Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

A perfect serve receive Could he be He's shorter than me.
Huh? Hey, what did you just say? I-I'm sorry.
Um how tall are you? I'm 159 centimeters.
In the 150s! Wow Wh-What? It's the first time I've looked down at someone since I started high school club activities.
Don't weep with joy about it! You're not looking that far down! Hey! Noya-san.
Hey, Ryu.
Let me introduce you.
This is Nishinoya, second-year.
You guys are first-years, huh? You, the guy doing serves.
The tall guy with the nasty glare.
What junior high are you from? Kitagawa Daiichi.
Seriously? That's a power school.
No wonder you serve like that.
We played against you guys and lost 2 to 1.
Your serve was amazing then, too.
Noisy as ever.
What junior high were you at, Nishinoya-san? Chidoriyama.
That's a power school.
Why did you come to Karasuno? Because you heard coach Ukai was coming back? No I came to Karasuno because Because I like the girl's uniform.
And the girls have lived up to my expectations.
And above all because of the boy's uniform.
In black! I wore a blazer in junior high, so I admired this uniform.
It's not brown or grey, but black! I know what you mean.
Karasuno has black uniforms, and the girl's uniform is cute.
The school's close to home.
It was a no-brainer.
Kiyoko-san! I've come to see you! He's like a hurricane, as usual.
A guerilla downpour.
Quite the noisemaker, isn't he? Yet when he plays, he's surprisingly quiet.
And? Where's Asahi-san? Did he come back? No.
That wimp! Hey, Noya! Don't talk like that about your senpai! Shut up! A wimp is a wimp.
If Asahi-san's not coming back, neither am I.
Hey, Noya! Haikyu!! My job is to keep things connected.
The sky is the domain of the spikers.
It's not a place where I can battle, but if I keep things connected as long I maintain connections the ace will surely score for our side.
Even if the ball bounces off the wall I'll make sure it stays connected.
So give me another chance.
Give me another chance to let you decide the toss Ace.
Episode 8: He who is Called "Ace" U-Um Nishiya-san, you're a libero, right? You're a defender.
That's "Nishinoya.
" And what makes you think I'm a libero? Because I'm short? Huh? No Because you're a good receiver.
Libero is a position vfor good receivers, right? That's right, isn't it? You know what you're talking about.
Plus, the captain also called you the Guardian God.
Guardian? What the heck is that? He's exaggerating.
I'm not all that He really said that? Yeah, yeah.
But I don't care if he called me a cool name like that.
I won't bend so easily.
Damn you, Daichi-san! I'm still lousy at receiving, even though it's the most important thing in volleyball.
So please teach me how, Nishi Nishinoya-senpai.
You I'll buy you ice cream after practice.
Huh? Because I am your senpai! Does that mean That doesn't mean I'm going back to that club.
I'm going to teach you.
That's all.
So, essentially You go zip, then go whoop, and pow.
Like that.
It's no good.
He can't explain it because he moves purely on instinct.
Really? I sort of understood what he was saying.
Because you belong to his species.
When you explain something, all you say is "pow" and "woah" and stuff.
Nobody else understands you.
Libero is a special position, isn't it? Yes.
Libero (L) The libero specializes exclusively in defense.
They're not allowed to make offensive plays, like serving or spiking.
They switch places with the rearguards to solidify defense.
So that's the Guardian God of Karasuno.
How awesome.
It would give us a real shot in the arm if he came back.
Master of a hundred battles He has a very strong presence, notwithstanding his short stature.
You, I've been noticing your height.
How tall are you? Tsukki is- Shut up, Yamaguchi.
He inspires confidence.
Sorry, Tsukki.
In any case, Nishinoya hasn't lost his touch at all.
He said he continued training even after he got suspended.
He mingled with the girl's team, he said.
That sounds like Hinata.
Um, Nishinoya-senpai.
Hm? You were talking about "Asahi-san.
" Who's he? Moron, don't say that name carelessly.
He's Karasuno's ace, for what it's worth.
Ace? So there is an ace here.
What's with the empty-headed look? I want to be the ace.
Huh? Ace? With your height? I like you.
Right? You want it because it's awesome, right? Good, good.
Do it, do it.
Become the ace.
You'd be far more impressive than our current ace.
But then again, it's the ace that inspires you.
