Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

The city awoke this morning
to the news
that the Melbourne shooter
has claimed his fourth victim.
Now that a cop's been shot,
it's been bumped into the red zone.
The police and the government
will bring this perpetrator
to justice.
Come and work with me.
Let's get this done before
any more people get killed.
The sites that he did the shootings
are unlikely to be
totally random.
Prides himself on his cleverness,
and he
likes what he's done to the city.
How do you track someone
that leaves no clues behind?
Maybe he doesn't have
the stomach to do it up close.
What's your theory on the letter?
The retribution letter.
How is this a letter from the crank?
Because it's what I had to believe.
"Hi, Jane. I need to spend
more time with my mother.
"Lose a dad, gain a mum.
Love and kisses, Zo."
Come on! Fuck!
Police have
confirmed that at 11:50 last night,
an unarmed security guard
was gunned down
in a multi-storey carpark
There is speculation
that the shooting is connected
to previous shootings
in the city.
Don't forget it was real
Jane Halifax.
Hey. I wanna show you something.
You have an uninterrupted view
of the outdoor cinema.
You could save a fortune on
tickets if you can lip-read.
Who was the victim?
Zika Latal.
He was enjoying a beer and an
outdoor movie with his mates.
He was the first victim.
First victim?
There's a second victim.
Security guard that
works in this building.
Yeah, we think he disturbed
the shooter up here, and then
when he tried to escape to that
stairwell, he was shot and killed.
His name was Rohit Sharma.
He was 26. He had a kid.
I have spoken to
the victim's supervisor.
His shift covered a dozen of
these multi-storey carparks.
He would drive between them,
walk the ramps, check everything,
move onto the next one.
Last night he did something
different, didn't he?
Yeah. Normally his route is east
to west and last night
he reversed that order.
He caught our shooter unaware.
Maybe this is our
shooter's first mistake.
No. Jane's right.
This was the victim's mistake,
not the shooter's.
Jane, I left you a note so we didn't
have to do this.
A threat was made
against me and obviously my family.
You could still be in danger.
If someone hates you that much,
don't you think that I could be
in more danger when
I'm actually with you?
Jane, if you were really worried
about me, you would have told me
about the letter.
No-one knows I'm here. Like,
I've got Turd, I've got my minders
that follow me everywhere. I'm safe.
I still want you to stay with me.
And I want to spend
more time with my mother.
Just call me if you need anything.
Now, ignoring the security guard,
which we can assume was unplanned,
we're focusing on
the original victim.
Zika Latal has no known enemies,
according to his wife.
Everyone loves a stockbroker.
His bank accounts, they check out.
Phone records
indicate nothing amiss.
Even sponsored a family
from a Third World country.
That's your cue to tell
me he's the kind of guy
that make stockbrokers look good.
I'm working my way through
the drivers of cars that
were in the carpark overnight.
No-one's reported
anything suspicious.
Forensics just came back. Security
guard was shot with a 9mm Beretta.
So he was prepared for something
like this.
Well, he might have been prepared,
but he won't like
things not going to plan.
I'm Sharon Sinclair and I'm
the author of this wonderful book,
Many Lies, One Mind, and you are
watching You're Killing Me
Now, do you wanna tell
me about Sharon Sinclair?
Sharon? I haven't thought
about Sharon in 20 years. Why?
I'm a complete
crime fiction tragic.
I thought I recognised
her name from somewhere.
That somewhere turned out to be
the front of one of your files.
Crime fiction?
She's a expert on that.
Well, she was convicted
of double homicide.
Her father and stepmother?
I was an expert witness
for the prosecution.
At the time she was pleading
dissociative identity disorder,
or multiple personalities.
She claimed that Sharon wasn't
the one who killed her parents,
it was another personality.
Um, as a result of that, I became
quite unwell, mentally ill.
Well, I think you should have
a look at this. Have a seat.
I acted out, you know,
in a really very violent way,
I admit that, and I went to
prison, which of course, well,
is the perfect place to
study the criminal mind.
Unless of course, like you're
someone like a Jane Halifax, where
you get all kinds of damaged people
delivered to your doorstep and you
can study them at your leisure.
How do I know that name?
Oh, she's a forensic psychiatrist.
She's also been in the press
because her husband got murdered.
Oh, of course.
So awful, isn't it
Her work is not based on fact,
but conjecture, so
her opinion is just that.
It's just an opinion. Who knows?
She may have produced more fiction
in her professional life than I
have, and I've produced six books!
OK, yeah.
Jane, she's violent and bears
you a grudge. We should consider
her a suspect in Ben's murder.
