Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

were cut short last night
when a man was gunned down
aboard a river vessel
- ..the incident,
but they urge everyone to avoid
the CBD for the night.
..area. Police urge
..confirmed the shooting
was a random act
..with information
What we can confirm
is a male was fatally shot,
with no further witnesses
to the incident.
A second shooting in as
many days has now been confirmed.
The city is on high alert.
A 25-year-old office worker
is the latest victim
to be gunned down in broad daylight,
with no understanding of
why he was specifically
..within the police force
have indicated the same high-power
rifle was used in both attacks,
prompting police to focus
their investigation
to those who carry a licence
to these highly restricted firearms.
After the third city
shooting in Melbourne
in as many months,
the Premier has recalled a former
top cop from the United States,
who has been working with the FBI.
Commander Tom Saracen will head
a specially designated taskforce
established to track down the sniper
who has held Melbourne under siege.
Duh. Hey, Janey.
Hey, that sounds great.
Are you doing that at the festival?
Yeah, well, it's this
or 'Psycho Killer'
and that's not really appropriate.
Probably not.
Oh, shit.
I'm off.
Made a decision?
No, Ben, I can't.
Look, my best student's in trouble
with her thesis.
She's right.
You won't miss me.
We always miss you.
Yeah, right.
I've got an assignment
and I'm still going.
Boring. Anyway, some of us
have real jobs, so see ya.
Too soon?
No, just not funny.
Come on,
it's a little bit funny.
Serena, what's going on with you?
That's not up to
your usual standard.
Look, I know there are some problems
with the beginning,
but once I get into my rhythm,
you're gonna love it. Please?
Yes, well, lucky for you, I've
planned to finish it on the weekend.
We'll talk on Monday.
Boss, we found it.
Sniper's nest.
It's about bloody time.
OK, it's about 400m, within range
of the right kind of weapon.
Security cameras
didn't catch anything, so
There was no cameras in the stairs,
which means the shooter could have
entered and left on foot.
There's a carpark down below.
About 90 cars used it
between 8 p.m. and midnight,
so we're checking the tapes.
Doesn't leave much behind.
That's it.
Powder marks and you can only
see them with a spectrometer.
It's been a long time.
Hello, Tom.
I'm heading up
the shooter taskforce.
Yes, I know.
What can I do for you?
The shootings are
getting closer together
and we're not reacting fast enough.
I need your input.
Well, I'm I'm happy to help.
But we didn't exactly bond
last time we met, did we?
Well, that was just a healthy
disagreement, that's all that was.
Anyway, I got you a, um, visitor's
pass, so 1:00 would be great.
Well, I'll have to check my diary
Excuse me, I have to take this call.
1 p.m.
I have given my total support
to the Commander here
and I have promised
whatever resources he needs.
Alright, we'll take some questions
Are you looking for a lone wolf?
Really can't comment on that
right now,
but what I can say
is that this is an ongoing threat
and that public safety
is our number-one priority.
There is no doubt that this is very
stressful and it's a trying time.
But I want to assure everyone
that the police and the government
are working together
and we will bring this perpetrator
to justice.
OK, I think this is probably
a very good time
to bring this press conference
to an end.
Thanks, everyone.
Tom, I need results
and I need them now.
Yeah, so do I.
Of course, you have my full support.
I have her full support.
That's the kiss of death.
I'm sorry if I offended you
at Quantico.
Well, you wouldn't be the first to
call forensic psychiatry overrated.
Well, they sent me in
to spice up the panel.
By humiliating me?
That wasn't my intention.
It was nothing personal.
So you think it's someone
with a military background?
Yeah, we've been looking into that,
and criminal groups
and terrorist groups and gun clubs.
And it all comes up to a dead end.
So, we think
that this is the weapon of choice.
This is not your ordinary
weekend shooter.
This person can avoid CC cameras,
comes and goes as they please.
I mean, how do you track someone
that leaves no clues behind?
Well, who do you think
you're looking for?
