Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I must be aware of the ball, the blockers, and the spikers.
I can't overlook even the slightest movement.
With perfect timing, I must find the highest point of the spiker's strike And capture it! Again.
Another point! They've turned it around.
Kageyama-Hinata Tsukishima-Yamaguchi One more point and they'll take the first set.
His tosses get more accurate every time.
We're seeing Kageyama's true abilities as a setter.
That was awesome, man.
But the one who pulled it all out of him was Hinata.
Scored again! Haikyu!! Episode 5: A Coward's Anxiety He sure hung in there I've never seen anyone take a toss to the face.
You're not scoring any more.
Come to me! He's untouchable when he spikes free.
How do you like me now, Tsukishima? Weren't you going to crush me and Hinata? That's right.
That's right.
Try it if you can.
Try it.
Why are you bragging the most, Tanaka? That's right.
You're scoring thanks to the first-years.
You have a big attitude.
Don't take off your shirt, baldie.
Who's trash-talking me over there?! Frankly, if they can't stop Kagaeyama and Hinata's attacks, Tsukishima's team is going down.
They lack conviction.
Starting the second set.
Let's go.
Tsukishima-Yamaguchi Kageyama-Hinata All right.
Tsukishima-Yamaguchi Kageyama-Hinata Tsukishima-Yamaguchi Kageyama-Hinata Tsukishima-Yamaguchi Kageyama-Hinata Kageyama is amazing, but it be really taxing to keep making such accurate tosses.
Hinata's looking tired from moving around so much.
Yeah, but Yes.
I think they're having fun.
Tsukishima-Yamaguchi Kageyama-Hinata Good job.
Da Daichi-san, Suga-san, did you two know those two could attack like that, when you said what you said? Huh? If we can utilize that combination Karasuno will make explosive improvement.
Can't we use it to our advantage, some how? Of course not.
I just meant he should give Hinata tosses he'd have no trouble spiking.
I thought maybe Hinata could get used to Kageyama's somewhat reckless tosses But that isn't exactly what happened.
I was hoping they would simply fight together, but they actually made each other stronger.
Hinata is raw, but he has natural speed and jumping ability.
Then Kageyama perfectly utilizes Hinata's abilities with his finely-honed skill.
The two of them bring out the best in each other.
Why? We don't have to.
As a duo, they may exceed all expectations.
Yes, we do.
All right.
Let's go.
What? We're supposed to shake hands before and after a match.
Though we didn't do that at first today.
Besides, we're teammates now.
Though that doesn't make me happy.
Hurry up.
Don't you know? They'll kick you out the gym if you don't show team spirit.
The reason why you two got kicked out was because you ignored the captain, started your own competition, and finally, blew the dean's rug off his head.
N-Never mind the minor details.
Shake hands.
Wh-What are you doing? What are those first-years doing? Are you all right, Tsukki? Tsukishima.
How did you like the three-on-three? It made no difference to me.
He's a king from an elite school, anyway.
There's nothing strange about commoners losing to him.
Hmm But then again, you played pretty seriously.
What? Club Application Volleyball First-Year, Class 3 Kageyama Tobio Club Application Volleyball First-Year, Class 1 Hinata Shoyo Shimizu.
The stuff is here, right? What? Karasuno High School Volleyball Club I think they should fit, but let me know if you need anything.
Come on.
Put it on.
No, I'll do it later Are you shy or something? Never mind.
Wear it.
Wear it.
Wear it.
Wear it.
Looks good on you.
Yeah, looks good.
Looks good.
We're the Karasuno Volleyball Club from here on Ready, and Good to have you with us.
Thanks! Anyway, got that out of the way.
Suga, you and Tanaka helped them out, didn't you? Oh? No, not really.
Anyway, it all worked out.
Good job.
What? Hey.
Hey, Hinata, are you rested? You ready to go? Let's practice "quick" again.
Let's do it while you're still in the zone.
Tanaka-san, please bring the balls.
You're moving around already? It's decided! It's decided! The practice match.
It's against one of the top four teams in the prefecture.
Aoba Josai High School.
The one nicknamed Seijo? Yikes.
No way.
A practice match with one of the top four! Aoba Josai Oh.
