Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Karasuno Aoba Johsai Oikawa, you're back.
How's the ankle? It's fine.
I can get back to regular practice.
It was just a slight sprain.
For crying out loud! Be careful.
You're the one that asked to play against Kageyama.
What do we do without our official setter? It's embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
Oikawa-san, take care of yourself! Kageyama-kun, who's that laid-back guy? I find him unpleasant.
He's the captain of Seijoh.
Oikawa-san is a super-aggressive setter.
His attack power is also at the top of his team.
Even Kageyama acknowledges that player's abilities And he's got a terrible personality.
Coming from you, that's scary Maybe even worse than Tsukishima.
He must be really bad.
Do you know him from Kitagawa Daiichi? Yes.
He was my senpai in junior high.
A senpai of the King.
That would make him The Great King.
Yoo-hoo! Long time no see, Tobio-chan.
Haikyu!! Long time no see, Tobio-chan.
Episode 7: Versus the Great King So nice to see you.
You still doing the King thing? I learned serving and blocking by watching him play.
His skills are extremely high.
He taught him those killer serves? But we have to focus on the match now.
We're going to win the final set for sure.
Tanaka-san, please stop with the intimidation.
Anyway, go get warmed up.
Even more than usual.
I'm crushing him.
I'm serious.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno When's Oikawa-san going to play? Idiot.
He has to warm up or he could get hurt.
That wouldn't be good! Here, here, here.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno One more point.
Only one more point and we will beat Seijoh, rated in the top four in the prefecture.
Don't get cocky! Kindaichi, nice.
Don't mind, Tsukishima.
Oh my.
We're in a crisis.
Did you get warmed up? Perfectly.
Leave the rest to your senpai.
He's here! The Great King! Stop that.
Does that mean we're switching setters? No, I think he's a pinch-server.
Oikawa, nice serve.
No matter how strong your offense is It means nothing if you can't connect to it.
What? He aimed it at Tsukishima.
Just as I thought.
I watched part of the match You, number 6, and you, number 5.
You're not good receivers, are you? You must be first-years.
Like Kageyama No, even more powerful than him.
His ball control allows him to hit it anywhere he wants.
So this is the captain of Seijoh.
Okay, let's score another one.
Tsukki! Damn.
Don't mind, Tsukishima.
Tsukishima is always mean.
I hate him.
But this time Aoba Johsai Karasuno Oh.
One more point and we're tied.
You, Great King.
Aim at me.
I'll receive it.
Aim here.
"Great King"? Stop raising a fuss.
It's embarrassing.
What did you say? We're in real trouble, and he still irritates me.
But but Listen.
In volleyball, everyone on this side of the net is your ally.
What a beautiful adage.
All right.
All of you scoot to the back.
Tsukishima, you go closer to the sideline.
All right.
Bring it.
Net So Captain-kun, expert at receiving, is expanding the defense However you can't defend it all by yourself.
Tsukki! He's aimed it directly at the edge.
But he sacrficed some of his power to get that accuracy.
It went up.
Tsukki, nice.
He got it.
Good for him.
Maybe I made it too easy for him.
However This is our chance ball.
A sweet, sweet chance ball.
Score it good, guys.
All right.
This is bad.
Our rotation has no height for blocking.
All right, I'll completely thwart the block The shrimp how is he here? It's up.
Nice one-touch.
Chance ball.
Damn! I'll slam it down the next time.
I can't catch up to him if I'm one step, one second behind.
The only thing that can catch up to him is the ball.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno What was that? He came from the other end of the court, in a flash.
That toss was like it got sucked into the spiker's hand.
Wow All right.
Line up.
What's the matter? That was amazing.
Oh, right.
Today is your first time seeing Hinata and Kageyama's attack.
Aren't they amazing? I mean amazing, even scary.
Please coach us.
Sensei, maybe give a critique or something.
O-Oh, I see.
Um I'm just a beginner when it comes to volleyball, but But even I can tell, that something amazing is going on here.
We have some amazing first-years this semester.
They were hard to handle in the beginning, but I learned something today.
We're nothing if don't cooperate.
A chemical synergy happens when each one encounters the other Even this very moment is giving birth to other encounters that will change the world.
Maybe in some far, remote country.
Maybe on the other side of the planet.
