Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

OP "The [volleyball.]
player is not a soloist, but a member of an orchestra.
When the player begins to think, 'I'm special,' [that player.]
is finished.
" - Director of the Brazilian Men's Volleyball Team, ranked number-1 in the world, Bernardo Rezende From [the book.]
Brazil Volleyball wo saikyo ni shita 'hito' to 'system' by Yonemushi Noriko (Toho Publishing) Move faster! Jump higher! More! More! More! Why? Why don't they jump? We're fed up with you.
You egocentric king.
Good morning.
The beautiful girl.
The beautiful girl is here.
Hey, hey.
Is she a manager? All right.
Let's get started.
I'll be on Tsukishima's team.
What? You, Captain? Don't worry.
Tanaka's a better attacker than me.
Though I won't go easy on you, either.
Um that little one and Tanaka-san, which one shall I crush— I mean— block first? Oh, yes, yes.
I'd like to see the king lose, too.
Tsukki, they can hear you.
Watch it.
I'm saying it so they can hear it.
I sure hope they lose their cool.
Tsukishima, you got character problems.
Our special feature is the king, who's been abandoned by his underlings.
Hey, hey.
Did you hear that? My, the things he says.
Oh, that Tsukishima-kun, I'm going to really crush him to a pulp.
Haikyu!! Episode 4: The View From the Summit He blew that big first-year out of the water.
Awesome power! More than usual! Tanaka, shut up! Showboating! Don't take your shirt off! Maybe you shouldn't have razzed Tanaka.
Okay! Me, too Me, too Hinata.
I get a toss, too This is my first high school match and my first spike.
I'll score.
And yet again, even here there's a high, high wall.
You surprised me the other day, too.
You sure can jump.
If only you were 30 centimeters taller, you could've become a superstar.
So he's tall! He's only one opponent.
One more.
I'll score the next one.
Blocked again.
Kageyama-Hinata Tsukishima-Yamaguchi How many is that now? Tsukki, nice! Tanaka is scoring consistently, though.
Nice block, Tsukishima.
Damn Thank you.
This guy's better than I thought.
Hey, there.
He's constantly getting blocked.
You should do the king's toss.
The toss that decimates his enemies and decimates his teammates, as well.
Shut up.
Yamaguchi, nice serve.
Sorry, Tsukki.
Don't mind.
Don't mind.
We don't need a speedy attack.
We can win without it.
Go, killer serve.
Kageyama's jump-serve.
It was powerful I'll rack the points up all at once.
Huh? Yamaguchi.
I got it, Tsukki.
Damn it.
Nice toss, Tsukki.
Daichi-san's weapon is his solid receive.
They've got serious defense.
Did you think you'd score a few points? I don't have outstanding talent, but I've been doing this a couple years longer than you.
My receive is well-integrated into my body.
Don't think you can get past me that easily.
Awesome Hey, king.
Maybe you should start getting serious.
What's your problem? You haven't stopped getting in our faces since the other day.
What's this "king's toss"? Don't you know why they call him "king"? He's called that because he's so good that guys at other schools are intimidated by him, isn't that it? I'm sure there are others who think that's why.
However, his nickname of "king of the court" was given to him by the guys of Kitagawa Daiichi.
By the teammates of the king.
What it means is He's the self-centered king.
The oppressive dictator.
I heard rumors, but I was convinced when I saw that match.
He got too oppressive, and had to sit out on the bench.
Kosen Gakuen / Kitagawa Daiichi All right.
Damn they block high.
We have to get past them somehow.
We need a much faster attack So fast it's unblockable.
Don't mind.
Don't mind.
Faster! Nice serve! Right! Are you kidding? Your tosses are reckless.
What's the point if we can't spike them? But we can't win if we don't get past their blocks.
Does it end here? Is this where I lose? No! I'm going to nationals.
Move faster! Jump higher! Match my tosses, if you want to win! And then, the first set.
At the opponent's set point.
Where I tossed there was no one there.
We had a few mistakes that day, but that last one was no mistake.
It was rejection.
It was the point where they said, "We're not following you any more.
" Kageyama.
Go sit on the bench.
