Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Fly I didn't know we had that.
Do your best.
You're all out of control.
We're going to win the first round for sure! Yeah.
We have the strength of a hundred men! Hey.
You know, this is going to be our last— Don't talk.
Huh? You were going to say something sentimental, weren't you? "This is going to be our last Inter-High," or something, right? This is going to be our last Inter-High.
We've sure been through a lot together.
Don't talk like we're about to die.
What? That's not what I'm saying.
The three of us stood in silence last night gazing at the stars, contemplating our last Inter-High.
I was hoping we'dsay encouraging things to each other, to raise our morale.
But you guys left without saying a word.
Shimizu's surprise raised our morale 120%.
Well yeah but Miyagi Prefecture\nKarasuno High School We're going to win the first and second rounds today, then move on to day two.
This is no time to be melodramatic.
We're going to win all of the matches ahead of us.
That's all we need to think about.
We're counting on you, Ace.
I kinda get scared when Daichi is nice to me.
Maybe it'll snow in summer next.
Then maybe I should be stern.
Good morning.
I'll unlock the club room.
Let's go.
Haikyu!! Episode 15: Revival I wonder what the Karasuno team is like.
I hope there aren't too many tall players.
Don't worry about it.
I hear they've been mediocre for a while.
I think Shiratorizawa could win it.
Ou No, Aoba Johsai's on a roll this year.
I hear Oikawa has surpassed everyone since becoming a third-year.
Tokonami I also hear Seijoh's first-years are amazing jumpers.
Yeah, but still, they probably won't get past Dateko's blockers.
I'm glad we're not in the A block.
Let's see, this block Karasuno Tori Torino? I think that's "Karasuno.
" They were strong once, not too long ago.
Oh, yeah, but not anymore.
There's a saying about their team.
What's that? Karasuno High School Volleyball Club "Fallen powerhouse.
Flightless ravens.
" Hey, shut up.
Flightless, you say? Is that what you said? Come on.
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
No problem.
Don't squabble.
All black That one guy doesn't look like a high schooler.
Hey, is that guy That's Karasuno's Azumane.
What? Who's that? Don't you know? I heard guys from Kita High worked for him to extort money.
Go ahead.
You do it, too.
It's a fight! The police! Someone call the police! I also heard he sold illegal substances on the street.
You'd better not refuse.
You dropped your handkerchief.
I'm sorry.
And I heard he's been in high school for five years.
He's an adult, then.
Oh, well.
It's the usual gossip.
All because of his appearance.
But I like to have sort of a wild appearance.
You wouldn't say that if you were really wild.
Who cares about how they view you? Now this is what you call "wild.
" Hey, check it out.
The banner was quite effective.
Do you think so? It worked a lot better than that poem I wrote.
Go say hi.
I dare you.
Should I? Should I try? Stop that.
Kiyoko-san smacked us.
That little guy Isn't he Nishinoya from Chidoriyama? He won the Overall Best Libero Award.
I'll be at my best today.
Really? That's not all.
That guy over there They say he's a genius setter.
That's Kitagawa Daiichi's King of the Court.
What's he doing at Karasuno? Dunno.
He wasn't very popular in junior high, though.
Then what about that guy there? That little guy.
Is he awesome, too? No I don't think so.
This place is packed! The Top I I'm aiming for the top, too.
I'll do it.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's fine This gym is huge! It smells like Air Salonpas What are you talking about? That's the smell of tournaments.
I know, right? It's them.
H-He's huge! Dateko It's Date Kogyo.
He has no eyebrows.
You got a problem? Hey, hey, hey.
Stop that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No Futakuchi, help me out.
Sorry about that.
This guy targets our opponent's ace whenever he sees them.
So you better be ready.
You guys are too rude.
Why must you always do that? That was a little jarring.
I'm amazed that you stared back at himー Th-That was nerve racking.
Why are you such a wimp off the court? Are you all right? Sawamura.
Long time no see.
Hey, Ikejiri.
Sorry, I'll catch up with you guys in a minute.
Sure has been a long time.
You seem bigger.
Have I? I think I'm about the same height.
That's not what I mean Bigger in front, you mean? No, that's not it.
His presence has changed.
His energy has changed.
He's probably been training a lot harder.
I saw you at the entrance.
You were so intense, I couldn't bring myself to say, "hello.
" What's that supposed to mean? But then again, the guys on our team are intense.
That's for sure.
They look really strong.
You, too, Sawamura.
You think so? Our team is puny.
I take that back.
"Puny," "powerhouse," "fallen rival," all that stuff means nothing.
We'll smash our opponents to pieces.
I'm getting nervous.
I know, right? Did you see our opponents' spikes when they were practicing? They're not in last year's best eight for nothing.
I'm praying for the ball not to come to me.
I should've shown up for morning practice more often.
No matter how formidable and unbeatable your opponent, you'll never win if you don't believe you can.
We had so much time.
We could've trained so much more.
We could've done so much more.
Yui, it's too late for all that.
But those things don't matter any more.
The tournament whistle will blow in 45 minutes.
All we can do now is get warmed up.
We'll fight to the very end with all our might.
And let's win! Huddle up, everybody.
Form a circle! Come on, everybody.
Karasuno, fight! Yeah! Hey.
Is your stomach upset again or something? Tumbling with excitement.
What? I think he meant, "trembling with excitement.
