Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

Hey, Karasuno's switching setters.
Don't get depressed.
We're just changing up the rhythm for a bit.
I'm sorry.
I'm worried about him, but If these two break right now, at the same time I said I'd be the one that defeats you! Hinata, you're gonna get in trouble— So don't lose to anyone else before that! The match isn't over yet, so I haven't lost.
You're going to get in trouble! Guess I don't have anything to worry about after all.
Kageyama, make sure you take stock of things from outside the court, and use that time to calm down.
Watch how your senpai plays.
Haikyu!! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Episode 21: Senpai's True Abilities It'll be fine.
Let's break their streak.
All right! What? Jeez, your face is scary.
I was born with this face! You were all irritated, and stopped talking as much I could tell you were thinking, and stuff, but if you don't say it out loud, I don't know what you're thinking.
Wasn't I saying it out loud? Nope You were quieter than in any other match.
For crying out loud Damn it.
I was so overwhelmed I end up having to hear about this from him? Hey, the Karasuno setter that just went in is #2.
Oh, he's a third-year.
So some genius first-year that just joined took his starter position? Daichi, you're not being as loud as usual.
A captain can't lose his composure! Yeah, I'm sorry.
The only person that can lecture Daichi is Suga-san.
I don't know just how good Mr.
Refreshing over there is, but seeing him up close, the words "serious" and "polite" seem to fit him well.
Iwa-chan, the defensive block will be low straight forward where #2-kun is standing, so it'd be a good place to aim.
Nice receive! Tanaka! Iwa-chan! I've got to aim straight forward where the block is low.
Iwa— Denied! I guess they figured out they'd be aiming straight forward.
Right? Well done.
The blockers switched places right before the opponent's spike.
Nice block, Tsukishima.
Nice, nice! But you're the one Whenever we're up against a strong team, they usually aim right for me since my block is so low.
I figured that'd happen this time, too.
I feel so relieved, being next to someone so tall.
Um, well right.
Don't mind! Sorry, Iwa-chan.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Hinata.
Tsukishima, nice serve! Right.
Nice receive, Kunimi-chan! Whoa, they totally returned it! Are they gonna do a quick? A-quick! All right! Hinata, great job! It's just like you said, Sugawara-san! Next time their receive goes directly to the setter, the center will probably do a quick set.
Don't panic, though.
Just jump a little higher than usual.
Right? I know I felt frustrated watching the game from the outside, but I saw the game more calmly than I would if I was playing.
The time I wasn't in the game has been preparation for this.
They seemed to be more fired up now.
Yeah It'll be fine.
Huh? Weren't you worried that Kageyama-kun would get angry that you benched him, since he seems so proud? It'll be fine.
Kageyama-kun's strength and how well he plays is because of his great pride, but even more more, because of his drive to improve.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Tsukishima, one more nice serve! Let's break their serve streak! Let's see, the next attack Right! Let's go! Nice serve! I don't have the ability to do pinpoint tosses like Kageyama, so I want to signal what kind of attack we'll do next.
"The poor third-year that was replaced by the genius first-year.
" I'm sure that's how some people would see Suga, but They're not saying "bring it" or "to me!" He's not Tobio, so there won't be any god-like quicks! Right! Suga is Karasuno's other setter.
He has run simulations in his head of what it will be like when he's actually on the court.
All right! I'm definitely inferior to Kageyama when it comes to technique and physical ability, but I've spent quite a while watching our team.
If it were just me against Aoba Johsai, I wouldn't stand a chance, but my teammates are plenty strong.
Let's break their serve streak! Right! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Aoba Johsai Karasuno All right! Don't mind, Hinata.
Hey Nice serve! One point! Damn it.
Now it's Oikawa-san's serve Bring it! Go! Got it! Leave it to me! Now he's aiming between them.
All right! He's aiming at the optimal spot! My bad! I was about to get it! And I overstepped my bounds.
Sorry! Go! The front! All right! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Seijoh's at their set point.
Just how many points did that guy's serves get them? If volleyball had an ultimate play, it'd be to take 25 points just by serving, Let's finish this! Yeah! not giving your opponent even a single chance.
