Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Miyagi Prefecture Tokonami High School It's official.
I got the pairings for the Inter-High preliminaries.
At last.
Where's our first match gonna be? Let's see Omisaki Tokonami Karasuno Dateko Tori Torino? Torino? Is that a British school? It's Karasuno, moron.
Besides, Torino would be Italian.
Tokonami I've heard of that school.
They're "Fallen rivals.
Unflying crows.
" What's that? Some kind of idiom? They used to be strong.
I think they even went to nationals once.
I hear they're not even worth mentioning nowadays.
Which could mean, that just maybe They'll be easy to beat.
We won't lose in the first round like we do every year.
But to make that happen, we have to train.
Get running.
A guy from my junior high volleyball club is at Karasuno.
Is it your first time seeing him since then? We've never played against that school before.
He used to talk about how unforgettable Karasuno was in the spring tournament he saw on TV, but he probably went there because it's close to his home.
I wonder how he's doing now Sawamura.
Haikyu!! Episode 14: Formidable Opponents Block follow! Get in there! Don't just stand and watch.
I'm sorry.
"This is my last chance.
" Always tell yourself that.
Give it all you got.
If you don't, the one chance you wasted could cost you the match! Everyone, you all did a good job in today's matches against Nekoma.
Inter-High preliminaries begin next month on June 2nd.
There are no district preliminaries in Miyagi, so we go straight to prefectural preliminaries.
Championship Out of about 60 teams in the prefecture, only one will go to nationals.
The winning team Lose one match and the journey ends.
If you want to take revenge on Nekoma, you must take first place in Miyagi.
There's no other way.
Second place won't cut it.
Of course, they'll have to win the battle to represent Tokyo, as well.
Those guys can do it.
They're strong.
Another match against Nekoma Again Nice, Hinata.
Get up quickly.
One more.
Yes, thank you.
Front, front.
Karasuno High School Volleyball Club You're right.
That's amazing.
The picture's huge.
Yeah! What, what? What? What's that? Look.
Boy's High School This year, pay special attention to these three GUYS! "Shiratorizawa's Ushiwaka is among the three most-noticed high schoolers in the whole country.
" Shiratorizawa! That's where Kageyama couldn't get in.
Shut up.
What's so funny, you bastards? Who's Ushiwaka? We're not laughing.
You don't know? You're full of it.
That's because you're only a fan of the Little Giant.
Let me tell you about Ushiwaka.
He's unmistakably the number-one ace of our prefecture: Ushijima Wakatoshi.
Overwhelming power and height!! Super high-school ace!! Miyagi Shiratorizawa Academy Third-year Ushijima Wakatoshi His goal: To conquer nationals, of course! Hmm.
He definitely has "ace" written all over him.
Hey, why are you looking at me? Kageyama, you were trying to get into a place with guys like this? And you were going to yell at the super high-school ace, "Move faster, clumsy oaf!" and stuff, right? I wouldn't say that.
If we don't defeat him, we can't play against Nekoma.
Monthly Volleyball Hey, hey.
Shiratorizawa isn't the only formidable opponent.
Would the others be last year's best four? Yes, but there are other formidable opponents this year.
Wakutani Minami There's Wakutani Minami, which has superior defense and coordination.
Date Kogyo Date Kogyo is also known as the Iron Wall, which says it all.
That team has the highest blocking rate in the country.
If I recall, we lost to Dateko 2-0 in the prefectural tournament last March.
The match in March an iron wall of blockers Every single spike by Asahi got blocked in this one match.
Was Suga-san talking about the match against Date Kogyo? I hear there's a second-year named Aone who is particularly dangerous.
Dateko is as strong as the other best four teams, but they lost their third-round match against the eventual champions, Shiratorizawa, and only made the best sixteen.
That's why they weren't seeded this year.
In other words, depending on the match-ups, we might or might not play against them in the first round.
And the next one Oh, yeah.
I heard we recently had a practice match against them.
The team's top attacker is their setter, and of course he's also a supreme setter.
Their team's ranks include perhaps the best all-around player in the prefecture.
Aoba Johsai That would Oikawa Toru at Aoba Johsai.
The Great King! They were in last year's best four.