I'm putting her on the list.
Oh, no. Don't bother.
She's just exploiting her
connection to me to sell books.
She did bludgeon two people
to death with a fire poker.
I know her.
She's just an attention-seeker.
Don't waste your time on
people like Sharon Sinclair.
Pretty soon this city's gonna be
running out of middle-aged males.
Ben shouldn't be up here.
His murder's about me.
It's got nothing to do with this.
Well, Mila's not treating it as
separate, so until it's solved,
it remains part of the
And what does Mila have to report?
I know you've got an
active shooter, Tom,
but Ben's killer is still out there.
You OK?
Yeah, just give me a sec.
Police still haven't released
the identity of the man
who was shot dead last night in
what appears to be the latest
What the police aren't saying is
what's being done to protect
our city.
I mean, how many more lives
..spokesperson for Taskforce
would not
be drawn on whether last night's
shooting now forms part of
..until the city is
deemed safe by authorities.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, god.
I'm sorry.
Is it that time already?
Sorry for interrupting
your exercise.
Oh, it's part of my writing process.
Helps me brush out a character.
How can I help?
Oh, thank you.
This is just an informal chat.
We're speaking to a number of
people that Dr. Halifax worked with.
Oh, well, you're gonna be busy.
You're gonna talk to all the people
that Jane Halifax has assessed?
I'm surprised she
can still remember me,
although it's kind of nice to think
that I might be one of the more
memorable crazies - except, of
course, I wasn't crazy in her view.
Dr. Halifax's
partner, Ben Sailor,
was murdered on the night of July
And I am one of
the persons of interest.
Yes, I heard what happened to
her husband. It was awful, awful.
July 25, Ms. Sinclair. Do you
happen to remember where you were?
I've just been
buried in press for the book.
Um, I think July 25 I was
at a reading in Yarraville.
OK. Great.
Can I take that?
And what time did that finish up?
10:00. 10:30.
Tell me about Dr. Halifax.
Haven't seen her in 20 years, so
She gave evidence
for the prosecution
in your trial, didn't she?
Mm-hm. It was very compelling.
Erroneous, but it was compelling.
You received a major sentence.
Have you forgiven her?
You know, it's not a
question of forgiveness,
'cause I wouldn't have all this
success if I hadn't gone to prison.
I'm very grateful.
Guess which crime writer's palatial
home I've just been to?
Oh. And what'd you make
of our famous novelist?
I'm not really sure.
She was certainly working
the charisma thing big-time.
Look, she even
signed a book for me.
Yes, well,
she wants everyone to love her.
Well, she loves you.
I don't think so.
No, no, she insists that she
has you to thank for her career.
Oh, maybe I should ask to share
in the profits, then.
No, I've already got it.
You should have a read, though.
It's all about reversals of truth.
Reversals of truth?
Oh, she's an expert in those.
Always interesting to
see yourself blown up.
If you know what I mean.
Sorry, can we
Yeah, of course.
Hey, thanks for being here.
Doesn't mean I'm moving back.
I know.
Does it does it
help you to think like a sniper?
To look at the world
through a viewfinder?
Oh. Um I've never
actually thought about it.
I don't know, it's
just I don't know what I'm saying.
No, no, no, it's a really
interesting observation.
What's an interesting thought?
I saw the invitation on Zoe's bed.
I wasn't snooping.
Wow. I didn't realise
you were an artist, too.
Maybe you could show me
through your exhibition.
Oh, ah, I think that's probably
best if you do that without me.
Zoe, you show me?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
Oh, god, I'm so glad I came.
I hope you don't mind.
I just thought it was probably
the only way I was gonna get to
see you, and I wanted to apologise.
I've behaved badly, and I'm sorry.
Grief is a
unpredictable beast.
It is.
This is gonna really help me.
Make up some time that we've missed
out on.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea that she'd just
turn up like that.
Well, it was a way to kill a party.
She did apologise.
Not for everything.
What Dad did was stupid.
Zo, I know you want a relationship
with her, and I'm not -
I'm not trying to shrink you.
I'd I'm just looking
out for you, that's all.
I think she's broke.
Did she ask you for money?
Just be careful.
I will.
Is there any wine left?
I have a feeling I drank it all.
And yet you're
so completely articulate.
Yeah, well that's years
of training.
I'm gonna head off.
Night. Thanks for coming.
Dr. Halifax.
Sharon. What are you doing here?
Went to the theatre.
It's been a while.
20 years.
You look just the same.
You look very well.
Success suits you.
We're on the bestseller list.
It's extraordinary, isn't it,
given all those undeserved years
I spent in prison.
