Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club What? Again? That's his fourth aced serve in a row.
Aoba Johsai Omisaki His power goes without saying, but that control is pretty nasty, too.
But if they can do something about that serve It's true that his serves are scary, but Oikawa, as a setter, is completely unknown to us.
One more! Nice serve! Sorry! Chance ball! Got it! Okay.
You know, setters are like orchestra conductors.
Even if you have the same song and same orchestra, if the conductor is different, the sound is different.
Haikyu!! Episode 19: Conductors Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club How do I put this They've got a very smooth transition.
Oikawa-san and Iwaizumi-san, that #4 on the left.
Apparently those two have been on the same team since grade school.
They're linked, both mentally and physically.
I don't really think the second-year setter's level was lower in the practice match.
I mean, they're in Seijoh.
I think it's just that Oikawa knows everything there is to know about Seijoh's team, Oikawa, one more! Nice serve! and is helping them bring out their A-game.
The Great King is so awesome! I want to hurry up and play him! Yeah! I hope he aims his serves at me! I totally want to get them! Noya-san's awesome, too! Well, isn't that promising Hey, look, Shoyo! A TV crew's here! TV?! Awesome! I wanna be on TV, too! Hey, now You two junior high— Maybe you're grade school kids? Quiet down a little.
Grade Sorry Aoba Johsai Omisaki It's so quiet.
Everyone's out cold.
Well, they did play two matches.
Plus they won both straight-set wins, so that's not bad.
If they keep winning starting tomorrow, not only will they have two matches a day, but their opponents will continue to get stronger.
We'll have to bolster their morale every time.
All right, we're going to have a meeting.
Takeda-sensei! The volleyball club is on TV! TV?! Please excuse us! Faculty Room National High School Volleyball Miyagi Prefecture Preliminaries Now, then The first and second matches of the Miyagi Prefecture Preliminaries for Oh! It's really on! TV! It's just the local news.
the Inter-High School National Sporting Competition Volleyball Tournament Shut up! were held, and heated matches ensued.
TV is TV! Shiratorizawa Academy vs.
Oginnami High School First, in the I Block, we have the ace player, Ushijima Wakatoshi-kun, leading the reigning champions at Shiratorizawa Academy in their first game.
They played against Oginnami High School, winning 25 to 10 in their first set, Inter-High School National Sporting Competition Volleyball Tournament Miyagi Prefecture Preliminaries I Block Shiratorizawa Academy vs.
Oginnami High School and 25 to 6 in their second set, not giving their opponents the slightest chance against them.
They showed everyone why they're the reigning champions.
Will they be able to make it to nationals once again or will a team appear that can stop them? It'll be worth seeing.
Inter-High School National Volleyball Tournament Prefectural Preliminaries A Block Next, the A Block is also drawing interest.
That's the gym we played at today! Inter-High School National Volleyball Tournament Prefectural Preliminaries A Block A player you should definitely watch out for is Aoba Johsai High School's team captain, Oikawa Toru-kun.
His dashing good looks draw in female fans, so he's a player with both skill and popularity to spare.
Oikawa-san! So cute! Inter-High School National Volleyball Tournament Prefectural Preliminaries A Block Tomorrow, going up against Aoba Johsai is a team that sped to an unbelievable straight-set victory against Date Tech —who were expected to place in the tournament's top eight— the powerhouse, Karasuno High School.
We're gonna be on! We asked him what he thought about his opponent, Karasuno High School, who he'll be facing in the third match.
Q: What do you think of your opponents for the third match? They're a great team.
I hope they go for broke.
There'll definitely be more heated matches tomorrow.
We wish them the best.
Next is the weather.
We have Komata-san reporting from Sendai Station.
Hello, Komata here.
Th-There was a glimpse of your match at the very beginning! You all looked very cool! Sensei, thank you.
Oh, it was nothing All right.
Well, then Let's do this.
Do what?! A m-meeting! Today's match against Date Tech is what you call "the first sip of beer.
" The deliciousness of the first sip of beer is special, and you only get it in that first sip.
Ukai-kun, we should phrase that differenty for the minors here.
Well, the match with Date Tech was the first time we used the freak quick against them.
Therefore, we were able to catch out opponents off guard.
But we've fought Seijoh once in the past, so they know at least some of our tricks.
Still, I'm certain that your offense is stronger than theirs.
First, we need to endure Oikawa's serves.
His serves controlling the game's pace is what we want the least, but that's most likely that will happen.
So, for right now, we have the basic "everyone who's not the setter goes after the ball" formation to receive serves.
(Net) Hinata or Tsukishima However, this time, we won't have the middle blocker, Hinata or Tsukishima, participate in receiving the serve.
They'll concentrate solely on attacking.
Hey, don't get so bummed out.
We're just dividing up the work.
Oh, also, you guys saw Seijoh and thought, "Oh, crap.
They're strong," right? But If you were seeing our match against Date Tech from the stands, you'd hesitate, saying, "What's with that blocking? Talk about scary.
We can't win," right? But you fought them, and you won.
Tomorrow will be the same.
All right! All right.
Let's clarify the formation a bit.
Right! Ukai-san.
Oh, Mori.
This is today's match.
Seijoh vs Omisaki Sweet.
This helps out a lot.
The next round's on me.
All right! Yeah! See ya.
Is that the Aoba Johsai match? Yeah.
Well, it's not like watching this will guarantee Seijoh vs Omisaki we'll be able to receive Oikawa's serves tomorrow.
But I'd feel pretty anxious if I wasn't doing anything.
The next round's on me, Ukai-kun.
Seriously?! All right.
Make sure you're not late tomorrow.