Last, but not least Shiratorizawa The defending champions, Shiratorizawa, and their super-ace Ushijima Wakatoshi.
That about sums it up.
I'll save the details for later.
Ukai-san, even though you're sloppy You guys are thinking something disrespectful about me, aren't you? Anyway, those are the top four contenders this year.
However, if look up instead of straight ahead, we could lose our footing.
There's no team that enters a tournament to lose.
They all enter to win.
While we frantically train, others will also be frantically training.
Weak or strong, they're all aiming to win.
Don't forget that.
And don't let them call us "unflying crows" ever again.
I'm glad you're all still here.
Sorry I'm late.
The meeting went long.
However Here it is.
The match-ups for the Inter-High preliminaries.
Tokonami (4) Karasuno (5) Dateko (6) Ouka (7) If we win the first round, we might play against Dateko, assuming they also win.
But that's not all Aoba Johsai (1) Senkawa Kita (2) Omisaki (3) Okonami (4) Karasuno (5) Dateko (6) Ouka (7) Aoba Johsai is one of the seeds in our block.
Day One Day Two For real? Dateko and Seijoh Hey.
Don't forget what I just said.
If all you do is look up We know.
Tokonami Karasuno Which high school are you going to, Sawamura? Karasuno.
Huh? Where? You know, the school that was in the spring tournaments.
And you, Ikejiri? I'm going to Tokonami.
Guess we're parting ways.
Guess so.
Which means, if I continue playing volleyball in high school You should continue.
Maybe we'll play against each other.
And if we do, I'll smash you to pieces.
Tokonami Karasuno I dare you.
Ikejiri, let's get going.
The first round match I promise we'll win it.
Third-Year Class 4 Sawamura.
What, Michimiya? I got the pep rally schedule for the sports clubs.
The volleyball club is up fifth.
Thank you.
Do you have a speech ready, captain? Nope, I've got nothing.
The Inter-High preliminaries are around the corner.
The boys' team is doing well.
What was that team the one you used to do practice matches with Excuse me.
Nekoma? Right, right.
You played against them again, right? How are the girls doing? I've been out of touch because we have separate gyms.
We've been well as usual.
The club members stopped coming to morning practice, as usual.
I'm not good at being stern.
We'll probably lose in the first round, again.
Michimiya, didn't you say, "We'll definitely win next time"? No matter how formidable and unbeatable your opponent, you'll never win if you don't believe you can.
Whoops, I didn't mean to preach.
Well, you see I remember when you scolded me in junior high.
You said the same thing.
It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament.
I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament.
Even if we're not confident that we'll win, even if others tell us we don't stand a chance, we "We must never tell ourselves that.
" End quote.
I'm sorry! I have a bad habit of losing confidence before a tournament.
I hope I'm not being presumptuous, but since you and I are both captains, I'll pretend I didn't hear any of that.
You're too easy on me.
All right, I'm good.
I'm good now.
Because I want to pulverize my dear underclassman, setter-on-setter, in an official match.
What's that? Scary.
Third-Year Class 3 Karasuno (5) Dateko (6) Dateko Karasuno Asahi-san.
Go! Club! What's going on? Is he training a dog? Nishinoya.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not running away.
I know everyone's behind me.
This time, I'll stick out my chest, and declare, "I'm the ace of Karasuno!" Hinata.
Perfect timing.
There's something I wanted to give you.
I'll give it to the other first years later.
My signals.
I'm not as accurate as Kageyama, so I'll give signals to say, "This is what I'm doing next.
" Oh.
Though you might not like memorizing things I don't mind.
Signals are cool.
I'll memorize them.
We have to use them in practice, or they'll be useless in the tournament.
I'd be grateful if you could practice them with me.
I'll do it all you want.
I'll learn to spike any toss.
A back attack with three vanguards feinting Keishin-chan.
Keishin-chan, dear, I need some mirin.
Foothill Store Keishin-chan, dear, I need some mirin.
What are you looking all serious about? The tournament's coming up, right? Yeah.
Tournaments fire you up, don't they? It's like getting ready for battle.
Yeah sort of.
And then maybe, your cute girlfriend comes to watch, and "Tomorrow's the tournament at last.
" "Yeah, that's right.
" "You were training so long for this.
