you asking about Anna? I don't know anything about her.
I don't even know how I got here.
Is that why you came? Because you're looking for her? Doesn't anyone care about me? Help me.
Don't you understand? My parents don't know who I am, or what I think, or how I feel.
- Shh.
- I'd rather die.
I know you're a judge.
I need your help.
My help? I've got a lot of money.
Aren't you my daughter's friend? This will all be yours if you help get my daughter's father out of jail.
He's a good man.
He hasn't done anything wrong.
He was just in the wrong place.
- What are you talking about? - I'm asking you for a favor.
My daughter was dumped outside the hospital, covered in her own vomit, barely breathing.
Her body riddled with heroin.
Do you know what that is? If it doesn't kill you, you end up wishing it did.
And you come here What kind of person are you? Get out and don't come back.
If you change your mind, you can find me here.
It's a place Sisita knows well.
- Do you like it? - Can I show Daddy? When's he coming? Daddy wants to come home, but they won't let him out.
I'm going to get him out of jail.
- I will.
- Tina Go to the kitchen.
Your milk is ready.
I was talking to her.
Why'd you send her to the kitchen? Why'd you tell her you'll get her dad out of jail? It gets her hopes up.
You don't know what I'm doing.
If I tell her I'll get her dad out of jail, it's because I will! Great, get him out.
I never said it was a bad thing, but he had a family before all those strike He was defending what he thought was right.
Fine, and while he was saving the world, what about you? You got fired because of him.
You became a whore because of him.
Forget Bruno and think about yourself, about your daughter.
Look after what you have now.
Mom, I found this in your bag.
Give me that! Why did you touch my bag? Eh? What have I told you about touching my bag? Come here.
If it's bad news, don't go near Malpica.
I can't find her anywhere.
Who knows where that crazy woman is.
Tell one of your men to bring me some doses of heroin.
- What for? - Just bring me them.
What's that? Heroin.
No Tomorrow's the meeting with the American shipowner, and there's no trace of Anna.
I won't let you do it.
- Who are you to tell him what to do? - I know what heroin does.
Are you that weak? Huh? Huh? Huh? Are you that weak? It was you who said that one pain gets rid of another.
Want to get in the backseat, handsome? I wasn't waiting for you.
Are you blind or recently married? A widower.
We had a bet to see if you'd call.
I won.
What have you got for me that's so interesting? What have you got? BULLETS TO THE CEILING - A SHOOTING WITH MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS They're saying the shooting was a cover-up.
How did the press get wind of this? I'm as surprised as you are, sir.
Now everyone's speculating with your theory.
It's not just a theory.
It was a textbook distraction.
What will the governor say about all this? - I guess he'll want the truth.
- What truth? When we left the port to go to the fight, a nonexistent company loaded cargo onto the Horizon.
Isn't that suspicious? Someone wanted to rig the fight, that's all.
You think the whole world revolves around you, don't you? How's he doing? If I were him, I'd pack my bags and get on the first train back to Madrid.
Did you know that his wife committed suicide? Did he tell you that? Yes.
Well, I guess that explains a lot.
You can leave.
Why do you do everything he asks? Maybe you're the only one who dares to argue with him.
How long have you been with him? Ten years.
Where did you meet him? In France.
I also left Spain during the war, with my family.
- What did you do before being with him? - I don't remember.
Don't you have a life outside of here? Don't judge me.
You don't know anything about me or Malpica, and you're not going to.
We've been together too many years for someone to show up and tell us what to do.
What do I have to do for you to stop being my enemy? - Hmm? - Disappear.
He'll look for me.
- You'll hurt him.
- Do you care? Yes.
And the way he hurts everyone? You don't understand anything.
Without Malpica, there's no heroin, no Albatros, no money, no nothing.
Not even you.
Hache, you've got a call.
The telephone's in the corridor.
- Who is it? - A woman.
Hello? How's Sisita? - Let's get to the point.
- As you wish.
Who are you, and what do you want? My name's Helena Olaya.
I met Sisita in a nightclub, the Albatros.
I work there.
What club is that? It's where Sisita gets the heroin.
She's in love with the pianist, and she'll go back as soon as she can.
I can watch her, let you know when she comes to the Albatros if you help me.
This is crazy.
We shouldn't have called you.
I want nothing from this woman.
You'd rather see her die? She's in love, and she'll find a way back, even if you lock her up.
- What's your daughter's father's name? - Bruno Artero.
My husband will do what he can for him, and you'll look after our daughter.
