Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

This is not your ordinary
weekend shooter. I mean,
how do you track someone
that leaves no clues behind?
He caught our shooter unaware.
Maybe this is
our shooter's first mistake.
Pretty soon, the city's gonna be
running out of middle-aged males.
Ben shouldn't be up here.
His murder's about me.
It's got nothing to do with this.
Ben was having an affair.
Who was it with?
His first wife, Zoe's mother.
We used to hook up
whenever he was overseas.
I'm broken, just like you.
Don't you think I'm going
to be in more danger
when I'm actually with you?
I still want you to stay with me.
And I want to spend
more time with my mother.
I can't do this anymore.
..ordinary Australians. You can't
even go out into our beautiful city
without being shot at,
being killed.
They wanna take our country away,
they wanna take our cities away.
Well, we've had enough!
- Self-proclaimed leader of
the Brotherhood Movement,
Jack McCarthy, is preparing for
a Take Back Our City rally
within the coming weeks.
We are here. Say no more.
We're gonna take our city back.
We're gonna take
our country back.
Last time the right-wing group
staged a rally
Hurry up, everyone.
We'll be late.
Ladies and gentlemen
Amy has turned 21.
You have been through so much, my
darling, and you have faced it all.
We don't get these moments
too often in life, but when we do,
we can take a step back and
This is one of those moments.
We love you, Amy
Everybody, get down!
Our shooter?
I would say so.
Multiple casualties.
Two fatalities so far.
Ah, Jesus.
You OK?
Oh, I'm fine. Haven't slept in days.
Probably having a breakdown.
So you're
good to come back then?
Melbourne is again facing
an enforceable lockdown
We have three fatalities,
two male, one female,
and three critically injured,
including the girl whose
birthday they were celebrating.
Same calibre. Same weapon
as the previous shootings.
And still no statement.
Well, this is his statement, OK?
He wants us to know how powerful
he is. There is every possibility
that this was an escalation
and that the next shooting is gonna
even more casualties.
Ah, I don't think so.
You don't?
No, I don't.
Look, I might have been wrong
about a lot of things lately,
but I don't think you're right.
We're talking six victims,
when there's only ever been one.
Who was shot first?
The daughter.
And the father?
Last. Forensics believe
that some of the rounds
wounded multiple people.
OK. So, we've got a crowded
party boat, multiple people shot
and the last victim, a middle-aged
white male, the usual target.
I think these others
were collateral damage.
Is the profile changing? I mean,
what are we looking at here?
Well, I think we can
discount terrorism.
Terrorism is about the narrative.
This person isn't bothering
to tell us.
He's relying on us to work it out.
Oh, well, go out on a limb
and tell us about the narrative.
Is he an eco-warrior,
taking revenge for a dying planet?
An abused woman fighting back
after a lifetime of violence?
I don't know, a neo-Fascist,
inciting fear and hatred?
Sorry, a neo-Fascist?
How does that work?
"The world's a dangerous place.
You need me to protect you."
It's the lie every would-be
dictator tells his people.
Is that ringing a bell,
Senior Detective?
Wake up, Australia.
We're under attack.
It's a battle for our culture.
And who is our new Fuehrer?
Not nearly as charismatic.
That is Jack McCarthy,
the self-appointed leader
of the Brotherhood.
This picked up a lot of attention
in the press lately.
We've had our eye
on him for a while.
Recent chatter is he's assembling
a cache of weapons.
Your brothers! Your husbands!
To what purpose?
We don't know yet.
..the media lied to you!
The elite, the 1%, they're too
politically correct to do shit, and
the politicians are too scared
Ah, this, it's hard to reconcile.
This guy works inside a group.
Our shooter's a loner.
How do you know that?
Educated guess.
So rise with us,
and let's take back our city!
Take back our city!
Who's the woman in red?
Ah, it's his girlfriend.
I wanna talk to him.
Oh, there's a high-level flag
on him, boss. I'd be careful.
What does that mean?
It means we'd have
to run anything upstairs.
You said he was building
an arsenal. We don't have
the evidence for it yet.
If there's a chance he's involved,
and given what we already know
Run it upstairs, OK?
They'll tell you the same thing.
You know what?
I will.
Nazis with friends in high places.
Wouldn't be the first.
Oh, Jane. We've been speaking
to some of Ben's suppliers.
If there was a business deal that's
gone bad, it's not on the books.
You will keep me posted.
Yeah. Despite what Tom said.
I said I would.
This is a fucking clown show.
I've got a tentative
connection between
McCarthy and the Brotherhood,
but the dickheads upstairs
Tom! These dickheads up
top are blocking me
at every single move.