" "Yeah.
I know it's been hard for you, too.
" "No, I don't mind.
" "I love watching you play, Ryu-kun.
" "Honey" "I thought hard about what to give you, and I made this for you.
" "A good luck charm" "Ryu-kun.
Do your best tomorrow.
" If she said stuff like that to me I was thinking I'd get even more fired up.
Keep thinking that, and I'll take your place as a regular.
Nice kill.
Nice, Azumane-san.
Are you good at back attacks? Hey.
I need you guys here.
That's the idea We have to find the right height for spiking.
It looks hard.
Let's do it.
Coach us.
Hinata, you jump in as usual.
Good job.
Good job.
Ukai-kun, you must be exhausted.
I appreciate you coming daily at start time, but I hope it's not affecting your job.
Yeah, I've been working at the store exclusively 'til now, but now I'm working on the farm as well, so I've been working the evening shift at the store.
It's our family business, so I can't complain.
Thank you very much.
I'll bring you sake or something the next time I visit.
Seriously? I didn't realize there were so many attack patterns.
Are we using all of these? It depends.
I need those guys to focus on the match.
Hinata, A next.
I can't overwhelm them before the match.
Nice, Hinata.
Awesome, awesome.
Hinata and Sugawara's quicks are taking shape.
Thanks! That toss was really good.
Azumane-san, how was that toss? Was it too high? Too low? How was it? Oh, um yeah, it was fine.
If you have a criticism, no matter how minor, tell me everything.
I'll fix it.
I see then maybe a little higher? And a little further away from the net.
Ten more spikes, please.
What? Is that not enough? Then twenty spikes.
There's no point in getting that anxious before the match.
No, that's not what I meant Remember the timing when you start running.
Did you mean you want to practice other patterns? Hey, stragglers.
Let's wrap it up.
Daichi says he's buying us pork buns.
I have stuff to do.
I see.
Good job.
Good job.
One per person.
Thank you.
Daichi-san, thank you.
Let's eat and then go home.
Hey, Tsukishima.
Daichi-san bought us pork buns.
Oh, thanks.
Isn't Yamaguchi with you? He said he has stuff to do.
Shimada Mart He left before I did.
Sorry, we're closed.
Oh? I'm in the Karasuno Volleyball Club.
My name is Yamaguchi.
I knew you looked familiar.
Um Will you teach me how to do a jump float serve? Oh, yeah.
I used it in that match.
But the Inter-High preliminaries start soon, right? It'll be hard to learn it in such short time.
I probably won't be able to play this time around, anyway.
There's no way a first-year like me can replace a third-year.
But I don't want to be the only first-year who has to sit out.
Tsukishima All School Sports Clubs Pep Rally Miyagi Prefecture Tokonami High School Inter-High Good job.
Go home and go to sleep early tonight.
Okay, that'll do it.
Just a second.
One more thing.
Shimizu-san? I'm not good at cheering, but Sensei, if you will? Leave it to me.
Sensei, I can do the carrying.
Don't worry about it.
What's going on? One, two Fly Fly I didn't know we had that.
I found it while cleaning, so I washed it.
I'm getting fired up! That's our Kiyoko-san! Great job! All right! Let's get fired up! Wait.
She's not done.
Do "Do"? Do your best.
Fly Shimizu! No one ever did anything like this for us before! Even the captain? Those guys they're speechless.
They usually never shut up.
You're all out of control.
We're going to win the first round for sure! Yeah.
We have the strength of a hundred men! First one here! First one here! You bastard! Stop, Kageyama.
That makes 31 wins and 30 losses for me.
And one draw.
That's not right.
It is right.
I won.
I've won 30 times, and that was my 32nd loss.
Around this time last year, you defeated my team.
We got crushed.
Yukigaoka Kitagawa Daiichi If you're the king that rules the court "I'll have to defeat you, and I'll be the last one standing.
" I promise I'll defeat you.
Even if takes me ten years, or twenty years, I will.
You plan on playing on the same level as me, then.
Yeah, that's right.
Even if I'm the best in Japan, or the whole world? The whole world? O-Of course.
And don't call me "King.
" Ouch.
Ouch Let's go.
Today we take our first step toward that goal.
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