Or maybe at an ordinary volleyball club, at an ordinary high school, in a northern countryside on a small island in the east.
I think that encounters like that happened to Karasuno today.
I know I can't prove what I say, but it's better than not believing.
All of you will most likely become stronger.
Much stronger! Sorry! That was a little too poetic! Are you turned off? No, no, no, of course not.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, y-yeah.
All of us have had enough of him.
Sure he's got individual attack power, but he's clearly impeding the team.
Kitagawa Daiichi To be frank, we're better off without him.
Don't apologize! Because I won't apologize, either.
You're still an oppressive king, as far as I'm concerned.
You're irritating, and there's no one I want to crush more than you.
So don't apologize.
I'm not reconciling with you.
We weren't friends in the first place.
And the next time, we'll win for sure.
The next time Toilet, toilet, toilet Who am I? The guy who'll become the ace.
Oh crap.
There's bad blood between those two.
This vibe tells me I should stay back.
The next time we battle, we will win again.
What were you guys talking about? He said "we.
" Did you cry? He used to always say "I" like he was the only one playing.
Of course I didn't cry, idiot.
Now go use the toilet.
You can't fool me, Kageyama-kun.
Hinata, you dumbass.
Damn I kind of feel defeated.
Wh-What was that for? Thank you very much.
Takeda-sensei complimented us, but frankly, if we were facing Seijoh and Oikawa in an all-out match, we'd be lacking.
Spoken like a true captain.
You know your stuff.
The Great King makes his entrance.
You got a problem, dude? What do you want? Wanna fight, huh? Wanna fight, huh? Don't be so hostile.
You, little one.
Huh? Your last one-touch and broad attack were amazing.
Oh Let's give it all we got the next time, right from the start.
You didn't get to see our set up.
Oh, yes, and we'll be improving our serves, too.
That's true.
Those serves would come continuously from the start.
It's true, your offense was amazing, but your receives are slow.
You'll reach your limit very quickly.
I'm not the only one who hits powerful serves.
The Inter-High preliminaries are coming up soon.
Don't get eliminated, okay? Because I want to pulverize my dear underclassman, setter-on-setter, in an official match.
The receivers will train.
Hey, let go.
Receivers don't improve overnight.
Ask the captain.
He should know.
There's not much time left 'til the tournament.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Don't let him get to you.
He likes to razz people like that.
It's true.
We don't have much time before the Inter-High preliminaries, but he should be coming back soon.
Who's coming back soon? The guardian deity of Karasuno.
Kageyama has become more amazing.
That genius was spinning his wheels, but finally found his best destination.
No commoner could a hold a candle to him now.
Yeah? You're no match for him either, huh? When it comes to the toss.
There's probably no one in the prefecture who could match Tobio's toss.
But he's not better than me at serving, blocking, or spiking.
Damn it, Oikawa! Don't say his toss is better than yours! You're a setter, aren't you? But I'm only being honest.
That's why we have to break their receivers.
Because no matter how amazing his tosses are, if the ball doesn't get to the setter, it's all for nothing.
If we can play against Karasuno in the official tournament, we can make a mess out of their receives, and not even give them a chance at a toss.
Just having one good player doesn't mean your team will win.
How I want to say "don't mind" to them.
How I want to say it.
What? Geniuses get irked by stuff like that.
I get more irked by guys who get cheered on by girls.
You shouldn't be jealous Iwa-chan.
It's embarrassing.
Hey, quit fooling around.
Coach'll get mad.
All right, let's clean up quickly.
Then we're done.
Good job today.
Good job.
Sensei, thank you for everything today.
No, no, everyone did a good job.
I'm shocked by how we beat Aoba Johsai High School.
But we're still lacking.
Our offense is effective now due to Hinata and Kageyama's dynamics, but if Hinata gets in the way of the blocks, Hinata, that's enough mopping.
Go home.
or if the receives get broken like they did today, Look at that, Tsukki.
we would definitely find ourselves at a loss.
And when that happens, I don't know if I can guide the team as a director or coach could.
I see I apologize.
I'm not saying that you're not good enough.
I know, I know.
I'll take care of finding a coach.
I have a lead.
Oh? Really? Who is it? Foothill Store I've been asking repeatedly, and haven't got an affirmative yet, but I will definitely make it happen.
Can I leave the rest to you for today? Oh, yes.
