Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e39 Episode Script

Challenge in a Foreign Land

Sagasou Kotae wo kikanaide Mitsuketai Girigiri no shobu de GET LIFE Jikan wa sonna ni naize Sorega START WAY I WANT THIS ONLY Sagashi motomeru Ano giniro no hikari no naka de Dareka wo kizutsukete Jibun mo kizutsuite Dakedo owarazu ni Tada oimotome Nani mo miete naikeredo WHY? Kitto konomama NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE Thai Samut Prakarn - Crocodile Farm Thai Samut Prakarn - Crocodile Farm Now, Runsak versus Ichiro Miyata from Japan Thai Samut Prakarn - Crocodile Farm has been carried over to judges' decision! Ichiro Miyata put up a splendid fight! Runsak also gave it his best! The referee is about to read the point total.
What will the decision be?! Draw! Did you misread that?! Where are the judges looking?! He has two knockdowns in his favor.
Also, not a single point was scored against him.
Is this nonsense permissible?! Hey! Don't bitch about the judges' decision! It's a draw, got it?! Act like a man! Go home! Go home! Go home! Go home! Go home! Go home! Go home! Home town decision.
It's probably unavoidable when you enter alien territory.
It can also happen in Japan.
This was supposed to be his comeback after the Mashiba fight! He took down a 5th-rank opponent brilliantly by KO but I came all the way to Thailand just to tie with an obscure fighter.
I made my debut as a so-called brilliant prodigy so what the hell am I doing? It's been two months since we came to Thailand.
I've gotten used to the food, but this heat is hard to take.
We see a lot of Japanese people here, too, considering.
Although they're mostly tourists.
And they're about the same age as Ichiro-kun.
He's sweating a lot due to the heat but the dieting is as difficult as ever.
There are other featherweight boxers measuring 5'7" but in Ichiro's case, his build won't allow it.
The best weight for his body type has always been lightweight.
To lose the most weight, you have to give up all worldly desires.
The youths he passes on the street are totally different from him.
At the tender age of 18, he gave up the right to be young of his own accord.
Come to think of it I haven't seen him smile recently.
The application for the next match is here, but it's a little Jimmy Sisfar.
His fight history is 10 matches, 10 wins, 10 KOs.
Jimmy Sisfar? The hopeful causing the most buzz in the Pacific Asia region? Yes, it's the same former Muay Thai Jimmy who switched over to boxing after making a glorious record of He's close to super stardom in this country so why would a fighter like that approach Ichiro-kun? That's right.
Ichiro was nominated to be nothing more than a prospective loser.
You're kidding.
What should we do? Good question.
What Ichiro needs most right now is a win.
What is it? You're making me uncomfortable! Say what's on your mind! Japanese won't get the point across.
Payao, you know a little Japanese, don't you? Translate for me.
They say the Japanese must not be hungry.
To people of Thailand, to fight a strong opponent is a chance to get much money.
But they say the Japanese guy ran away.
Ran away? Who did? I - I don't think you ran away.
I think you have no choice.
Jimmy is too strong.
It is natural to avoid confrontation.
What's this about, Dad?! You don't need to worry.
We're taking your next match to Junior Light.
Junior Light? It'll make your dieting a lot easier.
We'll also be able to utilize your real speed and power.
Don't cling to featherweight anymore.
I want to cling to it.
When I first entered this world, I had no worries.
The only vision in my head was a straight path to the world.
But he barged in front of me.
If I go around him, I'll avoid everyone who gets in my way from now on.
If I do that, I'll keep taking the longer way around.
I know about Jimmy Sisfar.
I know he's vastly superior to me at this time.
He may not be someone I can beat.
However! If I run from dieting if I run from the opponent in front of me I'll never make it to the world! I can't run away! I can't allow you to fight Jimmy.
Why?! He outmatches you too far in your current condition.
It sounds just like you're telling me I'll lose for sure.
Isn't boxing supposed to be unpredictable?! You are a prospective loser.
I can't allow my son to participate in such a match.
