Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e40 Episode Script

A Counter to Surpass All Counters

Seek without asking for the answer I want to discover in the match on the edge GET LIFE not much time is left.
That is the beginning I WANT THIS ONLY I will continue to seek In the midst of that silver light I may hurt others As others may hurt me But it doesn't end there Keep seeking single-mindedly I still don't see anything WHY? But I still keep seeking NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE Lumphinii Stadium Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Now, the bell will ring momentarily! The boxing hopeful of Thailand, Jimmy Sisfar versus the technician from Japan, Ichiro Miyata! Would you listen to that? The hall has erupted into calls for Jimmy! Hurry, hurry! We'll miss the match! I couldn't help it! I had to work! Payao, Ichiro will win, won't he? Payao?! I don't know! Jimmy is really powerful.
However, something's been different about Ichiro's counter lately.
Chana! Whose side are you on, Payao?! Ichiro's, of course.
Payao! As proof I bet this entire month's living expenses on him! We're going to cheer for him if it kills us, Chana! Right! Do it, Jimmy! Don't make us take a loss! Win! You're the pride of Thailand! I know this is his homeland, but that's one-sided cheering! Even if there was some cheering for me it wouldn't change anything.
It's my impression after meeting his gaze that Jimmy is every bit as powerful as his reputation states.
Listen, Ichiro.
I want you to start by observing him! Pay special attention to his left-right hooks! They're all here to watch Jimmy win.
Th-That can't be.
That's what the 30 to 1 betting odds are about.
Still, if that newly revised counter of Ichiro's connects properly even Jimmy won't be able to stay on his feet.
However, the sharper his sword is the more the personal risk to him will increase.
I'm sure he's fully aware of that for himself.
Now, it's time! The long-awaited opening bell is now rung! All right, they're still fighting! We made it in time! How's Ichiro doing?! Ichiro! It's turned into a one-sided match! Jimmy is really tough! Is Miyata approaching his limit?! I Ichiro? Miyata is locked in defense! Jimmy goes even further forward! His attack never slows! Jimmy's fierce attack continues! Aah! A right! Down! He fell! Enduring in defensive mode until Round Three Miyata has finally fallen! Jimmy! I was right to bet on you! This is an overwhelming development! Jimmy's strong! Can Miyata stand?! I can't believe that Ichiro is taking such a beating.
I didn't know the gap was so wide.
Ichiro-kun! Can you stand?! Three! - He's gonna get up! - Put the finishing move on him, Jimmy! Four! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Damn! This is pathetic.
I fought in my old style I was trained in like I missed it.
Five! Now Miyata is back on his feet! Can he continue the match?! Six! Plus, my old style had absolutely no effect on him.
Seven! This guy is ridiculously strong.
Thanks to that Eight! I've shaken it off! Can Jimmy finish him in time?! Go, Jimmy! Kill him! Box! Ichiro Ichiro's style has changed! That's He's finally going to use the jolt.
If he applies a punch into his counter that puts his weight on the front leg and throws his entire body into it it will compensate for the lightness of the punch and produce more than enough destructive power.
I see, but that's sort of Yes.
If he fails, that destructive power will be flung back in his face.
Ichiro's entire might will be added to Jimmy's tremendous power.
This will undoubtedly exhaust Ichiro's boxing career rapidly.
Lord only knows what will happen but either way, it won't be pretty.
You're going down with me, Jimmy Sisfar! That's practically an infighter pose.
Is he planning to duke it out with me? If so, I'll show him who's boss! Whoa, Jimmy charges in! Ooh! He's going to take him out with one blow! Put him out of his misery, Jimmy! He led him in for a right hook! Jolt! Please hit! Down! He took a right from Jimmy full-on! Miyata is down for the second time! - One! - Now, the count has begun! - Two! - Ichiro-kun! Can you hear me?! Give us a response, Ichiro-kun! Three! Miyata doesn't twitch.
Is this knockdown decisive?! Four! He has a concussion! He's in danger! - I'm going to throw in the towel! - I'm going to throw in the towel! - Wait! What are you saying?! He can't fight anymore! Miyata-san! Ichiro is your boxing at its limit? Are you going to be broken by the jolt as I was?! Miyata-san? I'm going to be strong just like you, Dad! I can't run away.
Your punches are light.
Light? No, you're wrong.
Dad, you're awesome! There's nothing wrong with your style of boxing! I practiced until I felt like a rag doll to achieve it.
No matter who my opponent is, I'll face him fair and square and I will rise to the top! If I lose faith in my fists I can't fight anymore! I'm going to scale the wall that Dad couldn't.
For his sake but above all, for my sake.
Six! Ichiro Seven! Eight! Ichiro! Nine! My God, Miyata actually got up! He took Jimmy's power blow and stood up again.
This is surprising! How can he stand? I felt a heavy impact from that punch.
His eyes aren't focused.
I don't think he can go on.
W-Wait, Miyata! Stop! Box! Whoops, the referee isn't stopping him! The match continues! Or not! That's the bell! Round Three is over! The dying Miyata is saved by the bell! Ichiro! There you go.
Good work getting back on your feet! Ichiro You were lucky the damages were minimal for failing that counter.
You lucked out because your step-in was slightly too shallow.
However, you can't go on like this! Solidify your guard.
What's wrong? Can't you hear me? I can hear you perfectly.
I can even hear the rain.