His counter-surveillance
is so good
I think he might be one of us -
a cop, or was one.
Come on, let's meet the team.
Come in and settle down.
Um, I'm sure you're all familiar
with Professor Halifax.
Oh, Jane.
So, first impressions.
Well, there's not a lot about this
case that you can say is usual.
It's not usual that a marksman,
or a terrorist,
takes such care to avoid detection
and gives absolutely no indication
of his motives.
Usually, they make some kind
of a public statement.
While that may come,
for the moment at least,
he seems content to terrorise
the city
and taunt you with your impotence.
So, where do you start?
The sites that he did
the shootings from
are unlikely to be totally random.
That's not the way the mind works.
There'll be a logic there somewhere.
Convenience, familiarity,
something to do with his occupation.
Some routine so commonplace it makes
him, or her, seem invisible.
Her? Females account for less than
8% of homicide offenders.
Mila Bronski,
seconded from Homicide.
Yes, I admit that it's unlikely,
but you can't assume
you're looking for a male,
or the same person every time.
Well, so how important are targets
if they're so random?
Well, they can't be
completely random -
they're all middle-aged white men.
Well, that's the thing,
you analyse everything.
It's about making connections.
That and what the nature
of the shootings tells us
about the person
at the end of the gun.
Well, so what's it tell us here?
That he seems to like his victims
at a distance.
Maybe he doesn't have the stomach
to do it up close.
OK, great. When can you start?
I've got a job,
if you haven't noticed.
Yes, and I've got a shooter
and I need to get into his head.
Well, you'll have
to find someone else.
Look, if it's about leave,
I'll make calls. I'll make
Tom, you're not listening.
It's not negotiable.
I don't do this work anymore.
Jane, you're the best there is.
There's something else, Jane.
What's going on?
There's nothing.
I'm sorry.
What's going on
I've got a lecture to get to.
Hello, beautiful.
Ahh, it's freezing out there.
What's that?
The Phenomenology of
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
and the Dynamics
of Proscribed Behaviour'.
And I have promised
whatever resources he needs.
Alright, we'll take some questions
Is this the work
of a terrorist cell?
There's been no credible claims
of responsibility.
You know him?
Oh, it's Tom Saracen.
He's the head of the taskforce.
A former Australian who made
a big name for himself at the FBI.
Isn't it obvious?
He's, uh, actually asked me
to join the taskforce.
You never said anything about that.
Working with the cops.
He just showed up today,
Is that what you want?
Your old life back again?
You remember why you left?
Yes, I remember why I left,
thank you. Jane
Ben, I've given them
some advice, that's it.
Alright, I'm off.
Where are you going?
Got a gig at the Student Union.
What about dinner?
Save me some! Goodbye.
You miss it, don't you?
No, I don't miss it. I just
I happen to be good at it.
Anyway, it's in the past, OK?
Who's that one for?
Ahh, Jack White.
You should come to Nashville
when I deliver it.
Yeah, I'd love to go to Nashville.
There's a tiny flaw right here.
Does it matter?
It won't affect the strength,
but it might affect the sound.
Maybe in a good way.
I'm not leaving my job
to join the taskforce.
It was a long time ago.
Panic attacks. Nightmares.
Yeah, I was burnt out.
I stayed too long.
I don't want you
going back there again.
Neither do I.
I've booked a restaurant
around the corner. Is veggie OK?
Yeah. Yeah, veggie's good.
Veggie's great.
Serena Bonacci, huh?
You're turning down the festival
for for this?
Well, I've never been a festival
kind of girl anyway, so
But good luck, old man.
Old man?
I'll give you old man.
Yes, Commissioner. Yeah.
No, no, no, I'm just at home.
You're not interrupting anything.
Oh, Margaret says hello.
Yeah, well, I knew I was
in the running, of course.
It's a highly sought-after
Yes, yeah.
No, thank you, sir.
I'm honoured.
You're looking at
the new regional commander.
You should phone your wife
and tell her.
Come on.