Aces are awesome.
The word "ace" has an awesome ring to it.
"Setter" and "libero" sound boring.
It's all right.
But in a match, when the crowd is going crazy even more than at an amazing spike, is when there's a super receive.
In the battle of height that is volleyball, libero is one of the few positions in which a short player can survive.
But I'm not a libero because of my height.
I'd be a libero even if I was two meters tall.
Even if your side misses the spike, even if your side can't block as long as the ball doesn't hit the court in volleyball, that means you haven't lost.
And the one best suited to do that is the libero.
Don't say it so sincerely! Damn it! I'll buy you two kinds of ice cream.
Soda ice and pear flavor.
Thanks! So, ace-wannabe.
What's your specialty? Huh? You're a lousy receiver, but there must be something you're good at.
Well, um Decoy Huh? De-what? Decoy.
Why do you say it with such a lack of confidence? Because it doesn't sound flashy like ace or Guardian God.
Who cares how it sounds? But If a spiker is able to score it's because of you, the decoy, then your position is just as important.
Karasuno has the most formidable decoy now.
Thanks to Hinata and Kageyama, spikes that have never worked are possible.
I feel we're definitely about to change, because of the synergy Takeda-sensei was talking about.
I hope we change for the better.
Don't be so doubtful.
I know I'm being stubborn, but I'm begging you.
I'm inexperienced and pathetically inadequate.
But those boys have wonderful potential.
Please be their coach, Ukai-kun.
You sure are persistent, sensei.
Foothills That's the only thing I'm good at.
Being tenacious won't get me to coach them.
My granddad was a coach, but I'm not cut out for it.
Sensei, I know you want an technical instructor, but what you're really after is the illustrious name of "Ukai.
" Frankly, there is that, too.
Ever since Coach Ukai retired, our school gradually fell behind other schools.
This year I was hired to fill the hole he had left, but I can't even get other schools to agree to a practice matches.
You think my illustrious name would turn things around? I implore you, Ukai-kun.
I refuse.
I acknowledge your commitment, but I don't want to babysit a bunch of pesky high schoolers.
I'll be back.
What part of, "I refuse," don't you understand? I'm sorry for being so persistent, but, you'll understand if you see those boys play.
I don't care how many times you ask.
I'm not doing it! Damn it! Ouch! All right.
Hey, Suga.
It's been a while.
Come back to us, Asahi.
Nishinoya's no longer suspended.
He's coming back, too.
I see.
I'm glad.
It's reassuring to have Nishinoya behind you.
And you, too.
Everyone feels better when you're there to decide the toss.
I appreciate the sentiment, but I'd get in everyone's way again if I came back.
Listen to me.
We have an amazing first-year setter now, and a formidable decoy.
You won't have to bear all the burden alone any more.
If you and Nishinoya come back, Karasuno will no longer be the fallen champs.
Our team is on the verge of transformation.
Now more than ever we need our pillar, the ace Azumane.
The guidance counselor's ready for you.
Sorry, Suga.
You better go first.
You're the one who wanted to see the ace.
B-But the third-year classroom is scary.
Wait, Asahi.
Asahi? What? Huh? What are you guys doing here? Oh, um Faculty Room Yes.
Thank you very much.
No, you, too.
Good, good.
This is our big chance.
Something Training Camp 5/6 (Practice Match) Something is bound to change.
Third-Year Class 3 Let me introduce our new members, Hinata and Kageyama.
So you're the first-years.
How many, this year? He's shorter than Tsukishima, Four.
but there's something bigger about him.
So he's the ace of Karasuno.
I see.
He's not as scary as I first thought.
Do your best.
What? Aren't you going to play, too? I want to become the ace, so I want to watch an ace play in person.
Sensei's waiting.
Sorry, but I'm no ace.
Is he injured or something? No, it's not like that I think He doesn't like volleyball any more.
That's the problem.
What? He's so tall and he's an ace! Why? Asahi was the tallest in Karasuno.
He had power.
He rescued us when things got rough and managed difficult balls.
Everyone acknowledged that he was the ace.
We trusted him.
But Was he defeated? There was a match in which all of his spikes got blocked.
He's the type to shoulder all the blame.
What? Would something like that make you dislike volleyball? There must've been other reasons.
Like what? I don't know.