Right! I want to take my dear underclassman on in an official match, setter versus setter, and crush him.
Kageyama seems more irritated than usual.
Oh, there he goes.
Kageyama! You're going to end up with permanent forehead wrinkles, even though you're just a teen! What?! Tomorrow, we're going to defeat the Great King.
Defeat Oikawa-san and end up on TV, so you should practice looking good for that! Mind your own business! We'll win that match.
If we don't, we can't advance.
All right! I'll be going, now.
Bye-bye! Karasuno vs.
Date Tech Hey, make sure you don't stay up all night.
Iwa-chan, are you my mom? What? Sorry, sorry, sorry! I promise I won't! I promise I'll arrive in top condition! Stop being stupid, Crappy Oikawa.
I'm shutting the club room doors, so get out of here, Trashykawa.
Don't shorten the insults! Trashy Oikawa! You don't have to rephrase it! Is it possible that this player Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh! Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh! Push it, push it, push it! Push it, push it, Seijoh! Push it, push it, push it! Push it, push it, Seijoh! Let's play.
Let's play.
Fly Looks like Karasuno made it safely through to day two.
I ended up using another paid day off.
I'm not gonna be able to take another day off for a while.
Same here.
Rule the Court Date Tech had quite the crowd cheering for them, too, but these guys Ready, and Oikawa-kun! Do your best! They've got that.
Ain't no way I'm gonna lose! Let's go! Yeah! Come on, louder! It's like Seijoh's the only team on the court! We're going to be serving first.
Right! Ready, and Oikawa-senpai! Do your best— Karasuno! Fight! Yeah! Fight! Fight! Fight! Next, we'll do serves! They sure are pumped up.
Right! By the way, did your student get better at serves? What do you mean, "student"? Will you teach me how to do a jump float serve? It's only been a week since then.
Here I go! He may be able to get some lucky hits in, but he can't really control it yet.
Nice, Makki.
Super sharp.
Sorry, Kindaichi.
That one was a little high.
Uh, no Yes! Iwa-chan, you sure you're not trying too hard? You don't have to try and show off.
None of the girls will be looking at you, anyway.
Oikawa-kun is apparently watching the other players very closely.
I-Iwasaki-san! Calm down! We're right before a match! Let go of me, Kindachi! I don't understand all of the technical stuff yet, Now's not a good time! See? Everyone's staring hard! but I can see that the team seems to be in good shape.
I don't care.
I'm gonna hit him.
Hey! What are you saying?! Iwaizumi-san, calm down! You think so? Aoba Johsai Karasuno Line up! Best Setter Award Oikawa Toru Certain Victory Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School Volleyball Club I'm going up against him in an official match for the first time.
Let's play! Hey, it's starting.
The third match, huh? If they win, they'll be in the top eight! I wonder who'll win.
It's definitely going to be Aoba Johsai.
Hey, Tobio-chan.
I came here excited to take down the genius setter, so do your best, and hold on.
We will win— We won't lose! Don't butt in when I'm talking, Hinata, you jackass! We won't lose this time, either! Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh! Push it, push it, push it! Push it, push it, Seijoh! All of you Push it, push it, push it! Push it, push it, Seijoh! have already defeated Aoba Johsai once.
Even if our opponents were not at their best at the time, I believe the fact that we won is enough reason to have confidence.
Not conceit, but confidence.
Right! Karasuno Fight! Yeah! All right.
Let's do this.
Now then, as usual I believe in all of you.
I think the atmosphere around Aoba Johsai just changed suddenly.
The one line he always says before a match When he says it, it almost sounds like a joke, and yet it almost sounds like a threat.
However, because everyone knows that, there is no underlying meaning behind those words.
They can all trust in him to the utmost.
Let's go! Yeah! Tsukishima, nice serve! Kunimi! Right! Nice recieve! Two of the guys in the front line jumped out! Who will they use? All right.
It's been a while since I've seen Oikawa-san's set up so close.
I It was a setter dump! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club Go, go, Toru! Push it, push it, Toru! One more! Damn it! Well, well That was a rather bold dump Come on.
I'll be doing the same thing again.
Don't stand there so out of it.
Pay attention.
H-He said he'd do that again, but is he telling the truth? I guess someone wouldn't usually do that again Then again, he could realize we'd think that and do it again.
I see! Tanaka-san, you're amazing! Hey, now.
There's no point in dwelling on that.
It's the same as trying to figure out what your opponent will throw out in rock-paper-scissors.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Don't overthink it.
Right! Nice serve, Matsukawa! All right! Daichi-san, nice recieve! B! Come to me! Hey, it's #10.
Is it coming? There it is! It's so fast! It's dead-on! Hey, is the Seijoh setter going to try a dump again? He's being even more obvious this time! Don't underestimate me! He went from a spike formation straight into a set? Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club Hey, that was a little low.
Really? Sorry about that.
But Iwa-chan, you usually hit it regardless.
Wow That's slightly infuriating, but wow So cool! Oikawa-senpai! Well, he's an even more troublesome opponent than I thought Indeed.
It's true that we won the practice match the other day, but now that this team has their conductor to lead them, they're something else entirely.
Damn it Hey, hey, hey You knew that Oikawa was amazing to begin with.
Our setter is just as skilled, and his attacks are just as flashy.
Right! Matsukawa, one more nice serve! Nishinoya! Right! Bring it! Number 5?! Or so they think Pipe?! H He got them back with a dump! He sure hates losing, doesn't he? Do it again! I'll be doing the same thing again.
Pay attention! You stupid little brat.
Next Episode Preview You're really not cute at all, Tobio.
It's not very different than the first dump you did on them.
But everyone's got my back V! You are so infuriating.
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