Police are yet to confirm
whether the fourth shooting victim
was a high-ranking officer.
Authorities brace for more attacks
as the task force
Melbourne's shocking news
comes as the fourth victim
is believed to be
a high-ranking officer.
It's still unknown
who is responsible for the attack.
The city remains on high alert
as details about the
William Street.
Christ, it's like
a needle in a haystack time.
Give me some good news.
30 possible sites,
excluding apartments.
OK. Can't do two things at once.
Put some squads together
and canvass the shit
out of that place.
OK, I'm on it.
Yeah, now.
Or go back to the Dog Squad
or wherever the hell you came from.
OK, well, have a good time.
We'll miss you.
Oh, yeah, sure you will.
Thank you.
Oh, and, Turd, make sure she uses
her earplugs, please.
Will do!
Bye. Have fun. Drive safely.
Alright, let's go.
Let's do it.
Seatbelts on, please.
You're a shit roadie, Turd.
This van is filthy.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
OK, so, just going
through your statement.
You picked up a passenger
carrying a large case.
OK, thank you. Thank you.
So, uh
So how do you know Jane Halifax?
Why? Is there a problem?
No, I'm just surprised
that you never mentioned it.
I've never worked in a flat
command structure before.
I'm not quite sure how it works.
It's for clearer communication.
So we don't have discussions
before decisions are made?
I'm still your commanding officer,
It's not that flat.
Close the door on your way out.
He never used illegal casinos.
He was too scared
he'd be recognised, he said.
And did he lose much?
No, I always set him a limit.
Are you aware of any arguments
or disputes
he might have been involved in?
I'm just the girlfriend, OK?
No debts, no threats.
No-one wanted him dead, Tom.
A senior cop with no enemies.
That is bullshit.
Well, if he had them,
he kept 'em hidden.
So it was just a random killing?
Wrong place, wrong time.
That is not good enough, son.
I want you to start bringing people
back in. Reinterviewing them.
His wife, his priest.
Shake the goddamn tree!
I want to know who killed him
by tomorrow morning.
Ahh, Tom.
I'm not interrupting, am I?
No, no. The family's away.
You OK?
Yeah, I just -
I need some fresh air.
Ahh, this worked out well.
My family's not here, either.
Someone sent me a letter.
I think they're warning me
away from the investigation.
How would they even know?
There was a photo of me
in the newspaper.
Article implied that
I'd joined the taskforce.
"Beware, lovely Jane, for a terrible
retribution is at hand"?
It's just a touch biblical,
isn't it?
Let me send some boys around
to watch the house. No. No.
Come on, you need it.
No, I don't need police protection.
Maybe we should consider
that this is from the shooter.
I don't think it's the shooter.
People who write threatening letters,
they very rarely do anything
about it.
You probably get them all the time.
No. Never.
Right, well, in my old life,
I did, so
I pulled out some old case files
to see if it reminded me of anyone.
And did it?
No, but it certainly reminded me
why I don't do this work anymore.
They always say that there's one case
that just finishes you off.
Yep, I get that.
This could be mine.
come and work with me.
Let's get this done before
any more people get killed.
I need your help.
I'll think about it.
You hate it, don't you?
No, I don't hate it.
But you know I've always struggled
with the subject.
But I've written everything
from a medical point of view.
Well, sometimes,
and then it gets sociological.
And it's far too long. I've helped
you with some cuts at the back.
This looks like a total rewrite.
We are going to have
to delay assessment.
No. I want that position in Canada.
It's virtually been promised.
Well, provided you've got a PhD.
How could you let me get this far?
Serena, there is nothing in there
that I haven't been saying to you.
But I haven't been listening?
Look, I'm sorry.
I will help you as much as I can
This is a total disaster.
Thank you, Professor Halifax,
for totally fucking me over.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
It was awesome!
Yes, I know. I got the Insta-thingos
all night long.
The notifications?
Zoe was a star.
Oh, hardly.
Hey, what, no hug? Huh?
