Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Tanaka-san.
Like I said, don't worry about it.
Never mind me.
Are you all right? Yes.
I rested a little on the way here.
I feel better now that I'm off the bus.
All right, then.
We're counting on you for today's match.
Do it just like the three-on-three.
Let me spike freely like that.
Don't pressure him.
What? What's that? I'll I'll I'll do my b I'm going to the bathroom.
First the top, then the bottom! You're a busy guy.
There he goes again.
How pathetic.
I'm going to knock some courage into him.
What are you thinking? That kind of thing won't work on Hinata.
But we won't know 'til we try it.
Tanaka! Keep this simpleton away from him.
Haikyu!! Episode 6: An Interesting Team Hey, that Karasuno team that's coming today isn't that where you-know-who is? Who? The King of the Court.
You went to the same junior high he did, didn't you, Kindaichi? Oh, you mean Kageyama? He's no big deal.
Sure, he was head and shoulders above the rest in skill, but he's just not cut out to be a team player, at all.
He's too self-centered.
I see I guess since he went to Karasuno, his strength as a player must be a thing of the past.
Besides, all I know about Karasuno is that their manager is a beauty.
Are you serious? That's right.
She's kind of sexy.
Oh yeah, and there's a riffraff kind of guy there, too.
He's got a shaved head, and an unpleasant look in his eyes.
He looks real stupid.
Um Don't underestimate us too much, or we'll eat you alive.
You shouldn't say things like that, Tanaka-san.
Look what you did.
You scared these poor elites.
Now I feel sorry for them.
We're not intimidated.
Who's the guy with the glasses? Was there a guy that tall at Karasuno? Oh, you're right.
We should save our bullying for the match.
You guys.
I can't let you out of my sight.
We apologize.
Oh, it's all right.
Tanaka, stop that look.
It's been a while, King.
Karasuno High School Volleyball Team What sort of dictatorship do you belong to these days? I'm looking forward to seeing it in the match.
Why's he pretending to be passive? Gymnasium No.
3 H-Huge.
The gym.
The people.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Aoba Johsai is known for each of its members being highly skilled equally in offense and defense.
These guys could go to any school and become the ace.
Here goes.
Their powerful blocks are famous.
What's the matter, you two? Hinata's here to throw them for a loop, right? We know you're lousy, so we'll cover you.
Leave it to us.
But when you hit a serve, you're on your own.
You'd better not miss.
Just kidding, just kidding.
A missed serve is no big deal.
You don't have to worry about a thing, just give them your Huh? Where did Hinata go? He went to the toilet.
Again? This is bad What's the matter with these guys from Karasuno? All they've got is a big attitude.
That's true.
This guy He was next to Kageyama in the junior high match.
His silhouette is like a turnip.
I remember him.
You're a first-year at Karasuno? Y-Yeah, I am.
Well, then how is Kageyama doing? Our King seems pompous, as usual.
That's not how he is.
It's not about being pompous.
Under the dictatorship of the great King Kageyama, commoners like me are cruelly oppressed, made to bitterly suffer.
Just because he's a little skilled! Who does he think he is? What did I tell you? He's utterly despised.
There's no doubting his skill at receiving, blocking, and serving.
That's right.
It's aggravating.
But his toss is amazing.
But his toss is the worst.
His toss? Is amazing.
You've never spiked one of his tosses in a match before, have you? They're terrible.
They're too difficult to spike.
Is that so? Because he's a self-centered king.
He's a setter, and yet he can't do his most important job.
Letting the spiker spike the ball.
What Kageyama needs are pawns he can maneuver as he wills.
Anything he doesn't need to win, he discards.
Let's wait until the match to see if Kageyama is still the same as he was in junior high, turnip-kun.
Huh? Right, Hinata? "Anything he doesn't need to win, he discards.
" If I goofed in Kageyama's sight Get lost.
You're useless.
Players will get switched.
My stomach hurts.
We look forward to it.
Hinata, you don't have to be so nervous.
I will do my best to relax.
Hinata, hurry up and get in uniform.
Hey manager, is there anything effective you could say to that first-year? Y-Yes Hey, there.
I'm counting on you.
And that just dealt the death blow.
I'm sorry, Hinata.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno We will now begin the practice match of Karasuno High School versus Aoba Johsai High School.
Let's play.
That shrimp is a middle blocker? That's gotta be some kind of mistake.
That's Kageyama for real.
What's he doing at Karasuno? Who knows? Hey, Hinata.
Buck up.
I will do my best to buck up.
No, I need you to relax.
