Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

OP Yes.
Nice, Hinata, Kageyama.
Too bad.
Shake it off, Ikejiri.
Nice fight.
Karasuno isn't using it.
Their usual quick set, without looking at the toss But, although it's still rough around the edges, they've learned to do normal quicks.
Although they're still lousy at it, they can spot openings in the court.
They must've had good practice matches in what little time they've had.
They're improving their existing moves, adding new ones, and creating the best attacks for each match.
Before they were a dangerous team that relied solely on brute force, but now they have knowledge.
Polish and Refine But they still make a lot of common mistakes.
It's impossible to improve receiving overnight.
Karasuno Tokonami Nice serve, Chaya.
One more.
All right.
Looks like they're going to win the first set in no time.
That libero is a pesky one.
Now that the dude with the beard is playing, Kageyama has even more options.
Don't worry.
Come on.
Let's turn it around with this one.
One more.
Hinata, give us a nice serve.
Let's score with this one.
Haikyu!! Episode 16: Winners and Losers In our last junior high tournament, we made it through the first match by sheer luck.
Senkan Junior High Furusan Kita Junior High Amado Junior High Taihaku Junior High But the second match was against a powerhouse.
We didn't stand a chance against them.
When we were about to totally give up, you said something They're in junior high too, just like us.
They're not unbeatable.
We'll never win if we don't believe we can.
You never get discouraged, Sawamura.
Of course I'm not discouraged.
This is our last tournament.
Our opponents are junior high students, too.
That's right.
We won our first match, for the first time ever.
All right.
We can win the second match for the first time ever, too.
All right.
However Senkan Taihaku we couldn't instantly become a strong team.
Sorry, Sawamura.
Let's turn it around with this one.
Senkan Taihaku We weren't surprised that we lost.
We weren't all that angry about it, either.
In fact, we felt relieved because we wouldn't have tiring practices anymore.
But you were the only one who seemed upset.
Seeing you like that, I was jealous.
I don't know why.
Do your best! Tokonami Spirit All right.
Are you okay, Ikejiri? Hinata, nice serve.
Nice receive, Tamagawa-senpai.
Bring it to the left.
Tokonami Karasuno All right.
The rumors about Karasuno aren't true.
Fallen powerhouse? Yeah, right.
They're on a whole other level.
Rankings have nothing to do with it! "We'll never win if we don't believe we can.
" Oh, um I was just quoting a friend.
It's starting.
I don't have the charisma to convince them.
That was stupid.
It just slipped out.
Nice serve, Kageyama.
An service ace Karasuno has stepped up their game, even after winning the first set.
Karasuno Tokonami Damn.
It's high.
All right.
All right.
Karasuno Tokonami Maybe we shouldn't be so happy about one lousy point.
It's fine.
One point can be the beginning of a scoring streak.
Everyone "We'll never win if we don't believe we can," right? We'll hang in there.
We might be weak, but we're stubborn! Let's go win this! Yeah.
Yui, get it.
Good call.
Shirato Karasuno Even if we're not confident that we'll win, even if others tell us we don't stand a chance, we "We must never tell ourselves that.
" Nice serve.
Score! Don't mind, don't mind.
No regrets.
You could've saved that one, Yui.
Huh? I'm sorry.
I've lost so many of them.
Save the apologies for later.
Get up.
It's not over yet.
All right! Karasuno Tokonami It's Karasuno's match point.
It'll probably be a cinch for them.
But for us One more point It's not over.
It's not over.
We're ready, Karasuno.
We're not beaten yet.
It's not over yet.
All right.
Damn it! I'll save the next one for sure! One more! Let's turn it around.
Yeah! They're serious.
They're taking us seriously.
Everyone in the gym thought we'd be pushovers, but not anymore.
Because these guys are serious.
Karasuno Hey.
Quit spacing out, airhead.
Let's go- We won.
Do we play another match? Yeah, because we won.
We won.
We won.
We won! We can play another match.
We can stand on the court again.
He was like a little animal, hungry for victory and now he's tasted it for the first time.
Do they realize they have another match this afternoon? Huh? I mean, it was impossible for the other team to make a comeback.
They should've conserved their energyー I'm glad they didn't.
We got to see them be serious.
Although we didn't get to see the freak quick.
