Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Training Camp VS Nekoma All right.
I'm off.
Have a nice time.
Four more days 'til the practice match against Nekoma.
In our matches from here on out That spike That receive They're going to be on our side! It's kind of amazing.
All right.
It's training camp time! First-Year Class 1 Hinata, you're too restless.
Do you need to go to the bathroom? Episode 11: Decision All here? Yeah.
The practice match against Nekoma is in four days.
Inter-High preliminaries will be soon thereafter.
We've got no time, but you guys are full of holes.
Since that's the case, there's only one way for you to win.
And practice.
Save the ball, even if you have to barf.
He barfed already.
Front, front.
Hey, how many does it take for you to get it right? Concentrate! One more.
Here goes.
Nice receive.
Nice, Yamaguchi.
That's five successful receives.
Next up.
Next! I'm ready.
Good job.
All right.
Spiking practice next.
All right.
Nice kill.
Nice kill.
Looking good.
May I go next? Sure, sorry.
Okay, let's get going.
Wow! This is where we're staying? You need to calm down.
But this is my first time at training camp.
I have to hang all day with this slovenly bunch.
What's so fun about that? Tsukishima, you bastard Kiyoko-san's within a 500 meter radius of us! How can that be slovenly? How pitiful that you can't understand how refreshing this space is! It's like this wellspring in the Ou Mountains.
Shimizu's home is nearby, so she's not staying here.
What are you guys doing? Take-chan We can't go on Thank you for the food.
Seconds, anyone? Yes, please.
It's first-years' turn to bathe.
What's up, Hinata? There There's a stranger among us.
There shouldn't be.
We're the only ones staying here.
It's a child.
It can't be.
You must've seen your reflection in the window or something.
I must've made a mistake.
Of course It was a mistake.
It was a mistake.
What are you screaming about? Daichi-san will get mad.
It was just Noya.
Noya-san? B-But Noya-san grew shorter! That's true.
Your hair adds to your height! Ryu, you bastard! It's not funny! Don't make so much noise Daichi will get mad It's me.
It's Asahi.
You guys shut up! You're stalling.
Don't swing your arms.
One more.
Nice, Hinata.
That's five successful receives.
All right.
That's the whole rotation.
Next, running.
Hurry up, moron.
They sure have a lot of energy, Shut up.
even though they have to train during summer vacation.
I saw Kageyama jogging at dawn.
Oh, Hinata-kun was, too.
He said it's because there's no mountain crossing at the lodge.
Mountain crossing? That's why he's got all that stamina.
Are you worried about picking members for the match? I'm undecided about the setter.
In terms of ability, Kageyama is my pick.
Sugawara's is experienced and has played with an ace since his first year.
However, Kageyama is talented enough to surpass all that experience in no time.
Sugawara has been playing all this time.
His teammates depend on him.
Perhaps the reason why you can't decide, Ukai-kun, is because Sugawara-kun is in his third year.
Is that so? The third year is his last year.
That's why you're thinking Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm overstepping my bounds.
No, I think you're exactly right.
When I was in my third year of high school, I was a starting member only once, when our younger official setter couldn't play.
I remember the anguish I felt, that I wasn't picked to play.
But as long as I'm the temporary coach now, I can't base my decision on a player's feelings.
Don't yell unnecessarily.
It'll sap your strength.
Hey, where are you going? Nobody's coming.
Did I get lost? A bright red jersey.
You don't see those around here.
What are you doing? Um I'm lost.
You're from out of town? Yeah.
Is that thing fun? Not really.
I'm just passing time.
Oh Are you a volleyball player? Huh? Those are volleyball shoes.
I'm in a volleyball club, too.
I'm Hinata Shoyo.
Kozume Kozume? That's your name? Kozume Kenma.
So you're Kenma.
Are you in high school? Yeah.
What year? I'm a first-year.
I'm a second-year.
You're older than me.
Pardon me.
Don't worry.
I don't really like that kind of status stuff in athletics.
Oh, is that so? Um do you like volleyball? Not particularly.
I kind of just do it.
I don't dislike it, but I don't like getting tired.
But my friends play, and they probably can't do without me.
I think it'll be more fun if you get to like it.
I don't care.
It's only while I'm in high school.
What position do you play? Setter.
Really? You're a little different from our setter.
Our setter is a little more intense.
I'm middle blocker.
Wow Do you think it's kind of weird? It's a position for tall guys.
I guess but I don't think that.
I get told stuff a lot when I go to matches.
They say: "The setter position is for the most talented player, so why him?" Because I'm not very athletic to begin with.
Oh Is your team good? Well, I heard we were good a long time ago.
But we fell into decline.
Recently, though I think we're pretty good.
What's your school? Kenma.
See you soon, Shoyo.
Don't go wandering off by yourself.
We're strangers to this place.
You have to be careful.
See you soon? Hinata.
Man, I was looking all over.
I'm sorry.
I was dashing, then got lost.
Hinata, you go all out in every practice, don't you? Yes.
But I still need lots more training.
I don't have enough strength yet.
It makes me mad I'm treated as a set with Kageyama, and not as a full-fledged individual.
Regardless, I want to play in the match.
I want to stand on the court.
Me, too.
I want to stand on the court, too.
So I'm going to fight my own battles, my way.
Come on, or you'll be late for lunch.
Miyagi Prefecture Tsukinokizawa High School Don't you think their setter is kind of small? Yeah, and he's kind of unsteady.
Maybe he's a backup setter.
I've never heard of this school.
Nekoma That unsteady shrimp you guys are talking about is the backbone of Nekoma.
He's our brain.
And our heart.
What? We third-years are done after this year.
That's why our desire to win is double that of the others.
