Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

When I got into junior high, there was an amazing player.
I thought that junior high was an amazing place, Best Setter Award Oikawa Toru but that wasn't exactly the case It was that person who was amazing.
Certain Victory Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School Volleyball Club If I could surpass him, I'd be the best setter in the prefecture.
Dang Karasuno's setter is only a first-year, but he's going head-to-head with Oikawa.
This is totally a battle of the setters.
That was awesome! You're not losing against the Great King, Kageyama! Even if he's the best overall player in the prefecture, I won't lose to him as a setter.
But aren't you serving next? You're on the back line, right? You said you'd do the same thing again, but isn't a dump from the back line illegal? Shut up! I-I meant when I got back up to the front line.
Haikyu!! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Episode 20: Oikawa Toru is Not a Genius Kageyama, nice serve! Crap! Out! Out! He sure blew that one out of the park.
What an amazing homerun.
Damn it! Don't mind! Don't mind! I'm sorry.
Well, then.
I guess I'll just have to show you how it's done.
Eh? He was aiming for Nishinoya?! It's coming head-on no, it's curving! He was able to receive Oikawa's serve! Karasuno's libero's awesome! Aww He got it.
Aw, man.
He really is amazing.
Whadya mean, "show you how it's done"?! He received it without a problem! Bring it! #10! #10! Yeah! All right! You just saw the guy on the right, didn't you? Yeah.
Nekoma's setter tried to trick people using his eyes, didn't he? That god-like toss should be against the rules.
I'm impressed that Nishinoya-kun was able to receive that cleanly.
Oh, but maybe Oikawa-kun didn't mean to hit it toward Nishinoya-kun.
No, I think he was aiming for Nishinoya.
Well done! If Nishinoya wasn't able to get that, Thanks! the damage to everyone else's morale would have been huge.
Do that one more time! I think that's what he wanted.
Thank goodness.
You did a great job receiving that, Nishinoya.
I'm sorry.
I keep messing up.
Well, they are the Karasuno that toyed with Date Tech.
Let's just wait a bit.
It shouldn't be much longer.
More importantly, Kindaichi I'm sure that you're rather frustrated that the role of Kayeyama's partner was stolen by that little shrimp.
No, not really It's fine.
Don't sweat it.
Even if Tobio thought of you as a minion that wasn't very useful in junior high, I, the great Oikawa-san, will prove that you're amazing, even without using god-like quicks.
So don't worry and just jump.
Right! Tanaka, nice serve! Nice serve! Watari! Got it! Nice recieve! Center! A-quick! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club Go, go, Yutaro! Push it, push it, Yutaro! One more! I wonder Maybe I'm imagining it Their #12 seems to be jumping higher than in our practice match.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Iwa-chan, nice serve! Sorry! Cover! Right! Toss to me! Yep.
Sensei! Sensei! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Seijoh's already asking for a timeout? Isn't it a bit early? It wasn't like Karasuno had momentum or anything.
I'm pretty sure I'm right about this.
It's "bring it" and "to me.
" Could it be that they've already figured it out? Damn it, that was fast.
At first, I noticed that the shrimp would always yell something when he'd move in on the ball, and I thought he seemed pretty stupid.
But when they use that god-like quick attack, it appears they're using "bring it," like "bring it here" or "bring it to me.
" And with a normal one they're using "to me.
" Yep.
But that shrimp's role is to be the decoy.
They want us to focus our attention on him.
So let's just set up a simple rule.
When we hear "bring it," let's just have one person mark the shrimp.
When we hear "to me," let's see where the toss goes before we jump.
Okay? Right! Considering we took a timeout this early when nothing's really happened yet, don't you think they realized that we've realized what they're doing? That's completely fine.
It's actually better if they realize it.
If they know that we've realized they're using those signals, it might be minimal, but Tobio will panic.
Hey! What's with the serious face? That's not like you.
Nah, Noya-san.
That's actually how he always looks.
He has the same face when he's trying to decide between milk a yogurt drink.
That— He— That has nothing to do with anything! But Noya-san, I'm amazed that you were able to return that serve.
I received that serve once when I was in junior high.
It was always an amazing serve, if he could actually get it in, but he missed it a lot, and it didn't have as much control.
I'm sure he practiced a lot.
Just because they have one guy who can serve really well and their setter is an all-around player, I don't think those are the only reasons they've stayed in the top four for so long.