He doesn't set up quick hits.
Is that because he's lost his nerve from that match? Dude.
You've been yammering too much.
He made a toss, but no one jumped— You are right.
I made a toss, and no one was there.
It's truly frightening.
But you were only in junior high, right? You toss to me just fine.
It makes no difference to me.
The real problem for me is how I'm going to get past you.
We'll win against Tsukishima, become official club members, and you will bravely play setter.
And you'll toss to me.
What else is there? How pure and straightforward and irritating.
You can't make up for height by psyching yourself up.
If you believe effort alone will win out You're dead wrong.
I got it.
Toss it to me! Who do I toss to? Hinata can't beat Tsukishima one-on-one Tanaka-san.
Kageyama! There was no one there I'm here.
That was close.
I almost missed it.
It's out, though.
What was that for? But the ball came to me.
Forget about junior high.
I'll take any toss I can get.
I'll jump anywhere.
I'll hit any ball.
So Toss it to me! I was sure Kageyama was going to toss to Tanaka, but he instinctively responded to Hinata's voice and motion instead.
And made a perfectly accurate toss.
For now, only his bad attitude stands out, but Kageyama is awesome, after all.
Hey guys, you know how to do quick hits? Quick hits? A fast attack like the one you just did.
Not at all.
All I've ever spiked are balls that get tossed high up.
But you just did it.
And when you were in junior high, I saw you spike a missed toss by the beginner setter.
That's what I mean.
Huh? But I don't remember how I did it.
But I'll spike any toss.
I'll spike it, understood? We've never gotten coordinated.
A fast attack is impossible.
Did he just say "impossible"? Does this guy know the meaning of the word "impossible"? There's something weird about you.
Your weakness is giving me the creeps.
Weird! Shut up.
It's not like you, king.
I'll spike it past you.
Wait and see! There you go again, all psyched up.
Just getting psyched up isn't going to make things right.
Some people aren't cut out for some things.
Clearly, you're not cut out to be a spiker.
That's true.
Even when I was in junior high, I would jump and jump, but I kept getting blocked.
Height is needed for volleyball.
No matter how high I jump, I can't get past their overwhelming height.
But I know I want to become like that.
So I don't care if I'm cut out for it or not.
I'm going to do battle with this body, win and win, and be on the court as long as I can.
No I want to be On the court as long as I can.
But you don't have what it takes.
This isn't a matter of psychology.
You can't make up for height with feelings.
If you could play libero, that would be a different matter.
Toss to me! Bring it on! To break the wall in front of the spiker That's the setter's job.
Wh-What, Kageyama? Ouch, let go.
Let me go! Calm down, Kageyama! What's the big idea— Listen.
If you can't spike it, avoid it.
Use every ounce of physical ability you have.
Use your reflexes and spike my tosses.
Huh? That's how you explain a fast attack? Understood.
Liar! You don't understand it! We'll do it anyway.
What got into you all of a sudden? You were sniveling like an introverted brat.
I'm not introverted.
Liar! All right Let's do this.
With this guy's reflexes and speed, I know he can spike a fast toss.
All right! Come on, toss.
Come anywhere.
Tsukki, nice serve.
We don't have signals yet, but what the heck Okay.
He's tossing that way.
All right.
That was a weaker serve than Captain Yoshida's.
Then, I'll jump this way Huh? It's that fast? Hey! What are you doing? You have to be faster— And there it is, the king's toss.
It's hard to get it right the first time.
I wonder.
All right.
Got it.
What is this, net fishing? I don't know how to time it at all.
You've got fast reflexes, so go like "pah," like "gwah.
" Is it "pah" or "gwah," which is it? You just don't get it.
You're repeating what you did in junior high.
Um Hinata has the reflexes, speed, and the springing power.
If he gets used to it, he can do fast attacks.
But Hinata's weapon, which is his speed your toss is killing it, don't you think? Hinata has no technique and no experience.
He's not an outstanding player who can match your ability.
But his potential is tops.
Don't call me a genius or anything.
That's an exaggeration.
He never said that.
If you can do it You need to synch with Hinata's style, or his talent, or Um Suga-san, fight! You know, use them to your advantage.