No, Turd's waiting.
I've gotta change.
No, I'm not in any hurry.
Do you want a beer?
Where's she going now?
A party, I think.
You should have seen her solo.
She absolutely smashed it.
Did she do her assignment?
Yeah, on the plane.
Ahh, that'll be good.
So, do you want a drink?
Oh, I'll never drink again.
I've got some work to do.
Here you go, old man.
So you had a good time?
Well, I mean,
one night would have done,
but side gigs and private parties.
Listen, Ben
I want to join the taskforce.
I think I can help.
And you're the only one who can?
People are getting killed.
Yeah, exactly.
Look, I'm hardly going
to be on the front line.
Well, if it's what you wanna do,
then do it. Ben
I'll put this in the rubbish.
Get up!
Call the police.
Hey, tell him not to bother.
Call the police.
I am the police!
You haven't told him, have you?
Told him what?
That I refused police protection?
How could you not tell me
about the letter?
You weren't here.
And why'd you even bother asking me?
You were always going to join
the taskforce. That's not true.
You lied to me.
I didn't lie to you, Ben.
You're overreacting.
I'm not overreacting.
We've got the police force
in our backyard.
You could have called me
when you got the letter.
Look, I'm sorry, OK?
You're right,
I should have called you.
I just I didn't want to worry you.
Good morning!
Good morning.
You're up early.
Yes, I've got to present
my assignment.
Oh, don't tell me you
actually got it in on time.
I didn't get it in on time
..but I still got an A, so
Oh! How'd you manage that?
I'm a teacher's pet.
And my teacher thinks that
you and Dad are 'beyond cool'.
So, what do you think about
this trip to Nashville?
Oh, it's, uh
it's fantastic.
It's Jack White!
I mean, how cool is that?
My teacher's
actually going to wet herself.
Yeah. Truly sick.
Give me a hug.
What was that for?
For all of this.
For doing what you do,
for trying to be a mother to me
even when I'm a bitch.
And I know you really love Dad.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
Eugh. That wasn't me.
Yeah, no.
I know you're after something,
by the way.
I said I didn't want protection.
It's not your call.
I'm a private citizen, Tom.
You know, before your partner
attacked my detective,
he had noticed somebody stomping
around in your garden
and a drone
flying around your house.
Well, if he was going to do
he would have done it on the weekend,
when I was alone.
Look, I can't join the taskforce,
I'm sorry.
Fine. Don't. We'll survive.
- I know you better than #
OK, I thought you said
the party was at the uni?
Yeah, it is, but here's fine.
I'm meeting someone, so
OK. Well, I'm happy to wait.
I can take you both.
No. Really, it's fine. I'm fine.
Thanks for the lift, though.
Alright, well, be good, yeah?
I always am.
- I thought you'd given up drinking.
- Well, I guess I just miss him
By the way.
You never told me about
Zoe coming to Nashville.
Yeah, she loves Jack White.
Oh, that's not an answer.
Yes, it is.
I thought we'd be going together.
We are going together.
Together alone.
I don't feel like someone involved,
to be honest.
More a professional looking on,
trying to piece things together.
I know I'm probably in shock,
but that's how we cope, isn't it?
How we keep functioning.
I understand.
Jane, we'd like you to look at
some footage. Is that alright?
Gunman's car was abandoned
five blocks away
where they swapped to another one,
also stolen.
Second car was torched. Found here.
Sounds like a professional hit.
That's what it's sounding like.
We'd like you to identify some faces
from the memorial service.
Uh, Serena. She's a student of mine.
And the man beside her?
Boyfriend, I think.
A bikie?
She's doing a PhD on outlaw gangs and
got a little lost in the research.
I hardly think she's a suspect.
Who's this woman there?
No idea.
She seems more upset than anyone.
Well, maybe she's one of Ben's fans.
She keeps looking at Zoe.
Well, wasn't there a register?
Didn't everyone have to sign in?
Yeah, that's the problem.
She's not on it.
Thanks, we can take it from here.