You and I both know a
jury found otherwise.
I wasn't well when you knew me.
I wasn't in my right mind.
Well, I think we have to
agree to disagree on that one.
Did you ever think, just for
one moment over all those years,
that you might have been wrong?
No, 'cause Dr. Jane
Halifax is never wrong.
She always knows the answer.
For four days, the city has been
under siege, with authorities
..introduce new legislation
which will give police
The government is simply
being reactive.
more powers to reckon down
suburbs and tighter search powers.
Civil rights lobbies have said
the move is in contravention
to the freedom of movement
amongst the general public.
Can we get a photo, please?
Can we please get a photo?
You right, mate?
Oh! Oh, my god!
I think he's been shot.
He's been shot!
Can we get some help?
Come on, let's go!
Shots fired rooftop,
central west.
Got visual. He's gone through,
gone through.
The suspect has been spotted
on the roof.
Up there!
Drop the weapon!
Come and get it.
I said, drop the weapon!
It's right here.
Put the gun down and we can talk.
No more talking.
You're not getting out of here!
What are you waiting for?
I've got the gunman!
No! No! Get off me!
Take him down now! Put your hands
behind your back!
Put your hands behind your back!
No! No!
Don't move!
I said, don't move! Stay down!
Yes, Tom?
We've got him.
Thanks, guys.
Howard Vail.
Can you tell me
what happened to him?
I shot him.
OK. And what'd you shoot him with?
The one we found you with?
Didn't like the way he looked.
That's a bit of an extreme
reaction, don't you think?
Well, I'm an extremist.
What does that mean? You get
instructions from someone? A group?
We're searching your house right
now. We'll be taking laptops,
hard drives, phones, the lot.
Talk to us about it now.
If the information proves
useful, it could help you.
I'm not helping you with shit.
Perhaps I could persuade you
to change your mind.
Joseph Bristo.
George Azzopardi.
Zika Latal.
Rohit Sharma.
Is that helping you at all?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Like I said I'm an extremist.
Counterterrorism are sending someone
and the Premier's been calling.
Yeah, I bet the politicians
are wetting themselves.
There's nothing like catching
a terrorist to boost the polls.
The terrorism angle's
bullshit, but I am quite happy
to go in there
and take apart a lone wolf.
Yeah. Aren't you?
No. It doesn't suit me.
I hate this shit.
I would rather that the shooter was
an evil genius rather than have
all these innocent people fucking
murdered by a pathetic moron.
Is it him?
Yep. Just waiting for the official
word from forensics, then we can
lock him up and throw away the key.
We might need a trial first.
You're not gonna get this one off.
Do you think it's him?
He admitted to everything
so easily, I'm
Do you want me to talk to him?
No, well, you can't, 'cause it's
a conflict of interest. She can't
This has got nothing
to do with Ben.
I don't think it
would hurt if you went in there
and rattled his cage a bit.
Why don't you have a go?
Can you get a shot of that?
Thank you, officer.
Hello, Duncan.
Who are you?
I'm Dr. Jane Halifax.
I'm a forensic psychiatrist.
I'm called on by the police
and the courts to evaluate
competency to stand trial,
and I'm also often called on
to evaluate a person's mental
state at the time of the offence.
I knew what I was doing,
I wanted to do it,
so you can just call your mates
back in.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Do you need to get home?
Why don't you tell me a little
bit about yourself?
About your home.
What's that got to
do with anything?
Well, I'm just curious.
We're in no rush.
It's a house.
It's a normal house.
Yes, and what else?
I don't know. A garage. Mailbox.
Always full of junk.
I don't know. Colour of the walls?
They're yellow.
Carpets are blue and
What else? What about your family?
Oh, fuck off.
Oh. What's happening at home
Listen. Listen.
Something's not right, is it?
Yeah, something's not right.
I shot five people.
Five, six.
You lose count.
No, you don't.
What happened at home, Duncan?
There is no fuckin' home.
They leave last night
or this morning?
Maybe we just talk about
the people that I killed.
Was it your wife?
Did she take the kids?
They're not coming back, are they?
I don't have a family
anymore, either.
You feel like you've got
nothing left to live for.
And it's OK to feel that way,
but it is not OK to provoke
someone into ending things for you.
'Cause then
they'd have to live with that.
A bloody copycat.
This guy isn't our sniper.
The the man that I shot.
Is he gonna be alright?
You're the only person I know
that would be up this late.
Come in. Is that for me?
I took a punt.
The Premier just gave me an earful.
They're talking about shutting
down all the schools.
Well, people are
frightened for their families.
I never thought I'd say this,
but I'm glad my family's
in the United States.