I'm a setter like you.
I watched you in last year's match, and I was intimidated.
By your extraordinary talent, your ball control, and most of all By your ability to calmly detect your opponent's movements, and your power to make quick decisions.
I don't have any of those things.
That's not true, Suga-san Tanaka.
Listen to what he has to say.
You have technique.
You have overwhelming drive to win, and you have an extraordinary awareness of your surroundings.
So there's no way you can't see what your teammate is doing.
What's the best thing to do here? What is it? But the ball still got tossed to me.
I I envy your athletic reflexes.
Huh? But you waste your treasure, and that infuriates me.
Huh? So I'm going to use all of your abilities.
What? Use your highest speed.
Use your highest jump.
I'll bring the ball to you.
Bring the ball? What's that mean? Get to where there's no blocker at your max speed, and jump.
Then spike with all your strength.
You don't have to watch my toss.
You don't have to synch with the ball.
What? But if I don't see the ball, I'll spike at air.
Maybe so.
Hey! But I want to try this.
All right.
What's he going to try now? No one can spike the king's egocentric toss.
No kidding.
What's he going to do? There's no way Hinata can handle those tosses.
Kageyama-Hinata Tsukishima-Yamaguchi Nice serve! One point! Amazing concentration.
Where are the blockers? Where's the ball? Where's the spiker? How will they move? Where will they jump? How high can this guy jump? Now.
This position.
This timing, this angle.
My hand It hit my hand! He's so over the top.
Hinata's eyes were closed just then.
What? Um what? From the moment he jumped up until he spiked, Hinata had his eyes closed.
That means Kageyama tossed it directly into Hinata's palm when he wasn't even looking.
He synched the toss to the moment he'd swing, with total accuracy.
Hey, what was that? What was that? It hit my hand.
Right then.
Hey, you! Why did you have your eyes closed? You told me not to watch the ball.
When my eyes are open, I can't help but watch the ball.
I said that, but It worked though, right? What's wrong with that? Sure, but who trusts anyone 100 percent? Well, I have no choice but to trust you right now.
You're lousy as crap.
What were you doing for the last three years? This guy's spring, his mobility You're awesome, man! What the heck was that, anyway? Hey! I can enhance them with my toss! All right.
If Hinata's spike scores, the marks will even out, which makes it easier for Tanaka-san to spike, too.
All right.
I don't have any faith in us whatsoever, but I'll keep bringing the ball to you.
Just trust me, and jump.
Right there.
I wonder if that last one was pure luck The precision of his tosses is definitely getting higher.
You think so? Yeah.
Here, Hinata.
Darn that was too far from the net.
Oh, thank you very much.
This isn't so easy after all Watching the court at once is hard Are you okay? Yes! But This is fun.
What're you smiling about? That's the second time it hit my face.
I don't get it.
That last one must've been sheer luck.
Yet he keeps trying the same thing.
But maybe Hinata will keep jumping without watching the ball.
Did you do that on purpose? Truly, I don't get it either.
Don't you know we have to win? No one can trust someone 100 percent.
Of course I know that, dolt.
Not to mention your own rival.
Darn, this isn't working.
But That sensation on my palm and the heft of the ball you feel in your hand I love how that feels.
Once more.
Once more.
Once more, carefully.
The toss that shows the spiker's greatest accuracy and power.
All right, I got it.
Nice receive.
He'll toss to the shrimp and fail again.
He should mark Tanaka-san instead.
You come here, too! The wall Listen.
If you can't spike it, avoid it.
If I can't be as tall as the other players, then by even one centimeter, one millimeter, or even one second faster, I'll reach the summit.
Then, in that very moment I'll be at the highest place.
A tall, tall wall looms in front of me.
What's the view on the other side? What does it look like? It's a view I could never see on my own.
That's The view from the summit.
All right! Next Episode Preview Hey, hey, hey.
It's not possible to spike with your eyes closed.
I don't get it.
This is kind of becoming amazing.
Bring the next one to me! Don't get carried away.
Episode 5: A Coward's Anxiety Next episode of Haikyu!! "A Coward's Anxiety"