If we let our guard down, they'll take this game.
Let's give it our all! Right! All right! What the hell kind of sound was that?! Don't look down, even if you miss.
All right.
Let's go ahead with our plan.
Kindaichi, you know where to aim, right? Yes! One point! No matter how great a set up may be, it only exists because of the first receive.
Kindaichi, nice serve! Oh? That didn't look like a very strong serve.
Sorry! We'll get the next one! Don't mind! Don't mind! All right! It's really hard to get.
It seems They're trying to get the setter from the back line to come out.
That wasn't like Oikawa-kun's serve, so why can't they get it? Ahem.
Well, that's because Back line Front line When the setter is in the back line, he can't move in front of the players on the front line until after the serve is hit.
Back line Front line So when they serve the ball, they have to rush toward the net at the same time.
If they happen to to serve right where this mixing of people occurs, they tend to receive late and it's easy to miss.
But as soon as they know where it's going Kindaichi, nice serve! Yeah! it's not an impossible serve to get.
Nice receive! All right! So they're thinking about a lot of things while playing Thank you, old guy.
" Sure.
Ah, looks like Oikawa-kun is back up front.
#3! #3! They'll have to be careful of that dump attack again.
Nice serve! Damn it This pressure's incredible.
They're now four points ahead of us, and we have two blockers on the front row without Hinata.
We have to hurry up the rotation.
Nice receive! A dump! There's nothing easier to stop than a dump when you're panicked.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Yeah! Yeah! Let's turn this around and get those four points back.
Yeah! They're so lively and troublesome.
Give me a toss! When we hear "give me," we look at the toss and then jump! All right! Have they realized it, after all? Kageyama, nice serve! One point! I'm not going to miss this time.
Is it a bit too forward? Front! Front! Front! Good.
He was able to turn it into a soft serve.
I'm not going to give you a chance that easily.
Kageyama-kun touched the ball first? Now he can't toss! Tanaka! Damn it! To be able to change a tight spot into an opportunity so quickly The fact that he's able to do that in an actual match His command of the game is amazing.
Don't mind! Don't mind! One more! Now it's Oikawa-kun's turn to serve again.
Seeing the heavy atmosphere when a team's cheerful mood-maker suddenly falls silent I love it! Don't mind! We'll get the next one! Continuously missing serve receives will apply a lot of pressure.
First, we'll have to quiet down the lively baldy, then the ace.
If we can break the two on the left who are the essence of their attack There's no point in having a skilled decoy.
That was fast.
Karasuno's taking a timeout right after a fast attack.
Well, the momentum's already with Seijoh, so if they don't hurry up and turn the momentum around, they're not going to be able to come back.
I feel bad for the guy they're targeting.
Just lift it up! Even if it doesn't go to the setter, as long as we can get the ball up, we can recover somehow! Right.
By the way, Kageyama-kun What was with that dump earlier? I'm sorry! I panicked! If you realize that, it's fine.
It's not that dumps are wrong.
It's also in our favor if we have the enemy verify that we have a lot of ways to attack.
However, if they read that we're doing a dump, then it's likely that they'll stop it.
Think carefully about when you're going to use it.
Yes! Also, don't forget who we're fighting against.
It's not Oikawa, but Aoba Johsai.
Also, it's not just you that's fighting, it's Karasuno.
Nice serve! One more! It went up! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club It's okay! It went up like it should, Tanaka! Right.
Ryu! Hinata, cover! Right! Tanaka-san! #5! #5! Sensei.
Right! So they've already used both of their timeouts Right now, the top priority is to stop their momentum.
In volleyball, where making the connection is everything, when you miss receiving the serves repeatedly, the guilt and loneliness you feel is like no other.
And then the final blow that followed Is baldy going to be okay? I wonder if I should say something.
Whenever I feel down, Tanaka-san always says something.
So maybe I should Um— I'm sorry! Ryu! There are some things that can't be helped! That toss was hard, and there was a three-person block.
I should have followed up— I didn't call the toss just now.
I got scared for a second, damn it! I'll have all of my regrets after the match! There's no point in someone worthless like me bringing everyone down because I'm upset about my own mistake! I'll get it next time! The fact that you're saying that shows just how worthy you are.
Oh, right.
If you try to receive by just using your arms, it'll just deflect, so move your legs, too.
You should be just like Ryu, Asahi-san.
