Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

One more! Give me another! Shut up.
I know that.
Here goes.
Gosh, that feels good.
I feel the heft of the ball, snug in my palm.
I love that.
All right.
We'll use our quick offense against Neko! Neko? A match against Nekoma? It'll be a practice match on the last day of Golden Week.
What do you mean, "yikes"? Hey, don't run away.
But you're scary when you get mad.
I'm not mad right now.
Well, Nekoma sounds like ancient history to us.
Our generation doesn't have the same Karasuno-Nekoma rivalry.
Although "Cat vs Raven: Battle at the Garbage Dump.
" We've heard the stories about Neko.
It'll be our fist match with them in years.
It does pique your interest, doesn't it? But I've lost face with Suga and Nishinoya.
You're too much.
You're still a goofball in a big body, as usual.
What a contrast to Nishinoya.
Can't you sugarcoat your words a little? Don't worry about Suga and Nishinoya.
They're fine.
Unlike you, they have big hearts.
I always thought of you as a kind person Was I wrong? I'm kind to everyone, except you.
Because you're a goofball.
You ditched us for a whole month, you complain about your anxiety but those things don't matter to me.
If you still like volleyball, that's reason enough to come back.
Oh, yeah.
We've got a guy who hopes to become the ace.
Haikyu!! Foothill Store By the shores of the coursing Hirose River, Episode 9: A Toss to the Ace memories do not return.
Amidst the dancing lights of Hayase Wh-What are you doing? I'm sorry.
I was checking to see if you had any customers.
You're here about the coaching thing again, aren't you? Yes.
I still like to play.
I even have a local team.
But I don't want to coach.
It's stuffy.
I see And I don't want to go to that gymnasium, either.
D-Do you have bad memories or something? The very opposite.
The place is filled with fond memories of my youth.
Then, why? That gym and club room may still be the same, but I can never go back.
It was a limited time with its own distinctive feel.
The atmosphere belongs to that place and time alone.
So it's nostalgia.
How nice.
Shut up.
That's why I don't want to go back.
Even if Nekoma High School were coming? We're having a practice match at the end of Golden Week.
The first match in five years.
B-But wh-why now? Their director, Nekomata, who was close friends with Director Ukai, just came out of retirement.
When I heard that, I requested a practice match.
When you were there, Ukai-kun, wasn't that when the Nekoma rivalry was at its peak? Yeah.
And I hear their coach now was Nekoma's setter seven or eight years ago.
This year is our last chance, Ukai.
Promise to definitely, definitely see us at the nationals.
I promise.
That was when you were playing, too.
Maybe you know him? Hey You trying to seduce me? I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Are you kidding? You think I'll fall for such an obvious ploy? What time does practice start? I'm sor— Huh? Um So Nekoma is coming.
I can't let them see my successors in a pitiful state.
I'm gearing up.
Go there and wait.
Mom! Mind the store for me.
All right.
Hello, Tatsu-san? Maturing to Greatness Say, Noya-san.
Huh? What kind of training did you do while you were suspended? Hm, mainly block-follow.
Training for saving balls after they're blocked.
I still can't do it well, but if I get good at block-follow, you guys can spike with greater confidence.
This guy He has a new bruise every time I see him.
Noya-san, are you for real? You're such an awesome guy.
What're you crying about? Good job, everyone.
Huddle up.
Let me introduce you.
This is Ukai-kun, who will be our coach starting today.
C-Coach? Is this true? Only 'til the match against Nekoma.
Oh But this is the guy from Foothill Store.
He's really a coach? He's a senpai to all of you.
He's the grandson of Director Ukai.
What? But that's not the name on your store.
The store's named after my mother's side of the family.
We got no time to waste.
Let's get started.
I want to see what you guys are made of.
The game will start at 6:30 PM.
The opponents have already been invited.
Huh? Opponents? The Karasuno neighborhood association team.
If you still like volleyball, that's reason enough to come back.
Here goes.
Okay! Here goes.
Damn, they're not coming.
I guess it's impossible to get everyone on a weekday.
Thank you very much.
Brings back memories.
Um The team Neighborhood Association is here! Hey, guys, thanks for coming on short notice.
I was expecting geezers from a neighborhood association.
Me, too.
All right! Let's get started.
It's a match! Hey, you.
What's the matter? Oh, I'm sorry.
He's sort of What? He has a problem? Is he injured? No, it's not that kind of thing What, you're not injured? Whatever the case, I need you on the neighborhood team.
Their libero has to work.
He couldn't make it.
Well, maybe We need two more.
How many extras have you got? Hey, it's Asahi-san! Asahi-san! This guy again I I um Asahi-san? You're late! Who do you think you are? What's your position? Wing spiker We're short of players.
Hurry up and take your position! Chop chop! All we need is another setter.
I wish I could do it, but I have to watch the game.
I need to borrow a setter from you guys.
You're not doing this for me, are you? If you're stepping down so I can step up, I'll refuse.
Ever since Kageyama joined the team as official setter, I've been relieved.
The setter is the pillar of our team's offense.
He must be the toughest of everyone.
But I never felt confident about throwing tosses.
I've been scared the spikers would repeatedly be blocked because of my tosses.
So I hid behind Kageyama's overwhelming abilities, and enjoyed the relief.
When I think of spikes getting blocked It still scares me.
But Let me toss to you again, Asahi.
That's why I'll be on their team.
I won't let you outplay me.
I won't, either.
Nishinoya, I'm counting on your nice receives.
That goes without saying.
All right.
Let's get ready.