Now you brought me in.
You told me I'd have a clear run.
What the fuck?
Right now I reckon
I made a bloody big mistake!
Watch your tone, will you?
Look, those dickheads know
you've been tapped for when I go.
They also know you're a bloody
big hero back there in the States.
Do you think that's gonna,
you know, make you their mate?
After all that, hmm?
Don't be so naive.
Do you think I should watch my back?
Well, I reckon you always
gotta watch your back.
You drinking again?
Oh, Christ, Frank!
People are asking.
I just need to know.
I'm not drinking.
Right. Good.
You think this neo-Nazi
is worth pursuing,
I'll make it happen.
You just watch your back.
I will.
And thank you.
Oh, fuck.
Push, push, push, push, push!
Police! Police! Police!
Police! Don't move!
Show me your hands!
Get on the ground, smartarse!
Get over there.
Cover him!
Get on the ground!
Cover him!
Settle down!
Settle down!
A night of celebration
has turned to tragedy
with the latest shooting victims
now taking the rising
death toll to nine.
And a young woman continues to fight
for her life from the attack.
New details surrounding
the event reveal friends
and family of young Amy Keller were
celebrating her 21st birthday
Hey, you've called Zoe. Leave
a message, or don't, or whatever.
..party boat. The gunfire
instantly claimed
the lives of Amy's father
Hi. Oh, you look terrible.
You didn't have to come over, Mandy.
Yes, I did.
Wow. It's a lovely place.
Belongs to friends.
Ah, lucky you.
And how are you?
I'm fine. How's Zoe?
Has she called you?
No, she hasn't.
And the police tell me they've
called off her protection detail.
Yeah, well that's between
Zoe and the police No, she needs
their protection, Mandy.
You're talking to the wrong person.
Look, I just wanna
make sure she's OK.
Yeah, I know. Of course you do.
Do you mind if I vape?
It's fine.
Zoe has anxiety.
And given what's happened over
the last couple of weeks,
I think we just need to be
really careful with her.
She's not a little girl
anymore, Jane.
You might have forgotten that.
Do you think
you should see someone?
I just wanna make sure
she's alright.
Honestly, Jane, I'd love to help.
Then help.
Thanks, mate.
OK. Thanks.
Mr. McCarthy
You know why you're here.
No, I don't know.
Did you find anything?
Why am I here?
Well, we'd like to know,
and we wanna talk about
your movements two nights ago.
I'm not obliged
to tell you anything.
So save your breath, princess
..unless you wanna talk about
Jane, come with me.
..of white people that
you idiots continue to ignore.
Senior Detective Jessica Mulligan.
This is Jane Halifax,
a consulting forensic psychiatrist.
Hi, Jessica.
Don't call me that. It's Smithy.
Tell Jane what you told me.
Ah, something's going on.
The rally Jack's holding, Take Back
Our City? It's well, he's saying
it's just a front for us.
A front for what, exactly?
I was trying to find out,
along with the locations of the guns
he's been buying, when your lot
bashed in the fuckin' door.
What can you tell us?
Things are escalating.
He's been getting paranoid.
More violent.
Well, he put one of the fellow
Brotherhood members in hospital
last week, but we can't get
that guy to cooperate with us.
I was there.
It was bad.
One of the brothers thinks
he's hired a storage unit.
Don't know where.
I'm trying to find it.
The guns are probably there.
Is there any way you can find out?
So, what do you think
I've been trying to do?
Did Jack McCarthy say anything at
all about the shootings? Anything?
Oh, yeah.
He says it's the best thing that's
happened to white power in ages.
Has something
happened to you, Smithy?
I was going through
his things and he found me.
And what'd you do?
What I had to.
Thanks for your time.
We'll be back.
Thank you.
Well, how long has
she been undercover?
This time,
a year and a half.
Well, she's in trauma.
Hyper-vigilance, impulsivity.
On previous assignments,
were there any red flags?
Like what?
Instability, drug use.
No, nothing out of the ordinary.
But there have been problems?
Well, yeah,
it's called being undercover.
Yes, I get that, Nick. But
she referred to the group as 'us'.
Right. Now, you said that you think
the shooter might be a woman.
You think she might be police
I'm not saying it's her.
Jesus, Jane, she's
And when were you gonna tell me?
Well, the block of information
has been for her protection.
So you knew.
Yeah, and I was following protocol.
Intelligence tells us that
he's building an arsenal.
We have a shooter ready to shut down
the city. We have an operative
that's telling us that McCarthy
is involved, and you're standing
there telling me about protocol?
Well, you could take it upstairs
if you want, boss.
