Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Ryu! So much force! He saved it.
Nice follow! Call for the toss again, ace.
Shimada-san- Suga! One more! Asahi.
Wow What a sound! Like, kaboom.
Nice, Asahi.
You too, Nishinoya.
You guys, too.
Nice toss, Suga.
Nice receive, Nishinoya.
So that That's an ace.
You wanted to see the ace so much.
You'd better not be intimidated now.
I'm not intimidated.
I don't have his height or power, but I can still fight.
It's my turn now.
Haikyu!! His palm is approximately wo centimeters thick.
His peers' hands are twice that size, but those two centimeters separating the ball from the floor keep the ace's life connected to us.
You didn't jump at all.
Episode 10: Yearning That's because you've been ditching for a month.
Yeah I'm sorry.
You're strict, Nishinoya.
Asahi's back and on the neighborhood team with the veterans.
We'd better step up our game.
What are you saying, Daichi-san? We have me on our team.
We have me on our team.
Huh? What? Don't talk over me, Hinata.
I was saying something awesome and you wrecked it, jackass! He's amazing.
So was Nishinoya-kun's receive.
If he can save a ball that's been blocked, we can be invincible! What are you talking about? It's impossible to save those every time.
Huh? We're talking about balls going at least 100kph, traveling a distance of only two or three meters.
There's no way you can save them all.
Oh However It's important to know that getting blocked isn't the end.
I'll save them, one after another, so don't worry about getting blocked.
Knowing your teammates are there to back you up, Come on, he's an ace.
Every one of his spikes will score.
can set your mind at ease.
What? I see.
Karasuno Neighborhood Assoc.
Nice serve.
Overall, their receiving needs a lot of work.
Kageyama, cover for me.
He discerns the dropping point quickly and without hesitation.
That setter is a first-year, so who am I going to pick for- Nice, Hinata, Kageyama.
But now I have this guy tossing to me, so I can get past any blocker.
I guess he wasn't exaggerating.
That was amazing, Shoyo! What was that? Did I really just see that? He didn't even signal.
He didn't vocalize anything, so how Hey! Why did you jump there, shrimpy? Shrimpy B-Because the toss will come to wherever I jump.
Clearly, Shrimpy jumped without watching for the toss.
Did that first-year setter perfectly coordinate with shrimpy's motion? And how could he be so certain the toss would be there? Who makes a full swing on that alone, without looking for the toss at all? What's the matter with you guys? Are you freaks? What? Freaks? But why? How would I know? Tsukishima, what's so funny? I was preoccupied arranging the match, so I didn't understand what he meant.
So I hid behind Kageyama's overwhelming abilities, and enjoyed the relief.
I guess that first-year setter is what you'd call a genius.
Hinata, let's score again.
He can't be compared to a normal person.
Nice serve.
But Wow, a parallel toss.
Damn! Even in his first game in a month, his timing's perfect! Tanaka, you're way too happy.
The timing of that toss and spike That's only possible after lots of training and time.
But you can't build up the trust it takes overnight.
That first-year setter has amazing talent, and the other guy is both trustworthy and dependable.
All right! Karasuno is pretty good right now.
Why didn't you tell me sooner, sensei? I did tell you, repeatedly.
Karasuno Neighborhood Assoc.
All right.
But I'm surprised that Shrimpy is the middle blocker.
His fast attack is amazing, sure, but how's he at blocking? Huh? He's watching me.
Speaking of, Hinata-kun's now battling the ace, and that's what he wants to become.
Huh? Hinata-kun idolizes an ace called the Little Giant.
That's why he came to Karasuno.
Oh, that guy? That's why he says he'll become the ace, and always gives it his all.
And here Hinata-kun is now, squaring off with Karasuno's current ace.
Well, this should be interesting.
Though it's kind of like watching a kid fight an adult.
Parallel toss.
I'm marking the ace right now.
I'm facing off with Karasuno's ace.
Nice serve.
Nice receive.
Suddenly, he's in front of me Karasuno Neighborhood Assoc.