Hey, Hinata.
You know the drill.
The same as in the three-on-three match.
I-I know that.
Are you sure? Matsukawa, nice serve.
All right, I got this.
Idiot, that obviously wasn't your ball.
I'm sorry.
Ennoshita, cover.
And that's the first point.
Don't mind, don't mind.
Hinata, relax and stay aware of your surroundings.
I'm sorry.
This guy He's completely overwhelmed.
Hinata! Let's relax, first and foremost.
All right.
Lucky, lucky.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Touch-net.
And Karasuno's score finally changes.
Hey, you! That's enough nervousness! No! Give me another chance! They're really not a big deal.
He sure hasn't changed, at all.
All right.
Let's steadily rack up points.
The next serve will be This couldn't be timed worse Aoba Johsai Karasuno It's Hinata's serve.
A serve-miss is an immediate score for the opponent.
Hinata, relax! If I miss, the first set will be finished.
Is he still breathing? Can he do this? How am I supposed to know? Anything he doesn't need to win, he discards.
Don't blow it.
I'll have to sit out if I blow it.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all Crap, it didn't hit my hand right.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Crap.
Nice headshot, man! Is your head okay? Don't razz him.
Stop it, you guys.
Now I've done it.
Hey, Kageyama.
Once we talk about this, you'll understand.
Just wondering Yes? Why are you so intimidated? Why are you so nervous? Is it because the opponents are tall? Is it because this is your first practice match? There's nothing scarier than hitting a serve into the back of my head Is there? I can't think of anything.
In that case, you have no reason to be nervous any more.
Because you've already done it The scariest thing possible.
So now Get back to normal, you jackass.
Was that goof "safe"? Huh? What are you talking about? If that was safe, it doesn't matter what I did here.
Why was I intimidated by that turnip-head anyway? But we lost the first set because of what I just did.
Even if Kageyama is okay with it Hey, you.
Are you thinking you have to play well, like the others? As if you have the experience? If I don't, I'll get switched with another player.
I want to be in the match to the end.
Don't underestimate us.
We all know you're a lousy player.
Daichi-san knows it, and yet he lets you play.
Huh? As for getting switched for another player Think about it when you get switched! Huh? So don't worry about something that hasn't happened yet.
Shouldn't you jump in? Oh, yes.
But I think it's all right.
You don't have any brains for that.
Listen to me.
In volleyball, everybody on this side of the net is your ally.
It doesn't matter if you're lousy.
It doesn't matter if you're a nuisance.
You can slow us down.
That's okay.
But to make up for those things That's why you have your team and your senpais.
Oh! Go on.
Call me Tanaka-senpai.
Once more.
He just wants to be called "senpai.
" Tanaka-senpai.
Yeah, but Tanaka was really helpful just now.
His speech was totally effective because he seems to have no ulterior motive.
Karasuno Aoba Johsai What's this? I hear it's a practice match.
The second set is about to start.
Hey, teach me later how to serve to the back of the head.
Teach me later, too.
Ennoshita, nice serve.
You'll do the same as in the three-on-three match.
You go in max speed and jump and swing where there is no blocker.
Just be careful you don't bump into other spikers.
Kageyama, cover.
Left, go forward.
There's no quickmaybe it'll be open, from left or right What? A quick? What? It didn't hit my hand.
They do quick? Or was that just a bluff? Either way If you can't spike a ball like that, the King will get mad.
You see? My bad.
That toss was too high.
Kageyama apologized? I'll try to forgive you.
Ouch! Ouch! Kageyama, I'll go bald.
One point.
Nice serve.
All right.
All right.
The right and setter moved.
Bring it.
The left is waiting.
Who will Kageyama use? Now.
Right there.
Huh? Yes.
There it is, the freak toss-and-spike.
Did you see that? That was fast.
Hinata, Kageyama.
One-two Yeah! It's like team spirit! Huh? Not like.
It's a for real.
Right, right.
Nice toss, Kageyama.
Hey, does that shrimp do fast attacks? Let's do another one.
He's changed from the first set.
Good, lost your cool? Lost your cool? You'd better keep your eyes on Hinata.
Hinata is back in action.
Time for a counterattack.
Karasuno Aoba Johsai Chance ball.
All right.
If I know it's coming there's nothing to fear.
Oh, yeah? I was waiting for this.
The shrimp was just a decoy.
I thought it was coming to me.
How do you like me now, turnip-kun? I told you we'd get you in the match.
I thought I was going to spike it, and said, "Oh, yeah?" I'm so embarrassed.
That's how it's supposed to be.
