Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

Chance ball! Left! The final set Win! Then win some more! If we lose this It'll be over.
Haikyu!! Episode 23: The Point that Changes the Momentum Nice receive! #10! They've probably changed to different signs for their god-like quicks.
Because they're such simple signs, it would be pretty easy to change them.
Still, there's got to be a way to tell them apart.
Maybe when they keep their eye on the ball longer, it's a normal quick, and when they just go for it, it'll be the god-like quick? In general, it's probably best if we keep our eyes on #10.
#10 But, in the end, the shrimp is just efficient decoy.
Don't forget that.
Okay? Right! Right! All right! We can't get the shot that will end this.
This rally is going on forever.
Overall, Seijoh's better at everything, but A feint! their libero has far better defensive skills.
All right! Asahi-san! The setter received that?! Now he can't toss! He'll have to attack now.
Probably to the left.
Watacchi! Right! Karasuno Aoba Johsai All right! I've been wondering this, but Hm? I think Seijoh's libero was formerly a setter.
What do you mean? Thanks! If the libero lifts the ball from in front of the attack line, it's illegal to do an overhand spike from behind the line.
Just now, that libero jumped up at the very edge of the line and set while in midair.
Which means, a spike was totally fine.
They can use high-level attacks.
This is why they call Aoba Johsai a powerhouse.
All right! Daichi-san, nice receive! Asahi-san! The ball's going back! I'll push it over! All right! He did a toss that close to the edge Awesome.
All right! You're all fighting well! Keep cool! Right! It looks like they're getting used to attacks that cut into the middle, so use the sides of the court as much as you can! Right! What's with the lack of holes in Seijoh's attacks? No matter what situation they're put in, they're able to counter with powerful attacks, like it's nothing.
Let's go! Right! Because Sugawara went in once, Karasuno was definitely able to pick itself back up.
Now they're not nervous or overly aggressive.
Right now, everyone's probably using their current strength to the fullest.
That might be exactly why we're seeing the difference in their strength as a team.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Damn it Nice, Tsukishima! You keep showing up with that annoying feint when everyone's forgotten about it.
Phrasing With every player performing at 100% of their ability, Come on! Talk more! Keep it up! Seijoh is probably the stronger team.
But sometimes they'll only use 70% and then bounce up to 120% of their ability.
That's how things can play out during a match, right? And Karasuno has the ultimate decoy who can let everyone attack at 120% of their ability.
Seijoh's awesome! Out.
Out! I want to hurry and get out.
I want to hurry and go out.
Out! Out! Hinata.
Yes? Do you remember what Ukai-san said? About attacking both sides of the court as much as possible? Right.
That's the best attack.
We haven't used that much this time around.
Yes! This sucks.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Our team is settling into a rhythm, and yet if that little sucky guy enters the court I can't help but be uneasy about that.
A small beast that's gathered its frustrations while in the warm up zone.
Karasuno is fighting back in the final set, One more! Go! One more! Go, Shoyo! yet we don't stand a chance against Seijoh.
If we're going to get even one step ahead of them, it'll be up to them.
Give Karasuno that one step! Nice receive! Left! Left! Two blocks! Kageyama, nice one-touch! Chance ball! "The sides of the court as much as possible.
" Here it is! The attack that seems to rip through the air: that broad cross! Rule the Court Nice shot, Hinata! Crap.
We can't let those two stay on the court too long after they've gotten fired up.
Makki, nice! All right! Bring it around, bring it around! Hurry and bring the rotation around.
Bring the shrimp one step closer to the back line! Got it! The ball's not coming down.
So amazing.
Nice cover, Makki! It's coming back! Chance ball! Fly Again?! "The sides of the court as much as possible.
" Aoba Johsai Karasuno All right! That little guy's amazing.
Volleyball, more than anything, is a sport where you keep jumping continuously, so I believe it's also a battle with gravity.
Jumping as decoy, jumping to block, and jumping to spike.
Nishinoya, nice cover! As the rally keeps going, Go back! Go back! One more! One more! fatigue sets in and your mental faculties decline.
Left, left! We're gonna stop them one more time! To be honest, you want to skip the blocking, and I've had times where I hoped someone else would spike it.
When long rallies continue and I get deprived of oxygen, I think, "Hurry up and drop, ball Preferably on the other side.
" Bring it! If I slow down even for a moment, it'll delay everyone else.
At my height, if I ease off on my jumps even a little, I'll be shot down in an instant.
Run! Run! Jump! Jump! If you want to stay here! Like hell am I going to let you spike freely! Right now, the sides of the court And then Break through the middle! Pipe penetration! Nice point! Hinata! Damn it! Sorry.
I totally got lured out.
I knew that this would be the perfect timing for a pipe, and yet just now I was about to toss to Hinata.
I was about to have my toss taken.
Nice determination, Hinata! Thanks! The ultimate decoy.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Karasuno caught up.
They're tied.
I'll go get the towels.
The rallies are lasting a lot longer than the first and second set.
That's got to be tiring.
But I'm jealous.
What are we going to do about #10's broad cross? Let's get rid of that broad cross.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Tanaka, nice point! In the next rotation, Hinata will be in the back line.
Hey! Are you all right? I-I'm fine Make sure you cash in all you've got before moving into the back line.
I know that! Kunimi, nice receive! Kindachi! #12! #12! Nishinoya, nice receive! Chance! Is he going to do another broad or wait Huh? No mark? Did they give up on the block? All right! Go free, Hinata! I can see really well.
Nice receive! Was there no mark on purpose?! In this short amount of time Just how fast at switching gears are they? Now a dump?! A dump attack taking advantage of our moment of hesitation.