I saw how he jumped before, but it's truly amazing seeing him up close.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
That was a tough break.
Next, next! How high can he jump? Right.
Good going, Asahi.
And he hasn't played in a month.
Hey, you! Your form was all wrong for blocking.
If you want to stop the ball, hold your arms like this! Are you listening? Like this.
We're counting on you for the next one.
He was bathed in sweat.
He looked like he was in anguish, but the Little Giant kept on jumping.
I couldn't understand it back then, but that must've been because of the faith his teammates had in him.
We're counting on you, Asahi-san.
Because everyone on his team believed in him, because they could count on him, everyone would connect the ball to the little ace.
I'm sure the same goes for Asahi-san.
The ace is awesome, huh? He smashes past it all.
Blocker or no blocker, it makes no difference to him.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Neighborhood Assoc.
Karasuno Cover.
In front, in front.
Left! If only I had his height and power.
It's coming from the left, cover the side.
Hinata, go back a little more.
No, no, the Little Giant was short, but he was awesome, too.
But It must be nice Hinata! Hinata.
Oh, he's alive.
Are you all right? Are you all right? It's his fault, no matter how you look at it, for being an airhead.
A-A-A-Ambulance Relax, sensei.
I'm fine, I'm sorry about that.
You sure? Just in case, take a break.
Really, I'm fine.
I couldn't dodge it.
It's no big deal.
Besides, I'm used to getting hit in face.
Don't get used to it Why were you distracted in the middle of the match? Crap Kageyama isn't yelling at me.
That means he's really angry.
It's like when I slammed a serve into the back of his head.
I know why.
The ace is cool.
But your number one use is as a decoy, which is humble and uncool.
You're thinking you could be an ace too, if only you had height and power like Asahi-san.
I wasn't thinking that! Or maybe sort of Once you found out there's an ace, not only did you yearn to see him, not only were you curious about him, but you were envious of him, weren't you? Don't think unnecessary things in the middle of a match.
So I envy him.
What's wrong with that? You're tall.
You'd never understand.
Hey, volleyball club! It's closing time.
Put everything away.
I'm sorry, but please wait until the match is finished.
But it's late.
I'll take responsibility for closing up.
It was my fault for interrupting the game, and yet I got mad at Kageyama.
All right then.
Sorry to have inconvenienced you.
Sensei, I appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
Take-chan, you're awesome.
All right, let's continue.
Neighborhood Assoc.
Karasuno One more! Nice serve.
All right, bring it.
Maybe this is the high school team's strongest offensive rotation.
We'd better watch out for that shrimp's fast attack.
Um I'm tossing to this guy next.
Please block him with everything you've got.
I'm tossing to this guy next.
Please block him with everything you've got.
What? Are you calling us out? Yes, I'm calling you out.
Please forgive my cocky attitude.
What an interesting guy.
You can call me out.
What's he thinking? A fast attack's only effective if they can't see it coming, but he just revealed the plan to them.
How can shrimpy take them on now? There's no way.
That's true.
We'll block him for sure.
You might be right, if he has to confront them head-on.
Right? We'd better, after that speech.
Damn you, Kageyama, what was that for? What's the point of telling them our next move? There's no way I can break through all these tall blockers.
Right now You can jump well, and you're fast, but you're lousy overall.
You'll never be an ace, the pillar of the team.
That's going a little But! As long as I'm here, you're invincible.
Huh? Azumane-san's spike has awesome power.
He can slam past three blockers.
Well, not every time Don't get so rattled! So how about you, then? Whenever I toss to you, do you ever get blocked? Nice serve.
All right.
Nice receive.
The blockers are huge Dodge them! What else can you do, airhead? If I can't break past them then dodge! I don't want to be blocked.
I don't want to be stopped.
If there are blockers in front of me, there's no way I can win.
I don't have fighting power like the ace.
But As long as I'm here, you're invincible.
You're no ace.
But with your speed and spring, and with my toss, you can face any blocker.
The point scored by the ace's slam and the point you scored by dodging are just one point scored.