I will. Get out.
Yeah, great.
Do you think she can hold it
together? No.
Yes, I fuckin' can.
Well, I need to ask you
some questions first.
I am this close to finding out
where he's storing his guns,
and you wanna go all
health and safety on me.
How you been sleeping? Shithouse!
Have you experienced any of
the following - racing heartrate,
disordered thinking
..visual disturbances
This is why I hate shrinks!
..suicidal thoughts?
I'm not telling you.
Smithy, we need to know that
you won't put yourself in danger.
I'm already in danger, you moll.
Of course I'm stressed.
Look at what I've been doing.
If I don't get to finish this,
then a year and a half of living
with that man
will be for nothing.
Are you gonna do that to me?
Fuck you all!
Thanks for coming.
Oh, sorry I've missed
all your calls.
I've just just been yeah.
How are you?
I'm a mess, actually.
But I'm really glad
that you saw Mandy.
Meant a lot to me, so.
Listen, Zoe,
the police still don't have many
leads on who who killed your dad.
But I wanted you to know it had
nothing to do with the letter.
A former patient of mine wrote it,
but she was just she was trying
to mess with me, and it worked.
So she killed Dad?
No. No.
Well, how do you know?
Because she has an alibi.
Fucking hell!
I mean, how long is it
gonna take them to find them?
I just don't understand.
Like, this is their one job.
Calm down.
I don't understand!
Zoe, calm down, please.
You OK?
I just miss him.
I know you do.
I'm really worried about you.
Please just come back
and stay with me.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
I just I'm just tired.
I have to see Mandy.
I have to go. Sorry.
Just keep in touch.
Someone's dogging us.
You know anything?
Course not.
Of course not.
You sure?
Honestly, Jack.
I I don't know I don't know
Mate, I don't know
Don't, mate -
I'm sick of it.
I'd never do that.
You know I'm gonna
find out who it is.
You know I will.
You know, I wanna clarify I'm
I'm upset, you know.
I'm a little disappointed.
I want soldiers.
I'm loyal to you.
I'm taking the heat for you.
How can we be expected to fight
the great white replacement
when we can't even
fuckin' back each other up!
Would you grab me my smokes?
Get outta here! Oi!
Get down on the floor!
Get off me! Get off me!
Get the helmet off!
What's your name?
What's your name?
Not gonna tell me your name?
Don't look at that.
Look at me. What's your name?
And you've hurt a couple of
my officers. What was that about?
Hey! I'm talking to you.
What's going on? What was that about?
He tried to force his way in.
Wouldn't take off his helmet.
Come on! They thought he was
carrying a weapon. And was he?
Well, you're gonna talk.
No. Cameras and tripods.
So they assaulted him?
Why wouldn't you take the helmet
off? Well, he wouldn't comply.
They got violent.
Didn't want us to see your face,
is that why?
Because listen, you can sit here
and you can act like you're dumb,
you can act like you're not gonna
say anything, but I guarantee
by the end of the day,
you're gonna tell us your name,
so you might as well say it now.
Can you give us
a minute please, Nick?
Ah, could you also uncuff him?
Thank you.
You too. Thanks.
Want a coffee?
You know, they shouldn't
have done that.
That that is not right.
No, they shouldn't.
Damn it. $161.
Sorry, what's that?
Ah, that - that -
that's the fine for my bike.
I didn't think I'd be this long.
It's alright, we'll take care of it.
I'm Jane. What's your name?
Nice to meet you, Neil.
Oh, I brought your camera back.
It's a good one.
Thank you.
So, Neil, can you tell me why you
came to see us today? Aha.
I took a photo. Oh. I take
pictures of birds in the city.
Can I see it?
Yeah. There.
Oh, no, sorry, that - that -
that's a bird.
Is that the man that's
been shooting the people?
What'd he just say?
It might be. Oh, I knew it,
I knew it, I knew it.
Come on.
Thank you.
I want access to all the cameras.
Let's start with the building
where the attacks took place.
You say it like it's easy.
Well, if it was, I'd be doing it.
What's that?
Interference of some kind.
A gap in the footage. Well,
let's go to the street camera.
Fast-forward, will you?
This camera too.
I've never seen this before.
What's the timecode
on the interference?
4:29 p.m. yesterday.
OK, and what about the foyer camera?
4:45. It's in the sequence.
He's hacking the cameras. He's
turning them on and off at will.
Oh, this is fuckin' great.
We've got a casing.
He's starting to panic.
Come on, mate
What the fuck's Jack's problem?
Hurry up
Just hurry up.