Commander Saracen insisted
we accompany you.
Just so you're aware,
Zoe's protection officers
will arrive in the morning.
Uh, I'd keep the lights down
at night if I were you.
Thanks for your help.
We'll be outside the door tonight,
Whose place is this?
Uh, the Fergusons'. They're overseas
so we can have it as long as we like.
Jesus, how'd they get this up here?
You could use it to rehearse.
No, it's fine. We, uh
We rehearse at uni.
Your bedroom's upstairs.
It's like a prison,
with better views.
It'll be good to feel safe, Zo.
How long's this going to go on for?
I don't know. Until they find him.
Just feels like a nightmare.
I can't believe that it's real.
I feel like I've done something,
like it's my fault.
Please don't say that.
I didn't get to say goodbye to him.
Hey, Professor!
It's alright,
she's a student of mine.
What'd you tell the cops
about my boyfriend?
Can you give us a minute, please?
They wanted to know his movements.
Do you think we're involved
in what happened?
Of course not.
So why all the questions?
They talk to everyone, Serena.
I'm sorry about your loss,
I really am.
But I don't want to
work with you anymore.
Well, I don't give a shit.
And I don't need your sympathy.
I need you to get your head
out of your arse
and stop blaming everyone else
for your shortcomings.
You're a smart woman, Serena.
Start acting like one.
You might have told me
you'd cancelled my lecture.
You shouldn't be here.
I'm alright.
You need to take some leave.
Thanks for the offer,
but I've got students.
It's not an offer.
I know you're thinking if you don't
keep going, you'll fall apart
Wouldn't work for everyone.
..but I'm responsible
for your welfare.
Then don't take this away.
I appreciate your concern.
Unless I'm not doing my job
Isn't denial
the first stage of grief?
Oh, Jesus.
When you're sitting next to
your partner
with his blood and brains
all over your face,
I think you skip denial
and go straight to acceptance.
If I was your patient and I
gave you an answer like that,
what would you do?
I'd be concerned.
I'd be watchful, but most of all,
I'd just listen.
I'm sorry.
I've made my decision.
Go home.
Take some leave.
Then we can sit down
and talk about the future.
Sir, I think I've got something
on Inspector Azzopardi.
I've been going through his personal
computer and come up with these.
Some fairly serious threats.
That's from a pro-gun group
he was investigating.
Basically, it's a warning that
if he tries to take away their guns,
their guns might have something
to say.
Sounds like they're home.
Here we go.
Good morning.
Anton Paul Bungert, yes?
You're trespassing.
No, we're not.
What's all this about?
Routine check on your arsenal.
Gun collection.
How many registered weapons?
I don't know. You tell me.
39, according to the register.
It's close enough. 42.
When's enough enough?
I'll let you know, mate.
Well, we're going to take
a little squiz at your workshop.
Oh, let's call it curiosity.
Check those lockers for weapons.
Seize anything
that's not on the register.
So, what are you trying to do here?
This is a 3D printer.
Add the right program and you can
turn this into anything you want.
It's not illegal to own one.
But manufacturing guns
without a licence is.
You can't print a gun on that, mate.
Why was this removed
from the rifle?
To clean it.
Not to make copies?
No, you'd need the right program
to do that.
But if you had one.
Well, that'd be illegal.
Seize his guns, seize all of this,
bring him in.
You probably need a lawyer.
I know my rights.
You've been making threats.
To who?
Inspector George Azzopardi,
recently deceased.
No, I haven't.
Do you recognise these emails?
Well, they've been linked
to your computer.
Well, that's either bullshit
or I've been hacked.
By who, the Russians or the Chinese?
You like the manufacture of guns.
Yes, I do.
Right, and you're not worried that
they might fall into criminal hands?
Well, that's a trade-off, isn't it?
It's part of the price of freedom.
This is not about freedom.
This is not about politics.
This is about you impinging on
the civil liberties of others.
Oh, that's rich. Hearing about
civil liberties from a cop.