Take-chan has an air of confidence about him.
Equipment room What's this? This mop looks dangerous.
Can I throw it away? Oh, don't worry about that.
It's all right.
We can fix it, and still use it.
Huh? Good job, everyone.
Good job.
Foothill Store Chinese dumplings? We have Karasuno High School Hallway slippers The soccer club bought up the last of it.
Besides, we're closing for today.
I'm starving.
What a lazy clerk! Shut up.
Go home and eat a proper meal.
You won't get muscles if you don't.
Eat a proper meal.
Hooray~ Yes, yes.
Hello, Foothill Store.
You again? But I gotta say Laid-Back sure has an amazing serve.
We would've been in trouble if he'd played from the start.
He's Kageyama's junior high senpai, after all Wait a second.
Why are you at Karasuno, Kageyama? The strongest school in the prefecture is Shiratorizawa.
Shiratori? Shiratorizawa.
They're top in the prefecture.
They're a powerhouse school ranked among the top eight in the country.
I didn't make Shiratorizawa.
You didn't make it? I never got a recommendation from them, so I took a general entrance exam.
I don't know what the meaning of that exam was.
That school is super hard to get into by conventional means.
I guess the King isn't very good at studies.
See ya.
But why did you come to Karasuno? Are you an admirer of the Little Giant, too? I heard Director Ukai is coming out of retirement.
Ukai? An outstanding coach who took unknown Karasuno to the spring nationals! Wow.
The name "Ukai of Karasuno" is famous.
They called him the director in charge of vicious ravens.
Second and third-years got some coaching from him.
He was pretty Spartan.
Why do you look so envious? Director Ukai was going to officially come out of retirement, but He was hospitalized? There's no information about his recovery prospects.
Sorry But I figured, no matter what school I attended, I'd be up against high school students like me.
There's no reason why I couldn't win.
Cut the sour grapes.
You can act cool about it, but you failed just the same.
That's not true.
I'm not acting cool about it.
We did defeat a top four team today, didn't we? True, 2-1 against Seijoh.
I was able to score one free, too, thanks to Hinata's decoy.
But how was your debut battle for you? You really went crazy in that first set.
You scored as many points as you lost, so don't get complacent.
Why must you say things like that? That's right.
We're lacking in a lot of ways.
Today's victory was by the skin of our teeth.
I-I will train a lot! Oh, yeah.
Individual level-upping is important, too.
But Karasuno, as it currently stands, is fundamentally short of members.
That's true.
We need a libero, especially for defense.
And we need an ace spiker who can battle three blockers all by himself.
A-Ace? That can be me.
I told you, you're the best decoy.
But didn't you say the "guardian god" is coming back? Yeah.
We're not powerful, but we're not particularly weak, either.
We had outstanding players in the past, too.
We were never able to apply their strengths effectively.
But if all of us unite, and we also have new strength coming from our first-years, if we're able to connect all those strengths together we could definitely win the Summer Inter-High National Tournament.
It's not just a distant goal.
It can really happen.
The Summer Inter-High Tournament.
I've heard about it.
But that person who's coming back where has he been all this time? He was suspended for one week, and banned for a month from club activities.
A delinquent? He's a delinquent? No he just gets too fired up.
He's a good guy, for real.
If Tanaka-san says he gets "too fired up," how extreme could this guy be? And not only that, he is a player we could say is Karasuno's unique genius.
But not unique any more, because now we also have cocky-as-crap Kageyama with us.
Call him "senpai" when he comes back, Hinata.
You'll make him gleeful like an idiot, like Tanaka.
Like an idiot? "Guardian god" I wonder what he's like.
Hey, we're leaving you behind.
It's going to hit.
Hey, get out of the way, dumbass Hinata! That could've hit.
I got it.
I got it.
You didn't get it, dumbass.
You hit a home run.
I'll go get it.
I got it this time.
Match for a Thousand He perfectly stopped the momentum and rotation, and accurately sent the ball back to the setter.
That was a perfect receive.
Y-You're shorter than me! Next Episode Preview What? What? What was that? He came out of nowhere! His receive was solid.
The return floated.
That was kind of intense.
Well, it's not that we can't communicate Episode 8: He Who is Called "Ace" Next time on Haikyu!! "He Who is Called 'Ace'"