You're making him angry. I said
Oh, look, someone's gotta
go to the pub
You're both fuckin' mental.
Come on
..why's it always me?
Fucking wanker
Fuck you
Get settled down, alright?
Five We're only
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look
Oh, I don't know why I have to be
saddled with such bloody idiots.
Pond life like you,
when there's a genocide
to stop, a war to fight.
A war to win.
You feel me, right? I've seen more
spine at the bloody Mardi Gras.
Why do I have to do everything
around here, ya bunch of numb nuts?
If it wasn't you guys who dogged me,
then who the hell was it?
And why aren't you out there
finding out who did it?
Answer me that.
Ya bunch of numb nuts.
We can't be quiet on this.
We gotta be one. That's why
I'm hitting it in the bar.
Loose lips sink ships.
Together we're stronger.
They wanna separate us
Don't worry, Jack.
We'll fuckin' do it.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
Not you!
How could you do this to me, huh?
Baby, no. No, no, no.
No, please, please, please!
No shh, shh.
Not you, hey? Hey?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Look what you're making me do!
I didn't wanna do this!
You lied to me. You dog.
I don't wanna do this
but you're not giving me a choice.
I trusted you.
I'm gonna have to put you to
sleep like the dog you are!
What are you
Go on!
You're dead! You'll never see
the light of day, asshole.
You dogs! Dogs!
Are you alright?
You're gonna have to go through
a full debriefing.
With that shrink again?
No way.
We have a car waiting for you.
Great work.
Hey, Jane! Hey.
Hey. Come in.
Just thought I'd drop round
and see how you were doing.
Right. Did you want a drink?
No, thanks.
So, I'm guessing Turd
told you that he's going on tour?
Yes, he did. Zoe, I just don't think
you should be here by yourself.
I'm fine.
No, you're not.
You looked exhausted.
Probably not eating properly.
You know what happens
when you get run-down.
Jane! Oh, what a surprise.
Oh, I think
that's mine. I'll just
Yeah, on the table,
that's fine.
I'll just grab it.
Yeah, of course.
Listen, I know you think
you're the cool mum taking her out
partying every night.
As if you don't drink half
your bodyweight in chardonnay.
She just lost her father.
If you do anything to hurt her,
you'll have me to deal with.
You should have seen this place.
It was like a like a bloody arsenal.
Dozens of assault weapons, multiple
handguns, even a couple of RPGs.
And how's Smithy?
Under the circumstances, she's OK.
Anything to link McCarthy
with the shooter? No, nothing.
It's the far right, Tom.
They've got a victim mentality.
They look for other people
who think they're victims as well.
He's not our shooter, is he?
I don't think so.
Our shooter doesn't think like that.
He thinks he's smarter
than everyone else.
He hasn't released any
kind of statement. I mean,
there's no manifesto, there's
no telephone calls, nothing online.
He's not gonna engage with you until
you prove you're as smart as he is.
So we've just got to sit here
and wait for another shooting
to happen? We have to find
a way to engage him sooner.
Well, maybe I could
start the conversation.
Hi. Jane. Have a seat.
Thank you. I'm Lisa.
Let's go.
Thanks for having me.
Oh, it's a pleasure.
It's lovely to meet you. You too.
I'm sorry,
I don't agree with you at all.
The police are obviously
at a total loss. They have
no leads, they have no ideas
Why would you say that, Lisa?
Because their public statements
show that they have
nothing tangible. Come on.
Do you really think
the police would jeopardise
a critical investigation by
releasing sensitive information?
I would expect that, at the very
least, they keep the public
reasonably informed. Not at
the expense of the investigation.
What investigation? What can
the police actually tell us?
That it's ongoing. That they are
following a number of leads,
and the situation
is not as it seems.
So, what is the situation,
in your professional opinion?
I believe these are
not random attacks.
This person acts with precision,
with meticulous attention to detail.
And what about the party boat
murders? Three people are dead.
Well, I think that was a mistake.
I don't think
he meant to kill that many people.
This person has a very specific
reason for what they are doing,
and I'm listening. I want to
understand what that reason is.
And I'm sure you're not
alone in that.
That's as much as
I'm prepared to say, Lisa.
That's good. You right with that?
Thank you.
Do you really think
the police would jeopardise
a critical investigation by
releasing sensitive information?
I would expect that, at the very
least, they keep the public
You guys, just grab
those cables over there
reasonably informed
Thanks for having me, Lisa.
Thank you, Dr. Halifax.
It'd be nice to speak, any new
Hello, Jane.
I thought no-one was listening.
I thought no-one understood.
I'm glad I was wrong.
I feel less lonely now.
We'll talk soon.
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