But we don't know for sure that he dislikes it.
Rolling thunder! Nice receive.
That's just an ordinary rolling receive.
Why did he yell that out? What was that? Kageyama.
I'm going to lecture you all.
Crouch down.
I mean, sit down.
Get lower than my line of vision.
Teach me! Teach me the Rolling Thunder! Good job, everyone.
I want you all to listen up.
We're doing it again this year, aren't we? Golden Week training camp! Training camp? Yes.
We still need a lot of practice.
One more thing.
For the last day of Golden Week I've arranged a practice match! Awesome! Very impressive, Take-chan.
Who's our opponent? A venerated school in Tokyo, Nekoma High School.
They call themselves "Neko.
" Neko? We've heard a lot about them.
Our former coach and theirs were rivals.
We played each other a lot.
That's right.
Those famous matches were called "Cat vs Raven: Battle at the Garbage Dump.
" You sure those matches were famous? They've refused us for a while.
Why now? Yeah, I'll tell you the details later.
But after I heard about that rival school, I had to arrange for a rematch of destiny.
I think when he hears who our opponent is Foothill Store He'll want to take action.
All right.
We have an important practice match coming up.
Let's get fired up.
Tokyo, huh? I'll smash those city boys to smithereens.
He said, "shitty boys.
" Shut the hell up, Tsukishima! Daichi-san.
I'm sorry.
I won't be playing in the practice match.
I wonder what the Tokyo school's like.
Shoyo is a good guy.
Are they strong? The first-years are interesting and a force to be reckoned with.
How would I know? Just shut up.
I feel this team is going in the right direction now.
I want to train with you all, too.
But if I played in the match and our team won, it would be proof that we can do without Asahi-san.
I don't like that.
He's always fought alongside us, but now I'm sorry I'm being difficult.
Understood, but come to training camp.
Huh? But Noya-san! Do it again.
Show me the Rolling Thunder again! Okay? Good job.
Good job! I wonder if things would go smoother for Sugawara-san and Nishinoya-san if Asahi-san came back.
Who knows? I heard Asahi-san takes all the blame upon himself, but don't you think Sugawara-san is like that, too? I guess they both have a sense of responsibility, even though you don't win a game by yourself.
Y-You should talk! I clearly remember your words "I wish I could receive, toss, and spike, all by myself.
" Shut up! "I wish I could" Everyone on our side of the net should be an ally.
Huh? I don't like it when we don't get along.
I appreciate the sentiment, but Why are you so interested in me? We haven't even practiced together.
Because if you don't come back, the second and third-years will stay disheartened.
You're being way too loud.
You guys are interesting.
But, I'm sorry to say I can no longer visualize spiking past high blocks in front of me.
I can't get the thoughts of getting shut out, of seeing myself intimidated, and self-destructing out of my head You might think what I'm about to say is cocky for a first-year shrimp.
I won't think that.
What is it? I understand how you feel.
I'm short and have no skills, so I constantly get blocked.
But now I have this guy tossing to me, so I can get past any blocker.
All the blockers vanish from sight And the view of the other side of the net opens up.
Ah I sort of know what that view is like.
Then, at the highest point, the ball hits my hand, I feel the heft of the ball snug in my palm.
I love that.
I know that feeling well.
I envy you, Asahi-san.
I don't have the height or power to spike through blockers on my own, but you do, Asahi-san.
Maybe they've blocked lots of your spikes, but you've spiked lots of points, too, haven't you? That's why everyone calls you the ace, Asahi-san.
It's time.
Let's go.
Moron, we'll be late for class.
Um You don't win alone.
That's just how it is.
That's why there are six players on the court.
I didn't realize that til just recently, so I'm not one to talk.
Excuse me.
Let's go home together.
Want to grab a bite somewhere? One more! Bring another! Shut up! I know that.
Here goes.
And then at the highest point, the ball hits my hand, I feel the heft of the ball, snug in my palm I love that.
I know I know it well.
Next Episode Preview I wish Azumane-san would come back.
He had a stubbly beard.
Huh? Maybe I'd be like an ace if I grew a stubbly beard.
Will a hair-growth lotion help me grow a beard? Who knows, you numbskull?! Episode 9: A Toss to the Ace Next time on Haikyu!! "A Toss to the Ace"