Don't be silly.
How can you hear rain over the spectators? It's raining.
Did he hurt his ear drums? He's in a state of partial consciousness.
Of course he is! He hit the back of his head on the rope.
He can't possibly fight in this pitiful shape.
Miyata-san! We have to get him to a hospital as soon as possible for a close examination! He's reached his limit! Ichiro Listen to me.
The idea of applying a jolt to your counter isn't bad.
However, you'll still take too many punches.
Dive in timed to his punches! Don't think about the follow-up! If you hit him, he WILL fall! There's one other piece of luck from you failing.
You were given the chance to learn Jimmy's timing firsthand.
There are two important factors to achieving this counter.
Timing and heart.
This is absurd! Get in there, Ichiro! Hit him with everything you got! Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! We were inclined to believe that the Japanese boxers aren't hungry but it looks like we were slightly mistaken.
I never encountered a fighter with that much fighting spirit in my entire career.
At the very least, show him respect.
I'll finish him off at full power in the next round! Round Four! Jimmy slowly exits his corner.
Will he take this round to the finish? Go, Jimmy! Finish him! Settle it this round! Although we don't stand to make very much! Why don't you stop him? Any more will be life-threatening.
It's too risky! And I can't believe you told him to use that counter again! Miyata-san?! It happened a long time ago.
When I was the champion of Pacific Asia I used that counter on one occasion.
What?! No, to be accurate, I couldn't use it.
I failed.
The new counter he came up with is the very punch that robbed me of my career as a boxer.
When it happened, Ichiro was ringside watching from start to finish.
He watched my jaw shatter as I hit the mat in a bloody mess.
It's too ironic.
He found himself faced with the same wall and came up with the same answer.
Now it's my turn to watch it happen! All right, give it to him! Knock him down! No, it's dangerous! I can't bear to watch! He's got damage, so he can't dodge with his feet.
Still, I'm amazed at his intuition! With all that damage, he's still dodging Jimmy's power punches.
What's the matter, Jimmy?! Can't you hit him straight? Damn.
No! This isn't the right timing! I mustn't follow his punches with my eyes! I have to react at the same time they're thrown! Can he still dodge upstairs in that condition? If that's the case Caught you! That hurt! Miyata flounders against the ropes! Will Jimmy take this to the finish?! Knock him down! Hit him good, Jimmy! The rain is turning into a downpour.
It's a squall.
All my limbs have gotten really heavy.
It's hard to move.
You never smile, do you? Why do you get in the ring if it makes you suffer? You don't look like you're having fun at all, Ichiro.
I don't understand why you box! W-Why I box? A left from Jimmy! Miyata dodges! An uppercut from Miyata! Damn! Oops, Miyata loses himself in his own momentum and totters forwards! Got you! N-No! No, that posture! To finish you! H-He's down! This is an unbelievable sight! Jimmy Sisfar is down! Miyata stole a reversal knockdown with a desperate counter! That was the perfect jolt counter.
Well played! One! Two! Three! The darn rain is still falling.
Get up, Jimmy! Please get up! He can't possibly get up.
The angle, the timing, the impact everything was perfect.
He can't possibly get up.
I wagered everything I had in me my career as a boxer on that one punch! He can't get up from that.
I risked everything on that punch.
That counter was was my The rain stopped.
It's the towel! The towel has been thrown in from the Red Corner! This is an unbelievable sight! There isn't even a twitch out of Jimmy Sisfar! We are witnessing a major upset! Jimmy Sisfar is defeated! Miyata from Japan scores a flawless victory by reversal KO! He did it! Payao, he did it! A-Amazing! Ichiro won! Well done! Congratulations, Ichiro-kun! You really outdid yourself.
Things don't look friendly.
Maybe we should get out of here.
Look at him.
He can't even walk straight.
And he beat our Jimmy like that? Damn it, he really did it.
We lost money on the deal, but we got to see something amazing.
Damn! H-Huh? I guess Thailand isn't such a bad place after all.
Oh, Ichiro! Congratulations, Ichiro! I guess he can't hear me.
He smiled.
I'm sure.
I just saw Ichiro smile! Thanks for taking me all the way to the airport.
No problem! I was able to buy this car thanks to you! I was right to bid on the dark horse! L-Lucky you.
You're leaving? Yeah.
Ichiro! It's time.
Okay, I'm coming! Chana I want you to remember that the trick to throwing a counter is timing and heart.
It's going to get busy now.
Now that he beat Jimmy we'll have to turn down all second-rate opponents.
That's fine.
If he steadily defeats tough boxers the world title will slowly but surely come into view.
When it's time for his triumphant return, Japan is going to get very busy.
Listen to you talking like it's nothing.
Japan, huh? I wonder what his ranking will be when I get back? Wait for me.
When I get back, I swear No matter what I do, it's the same I keep making mistakes What is truly important? Weary about what's under my feet I can't stop looking down When that happens Just look up Look far into the distance Find a new perspective from a different angle When walking down a narrow path, look up You'll find the world has a 360-degree view The Professional Boxer Test.
A test to become a professional boxer.
Qualifiers are chosen through favor and practical sparring.
I was full of apprehension and stress when I took it, too.
But everyone feels the same.
You don't know how far you have to go in order to qualify.
That's why it's important to believe in the many efforts you have made since you joined the gym! The next episode is, "Geromichi's Big Fight.