That's what a service ace is.
I got it! Right! #10 followed by #5 from the right No, it's a back attack! Hanamaki, nice receive! Hinata, it's coming directly to you! This is the first time it's come directly to me.
You suck! Oh, shut up, already! Hey The timing of Seijoh's quicks seems to be a bit slower than ours.
Build up just a bit more than usual, then.
Jump! Back! Go back! It's out?! Aoba Johsai Karasuno We're switching sides.
Let's go! Ow! So close, Hinata.
We'll stop them next time! Right! Damn it, that was close! They totally got our timing.
Since #2 came in, even the shrimp, who was just moving purely on instinct, is now thinking before he moves.
Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Club Here.
We'll go as-is with our second set.
Right! Since the most troublesome thing we're facing is Oikawa's serves, we'll be changing up our defense to maximize efficiency with few players.
Aoba Johsai So Karasuno's attacks Since we were assuming that their only attack was the quick with Kageyama and that #10, it totally throws us off when they do normal attacks.
We end up looking toward #10 too much.
Iwa-chan, if you think too hard when you don't have a brain, you're going to hurt your head.
It's true that even in our practice match, all eyes were on Kageyama.
To think they had another special setter Sugawara-san! Yeah? Kindachi's Um, Radish's Could it be that #12's quick timing is a bit slow? I think it is! He looks, and looks and then hits the ball.
Or something like that.
Oh, also I just realized this when I came into the game, Now that someone completely unknown, Sugawara, is controlling our game, but our opponent will definitely aim for any holes that we have, our opponents are in a state of confusion.
so we can use that to our advantage.
It's the gap between him and Kageyama-kun, right? Yeah.
My original plan was to have him help the other players regain their calm, but to think it would also result in this.
We'll definitely be able to use this in other matches, too.
Yes? We how do I say this, seem to be in competition over the same position I want to be in a lot of matches, too! I-I do, too, but But now that I'm on the court, the enemies are giants, and their spikes are directed right at me.
Honestly, it scares me.
Before, I would have let it affect me, but now you've got my back.
I feel really confident.
The points we get when I'm on the court, and the points we get when you're on the court All together, they're points for Karasuno.
I'll fight my best, and you'll fight your best That's how we're going to defeat Seijoh! Right! Kageyama-kun, are you feeling a bit depressed? No, I'm not! What the heck?! I was just feeling sorry for you since you were pulled out! Just worry about yourself! What was up with that sucky direct attack? Sh-Shut up! That was my first time! As soon as I'm back in, I'll have you hitting one after another, so you'd better be prepared! Karasuno Aoba Johsai Let's go! Yeah! Suga! Don't you go into overthinking mode, too! R-Right We're gonna take it back in the second set.
And to do that We've got to plan for Oikawa's serves.
Oh? Looks like Karasuno changed up their rotation a bit for the second set, and Seijoh kept it the same as the first set.
I wonder why they changed it, though.
All right! Nice, Tsukishima! Oh, thanks.
All right! Let's do one more! Sugawara-san gives you nice compliments when you get one in! I see It's not like being overly buddy-buddy, but I think he says what he does based on the spikers' expressions and how they're doing that day.
And unlike the second and third-years, I'm sure for Tsukishima, there are a lot of things he doesn't know about Sugawara-san.
"Why do I have to match what I do with how others are feeling, especially Tsukishima, that jerk?" That's what's written on your face.
Th-That's not what I But Kageyama, if Hinata seems to have a hard time hitting the ball, you switch things up, right? Yes, because he misses easily.
I think that everyone else also has their own techniques and that affects how they hit the ball.
I might sound biased, but I think our spikers are pretty skilled.
I think that, too, but Then, if they were all able to hit the ball with 100% of their ability, don't you think they'd be able to break through a block? One point! It's the Great King's turn to serve! Oh? There're only two in position to receive the serve.
Oikawa's serves, we'll be changing up our defense to maximize efficiency with few players.
When Oikawa does his super-fast serves, even the slightest hesitation or faltering is deadly.
So, we'll use Nishinoya and Sawamura, the few who recceived his serves, to counter.
It's a formation we've never used in practice.