" No, he's just shaking with fear.
I know.
You got intimidated by Dateko, didn't you? O-Of course not.
Which is it? Damn.
He's overwhelmed again.
I better do something about it quick.
He can't do what he did at the Seijoh match.
Asahi's cowardly too, but he doesn't seem nervous.
"Cowardly"? I have a trick to calm my nerves.
I try and remember the scariest experiences I've ever had.
The scarier the better.
Then I think to myself, "Whatever happens, it can never be as scary as that.
" It puts me on an even keel.
The scariest experiences I've ever had Math 4 Hinata Shoyo Hinata? I'm fine now.
Hey, Hinata.
What's the matter? If you know how to calm your nerves, why did you get so devastated when we battled Dateko? There you go again, Noya-san! You're rubbing salt in his wound.
Because I didn't have enough time to visualize.
Visualizing requires time and concentration to do be done properly.
Sounds overcomplicated.
All right.
Everybody ready? Let's be the first on the court.
Finally, an official match Hold your ambition in front Wow.
It's spacious.
It's huge.
Hey, don't get intimidated.
It's you who's intimidated.
By the looks of it, it's you.
Hey, don't get so mad.
Fly All right.
Let's start practicing.
We need to watch them one last time.
Especially the powerful quick of that first-year duo.
Yes, sir.
It's Aoba Johsai.
They're tall They look strong.
Speaking of, where's their setter? He's not here.
Where's Oikawa? Oh.
Um What is it? Fess up.
Girls from other schools have him in their clutches.
This is delicious.
You really made this? Yes.
I stayed up late last night making it.
That's so nice.
It's nothing.
Oikawa-san, can I take a picture with you? A picture? Sure.
Oikawa-san? Ouch.
Not even the coach hits me Sorry.
Let's do the pictures another time.
Hey, it's turnip head.
"Turning-head"? What's that? It's you.
Who else? What? Um Yoohoo.
Tobio-chan, shrimp-chan.
How's the freak duo doing? It's the Great King.
That hurt, Iwa-chan.
Huh? They have a libero.
Give me another one.
He wasn't there for the practice match.
And that big guy wasn't there, either.
Oh? And their coach is new, too, right? Hinata, don't dilly-dally.
New players and a new coach.
I wonder how Karasuno has changed.
It's finally happening.
Teams will compete in this enormous place, in front of a crowd.
I think I'm more nervous than our players.
Let's do everything we can for them, to the best of our ability.
One, two! Dateko Asahi-san.
I'm worried about Dateko, too, but I'm not going to lose.
I think of winning, and that's all.
So let's focus on our opponents now.
All the best.
Only Volleyball Volleyball and Nothing Else Huddle.
Line up.
Tokonami Wakudani-minami Shiratorizawa Academy Volleyball Club Let's play.
Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko! Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko! Date's Iron Wall Listen up.
This is everyone's first match.
Everyone's nervous, everyone's anxious, everyone's not their usual self.
But you have to overcome those things before they do.
Score a big victory first, and find your groove.
I'm mean what I'm going to say, and it's no empty compliment.
You are all strong.
Karasuno is strong.
Let's show everyone in the gym how ravens fly.
Take-chan, good one! They say that inauspicious line everywhere we go.
"Fallen powerhouse.
Flightless ravens.
" But let's show them, "Look! We, Karasuno, are the champions of old.
We are winners.
" Yeah.
Was that poetic? Was it moving? It was fine.
What does he mean, "champions of old"? How am I supposed to know? We aren't really, but the nuance seems to be that we were strong in the past.
Hey, let's get going.
Karasuno, fight.
Relax, and score your first point.
Don't worry.
Your training won't betray you.
Tokonami Just keep receiving and connecting.
You mean #10 is their middle blocker? But he can't be more than 160 cm tall.
Why are taller guys sitting on the bench? Their opponents are confused, but you can't blame them.
I mean, a middle blocker competes with the tallest players.
Little #10 is a starter? He's not their libero, either.
Those who underestimate him have another thing coming.
Spoken from experience.
I'll grind them to dust next time.
Bring it on.
Komaki, nice serve.
All right.
The first score who do I choose? Nice receive.
If we score first, it'll boost our morale.
The first to score has to be Him.
This one's mine.
Tanaka, nice serveー Take that! Nice openingー Shut up! That's too much! Karasuno's already in trouble.
That was fast.
How dumb.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Let's turn the tables on them.
We'll score back.
Tanaka, nice serve.
It's that baldie.
Nice receive.
Amazing, he saved it.
That libero is fast.
Damn it.
Couldn't get it to the setter.
Here it comes.
Let's get ready.
This one's yours, Ace.
That old guy is awesome.
I hear it's his fifth year in high school.
Are you serious? Is that even allowed? Maybe he can't get out.
Asahi, don't let it get to you.
Wow, that's awesome power.
Did you see the power of our left side? But we have other weapons, too Shut up.
I know.
Tanaka, another nice serve.
All right.
You are all strong.
Karasuno is strong.
Let's show everyone in the stadium that we ravens can fly.
He's flying.
Look! Fly We are the champions of old.
Fly This is Karasuno's revival! Next Episode Preview I've been waiting for this.
Let me tell you about champions of old.
This is Sendai of Miyagi.
The champions of old are Karasuno.
And that is us.
Next time on Haikyu!!: "Winners and Losers.
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