- But do you know - But nothing! If anything happens to my daughter, I'll hold you responsible.
God damn it! You have no idea where she goes.
You said you'd find her.
Who the fuck do you think you are? You're insulting the wife of a US consul.
- I don't care.
- Is that so? I'm telling the truth.
She must be floating in the sea.
You know why it's so important we find Anna? Because she's necessary for the business.
You are not.
Keep looking for her.
- What if she doesn't turn up? - We're screwed.
Why don't you offer that shipowner more money? No.
Money won't help us.
Quite the opposite.
They think they're doing something wrong.
They need guarantees, security.
That's what Anna provides.
- They're her friends.
- I could have dinner with them.
Make them see they can trust us as much as her.
They want Anna, not a whore.
Take that back.
Apologize to Hache.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to insult you.
Being a whore isn't insulting.
It's much worse to be a coward.
I'm sure we were here.
I remember the girl with the earring.
Why were you here? Anna really likes flamenco.
- Where do we start? - I don't know.
- Then ask.
- Okay.
- Have we heard anything from Senovilla? - No, nothing.
Stay by the phone.
Why didn't you want me to have dinner with them? I said no one would ever touch you again.
You know how to shoot.
You can do other things for the business.
- I can make them forget Anna.
- I said no.
Nothing? If she's not dead, I'll kill her.
- Welcome.
Come with me.
- Thank you.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Been looking forward to meeting you.
I'm Walter Kopinski.
This is our partner, Salvador Malpica.
- My pleasure.
- Hi.
Pleased to meet you.
And, uh, Anna? Where's Anna? Well, you know women.
They're not happy unless they're making us wait.
Follow me.
Have a seat.
- Spare some change, please.
Please, sir.
- Leave me alone! I haven't got any change, Christ! Go away! Go away.
- Lady, please, leave him alone.
- Don't touch me! - That's enough.
- What's this? Anna! Anna Don't do this to me, Anna.
Anna! Anna! Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Okay, open your eyes.
Get up.
Come with me.
Open your eyes.
Come on! Up! Look at me.
- Come on.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
Hey Slowly.
Eh? Senovilla's found Anna.
She's a mess.
Come help me.
Take champagne to the booth and tell Malpica everything's okay.
Come on.
Anna Come on, Anna, come on! - She won't wake up! - Throw water on her face.
- I'll get clothes and shoes.
- Anna! She can use Julia's.
- She hasn't said a word! - Then make her.
Wait, I've got something.
Anna, look at me.
Look at me.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes! - What's that? - If this doesn't wake her, nothing will.
Anna! Anna, it's cocaine.
Take it.
Take it! Take it! Come on, come on.
- Good.
- Now? Is she okay? Here, put these on her.
Yes, yes Why don't I get us another bottle of champagne? No.
Come on, let's go.
No, no, no, really, just just - Please - No.
There's no deal.
No, honestly Really, she'll be here any moment now.
There's no deal.
She's here.
- Ah! Anna.
- Oh! - Anna! - Darling! - So sorry for my delay.
- I'm so glad you're here.
Guys, why are your glasses empty? Could we get another round of drinks here? Yay! Anna, please, have a seat.
- How have you been? - Yeah, good, real good.
And you've met Malpica, right? Yeah.
He doesn't say much.
But he's a really good guy.
You'll like him.
This arrived at the station after you left.
- I thought you didn't do overtime.
- Well, I thought it might be urgent.
Do you want to come in? I don't have much to offer you, but The truth is that I've got a cab waiting for me downstairs.
Thanks for coming.
Oh, Tico-Tico, tick! Oh, Tico-Tico, tok! This Tico-Tico He's the cuckoo in my clock And when he says, "Cuckoo!" He means it's time to woo It's Tico-time for all the lovers In the block A tête-à-tête at eight So speak, oh, Tico Tell me, is it getting late? If I'm on time, cuckoo Very good, Julio.
Very good.
For just a birdie And a birdie who goes nowhere He knows of every lovers' lane And how to go there Six more boats a week.
And then many more.
How far do you want to go? Hmm? During the war, I thought I was going to die.
But here I am, alive.
What are you doing? You can't do this.
What do you want? I want to see a warrant.
So I know anything's possible.
I've got a heavy date A tête-à-tête at eight - Helena Olaya? - What's going on? Are you Helena Olaya? You're under arrest for the blackmail and extortion of a public official.
- Do you have a warrant? - Yes.
Come on.
My Tico's terribly smart He tells me "Gently, sentimentally at the start!" Oh-oh I hear my little Tico-Tico calling