Haikyuu!! (2014) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

Seijoh! One-hand toss! All right! Aoba Johsai Karasuno They're tied! They caught up in the eleventh hour! What was this called again? A deuce! The one to get a two-point lead wins! Haikyu!! Episode 24: Removing The "Solitary King" Aoba Johsai Karasuno All right! Oh, Seijoh! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Team Seijoh! Oh, Seijoh! Seijoh! Oh, Seijoh! Don't panic! Make sure you call out! Right! You got this, right, Kunimi-chan? Yes.
Hey! That was awesome, Hinata, Kageyama! So Kunimi can also chase the ball now Go after it, to the very end! Kitagawa Daichi Kageyama! I'm going to go for as many broad attacks as possible, until I make one! Let's go! Right! Nice serve! We've got the momentum! Give it all you've got, Tanaka! All right! Bring it! Got it! It's a little off! Center! Block! Block! Fly Chance ball! Chance ball! One more! Nice receive, Watari! #10 is super-fast at returning.
Nice one touch! One more time! There's no point in leaving you open, if I know you're gonna jump! Hinata's jumps are running out of power! The timing's going to be off! Aoba Johsai Karasuno All right! Shoyo! Hinata really saved us on that one! That was awesome! Great job! This time We're gonna finish this in one shot! Karasuno is the one checkmating.
Let's calm down.
We'll get it back! Right! Tanaka, one more nice serve! Hanamaki-san! All right! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Even if they're tied, as long as Seijoh doesn't pull ahead, Karasuno will have the advantage.
Now And now, it's time for Oikawa to serve again I won't let you guys attack as you wish.
We're going to win.
We're going to the next round.
Shiratorizawa Kitagawa Daichi This time, we're going to crush Shiratorizawa.
One more, and we'll regain the advantage! Nishinoya! Good call, Nishinoya! Right.
He missed Oikawa missed the serve.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Karasuno's at match point again.
If he missed a serve, when that's his strong suit, maybe he's panicking a bit.
Even Oikawa And that nullified it.
We each have one point now.
Iwaizumi-san, you're so cool! I feel like I've lost to Iwa-chan.
When the hell did you ever beat me?! Usually, the weight of a point from a break or a side out would be heavier.
Overall, I'm always a winner.
Ow! However, right now, the important thing is, All right.
Let's get one.
Right! because of Iwaizumi's point and words, the team was just saved from crumbling.
Are you sure Seijoh's never been to nationals? They're not breaking at all.
But that doesn't change Seijoh's position at all.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Even if the physical fatigue they're feeling is the same, the mental fatigue that Seijoh is feeling is much greater! Get through this, Karasuno! Rule the Court Aoba Johsai High School Volleyball Team Aoba Johsai Karasuno Wow They went over 30 points! This is rough on both of them.
But I think Karasuno is just barely keeping it together.
I think their attacks are becoming simple, too.
Seijoh should be worse off, mentally, but Oikawa-kun, nice serve! Gah! That was one full rotation! Nice serve! He'll probably have the missed serve on his mind, One point! so I wonder how Oikawa will do.
Oikawa, if you're staring at Ushiwaka's face during the match, I'll punch you.
Someone who can't see the opponent standing right in front him, can't defeat the opponent that lies beyond! You're right.
We'll turn this serve around! Right! Spring High School Volleyball King It's coming back! Chance ball! Got it! Despite the fact that he just messed up, that was probably the best serve he's done today.
Damn it! Sorry! I'm glad you were even able to put that serve up! Calm down, calm down Got it! Make sure you don't jump at a decoy! Is it going to be a quick? Or, considering the situation, will it be an ace? Left! The opposite side?! Again It's Kunimi?! Kunimi! Even if you know it's a decoy, hit it over like you mean it.
But it was way obvious that they were going to come up the left.
There's no point in getting tired for no reason.
You're good, so why don't you play seriously? So does always being reckless equal being serious? Chance ball! Got it! They still have energy to spare? Kunimi-chan, you just skipped out on being decoy didn't you? I'm sor— Skip out a bit better.
Mizoguchi-kun's gonna yell at you again.
Kunimi, you idiot! Being efficient, conserving energy, and always being calm are your hidden weapons, Kunimi-chan.
But when everyone else is exhausted, I'll make sure you work even harder.
You're only the setter if you can bring out No matter who the player is! #13 again?! A feint?! Aoba Johsai Karasuno Seijoh pulled ahead! Seijoh's at matchpoint again! Not to mention, Oikawa is serving again! Just one more point! Just one more point! We were on the same team for three years, but today's the first time I've ever seen him laugh normally during a match.