We want the ticket that will take us to our next stage.
If it's Kageyama who deserves that ticket more than me, you should give it to Kageyama without a second thought.
Daichi, Asahi, and I have been playing together since our first year.
I'd like to stand on the court with them, and play as much as I am able.
If Kageyama gets tired, or if something happens, I want to fill that void, or be a substitute.
Even if it's out of pity because I'm a third-year, as long as I get another chance to play in a match, that's all that matters.
I don't care if I'm not the official setter.
I won't give up my desire to play on the court.
So I want as many chances as possible.
I'm sorry for being so presumptuous.
I think I've been underestimating you.
To be honest, I'm amazed at you right now.
What? I'm not an experienced coach yet, but I will do everything in my power so you guys can go on winning.
Thank you.
I'm going to get fired up.
We'll win as many as we can.
Thank you for the food.
Where does that appetite come from? Hey, eat.
Eat even if you can't eat any more! It's midsummer.
Just look at you guys.
You're eating more than usual today, Suga.
You'll shrivel up and croak if you don't eat! You think so? I'll eat a lot, and give it my all.
Yamaguchi, you're not eating that? Hey! Let Yamaguchi eat his own food! For the Nekoma battle, this will be our starting order.
WS Sawamura MB Hinata WS Tanaka WS Azumane Li Nishinoya-MB Tsukishima S Kageyama It's a configuration you're barely used to, so I'm not expecting you to synchronize right away.
We now have an amazing libero, and the ace has returned, but don't rely on those facts or think victory is assured.
Victory goes to the team that connects.
Let's see how this configuration works in the battle against Karasuno's long-standing rival, Nekoma.
Equipment room Yeah.
I needn't mention Suga-san of course, but you're probably feeling sorry for Ennoshita-san and the others, too, aren't you? What? The strong stand on the court.
That's how it is.
Um, Asahi-san.
I can't say I've always been a devoted player.
There was a time I quit, even.
So If they become stronger than the ace in mind and body, they will rightfully steal the regular position out from under you, Asahi-san.
Right, Chikara? Huh? I wouldn't go that far Or if a regular position were to be stolen, maybe it would be Ryu's first.
You've got some nerve! Throw the first punch, Ennoshita! Nishinoya, that's enough! You've made your point! There.
Um, Ennoshita-san Hm? What you said before practice Oh, about quitting once? You've heard that Director Ukai came back for a while last year, right? Yes.
It's pathetic, but there were a few of us who couldn't keep up with his training.
The club was just for fun 'til he came back.
Then it suddenly became a club for the purpose of winning.
Those of us who were just casual players got scared and quit.
But we still wanted to play volleyball, so we decided to come back.
By then Director Ukai was already gone.
We're pathetic second-years, but we came back.
So we want to do our best, and not get left in the dust by you guys.
So we'll say it one more time.
We look forward to playing with you.
All set? Yes.
Washed, folded, and all set.
Uchisawa Cleaning It's the uniforms.
Wow Karasuno It's the one I saw on TV.
Huh? Here.
But only Noya-san's is orange.
You stand out.
Thank you very much.
Of course.
After all, I have the leading role.
Leading role? The libero goes on and off the court frequently during a match.
He's the only one that needs to be noticeable.
I know that.
I totally know that.
Kageyama is one notch higher than me I knew he was going to say that.
Just be grateful we first-years get to wear a uniform at all.
I know that.
Yeah, I guess you don't remember that number, because you saw it only once on TV, right? Huh? The Little Giant wore #10 when he went to nationals.
Was this your thoughtful idea, Coach? Nope, just a coincidence.
Then, it's destiny.
It's a coincidence.
Don't be jealous, Kageyama-kun.
Why would I be jealous? By the way, The Little Giant that Hianata admires played on the best team Karasuno's ever had.
But even then, Karasuno never defeated Nekoma.
Not even once.
It was one loss after another.
I want you to turn the tables on them.
Okay, let's start practice.
Nekoma must be very good.
What's their team like? I don't know about now, but in the past, the team has had very solid receivers.
It's not that they had outstanding players.
They just had no holes.
They were the opposite of our team.
They lived up to their "Neko" name They were flexible.
What the heck? We spike and spike, yet the ball never drops on their court! Nekoma Shirato All right.
It's not like there's a genius player among them, in offense or defense Why are they so good? About our destined opponent, Karasuno Do they have a female manager or not? I bet a yakisoba bread that they don't.
What? I'd prefer that they did, so my bet is that they do.
Me, too.
We don't, so won't it make you mad if they do? Uh What if they had a beauty for a manager? I won't ever forgive them! I never will.
And if that's the case, you'd better watch out, Karasuno! Shut up, Yamamoto! Hey, Kenma.
What do you think? I don't care either way.
I knew you'd say that.
But Huh? I'm kind of looking forward to it.
Our match against Karasuno.
Kenma, who has no will to play, is looking forward to a match? Yamamoto, you seem full of energy.
You can practice double the amount if you'd like.
Hey, Hinata.
They said it's our turn to bathe.
Don't get all worked up again and barf.
I won't barf.
I know it goes without saying, but even if they can't play in the match, I know they still want to play.
I'm only allowed to play because of your toss.
It's frustrating, but I wouldn't be allowed on my own merit.
I'm taking a bath and going to sleep right away.
Damn you, bastard That was a false start! Why must they compete to see who can bathe the fastest? They're morons.
I get tired just watching them.
Hey! Who's running? Karasuno High School Volleyball Club Next Episode Preview The match against Nekoma is around the corner.
I must say, that pudding-head, and that comb-head They're a bunch of unidentified critters.
Don't worry.
They're not that tall.
That means nothing, coming from you.
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