So you don't wear a crown with "ace" written on it.
All you have to do is score lots of points.
That's why our opponents will mark you.
Plus, by acting as a decoy, you'll free up other spikers.
Including the ace.
Right? Huh? Yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
You being a decoy makes a huge difference to our success rate.
Do you still think your position is uncool? I don't.
Huh? I don't.
That last slam was amazing.
I apologize for interrupting practice.
I apologize.
We'll continue the match.
Thank you very much.
All right, let's catch up! Yeah.
The last one was successful, but don't repeat the same movement.
Those two You mean Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun? Are they from the same junior high? Or are they childhood friends from elementary school? Oh, no.
They just got acquainted recently.
They didn't get along at first.
I heard they were a handful.
Ukai-kun? How cruel.
All right.
Neighborhood Assoc.
Karasuno These high schoolers are pretty good.
They make us old guys play for real.
Jump floater? Hinata.
Got it.
All right.
Take that.
How immature.
What was that? That didn't look like a particularly forceful serve.
It's a jump floater serve.
By hitting the ball so it doesn't spin, it wobbles in its path.
It'll suddenly turn, or drop.
It's like a secret weapon.
That's awesome.
Yamaguchi, the score.
Oh, s-sorry.
One more! Neighborhood Assoc.
Karasuno All right.
That's four points in a row.
The first-year duo's attack is amazing, but receiving is a problem.
Especially the first and second-years.
This is mine, in one shot.
Nice receive.
You won't get away with it this time, shrimp.
We got it! Crap.
Long time no see.
Nice, Nishinoya.
Neighborhood Assoc.
Karasuno Damn.
Sorry, Hinata.
I was totally free, too.
Oh, no But that was awesome.
You splendidly led all of us.
You kind of make me jealous.
I'm counting on you.
Well, if nothing else, we sure got to relive our youth.
"Call the toss, ace!" That kind of stuff.
Youth is great, isn't it? "As long as I'm here, you're invincible!" I wish I could say that.
High schoolers are awesome! You guys make us old folk feel left behind.
guys have a long way to go, but when you pull it together, you'll probably go far.
Thank you very much.
Thank you! Anyway Receiving.
We're nothing if we can't receive.
Starting tomorrow, you've got rigorous training ahead.
And don't forget to stretch.
Stretches! Yeah.
Take your time.
Was the receiving that bad? So bad you're sighing? No, I'll come back to that later.
Back in the day when I'd wait to be picked as player, I didn't even realize that it isn't easy being the picker.
Equipment Room Let's clean up fast.
Yamaguchi, put the balls over there.
I'm no ace, but I can carve a path for the ace.
I'll be the most formidable decoy.
A-although I can't do that without Kageyama's toss.
So So um "Please do your best.
" No, that doesn't sound right.
"Let's do our best together.
" That sounds kind of cocky Hinata.
That's your name, right? For the most part, the player in position to the left of the spiker is called "ace.
" Like me and Tanaka Yes.
Blasting past a triple-block, handling the toss in a crucial place, those things certainly are the ace's job.
But with your speed and spring, and with my toss, you can face any blocker.
For a setter to say things like that to you I think it's an amazingly awesome thing.
Um so um I dunno but whatever your position is called, I think the coolest player is the one who is most feared by the opposing team.
Don't you? "That middle blocker is dangerous, be careful!" That kind of thing.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll do my best, too.
Ofcourse, that's if they allow me back in as a regular.
Asahi, you're big but so cowardly.
I think you've revived too, Suga.
I'm sorry for all my whimpering and groaning and sniveling.
That's not what I meant We also have dependable Nishinoya back.
But don't knock the dean over ever again, okay? Which reminds me, a goofball wing-spiker, nominally our ace, has come back, too.
All right.
Let's huddle up and finish practice.
Karasuno Fight.
Next Episode Preview Training camp, at last.
Under the same roof with Kiyoko-san Ryu! Noya-san! Ryu! Noya-san! Wh-What is going on? Just ignore them.
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