Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Hey, your feet stopped short! What happened to your serving and receiving reflexes from yesterday? You need to focus! All I'm doing is receiving There's not much time left! I want to spike, too! I want to jump, too! Go jump around, then! Hey, you guys.
I should give you fair warning.
Daichi-san is usually gentle, but he's extremely scary when he gets angry.
I mean extremely.
We know.
It won't be good if he finds out about this morning practice.
It won't be good for me.
It's not that I'm scared or anything.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not at all.
But anyway, the three of us here are the only ones that know about this morning practice, so make sure that you Morning practice, huh? I knew it.
But why He's a third-year.
Because you were obviously weird yesterday.
You're always barely on time, but you voluntarily asked to be in charge of opening the lock.
Oh ah Don't worry, don't worry.
I won't tell Daichi.
This is like secret training or something.
It's kind of thrilling.
Haikyu!! Episode 3: The Formidable Ally Come and get it! Good, that was excellent.
Hinata, don't get distracted.
I want to hit the ball, too.
Send me a toss, too.
Tossing's your favorite, right? Send me a toss, too.
Just one.
Hey, Hinata Just try me out, once.
Okay? I refuse.
What is this? Stinginess? That's right, that's right.
That came straight at you from front.
Tossing and attacking happen only if there's a reception.
Which you're too slow to even do, so don't talk cocky.
For the three-on-three match this Saturday, I'll make every effort to give Tanaka-san all the tosses.
Let Tanaka-san do the attacking.
You do your best to not get in our way.
When I can receive satisfactorily, you'll send me tosses, too? I'll toss to anyone who's essential to winning.
Right now, I don't think you're essential to winning.
What's it take to toss him a few here and there? It's getting to be that time.
We'd better clean up.
Hurry! Erase all evidence! Tanaka, get a mop! Damn it Yes.
Damn it Hinata, drop your waist, and hit it like you're sending it right back in the direction it came from.
Here goes.
Oh, that was a good one.
Hey, Hinata.
You want me to toss to you, starting tomorrow morning? Really? You will? I'm the official setter of Karasuno, you know.
You want to practice spiking, right? Oh, yes.
I love spiking.
It feels great when it works, and it's awesome! Sounds like you got some spiking memories.
All three years in junior high there was no setter or anything.
I was the only club member.
My friends in the basketball club would toss for me.
Yikes, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for it to go there.
Even after club activities, I had first-years, mothers, setters from the girl's team throw tosses to me We got along well and we're friends, but still, they weren't really teammates.
That's why I used to wonder what kind of setter I'd have in high school.
You're lousy as shit.
I was looking forward to it You suck.
before I got here.
Like I said, I'm a setter.
I'll toss to you.
But if you tossed to me I'd kinda feel like I've lost.
Hinata, why do you insist on getting in Kageyama's face? Personally, I try to avoid confronting guys who are stronger than me.
At the junior high tournament he was so much bigger and taller than me.
He was so strong.
It was horrible when he stood in front of me.
I understand how that must feel.
I came to Karasuno because I was going to beat Kageyama.
I see.
But, Hinata, is beating Kageyama all you want out of volleyball? Oh um He's practicing through his lunch break? I just want to become strong enough to defeat Kageyama.
If I can do that, I'll be on even ground with any strong opponent.
I wouldn't be easy to beat in a match.
I don't want to lose any more.
I see So, in other words, Kageyama is the best player in your grade level, as far as you know.
Y-Yes He sure doesn't like admitting it.
But if he was your most formidable opponent, now he's your most formidable ally.
I don't think you're essential to winning.
All right, let's do some receiving.
All right.
Thanks for taking out the trash.
One, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Two, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
All right.
One, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Two, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Let's go.
Where are you going? We can't handle the ball freely in there.
I found a place we can practice.
Where? Good job, Kageyama! Well done.
Don't be condescending.
Don't get mad at every little thing.
You guys sound sleepy.
Oh, y-you think so? Maybe I studied too much.
M-Me, too.
I studied Nobody will buy that from you! Huh? Excuse me.
Hey, you made it.
These are the first-year students who'll be joining us.
New club members were supposed to be introduced next week, but we're having a match this Saturday, They're big.
that'll be the true test of your skills.
Pleased to meet you.
Fight Don't just use your hands.
Move your feet.
Come on.
You need to concentrate.
I know that.
We'll win this Saturday, be allowed into the gym, and join this club for real.
But you, on the other hand, can't play setter unless you win.
If you know that, then concentrate! I said to take it easy when we practice outside.
All you have to do is receive properly.
Whatever, king.
What's the matter with him? He gets mad every time I call him "king.
" It's a cool nickname, you know.
I wonder if I could have a cool nickname, too.
Like "little giant" or something.
"Wind of a fast wind.
" That has "wind" twice "The forest's—" That doesn't work.
"The jet black—" Um "The one who descended from the northeast—" Hey, let's get back to it.
I wonder what our first-year opponents are like.
They'll be better than playing against our senpais.
Who cares what they're like? There's no choice for me but to win.
That's what I was going to say.
Don't cluck your tongue.
Let's do this.
You don't receive with your face.
There's something I don't like about those newbie first-years You don't like anyone you meet for the first time.
You know.
That's your personality, right? My personality? But those guys sure were beyond expectations.
Are you going to be okay in the match on Saturday? O-Of course.
I'm on the team, after all.
That's true.