I think you're in the wrong country.
I suspect you're talking
about the United States,
who we follow in everything else.
Well, we just need our Donald Trump.
I bet you thought
that was impossible.
Charge him.
Anton Bungert, you're under arrest
for using a carriage service
to send threats and menaces
and offences
under the Firearms Act.
Take a seat, Zoe.
How're you doing?
I'll let you know once
the sedatives wear off.
There's some people who attended
the memorial service
we're trying to identify.
Jane's been able to help
us with most of them,
but there's still one or two.
This woman in particular.
No-one seems to know who she is.
She-she seems pretty upset.
Yeah, well, she wasn't the only one.
Sorry, do I have to watch this?
No, we don't
we don't have to do it now.
Do you get on well with Jane?
I'm sorry?
Oh, well, you know what they say
about stepmothers.
I never thought of her
as a stepmother. She was
She was more like a big sister.
Did Jane ever talk to you
about the letter?
The retribution letter.
I'm sorry, I don't
Uh, Jane received a letter while you
and your dad were at the festival.
A kind of a warning.
What-what do
Sorry, I don't know what you mean.
What do you mean, a warning?
What-what letter?
What, are you saying that someone
knew this was going to happen?
Thanks so much for coming in.
What's happened?
Zoe's refusing to leave
until she sees the letter.
She never knew about the letter.
If I'd known,
I wouldn't have said anything.
No, it's not your fault.
Oh, shit.
Is that it?
I didn't want you to know.
Why not?
Because I didn't take it seriously.
I thought it was a crank.
Did Dad know about the letter?
And the police?
That's why they were watching
the house.
Until I insisted they leave.
Is that it?
How is this a letter from a crank?
Because it's what I had to believe.
Don't touch me.
I'm joining the taskforce.
You don't have the luxury
of turning me down.
Ben didn't have an enemy
in the world.
He wasn't the one who was targeted.
You need me more
than I need you, Tom.
As long as you take it day by day
and see how it goes.
Tom, we think we found the sniper's
nest, from the first shooting.
Alright, Professor Halifax,
you're on the team. Let's go.
He did a great job
of keeping it clean.
Think he used a plastic sheet.
No residue marks on the wall.
No casings. There's almost no traces
at all, except for that.
What is it?
It's part of a bore snake.
The kind you use to clean a rifle.
So how did we find out it was here?
Someone tipped off Crimestoppers
on a burner,
so we couldn't trace the call.
What are you thinking?
It feels like this was a trial run.
Or maybe only planned
the one shooting
and got encouraged by the result.
He's meticulous.
Prides himself on his cleverness,
and he likes what he's done
to the city.
He left that clue intentionally.
He's playing us.
What happened to Ben
doesn't fit with any of this.
Ben didn't receive
the threatening note.
Maybe this is all connected to you.
We have to keep our minds open
to the idea
the shooter could be someone
from your past.
We'll look at some
of your earlier cases.
There's quite a few nasties
in there.
Yeah, just a few.
We focused on the more
violent offenders.
Anyone with an axe to grind
who's recently been released.
Who's that?
That's Harold David Ryan.
Former senior sergeant
with Major Crimes.
Heavily involved with
the criminal world.
Sentenced 20 years for murder,
menacing witnesses
and taking bribes.
I assessed him for
the Police Integrity Unit.
He developed a bit of an obsession.
Released a year ago.
He's living just out of town.
Well, him, I wanna see.
..three cops to enforce
the fishing regulations.
You do have a lot of time
on your hands.
Commander Saracen.
Man, I don't need to know
who you are.
It's a nice place to retire.
Got a boat, local pub, no intruders.
That's all a man needs.
So you're keeping well?
No, I've got cancer, if it's any
business of yours, which it isn't.
Why don't you get to the point?
We're investigating people
with connections to Jane Halifax.
There's a little firecracker
for you.
Back on the market, I hear.
And tell that one to stop sticking
her nose in other people's business.
You got the paperwork for this
or what?