But considering it's you guys We can do it.
So cool! The rotation they have for the second set The reason they changed things up a bit from the first set is to bring this rotation around when it's Oikawa's turn to serve.
In the first set, they were able to get We're going to break their serve streak! five points due to Oikawa's serves breaking through, Yeah! and his service aces.
If we don't return his serves, we won't be able to defeat Seijoh.
Bring it! Go! Daichi! Yes! Nice receive! There's something important about breaking Oikawa's streak on his first serve.
If he makes it, it'll be a heavy point.
It'll be an important point, as well as a point filled with pressure.
Right now, the one who's feeling confident from breaking his streak in the first set is Tanaka! I'm leaving this to you! All right! They broke the serve streak! Well done, Captain.
All right! One point! Tsukishima, nice serve! I think our spikers are pretty skilled.
if they were all able to hit the ball with 100% of their ability, don't you think they'd be able to break through a block? I have no complaints about the morale of our team.
Seijoh is vastly better in terms of experience and technique.
Let's get that point! Yeah! There's no denying that if they get ahead again, it'll be extremely tough.
But if we hold on with all we've got, the momentum will turn our way.
Karasuno Aoba Johsai All right! They're equal in the second set! All right! Nice, Asahi-san! Yeah, but the blockers are keeping up.
Kindaichi, you're starting to read their attacks.
Yes! Mr.
Refreshing definitely isn't a weak setter, but all of his attacks are textbook.
None of the set-ups are reckless.
Karasuno's basic offensive strength is indeed high, but we've played a number teams like that.
Now, let's get our lead.
Yes! It feels like their spikes are going through our setter a lot more.
Go, go, Hajime! Push it, push it, Hajime! Yeah.
Nice serve! Karasuno Aoba Johsai Seijoh just scored multiple points.
A break happens when the momentum changes Don't let Seijoh get it now.
Since they changed setters, Karasuno seems to be using their left quite a bit.
Their left side is pretty strong, but that might be easier to face than #10 when he goes crazy.
All right! One point! Slowly, I feel like I'm being strangled Yet strangely, I feel rather calm, because panic hasn't affected my concentration just yet.
That's because our goal is so clear in front of us.
Go! One point! I thought that getting benched proved that you weren't needed anymore.
Back then, I'm pretty sure that was actually accurate.
Now you've got my back.
I feel really confident.
The things that Sugawara-san and I can do are different, but I think our goal is the same.
Left! Left! Cover! Cover! All right! I want to be in it.
I want to be in it.
I want to be in it.
I want to be in the game.
I want to stay here longer.
I want to stay with these guys.
Give me the thrill of the court.
I want to fight with these guys longer.
Let me feel out of breath.
Let me stand here.
I want to touch the ball.
I want to fight.
I want to throw up a toss with my own hands over and over.
Then I'll do my best, and you'll do your best, and then we'll win the match that's right in front of us! Nice receive! All right! Kindaichi, nice block! Sorry, Hinata.
I think that quick might have been too slow.
Oh, it's okay.
Ah, Karasuno's #9's been called.
Looks like they're switching setters again.
I think I've probably only got one more play.
Give me the next one.
I'll definitely make it.
Got it! Nice serve! Wow.
It's a bit frustrating, but Hinata's face when he hits my toss isn't the same as when he hits your toss.
I think you know this, but all of our guys are really strong.
All right.
Let's— Let's Win Let's win this thing! Right.
Great job.
Great job.
You fought on equal ground with Seijoh.
Well, all of our guys are strong.
But you know Next time, you can use the center more aggressively.
Right! Thank you very much! What? I think the words "next time" meant a lot to Sugawara-kun.
If we can bring out everyone's strengths effectively, we can really fight Seijoh.
But, to move forward, we need Karasuno's ultimate decoy to be functioning at 100%.
The only one who can make that happen is you, Kageyama.
Next Episode Preview Welcome back, Tobio-chan! I'm going to be giving it all I've got.
Now, now, relax your shoulders.
It's not like you can do much.
Tsukishima! He's meaner than you are! Are you okay with that? I'm not exactly competing with anyone about that.
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