You two are the controversial Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun.
Who's he? A teacher? I dunno.
I'm the volleyball club advisor starting this year.
I'm Takeda Ittetsu.
I have no volleyball experience, so I can't help with your technique, but for anything else, I'll do my very best.
It's good to meet you.
I've been running around everywhere setting up the practice-match.
I haven't had time to drop in here.
But, sensei, how did you get a powerhouse like Seijo to agree? You didn't get on your knees and beg again, did you? No, no.
I'm good at getting on my knees and begging, but I didn't do that this time.
But they had a condition.
A condition? Kageyama-kun must play setter the entire game.
What's that about? Sounds like they're not interested in Karasuno.
They just want to assess Kageyama.
Are they underestimating us? Are they? Well, that's not quite how it is.
Sounds good.
We don't get chances like this that often.
You're going to agree to that, Suga-san? You're the official setter of Karasuno, Suga-san.
I I want to see how effective Hinata and Kageyama's attack will be against a top four team.
Sensei, may we have the details? Sure.
Um the schedule is rather sudden, but it's set for Tuesday next week.
It'll be after classes, so there will only be time for one game.
We'll rent the bus after school A match.
A match.
It's going to be my first official match at Karasuno, with a full team! So make sure you're not late.
Good job.
Good job.
I have to play setter by default this time, but from now on I will earn my place.
Huh? Huh? Oh, I thought you weren't concerned about me at all.
I wasn't expecting that.
Why would you say that? Because you're superior to me in athleticism and talent.
You can't make up for a lack of experience that easily! And also Suga-san.
I h-have to earn the t-t-trust of the other team members That junior high match he was in must've really gotten to him.
Therefore, I will never give up.
I won't give up, either.
Daichi-san said he'll buy us pork buns.
But you know, Kageyama, Foothill Store Aoba Josai is where most of the athletes from Kitagawa Daiichi move on to, right? Yeah, you could say that.
That means Kageyama's former teammates are at that school.
I'm just wondering if you might be uncomfortable with that.
I might be if they were on the same team.
But if they're my opponents, I'll fight with all I've got.
I see.
I suppose you would.
But are you all right with it, Suga-san? I I just can't accept it.
Sure, I'm a little mad about it But I also want to show them that Kageyama's completely different from his junior high days.
That's true.
Plus, we'll show them that Kageyama's not the only one they need to worry about.
Right, Hinata? Why are you eating first? Are you kidding? Hey, volleyball club! Don't make a ruckus in front of the store! Sorry.
"Volleyball club" that's right.
All five of us are in the volleyball club.
We're on the same team.
Excuse me.
Is there a curry pork bun? Eat your dinner properly.
Hey, you guys come and eat, too.
We're all on the same team.
Kageyama, after you're done eating, could I ask you something? Sure.
Don't make a ruckus.
I was wondering about Hinata's position for the upcoming practice match.
What do you think? Now, concerning the positions for the practice match I think this is how we'll do it.
WS Tanaka MB Hinata WS Sawamura S Kageyama MB Tsukishima WS Ennoshita S Sugawara MB Yamaguchi WS Kinoshita MB Narita I want to use Kageyama and Hinata as a set, "Set" and Tsukishima is one of our few tall players.
I want to see how you'll fight against Seijo.
I'm the only first-year out of the loop.
You're using Hinata in a position where height matters? Middle blocker? I'm in the same position as the lanky jerk Tsukishima? Volleyball HOW TO Oh, j-just a second.
Can I read up on the positions? Setter (S) Setter: The control tower that tosses for spikes, and organizes the offense.
Wing Spiker (WS) Wing spiker: An all-around, well-balanced player who attacks the core of the opponents.
Middle Blocker (MB) Middle blocker: He defends against the opponent's offense, and scores points, mainly using "quick.
" Furthermore, he plays the decoy to draw the opponent's blockers away.
Would you say these are right? There are other exclusively defensive positions, too, but for now, those are all.
Listen, Hinata You're the ultimate decoy.
The ultimate decoy? There's something uninspiring about that.
We'll let you score lots of points using "quick," and direct the opponent's blockers' attention to you.
That's when the other spikers will come into play.