Oh, Jesus, Jane. I'm sorry,
that was very insensitive.
No, it's fine.
You must miss them.
Yeah, well
Are you good cop or bad cop?
Good cop.
Easy to be the good cop
when you hardly ever see 'em.
You know, they shoot me a
text every now and then,
but I have a feeling I miss them
more than they miss me.
Well, they're boys. Probably
just don't know how to tell you.
I I came here
to see how you were.
I'm OK.
Now, Jane, listen to me.
We're in a cone.
Whatever happens in this apartment
stays in this apartment.
I am OK.
What about you?
What about me?
You seem to be self-medicating.
The wine?
I do believe it's in
one of the food groups.
I'm just I'm just
dulling the senses.
For two weeks now, the city has been
under siege
Yesterday, police arrested a
lone gunman, believed to be
a copycat offender.
Police are no closer to discovering
the identity of the mystery shooter.
I looked into Sharon
Sinclair's alibi.
She was at a book reading
that night, but it finished
at 8:00, not 10:30.
So she would have had time to get
across town, then. Yeah.
What's going on, Bronski?
The - the Sinclair
alibi doesn't check out.
In what world do we share
information with the widow
of a victim?
This is police business.
We'll take care of Sinclair.
My office.
Are you - are you gonna tape me?
Yeah, if you don't mind.
It was Joey.
He's he's a naughty boy
but he means well.
I'd like to know all about him.
Mrs She's such an optimist.
Nothing gets her down, nothing.
What about other incidences
where you lost blocks of time?
Oh Um, well
everyone's read about them.
The trouble is, I can't remember
half the crazy things
I'm supposed to have done.
I'd had a really busy day
and I was very tired
and I I took my make-up off,
um, and I lazed in the bath for
a long time, and I went to bed
This is my life!
My life! Good, good, because I'm
not gonna stand here any longer
and listen to you call my life a
total reversal of the truth,
because that's what you said,
isn't it?
Good, good, because I'm not gonna
stand here any longer and listen to
you call my life a total reversal
of the truth, because that's
what you said, isn't it?
Because I remember, me,
Sharon Sinclair, I remember.
My father was bad and he deserved to
Now, you can call it NPD,
you can call it what you like.
But I call it retribution!
Now, you call it NPD,
call it what you like.
But I call it retribution!
He deserved to die.
Now, you can call it NPD,
you can call it what you like.
But I call it retribution!
Jane, can you can
you call me back?
I'm looking for Sharon's file and I
can't seem to put my hands on it.
You don't have it, do you?
Anyway, give me a buzz back.
What's going on
with Sharon Sinclair?
I think Jane's taken her file.
She's not answering her phone.
I'm worried she's gone
out there.
You're driving.
Dr. Jane Halifax.
See, I knew you'd come eventually.
Why's that?
'Cause you wanna apologise.
You know, for what you did to us.
I never did anything
to you, Sharon.
Well, let's just agree to
disagree, shall we? Come on in.
Would you like a cup of tea or
water? Wine?
I'm just finishing up.
There's even some cheese there.
You like my paintings?
I thought you were more
into writing these days.
I am, but painting's still
my passion. They're all mine,
except that one.
What are
you doing with that?
I liked it.
You know Ben was murdered.
Why have you got that up there?
Because it really spoke to me.
I think you're very talented.
Grief can feel endless, can't it?
One minute you make friends with it,
and then the next
it can eat you alive.
Your face is so full of pain.
Beware, lovely Jane
..for a terrible
retribution is at hand.
You fucking killed him!
No, don't!
Put it down!
Who're you calling?
You put it down! What are you doing?
What do you
Why did you come?
Sharon doesn't wanna hurt you.
You killed Ben.
You killed Ben.
Ben didn't do anything wrong.
We didn't kill Ben.
You're lying. We didn't kill Ben!
You're lying! No, we didn't kill
Ben! Why would we kill him?
He didn't hurt us!
We wrote the note, but we
didn't kill Ben. We didn't.
Please don't hurt me.
We only wanted to stay here!
I don't wanna go away!
Please don't send me away!
I didn't hurt anybody.
I didn't hurt anybody!
Oh, no Don't send us away!
Please don't send us away!
You alright?
I'll call the CAT team.
Sharon Sinclair has
a watertight alibi.
She went to dinner with her
publisher after the book reading.
She just wanted my attention.
She assaulted you and wrote
you a threatening letter.
I'm responsible for Sharon
going to prison for 20 years,
Tom, when she needed my help.
Can we just let her be?
You know that's not how it works.
Well, I can't do this anymore.
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