I want to hear your opinion as my trainer! All right, I'll tell you! The counter, your most powerful weapon will not work on Jimmy Sisfar! I realized something at the Mashiba fight.
Yes, your punches are sharp.
So sharp, I believed they were deadly with a single blow.
However your punches are light.
The lighter and quicker the cuts, the quicker they are to heal.
Your punches aren't heavy the kind that leave the body with a lasting impression.
The nature of your punch is something you are born with.
This is something we have no control over.
And on top of that, Jimmy comes from Muay Thai.
He is a powerful fighter with He won't fall from a couple of your counterpunches.
I realized that.
I knew the nature of my own punches.
But I have no choice but to rely on my fists! If I lose faith in my fists I can't fight anymore.
I know it's selfish, but I will fight Jimmy.
It's the same as when it happened to me.
What? I grieved over my own powerlessness.
The more I became aware of my limitations the more my pride made me step into the ring.
He may feel the same as I did back then.
Don't tell me it's gone that far.
Ooh! He crushed another sparring partner.
Manager, it must be more difficult finding sparring partners than matches to fight.
Are you aware that Ichiro Miyata has accepted the match? Of course! Everyone's focused on Jimmy's matches.
Jimmy's strength has already been proven through Muay Thai.
He switched to boxing in order to gain worldwide recognition.
I believe that will be a plus for him in the upcoming match.
My counter won't work on him? In that case, I'll fight him with speed and combinations.
I'll put out the most punches and win by points even in the worst scenario! You idiot.
What do you mean, points? In any event, I need a KO to win.
But how? What? Uh, no.
Your shadowboxing is clean, very fluid.
It made me stop to watch.
It is a punch I can't see, though I am in the same line of work.
Like a well-sharpened knife.
What's wrong? Did I say something wrong? No, it's nothing.
I bet Jimmy Sisfar had these kind of beginnings.
Jimmy is a boxer who gives children a dream.
Everyone thinks that if they work hard they can be like him.
So he's a hit with kids, too, huh? Looks like I'm the bad guy in this country.
That isn't true.
I am definitely cheering for you.
And you have a fan.
A fan? Hey, do you want something? H-Hello.
Do you understand Japanese? Chana! This is my little brother, Chana.
He is the fan I was talking about.
Now tell Ichiro what you told me.
Uh You take too long! That's why everyone bullies you! I don't believe it.
I have a friend who's exactly like him.
I hate the guy.
I mean, I hate how powerful he is.
If you work hard, you can be strong, too.
Your counter I want to be a boxer, not a Muay Thai kickboxer.
There are a lot of fighters like Jimmy in Thailand but I like the boxer type.
If possible, I want to learn to throw counters like you, Ichiro! After seeing your last fight, Chana became your instant fan.
I want to see even more amazing counterpunches! I'm sorry, Chana.
My counter isn't that great a punch.
If I had something more amazing, I wouldn't be worrying.
Something better? Something better than my counter the way it is now? Was I conceited with myself all this time? Thinking that my counterpunch was complete in itself that nothing could be superior.
A counter superior to my current one would have unmatched accuracy and be heavy as well as sharp.
So powerful that if it hit fully, a knockout would be assured.
A counter to surpass all counters! A counter to surpass all counters.
His finishing move is always side-to-side hooks from infighting, no exceptions.
He's an orthodox fighter.
No knockdown experience.
The more I know about him, the more his strengths stand out.
Huh? Uh, yeah.
By the way, where is Ichiro? In the sauna.
Hasn't he come out yet? Oh, no! Ichiro! Ichiro-kun! Ichiro! Ichiro! Did I drift off? He doesn't even realize he fainted.
Haven't I made it there yet? He doesn't eat or drink and sweats it out but his weight still won't drop.
He won't have the stamina to take on Jimmy for 10 rounds.
That means his only hope is an early KO.
But we already know his counterpunch won't work on Jimmy, so If Ichiro caught a cold now This is amazing! I've never been in a squall before! Japanese? Aw, I'm totally soaked.