Asahi-san's here.
Right? Yeah.
For now, anyway.
Karasuno Neighborhood Assoc.
Let's play.
They definitely have an intimidating presence.
Let's do it, high schoolers.
It's a battle against the ace Karasuno Neighborhood Assoc.
Nice receive.
Hey, good one.
Nice toss.
Thank you very much.
Sugawara-san's fast attack! Of course.
Suga is an experienced setter, after all.
He looks happy Suga-san, nice toss! Yeah.
But the neighborhood folks are skillfully accommodating me.
They're veterans, for sure.
All right.
My tosses still need a lot of work.
But, I have to use lots of fast attacks, and confidently keep building offense.
Otherwise, the whole match will be on the ace's shoulders again.
Suga-san, you've become awesome.
Huh? Really? That's high praise coming from you, Nishinoya.
Why's that? Oh, well Suga, you've grown dependable in the short time I've been away.
And Nishinoya is dependable, as usual.
No, seriously, you've become awesome.
I, on the other hand, came moseying back, and am standing on the court without a purpose.
I feel pathetic.
But Nice serve.
One more.
But I like being here.
What was that? All right! Yes.
That was an amazing jump.
That toss was perfection itself.
Nice, Hinata, Kageyama.
But now I have this guy tossing to me, so I can get past any blocker.
All the blockers vanish from sight and the view of the other side of the net opens up.
The other side of the net Don't mind.
One more.
Volleyball Tournament Karasuno Gymnasium Indoor Sports Arena Idate Ind Karasuno It's a feint.
In front! Nice, Noya-san.
Iron Wall of Idate Idate Industrial High School Volleyball Club supporters association Damn.
He missed, but still, that libero is amazing.
I'm sorry.
I'll get the next one.
His skills are amazingly high-level.
But the offense is weak Blocked again I've lost count of how many they've blocked.
I kept calling for a toss.
"Bring it to me.
" "I will score.
" But I've reached the very end.
I'm scared to call for a toss.
Asahi-san? Asahi? Suga, to the right.
Da-Daichi! Idate Ind Karasuno Damn it! I couldn't follow on any of the blocks.
Dashing Full Force Why? Why aren't you berating me? We lost because of me.
No matter how much you followed, if I can't spike and score, it's all for nothing! Asahi.
What do you mean "it's all for nothing"? Then why didn't you call for a toss at the end? You were in a position to spike.
Stop it, Nishinoya.
I was only bringing the ball to Asahi.
He must've been tired.
Toss to me all you want.
I'll never score.
You don't know that 'til you spike.
Maybe the next one will score! I kept the ball in the air.
It's not your place to give up.
Noya! I'm a libero.
I'm essential to defense.
I'm the cornerstone of the team! But I'm not the one who can score points.
I can't attack.
I don't care if your spikes don't score.
I would never berate you in the least.
But I won't stand for you giving up so selfishly.
Wait, Asahi.
Why didn't you show up at club yesterday? Soon after New Year, it'll be the Inter-High.
It's no fun hitting spikes that don't score.
What am I saying? I don't think that at all.
You, too.
You save the ball, but if no one scores, it's all in vain.
Stop it.
Nishinoya isn't a guy that thinks like that.
Suga felt responsible every time my ball got blocked— Who cares about the other guys? Hey, who's shouting? Don't make noise in the hall.
Shut up! How dare you! He did that in front of the dean.
Don't you want to spike and score again? Nice, Hinata.
Thanks! Hinata, you serve next.
That's what I want.
No matter how many times I fail, I still want to spike.
Then, I'm fine.
Now that you said that, I'm fine.
My job is to keep the ball in play.
That's all.
Hinata, nice serve! Net in! Whoops.
Sorry! Cover for me.
Long-hair guy, you do last.
The sky is the domain of spikers.
I can't do battle up there Let's block 'em.
Don't give orders.
Asahi-san, I'm blocking you for real.
If I keep the ball in play as long it stays connected I want to spike again.
I know the ace will score for us.
He saved it.
Nice follow.
Mainly block-follow.
Training in saving balls that get blocked.
Noya-san Even if the ball bounces off the wall I'll keep it in play.
So call for a toss again, ace! Cover.
All right.
What should I do? Who do I toss it to? The left is open.
That might be the best, but If I toss to Asahi and he gets blocked again Sugawara-san.
Give it to him 'til he scores.
You're a total sadist, King.
What? When the going gets rough, when the receive is tenuous, the last ball is entrusted to the ace.
I know.
I know it, but Asahi isn't waiting for a toss, and I'm putting him on the spot against three blockers.
The spike I can spike because the toss goes up.
Let me toss to you again, Asahi.
The toss goes up because of the connecting receive.
I kept the ball in the air.
It's not your place to give up.
I'm not the only one who spikes.
Everybody plays his own respective part.
And yet, I You don't win alone.
That's just how it is.
That's why everyone calls you an ace, Asahi-san.
If you still like volleyball Call for a toss again, ace! All right.
Shimada-san- Suga! One more! Ah, the ace awaits.
He's calling for a toss.
A high toss, slightly away from the net.
The toss, Asahi's speciality, which I've tossed to him many times.
Even if it's just a plain toss, give it all you got carefully You're rooting for the other team, aren't you? Well, sorry to say it, but I'm blocking them.
Of course.
What's the point of holding back? The dependable guardian behind me The easy-to-spike tosses he sends me I lack for nothing.
I had forgotten such simple, obvious things I'm not fighting this battle alone.
To strike past all obstacles That's the ace.
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