Do you think we need to?
I've got nothing to hide.
Well, do you own a gun?
Hunting rifle,
according to the register.
Hasn't been fired for years.
Kept in a secure place?
Yep. Under the bed in a gun locker
with 10,000 Krugerrands
and a bit of Halifax's hair.
OK, we'll start the paperwork.
Look around, will you?
I don't want you coming back.
Grab a shot of his handwriting.
So, where were you on
the night of Ben Sailor's murder?
Do-do you seriously think
that I killed her old man?
I mean, you think I'm the shooter?
Jesus Christ.
Scraping the bottom of the barrel,
aren't you?
Well, well.
Hello, Harry.
You're looking good.
Sorry to hear about your old man.
Well, maybe they were after me.
I didn't do it, you know,
if that's what you're asking.
I haven't given you a thought
in 20 years.
Course, there was a time
when I could hardly think about
anything else, but
well, that was a waste of time.
You seem to have worked things out.
I'm scared of dying, Jane.
I've gotta find distractions.
What do you mean 'distractions'?
I just go fishing. You ought
to come and try it one day.
Well, I've got fish to clean.
People to kill in Melbourne.
You might as well bugger off.
What have you got?
Ben Sailor's phone.
His second phone.
I don't think he's the shooter, Tom.
He might have had some kind
of fixation on me,
but it's not going to be served
by killing people.
I know - he's just
another jerk dead end.
Listen, Tom, my protection's
driving me crazy.
I've got a secure apartment.
You send someone to pick me up
and drop me off. Isn't that enough?
I just need some room to breathe.
OK. I'll think about it.
Hi. Um
do you
Do you know if Ben
was seeing someone?
Do you know if he
was having an affair?
Why are you asking?
It could be relevant. Was he?
Well, no, not that I'm aware of.
How do you know?
Um, we found an additional phone
of his.
There's some messages on there
from somebody named 'M'.
Does that ring any bells?
Well, no, but that could be anyone.
Doesn't mean he was having an affair.
Some of the messages
are sexually explicit.
You don't have to sit in the dark,
Did you know your father
was having an affair?
Jesus, what sort of question's that?
I'm not interested
in making judgments.
Might be important, that's all.
I loved him, Zoe. I still do.
If you loved him,
then why don't you cry?
I'm broken.
Just like you.
Yes, I knew.
If you can call having an affair
with my mother having an affair.
Your mother?
I mean, we all thought
that she was dead, didn't we?
On the other side of the world,
a massive breakdown,
or however that story went.
When did you find out?
That charity thing.
I wasn't gonna go
but then I changed my mind.
Finding your mother's a good thing.
Not the way that it happened.
You OK?
Uni's given me some leave, so
What are you going to do?
I'll help the police
as much as I can.
I'm wrecked.
I need to go to sleep.
I figure if I give you caffeine,
you'll tell me everything.
In many ways, we had separate lives.
He'd run his business,
I'd go to uni.
Seemed to work most of the time.
Except he had a secret life.
It seems irrelevant now,
but they never divorced.
According to Ben, he never knew where
she was. Just another bloody lie.
You know, you live with someone
for 15 years,
you'd like to think you know them.
Clearly, I didn't.
OK, we're on our way.
That was Zoe's protection cops.
She's at your house, with someone.
You can't come in.
This is my home, too, Zoe.
You're here with your mother?
She doesn't want to talk to you,
Well, in that case, tell her
she's going to have to talk to me.
I'm Jane.
Amanda. Or 'Mandy'.
Ahh, there's no ashtray.
Zoe, could you give us
some privacy, please?
Yeah, of course. Um
Thanks, babe.
Well, not the ideal way to meet.
What are you doing in my house?
Uh, we wanted to get some
of Zoe's stuff.
The guitars don't belong to Zoe.
Have you been here before?
No, no, of course not.
You're prettier than your photos.
Oh, at least in the ones,
um, that Ben sent me.
Zoe was the focus but you
were kind of background interest.