If I could, I would! Hey, about the timeout they took earlier Didn't that Oikawa guy seem weird? Yeah.
Apparently, it's so he doesn't lose his focus.
In order to stop the momentum of his dangerous serves, most teams usually take a timeout.
Bring it! One more! One more! Nice serve! Damn it.
He's concentrating more than ever.
The rest is up to you guys.
Go! If it deflects, it's finished! I'll receive it! That could have hit him in the face! Damn it It's falling— They returned it! And to the best spot! Watacchi! Right! Hanamaki-san! Nice receive! Sorry! Cover! Left! Tanaka-san! It's not like he doesn't make mistakes, and he's quick to let taunts get to him, but He's the second-strongest after Azumane, and most importantly, his ability to perform when he's cornered doesn't deteriorate.
That mental strength Those are unmistakably the qualities of an ace.
Karasuno's baldy just managed to stop Oikawa's momentum Yeah! by himself! Tanaka-san! And I was planning on taking another three or four points, too Ryu! Tanaka! Nice! Thanks for the nice follow-ups, everyone! This is the most I was ever able to see a block! Some times, I can see the opponent's block in slow motion in the air.
It's just like light passing by.
Tanaka-san, you're awesome! Well, I am your senpai! Tanaka, serve! Yes! We stopped their momentum, Aoba Johsai Karasuno but this is just the beginning.
The pressure's just starting.
Nice one-touch! Chance ball! Bring it! All right! We knew they'd be coming, but that was fast.
Hey! You're not gonna say, "I can't toss like him," are you? Like Tobio? But I really can't.
I can't pinpoint like that.
Don't get mad! Tanaka, nice serve! Even if I'm no match for his talent, I have confidence that I can set the best tosses for everyone.
That's why I won't lose as a setter.
Another one from above the block Kindaichi, nice! There's no need to be that surprised.
Go, go, Yutaro! Push it, push it, Yutaro! One more! That's where Kindaichi always scored the best.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Front! Front! A seven-point lead Nice receive! We have to lessen it somehow.
Bring it! That seemed to be sharper than usual! Damn it.
Two blockers.
They keep following.
Sorry, I was a little late.
So close! Don't mind! You'll get the next one.
If they stop us here, they're going to take the momentum again.
Right! I'll do my best! I'll somehow have to make it just one When I was a second-year in high school, I heard the nickname of my very talented underclassman from junior high: The King of the Court.
I thought it was high praise, but after I saw a match, I realized it meant something else.
He has the power.
He has the talent.
He's hungry for victory, way more than anyone else.
That's what made Tobio strong, but also it was his only weakness.
You try to do everything yourself far too much, Tobio.
And that's not an easy habit to break.
Especially after just two months.
Hanamaki, nice kill! Nice! Hinata! Use the signal we talked about.
We're changing plans! Could it be the new one? Cover! Matsukawa, nice block! All right! One more! One more! Hey.
Are Karasuno's attacks getting faster? I don't feel good about this acceleration, and we've already used up our timeouts.
Take your time! Don't panic! The curse of speed When you feel like you want to escape from a block, you end up doing faster tosses rather than ones that are easy to hit.
Unconsciously, and just a little at a time But that eventually leads to a giant shift.
Tobio, you're a genius.
You're the only person who could use that attack with that shrimp.
But what about everything else? If you were able to raise the ball a bit slower, I think your #3 could have enough power to spike through the blocks.
Does glasses there trust your tosses enough that he could seriously hit them? Spikers are all different.
Once you're able to bring out of each and every one of them, that's when you'll be a true setter! Aoba Johsai Karasuno It's no use.
The gap's not getting any smaller.
Something I have to do so something.
It's going over the net! Push it, Kageyama! It's like he's not his usual self.
Nice receive! I'm not going to lose! I'm not going to lose! I'm going to win and remain on the court! It's coming back! Asahi-san, nice follow through! Chance ball! Oikawa has sense, and doesn't lack effort, but when you compare him to the mass of talent named Kageyama that's two years younger than him, Oikawa is an efficient player, but not a genius.
I can say with confidence that, at this moment in time, the one who is a better setter is Oikawa.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Next Episode Preview A player change now? Yeah that's always really rough You can't even raise your head when you leave the court.
But Shimada, you were always a reserve, weren't you? Uh Episode 21: Senpai's True Abilities Next time on Haikyu!!: "Senpai's True Abilities.