Hey, just listen Who the hell are you? How am I supposed to face someone like you? Kageyama Kageyama Kageyama-kun Kageyama-san! Hey, are you freaking out? How lame! Well, it's obivious that the Great King is going to be better than the King.
It's in the names! Not to mention, he seems way smarter than you.
Sorry, Kageyama! I'll make sure I get the ball back to you next time.
Then, all you need to do is the attack you think is best.
Kageyama! Stop hesitating! Everyone on our team is strong, as they should be.
Do you think the King is scared of the Great King? It's okay.
Kageyama's not the Lonely King anymore.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh! Go, go, go! Go, go, Seijoh! Come on, bring it! Push it, push it, push it! Push it, push it, Seijoh! Bring it! We're gonna get that point! Push it, push it, push it! Push it, push it, Seijoh! Yeah! Man Talk about annoying.
Nice serve! Tobio One point! I might actually lose to you, Come on, bring it! considering how quickly you evolve.
But Front! It went up! But it's messed up! They won't be able to use a quick! In this tense situation, he still managed to find the smallest gap and pulled off a feint.
His calm focus on victory is terrifying.
Left! Center! Left! Asahi, go! Connect! Connect! Iwa-chan! It went u— Ah! Do it, Kindaichi! My speed and reflexes always lose to you.
But But in a battle of height I won't lose! It went up! All right! Kindaichi, Kunimi! Right! Left! Now! In this position, with this timing, this angle Dead on! Tobio I might actually lose to you, considering how quickly you evolve.
But That won't be today! All right! Let's go.
Hinata, Kageyama, we need to line up.
Captain, I'm sor— That wasn't a mistake.
It wasn't a mistake, so don't apologize.
Thank you very much! Everyone, just listen.
The next time that Karasuno looks like they're going to use a quick, Tobio will use the god-like quick.
Keep that in your heads.
How did you know the last one would be a god-like quick? Because Tobio evolved thanks to all of the players in Karasuno.
He's starting to learn how to trust for the first time.
Aoba Johsai Karasuno When the deuces continued, his physical and mental fatigue were at their peak.
In the eleventh hour, when they were cornered, it was then they were given a crucial chance.
At that moment, Tobio only had one choice.
Line up! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Great work! That was a great match! Round up! When we lost I hated being told we had a great match.
It was like, "but we lost.
" However, being on the side to say that now, I guess I don't know what else to say.
Um, that last block We need to clear out immediately.
The next team's warm-up is starting.
We'll start our cool down upstairs or outside.
Seijoh will be going to the quarterfinals after a short break.
"Even if one person is good, you can't win.
Don't mind.
" Isn't that what you were going to tell them? But Karasuno had more than one strong player, didn't they? You're really annoying.
How rude! The end of that second set When he was able to read my toss to you, I could tell that Tobio was trying to go from being a dictator to a decent king.
Even if Tobio had stayed a dictator, he might have still tossed to the shrimp in the end.
I only thought it was a possibility, and there was no guarantee he was going to do it.
He was reading my attacks, but this time, he ended up having his attack being read by me.
So Kageyama has finally started trusting other people Really Nothing could be more troublesome.
The meeting's starting.
They totally read me in the end.
Don't apologize! Don't Don't make it sound like tossing to me was a mistake! The meeting's about to start.
Both of you were amazing today.
But we lost Indeed, we lost.
But it was a worthwhile match, wasn't it? Does losing prove that you're weak? Isn't losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, after ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand-up again? If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak.
Senseki Aoba Johsai All right, let's go get some food.
Of course, I'm paying.
Eh? Food? But Just shut up and eat.
Closed Izakaya Osuwari Sorry, Ma'am, for coming in right before you open up.
Don't worry.
This used to happen all the time.
Running, jumping, and anything else that stresses your muscles will cause the fibers to tear.
Right after a match, like now, your muscle are at their limits, so you've got to repair them by eating.
That's how you build muscle, and become stronger.
So eat.
Eat a proper meal.
Th-Thank you for the food.
Thank you for the food.
Thank you for the food.
Enjoy! Thank you for the food.
Eat A little at a time.
But, be sure to grow stronger.
Next Episode Preview Ukai-kun, I'll cover this Don't worry about it! Hey, Ma'am, can I get the check? Here you go.
I gave you quite a discount.
Thank you! Gah! Those guys ate a lot! Next time on Haikyu!!: "The Third Day.
" Episode 25: "The Third Day"