You jumped for real, so the opponents reacted for real.
That's how it is? That's how it is.
Don't sweat it, Kindaichi.
We have our attack strategy.
Don't let them get to you.
I'm just a bystander and I can see how the blockers disperse.
I didn't know Karasuno had such a strong team.
Hinata, you idiot.
But they make a lot of mistakes, too.
What's the matter, Hinata? When I entered a tournament for the first time, I thought I had to do everything right all by myself.
But now, there are players who are way better than me all around me.
So all I can do now is believe in them, and jump.
I didn't have to overthink anything in the first place.
You're late.
But it's believing and jumping that are your powerful weapons.
Hey, Kindaichi.
Kageyama isn't like you said.
I wasn't expecting that, either.
I can't believe there's a spiker who can synch with his reckless tosses.
I don't think so.
#5 isn't looking at the ball at all.
Coach, what do you mean? I think Kageyama pinpoint-tossed the ball directly where he was about to swing.
Is that kind of thing possible? Kageyama? Matching someone else? That can only mean that #5 has the ability to make that self-centered and prideful Wanna drink? Oh, sorry.
Your face is lower than I thought Kageyama do what he's been doing.
What's amazing is that he jumps believing in Kageyama 100%.
He believes that's where the ball will come.
If they get past your block, receive solidly.
You're all the best members of our team.
Show your pride.
Kageyama is amazing.
It's a shame we couldn't have him on our team.
He did get invited, didn't he? Yeah, but even if Kageyama had come to our team, that doesn't mean he would've played like that.
Huh? Maybe Kageyama is how he is now because of Karasuno, All right.
Let's win this set.
That hurt, Kageyama.
and because of #5.
A shot in the arm, a shot in the arm.
All right.
It's starting.
Karasuno Aoba Johsai Chance ball.
All right.
Tsukki, nice! Nice, Tsukishima.
Your tosses are too accurate.
It gives me the creeps.
What? I wouldn't have put it that way, I can just aim at your glasses, if you like.
but I can sort of understand what Tsukishima means.
Try it.
You'll get banished from the gym again.
It's like you're wishing the ball would go somewhere, and then it just appears there.
I'll do it so no one will notice.
You obviously can't do that.
Are you stupid? It's totally amazing.
But We're in a match.
That's about enough.
Tanaka, nice serve.
Nice serve.
I see WS Ennoshita MB Tsukishima S Kageyama WS Sawamura MB Hinata WS Tanaka S Sugawara MB Yamaguchi WS Kinoshita MB Narita The rotation moves every time we score and we get to serve.
So now it's Kageyama-kun and Ennoshita-kun in front position.
Yes, it's the exact opposite positioning from the start of the match.
When Hinata-kun is in front position, his being a decoy raises the level of the entire team's offense.
On the other hand, if Tsukishima-kun is in front we'll have a powerful block equal to the Seijo team's.
You're good at blocking, too, huh? But don't get too carried away.
Don't get too full of yourself, being all gangly like that.
Don't fight, guys.
Okay? Your opponents are on the other side of the net! Hey, here it comes.
All right.
I'm the one that blocked it.
What? It hit my hand, too.
That's enough you two! Serves those guys right.
What are you grinning at? Kageyama, stop it.
Now I'm getting worried.
Karasuno Aoba Johsai Hey, that was covered for you Kunimi, you idiot.
We have to stop #5 somehow.
True, the combo of #5 and Kageyama is formidable.
But then again, though he has no calm, that spiker, Tanaka-kun, is an overwhelming force.
Then there's that somewhat uninspired but clever blocker, Tsukishima-kun.
And the captain, Sawamura-kun, who covers all his team's holes.
Bring it on.
There are those who are inexperienced, and their defense is full of holes, but their offense is freely flexible, and makes full use of the inexperienced.
They made a fool of us So this is Karasuno.
They are odd.
They are dangerous.
They are an interesting team.
Karasuno Aoba Johsai They won the set.
Nice toss, Kageyama.
Oh, thanks.
On to winning the final set! I'm glad they don't have another serve-hitter like Kageyama.
A comeback victory.
Yeah, because I must admit our team is not good at receiving.
Thank you.
We mustn't let our guard down.
I'm thinking that maybe their setter wasn't the main setter Oikawa, you're back.
Next Episode Preview What? Seijo's setter wasn't the main setter? Who is that sneering dude, anyway? Kageyama, you know him? Well, you'll have to wait and see.
What? Episode 7: Versus the Great King Next time on Haikyu!! "Versus the Great King"