There's Kageyama, too.
Equipment Room But don't you think Kageyama's mellowed out since junior high? What? How has he mellowed out at all? The guy's cocky as shit.
Well it's like when he was in junior high, he had this unwavering confidence.
Like he was an unprecedented phenomenon or something.
Either way he's cocky as hell.
Sorry, sorry.
I shouldn't have asked you that.
Huh? One One more.
Here goes.
The back.
Got it.
Wow, they're really doing this outside.
Are you the first-years that stirred up trouble on the first day? Tee-shirts? Chilly.
H-Huge Give it back.
Isn't it time for elementary school boys to go home? Who are you guys anyway? You're the other first-years joining the club? Hey.
He's got height I was talking here.
You, how tall are you? Hey.
Tsookie is 188 cm.
He'll be 190 soon.
What are you bragging about, Yamaguchi? Sorry, Tsookie.
You're Kageyama of Kitagawa Daiichi, aren't you? What's an elite like you doing in Karasuno? Huh? Hey.
We won't lose this Saturday, you hear me? Oh, I see.
It might be an important match for you two, but it doesn't matter to me at all.
I'm not worried about winning or losing, so if you two really need to win, I can go easy on you if you like.
What? Whether you go easy or give it your all, the bottom line is I will win.
You mean "we.
" Amazing confidence.
I expect nothing less of the "king.
" Hey.
Don't call me that.
So it is true.
What? The rumor that he loses it when he's called the "king of the court.
" What's wrong with "king"? It's cool.
I think it suits you perfectly, "king.
" This is out of my hands.
What do you want from me, dude? I watched the prefecture preliminary tournament.
That was some egocentric tossing.
I can't believe your teammates tolerated it, because I just couldn't.
Oh! I guess what happened was because they couldn't tolerate it any more, either.
What's going on? I don't know what they're talking about, but why is he holding back on this creepy guy? Tell him off like you usually would.
Say something back at him.
Let's go.
Um hey.
Running away? I guess the king isn't what he's cracked up to be.
Maybe I'll win against the king this Saturday, too.
Shut up with the "king" crap.
I'm here, too.
I'll spike the ball over your head at the match.
Huh? W-What? Hey.
You wanna fight, bastard? Let's not get so intense.
Let's do this cheerfully, for fun.
It's only a club activity, after all.
What do you mean "only"? I mean, literally.
See you later.
Hey, you! Stop! Who are you guys? First-year class-4, Tsukishima Kei.
I'm Yamaguchi Tadashi.
We're your teammates starting today.
But enemies for now.
Looking forward to seeing the king's tosses.
See ya.
Man, those guys totally give me the creeps.
We'll pummel them to the ground.
I don't need you to tell me that.
Hey, where are you going? Huh? We're not done yet.
Tsookie, wait up.
Is something the matter? Guys that are intense for no reason get on my nerves.
That king and that shrimp You get in position too slowly.
I told you to focus.
How much longer are they going to do this? I know that.
Who knows? I'm so sleepy I can't stand it.
Hey, Kageyama.
It's too dark to see clearly.
Don't hit it so hard.
What's with that guy? That's not an apologetic look.
His nerves have been on edge since he met that big guy.
But if he doesn't toss at me, I can't spike.
I'll do my best receiving 'til I get a toss.
All right.
Do that again.
He couldn't handle a ball like that before.
Hey, don't go easy on me! You asked for it! Crap, I overslept.
I'm tardy, I'm tardy.
I gotta hurry Then, wham, I run into Kiyoko-san, who's eating bread.
I wish.
How long have they been at it? It's been fifteen minutes since I got here.
Fifteen minutes straight? What? His overwhelmingly great agility makes up for his unskillful clumsiness.
But you've reached your limit now! You can't go any further Not yet! I haven't dropped the ball yet! Take that.
Wow, bad character! How's he supposed to get that? Crap! I didn't mean that Hinata's athleticism has been amazing since junior high.
Huh? It's not just that, though.
I feel like he has the fortitude to become a winner.
He has a different weapon, other than a gifted physique or superior athleticism.
I can't take it any more.
I want him to stop.
And in the very moment I think that one step.
He saved it.
That's amazing, Hinata! I'll toss to anyone who's essential to winning.
But I don't think you're essential to winning right now.
I don't want to lose any more.
I haven't lost yet.
A toss? Kageyama tossed to him.
Hinata is too worn out to spike it, though.
He sure can jump.
He recovered from being that worn out.
And look how happy he is.
I think that meant something special to Hinata.
We got along so well and we're friends, but still, they weren't really teammates.
We have the ball tossed by the setter.
That's something we take for granted.
We're going to win tomorrow.
But if he was your most formidable opponent, now he's my most formidable ally.
O-Of course we will! Tanaka, get water, water! And a washrag! Karasuno Prefectural High School Wait up, you idiot! What's the point of getting worn out before the match? You'd better rest up.
Damn That was a draw.
I won't ever lose to the likes of you.
But He's irritating, and pisses me off He's going to send me tosses from now on.
Tosses from the setter! You and I are gonna win today.
Let's get ready.
Morning, king.
I'll break through any wall.
You'll see.
Next Episode Preview That Kageyama's not all he's cracked up to be.
He couldn't even talk back to you, Tsookie.
Shut up, Yamaguchi.
Sorry, Tsookie! Well, let's see what the king is made of.
And that shrimp, too.
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