Let's get rid of that broad.
Get rid of it? How? That shrimp's broad is god-like.
It's really fast, but his body will go with the momentum, so he won't be able to redirect the ball.
Instead of blocking that broad cross, we'll use a dig.
Right! An unstoppable block is just going to get in the way of receiving the ball.
No matter how difficult things get, don't forget to think and communicate! Nice receive! We can't even bring Seijoh down with that! Damn.
Right when we don't want them to get ahead, his turn to serve comes up.
We'll end this in one! Right! Rule the Court Net in! All right! Lucky! There's nothing you could have done about that.
Move on.
Damn it.
We're two points behind again.
Stay calm.
Sorry! Cover! All right! Got it! Kageyama! Asahi, last! That was close! Calm down! Don't lose your cool! This isn't ending any time soon When you make it through a long rally, you can shift the game's momentum.
With this rally, getting that one point will be crucial.
Cover! I'm not going to let you have it the point, or our momentum! It connected! But who'll get the last hit? Center! Shoyo, we're counting on you! Break through! Stop him! All right! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Damn.
They've used up their two timeouts.
It can't be helped.
They've got to physically break that momentum with a timeout, or Seijoh's going to take control.
A-At times like this, your voice is important! Something Isn't there something? Make sure you're using your voice! Something to change the momentum? Go, go, Karasuno! Push it, push it, Karasuno! It doesn't have to be a trump card.
Just something Hey, first it's "go, go.
" Anything to give us a change.
Match me! Seijoh touched net.
Thank goodness! I'm sorry.
Don't mind.
But The shrimp's on the back line! We're counting on you.
If they miss here, Seijoh will have the advantage at 20 points.
Hinata, relax! Right! If they take the momentum, we won't be able to catch up.
Hey, Shimada, look at that.
T-Tadashi's the pinch server?! What is Keishin thinking?! He's an idiot! I told him that it's still mostly pure luck! I think he wants even that pure luck.
You don't know what's going to change the momentum.
Karasuno's got a pinch server? Are they good at serves? Or are they just simply trying to change the atmosphere? Either way, we're not giving you this flow.
Yamaguchi, nice serve! But I'm not gonna lose! He doesn't want to be pulled out, even for a moment.
Go and change the momentum.
R-Right! This line Everything beyond this line is a different world.
It feels like the temperature on this side is different.
You got a great spot, Yamaguchi! Right! Blast them one, Yamaguchi! Nice serve! N-Nice serve.
Take it easy.
Asahi, do you understand the meaning of "take it easy"? Anyone would be scared at this timing.
This is his first serve at his first high school match! Is the coach a super sadist?! I'm nervous, too.
Crap, Yamaguchi will feel that.
Stay calm I think the back of my head is a little safer than if Hinata was serving.
Is that all right? He already has enough reason to be nervous, but won't there be more pressure from playing with his seniors? Oh, right.
Hey, Yamaguchi! Hit a nice serve! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Dang He's so stiff.
It can't be helped.
Relying on your team is most of volleyball.
Serving is the only time you're alone.
Everyone will be looking at you, and you've got all the pressure.
I'm scared but But when you're standing in the serve position, you're the center of attention, no matter who you are.
Show them That you can fight, too! Jump floater?! Go in! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai Karasuno Go, go, Seijoh! Push it, push it, Seijoh! All right.
Lucky! I-I'm sorry Don't mind! D-Don't worry about it.
Don't mind! I'm sorry Nope.
Don't mind, Yamaguchi-kun.
Don't worry about it.
Shake it off.
Yamaguchi! S-Sorry! Make sure you make it next time.
Next Right! Karasuno's mood changed? The captain's amazing.
I'm still no match for him.
Man, but I feel relieved, like most of the pressure's gone.
Same here.
Eh? So he got brought out here because of a pinch, but if he fails, he'll be pulled out? That's sort of sad.
That's the job of a pinch server.
That one shot has both the game's momentum and their pride riding on it.
And Tadashi messed up.
But this chance to feel this regret and his own helplessness will definitely make him stronger.
Did the black team cheer up of a sudden? It's just like Tattsun says You don't know what's going to change the momentum.
Next The chance to fight next Grab it! Daichi-san, nice receive! All right.
Don't let them break the streak! Though it looks so close, Seijoh's back is so far.
If they can't get any points now, Karasuno will just have to wait and lose.
Cover! Cover! Is he spiking from lower because he's tired? Kunimi-chan! They're so high-level Nice cover! This is the third game? It's coming back.
Chance ball! Out, huh? I'm sorry! Aoba Johsai Karasuno All right! Come on break! Break! Out! Nice call! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Good! Good! Ryu, last! Get one more point! Yeah! The ball in front of me Everything! His foot! He kicked it! All right! Looks painful.
Nice, Hinata! Break! One more point! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Kageyama, nice serve! One more Daichi-san! I'm not going to lose! I'm not going to lose! I'm not going to lose! I'm not going to All right! They all feel the same.
Now Seijoh's at Aoba Johsai Karasuno match point.
One more point! One more point! Guys, don't freak out! If we fall, fall forward! All right! Asahi-san, nice shot! One more point! Tanaka, nice serve! One more! Nice serve! If I miss this serve, the game will be over.
Even if they are able to receive it, and do a decent attack, it'll all be over.
A quick is coming! Make sure you don't drop it! At least Touch it! Crap! It's going past the net! They're going to hit it head on! One-hand toss! All right! Next Episode Preview You guys are doing a great job of pushing forward.
Thanks! The one who gets two points first, wins.
Of course, we'll be the ones to win.
Yeah! Next time on Haikyu!!: "Removing The Solitary King.
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