The match on that court's done, too.
Dateko won handedly.
So it'll be Karasuno versus Dateko.
Who will win? Let's go.
It won't matter if we don't win.
Prefectural High School Sports Tournament Girls' Volleyball Stop crying already.
They aimed serves at me.
They scored so many points off of me.
And we kept the ball in play.
That's volleyball.
They were better at it than us.
That's why we lost.
It is not any single player's fault.
Captain, sensei wants to have a word.
I'll be back, okay? Michimiya-senpai is amazing.
She's practiced the hardest of all.
You'd think she'd be the most upset.
No She's trying to stay composed, since she's our captain.
She's waiting until she's out of sight.
I did all I could.
I never skipped practice.
The day I saw that tournament on TV, I said, half-jokingly, "I'm Japan's future champion.
" But as soon as we started conditioning, I began to lose steam.
And now it's all over.
That was fast.
It's still only June.
I should've I should've trained a little harder.
Running, conditioning I should have done it all a little harder.
I would've been a better captain If only I could've been a fiercer receiver.
If only I had gone one step further.
Maybe then, I could've played more volleyball.
Win! Then win some more! Win for us, too.
You got it.
There must be thousands of guys in this country whose last season gets cut short.
Winning all the preliminaries and going on to nationals If all this were a work of fiction The guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras.
But, regardless We got to play We got to play volleyball.
Karasuno was amazing.
Especially that little #10! He was unreal.
I know, right? His quicks were right on the money.
Wh-What? I'm happy.
What's wrong with that? No one's ever said stuff like that about me before.
I didn't say anything.
I'm glad you're getting all the attention.
The more our opponents are wary of you, the more they'll bring out the best in you.
Yeah, I don't really understand what you mean, but you're scary when you're smiling.
Ouch, ouch Yeah, he's right.
"That little #10" gets a big reaction.
The bigger, the better.
The more Hinata shines, the more he blinds the defense.
So, the starting lineup for the next match will be the same as the first.
Our next match is at 1:30 PM.
Keep yourselves warm.
Have a light lunch.
Don't fill yourselves up.
Next up is no-eyebrows guy's Iron Wall school.
It's Date Kogyo.
I know that.
Dateko defeated us in March.
That match made Azumane-san want to quit.
Asahi-san Every single spike by Asahi got blocked in this one match They blocked all of Asahi-san's spikes.
Hinata, Kageyama.
Got a minute? Asahi.
It's time to go.
I'm counting on you.
Date Kogyo is a powerful opponent.
Their blocking devastated us three months ago.
But this time, we have the best decoy ever.
You brought out the best in Hinata.
Asahi Our ace needs you to do the same! All right.
We'll win the second match, too! Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko! Iron Wall of Date Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko! Dateko fight! Yeah.
Start running! You're getting intimidated again.
Dateko's scary.
I'm glad I'm not playing against them.
I felt so sorry for the spiker up against Dateko in the last match.
He was unable to do anything, literally.
All the best.
Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go, Dateko! Iron Wall of Date I don't know how to say it but it's like Dateko has taken over the court.
We're receiving first, from this side of the court.
Get ready to receive! Yeah.
Here goes.
Keep it in play.
It's only been three months since Dateko defeated us.
Though our team has made definite progress, our second and third-years might still be feeling the sting of defeat.
We have to fix that somehow.
We can't be intimidated by Dateko.
Rolling Thunder Again! That was perfect.
Noya-san, nice receive.
Perfection itself! Except for the name.
The name is perfect, too! Teach me! Teach me the Again version, too! How's that different from the regular one? What was that? He saved it.
You're showing off again.
Hey, Nishinoya, you're gonna make Daichi mad.
All right.
There's nothing to worry about.
All of you, keep your eyes forward.
Because you have me guarding your backs.
A-Awesome! Awesome.
He restored the team's confidence.
He's a little guy, but incredibly charismatic.
The libero is not just the guardian.
He also encourages the team from behind.
He's a truly outstanding libero.
Fly Iron Wall of Date Line up.
Let's play.
Next Episode Preview That no-eyebrows guy blocked you, didn't he, Asahi-san? Y-Yeah.
He's so intimidating.
But you're older than him.
Don't worry.
Huh? That's enough already.
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