Since you're already wet, why don't you strip to your swimsuit again? Silly, what are you talking about? Come on, let's go! Chana Did you come here for me? Y-Yeah.
I appreciate the thought but it would be pointless to use an umbrella in this rain.
Ichiro, you You never smile, do you? All the Japanese people who come to Thailand look like they're having fun but I've never seen you smile even once.
The guys at the gym say that you won't beat Jimmy.
Because you're Japanese, because you're not hungry.
But you don't eat your food! You don't drink water, either.
You are living a more hungry life than Thai people.
Thai boxers get into the ring because they want money.
But I think Japanese boxers are different! Why do you get in the ring if it makes you suffer? Is it fun? You don't look like you're having fun at all, Ichiro.
I don't understand why you box! Uh, I I'm sorry.
But you look a little pained.
Let's go home.
You'll get a chill.
Thanks, Chana.
I don't smile, huh? That's true.
Still and I may be the only one who thinks this way but I believe in something.
I believe that there's a time for smiling only a boxer can experience.
Ichiro You said you wanted to see me do an amazing counterpunch.
I see.
You want to see me do it, huh? He's down again.
He's been off his game for a while but he's worse than ever today.
And there's only a few days left until the match.
I'm not through yet.
I want you to continue, Payao.
B-But, Ichiro Please.
Counter chance! No! That was the perfect chance! Ugh, look at him charge in headfirst! We should stop him! He's in bad shape today.
His punches are awfully sharp for a guy in such bad condition.
It's no good! Even his timing is off! I can't stand to watch! I'm going to stop him, all right, Miyata-san?! Stop, Payao! That's enough! Ichiro-kun, are you all right?! Ichiro-kun! What's wrong? I barely took any clean hits but something left a lasting impression on me.
It's completely different from his punches so far.
What is this? It looks like he's getting closer.
Closer to the answer of the counter to surpass all counters.
I'm almost there.
I'm almost there.
Lumphinii Stadium You managed to pass the weight test somehow.
However, down to his fighting spirit and the glow of his skin Jimmy's in top condition He has a case of the nerves.
You can't blame him.
Ah, damn it! Look at me, I'm pathetic! I can't even concentrate in the green room! I put up a front and left Japan and I've got nothing to show for it except for my shortcomings! And the betting odds are 30 to 1 against me?! How many other boxers have had to fight their way against pathetic ratings like they're giving me?! I really am the perfect loser for the job.
When it comes down to it, I'm just chickening out! Damn it, damn it! The match is only minutes away now! Resign yourself to your fate! I forgot! I totally forgot.
I can name a boxer who fights even when his ratings are bad! Is this how he always felt? Did he fight this kind of pressure in the green room? And overcame it? Hurry, hurry! We'll miss the match! I couldn't help it! I had to work! Ichiro, make sure make sure you win.
Now the ten-round fight everybody's waiting for is about to begin! In the Red Corner, the man with the hopes of the entire Thai boxing world on his shoulders Jimmy Sisfar responds to the cheers! And in the Blue Corner, visiting from Japan, is Ichiro Miyata! Seconds out! - Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! - Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! - Ichiro Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! A thunder of calls erupts for Jimmy! And now, the long-awaited opening bell is now rung! Nani wo yattemo onaji yoni Nando to naku machigai wo kurikaesu Nani ga honto ni hitsuyo na mono? Ashimoto kinishite Shitabakari miteshimau Sonna toki wa, hora Ue wo muite miru Tooku wo mite miru ltsumo towa chigau kakudo mitsukete Semai torimichi kao wo agetanara Jolt counter.
A counter that starts by resting full weight on the front foot and throws the entire body into one punch.
If it hits home, it will sink the opponent into the mat with terrific destructive force.
But if it fails, that force will be flung back at the wielder.
Will he lose everything as a boxer? Will he earn a victory? It's the ultimate counter that sucks away the life of the user! The next episode is, "A Counter to Surpass All Counters.