How long was Ben sending you photos?
Oh, I don't know. Um, seven years?
What, you don't believe me?
So, at last, Zoe can meet her mother.
Yeah, it hasn't been easy, with
all this mess on top of everything.
Well, Ben dying the way he did.
Do you have idea who did that?
No. Do you?
How long were you seeing Ben?
Oh, we used to hook up
whenever he was overseas.
I lived in Greece and Spain,
Just the usual fucked-up existence
of someone who can't settle.
And when did you meet Zoe?
Here, in Melbourne.
Yeah, at a charity thing.
Right. Did you intend to meet her?
No! No, no, no, I didn't
intend to meet her that way.
Like everything in my life,
it wasn't planned.
Well, it must have been difficult
when Zoe was born,
not being able to bond.
I took a lot of comfort
from you and Ben being together.
You gave her a semblance
of normality
that I could never give her.
You know it didn't have
to be like this, Mandy.
Well, don't blame me. I didn't
plan on meeting her like this.
Oh, it was Ben's idea?
He had a habit of getting his way.
Could you not smoke in my house,
Why do the police want to see me?
It's what they do.
They talk to everyone.
Why, is it a problem?
Well, I just wouldn't mind
some space.
To mourn, I mean.
I'm still in fucking denial.
The sooner they find out
who did this,
it'll be better for both of us.
I don't know how you
are dealing with this.
It's horrific for me, but phoof
But here's the thing.
Um, I'm broke.
I don't suppose you
could help me out?
Here you go.
Mila filled me in.
About Ben.
I'm sorry.
So, how's your family?
You've got two boys, haven't you?
14 and 11.
They're not here right now.
They're back in the States
with their mum.
Everything OK?
Mmm. Family reunion.
Listen, I've, um
I've backed off your protection.
Backed off or cancelled?
I don't want to add you
to the body count, Jane.
Look, you won't even see my guys,
but they'll be there.
You have a good evening.
Thanks, Tom.
Be safe.
Nothing illegal, I hope.
Shit. Absolutely not.
Then you won't mind
if I take a look.
I'm press. I'm just doing my job.
Me, too.
How is this news, hmm?
Oh, it's not. It's not gonna be seen
or published, so
So what are you after?
Something to sell to
the rock magazines.
Why were you spying on her house?
I mean, I wouldn't call it spying.
Well, the law does.
Were you there before or after
the partner was murdered?
Look, I didn't get the money shot,
if that's what you're asking.
I mean, that
would have been a scoop.
Wanna bet?
Oh, god, spare me the outrage.
Would have been
better for you if I had.
You know what would be better
for me?
If you hadn't been wasting my time.
Charge her with stalking,
and conspiracy to commit
an indictable offence. What?
Add blackmail, harassment and
hindering a police investigation.
You see, that's what
makes me feel better.
Not your usual watering hole.
I don't have a usual watering hole.
This one's for desperados,
and the unemployed.
What are you drinking?
One of those'd be fine.
Excuse me, can I get two more,
Glad you phoned me.
I need to unload,
and you're trained to listen, so
I won't ask how you're doing.
Ben was having an affair.
How do you know?
Well, cops, you see,
they find out everything.
Who was it with?
Well, that's the big surprise.
None other than his one true love -
his first wife, Zoe's mother.
I thought she disappeared.
So did I.
So did everyone.
It's magic.
Oh, Jane
I'm sorry.
Oh, don't be.
How many of these have you had?
Ahh, I cannot lie. I have no idea.
I'm barely hanging on.
I know.
Shall we go?
- If I stumble, it's these
bloody boots, alright?
Hi, Jane. I think it's great
you have somewhere to live,
but I'm not ready to do that yet.
I'll stay with Turd and use
my police goons for transport.
We've worked out a way to coexist.
And I need to spend more time
with my mother,
which is a really weird word
to write.
It's what I thought I had with you,
though I only ever called you Jane.
Lose a dad, gain a mum.
Love and kisses, Zo.
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