Big guys like Tsukishima will fall like idiots to your movements That'll feel good, won't it? I like it.
I like it a lot.
Are you calling Tsukki an idiot? Shut up, Yamaguchi.
Sorry, Tsukki.
On the other hand, if you're not effective, know that the other attacks will all fail.
Hey Don't put so much pressure on him.
All fail all fail all fail All fail All fail You see? What about blocking, though? Even if he can jump high, the taller players will reach the highest point of their jump faster.
Yes, the reason we want Hinata to be the focus of blockers isn't to smack down the opponent's spikes, but to touch them.
With Hinata's crazy reflexes and speed, he can touch the opponent's spikes, and slow down their momentum.
We'll set the pace to our advantage, and make our counterattack.
It's not going to go that smoothly right off the bat.
It probably won't.
Huh? Right off the bat, anyway.
But we should still try it.
Maybe we'll learn something as we go along.
It's a practice match, after all.
Anyway, for in-air battles, we've only got Tsukishima and Kageyama who can match Hinata's jumps.
So, Hinata, have confidence, and Yes! I'll do my best! I'll score lots of points.
I'll be a decoy.
I'll serve.
Hey, hey, calm down! He blew a fuse! Hinata blew a fuse! Sawamura.
Hey, Michimiya.
What? I heard you're having a match against Seijo tomorrow? I'm surprised they agreed to it.
Takeda-sensei did the hard work for us.
But aren't you scared? Hm? Seijo was in the prefecture's top four last year, weren't they? Won't they beat the crap out of us? Well, we actually have some rather interesting first-years I heard about them.
As soon as they joined the club, they blew off the dean's rug D-Don't! Shh.
They're still imperfect, but if those guys start playing their part, I feel Karasuno is going to improve explosively.
That's what I think.
Wow Are first-years allowed to use the club room? Of course.
It doesn't matter.
Hello there.
Oh There's nothing impressive about this place.
It's just an ordinary club room.
I've never been in a club room before.
The Little Giant used this room, too, didn't he? Tomorrow's finally your debut battle, Hinata.
Even though it's a practice match.
Seijo's gym is huge.
Their players are huge, too.
Don't get intimidated.
In In? Intimidated? Of course I won't be.
I'll do great.
You'll see Hey, Hinata.
You're putting your jacket on first What's that? A fashion statement? Kageyama, is Hinata going to be all right tomorrow? Who're you trying to look like? Will he be all right? What do you mean? Hinata's only experience is at that one match in junior high.
Is that how you get dressed? No, it's not.
I was daydreaming.
That's all.
I think he's really anxious and worried because of that.
That's why I think he might be quite nervous.
But everyone feels nervous You make light of the anxiety we cowards feel.
No matter what I say, it adds pressure.
Here's the key to the club room.
Don't worry.
I'll bring it with me.
I never told you where to keep it, so I brought it with me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You can't help it at first.
I think it's best to leave him alone.
I wonder I have to do it right tomorrow This isn't going to be like junior high, or like the three-on-three the other day, because I can be replaced.
I don't want that.
I don't want to be replaced.
I'm finally going to stand on the court with a full team.
I want to be out there 'til the end.
I can't goof up.
I can't goof up.
I can't goof up.
Whoops, sorry.
You're so small I couldn't see you.
I can't goof up.
I can't goof up.
What's that all about? Who knows? Hey, Kageyama.
Don't make any wisecracks that'll put more pressure on him.
Wisecracks? Have I ever made any wisecracks? I have no recollection whatsoever.
He has no self-awareness.
You're wearing my pants! What are you doing Tanaka? You pervert! Are you stupid? You're the worst.
I can't sleep.
I can't sleep.
Nii-chan, you're too noisy.
Kitagawa Daiichi Volleyball Club Line up.
Let's play.
Hey, Hinata.
I'll give you something to eat.
What is that look on your face? I couldn't sleep last night The window can I open the window? Stop the bus! Uh oh This is worse than we expected! Next Episode Preview Daichi, is Hinata all right? Y-Yeah Daichi? You're looking pale The smell is making me feel dizzy The windows! Open all the windows! Episode 6: An Interesting Team Next time on Haikyu!! "An Interesting Team.