Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I want to spend more time with
my mother. I think she's broke.
If you do anything to hurt her,
you'll have me to deal with.
We have three fatalities
and three critically injured.
Who was shot first?
The daughter.
We love you, Amy.
And now she's in intensive care.
Take back our city!
Jack McCarthy, the self-appointed
leader of The Brotherhood.
He's hired a storage unit.
The guns are probably there.
You'll never see the light of day,
asshole. You're dead.
We have to find a way
to engage him sooner.
Well, maybe I could start
the conversation.
This person has a very specific
reason for what they are doing,
and I'm listening.
Hello, Jane. We'll talk soon.
21-year-old Amy Kelleher,
the latest shooting victim,
clings to life in a critical
at Melbourne's Mercy Hospital.
Floral tributes continue to grow
across the city for the young lives
caught in the attack.
There you go.
Police today issued
warnings against the
you can't lose by
Gun! It's the shooter!
Move! Move!
It's the shooter!
Quick! Quick, run! Down!
Ava, where are you?
Mummy, Mummy!
..advisory 1-7.
How do you read? Over.
Hi, Jason. I just need to get
the records
We'd like to book you in for a CT
Hi, can we please get a doctor to
Room 7?
I heard that the
The patient has been prepped
and she's ready to go.
Great. Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, Mrs. Kelleher.
Any change?
No. Amy's strong.
She'll come through.
Well, she's got
the entire city on her side.
Look, I know it's only been a couple
of days, but is there anything else
you remember from that night?
Anything at all? Nothing.
It's OK.
I'll be back in a sec. Yep.
Yes, that's good.
Our visiting hours are
Excuse me? Excuse me, sir?
He covered his tracks the whole way
through the hospital
with the fritzing device,
just like he's done before.
No-one was watching the monitors?
Well, hospitals have limited
funding when it comes to security.
Erin, what about
the cops on the floor?
No, we shut the whole place down.
We searched floor by floor.
Not a trace.
Yeah, we reviewed the CCTV
of the carpark. Nothing there.
The flowers,
they look like a servo job to me.
Occam's razor.
Simplest explanation.
Flowers say "I'm sorry."
Why take a risk like
that just to apologise?
Or maybe he went there to finish
her off, then left when he saw
the guard at her door?
No, he's meticulous.
He would know she was guarded.
I think it was vital to him that he
It's straightforward, sincere.
Or he's just flipping us the bird,
letting us know he can get close
to whoever he wants
without being detected.
No, I'll put money on an apology.
It shows things are
getting out of hand.
He's rattled.
Sniper uses a Barrett model
98B rifle. You sell it to him?
Behh! No.
Oh, OK then.
Why would we believe you?
I don't deal weapons,
I acquire them. I don't sell them.
It'd be worth a lot of cash,
your collection.
No shit, Sherlock.
I'm careful with my money.
Where do you get your money from
if it's not selling guns?
You sold the sniper his weapon.
Yeah, that's what I reckon.
Show me the fuckin' receipt.
Show me a shred of evidence.
You got nothin', ya muppets.
your hacked phone was infected
with malware when you opened
the audio file the shooter sent.
He had access to your photos, mail,
I've disabled location services.
Means the shooter won't be able to
track you. Was he doing that?
It's possible. But I've added
my own little bit of magic.
We'll be able to listen
in on calls. Trace them.
your very own burner phone.
Totally untraceable and no-one gets
to eavesdrop.
Thanks, Kip.
The hacked phone stays here.
The shooter may not just
call during office hours, Tom.
Yeah, but I don't need
you out there being bait.
Well, it got us a bite.
It could be some kook, some nutjob.
Somebody who's just trying to freak
you out.
Or it could be the shooter,
and we have to proceed on that basis,
don't we?
Either way, it still
places you in danger.
I'm not his target.
You weren't.
Now, I would feel better
if the phone was here.
He is not gonna talk if
someone else answers the phone.
Look, I appreciate you trying
to protect me, Tom,
but I don't need babysitting.
I have to make
myself fully available.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're all here because
our gorgeous Amy has turned 21.
Far out!
Sorry, sorry. I'm so sorry.
I didn't - I didn't know
that you were gonna be here, and
No, it's so great to see you.
Do you want a drink?
Ah, no, I can't stay long.
Ah, so, OK.
Well, have a seat.
How are you?
How's non-uni life treating you?
Bit weird.
Yeah. Not having any routine
or structure. Right.
Well, you could always
take a couple of classes.
Or or not.
Or take a gap year.
You could focus on your music,
or even travel.
I could loan you money.
I do a good interest rate for family.
Haha. Yeah.
You alright? You look tired.
I'm OK.
Must be pretty lonely
at Turd's by yourself.
I mean, you're more than welcome
here, Zoe. There's plenty of room.
No pressure, just
I miss you, that's Or we could
think about moving home.
When the time's right.
Um, I'm actually going
to move in with Mum.
You're what?
We're gonna take over
the lease at Turd's,
set the place up as our own.
Well, isn't that a bit soon?
I mean, you've only just reconnected.
Well, it seems like
a good opportunity.
Is Mandy even gonna stick around?
She's trying to make up
for lost time, Jane.
Oh. Yeah, right.
I wanna do this,
so I'm going to do this.
Yes, I'm sure you do and I don't
wanna try and talk you out of it
Good! I just - I don't think it's
a good idea, Zoe. Not right now.
I mean, you're grieving.
Mandy's grieving.
Yeah. We're both grieving, Jane,
so isn't this a good thing that
we can be there for each other?
Look, I
You just you hate the fact
that she's here.
No, I don't hate that she's here
Yes, you do!
I'm just -
I'm trying to look after
I'm trying
to look out for you, that's all.
God. I'm not a kid.
No you're not, you're an adult.
You can do whatever you like.
I'm just surprised, that's all.
I didn't come here to get
your permission or your approval,
I actually just left
my house keys here.
I'm gonna be there tomorrow,
getting my stuff.
all we do is hide away
all we do is chase the day
the right way round
the right way round
It's Mandy, but you know that,
you called me,
and you know what to do next.
Mandy, it's Jane.
Look, I know you probably
don't wanna talk to me
after our last conversation,
but Zoe's told me the news and I'd
really like to discuss it with you,
so could you call me back, please?
On this new number, not the old one.
Of course you're going
to ignore the new number.
I asked you not to call this number.
Well, then you'll need
to give me your new one.
I was hoping you'd call.
Hello, Jane. And hello, taskforce.
Well, you obviously know my name.
I'd like to know yours.
You can call me Daniel.
You took a big risk
going to the hospital today, Daniel.
The taskforce think
you did it just to taunt them.
Well, what do you think?
Did you achieve what you wanted?
I'm not a monster.
Is that what you're
trying to show us?
Did Amy get the flowers?
Do you feel bad
about what happened to Amy?
She was a mistake.
And why's that?
Because she's young and female?
Peop People don't
seem to understand.
Nobody understands.
I am going to save everyone.
I want people to take notice.
Take notice of what, Daniel?
You can see the pattern, can't you?
Yes, I can see a pattern, but I
don't know what it means, so
Think about your boyfriend.
What about Ben?
I didn't kill him.
And why should I believe you?
Time's up.
What about Ben?
I didn't kill him.
The call was routed and then
rerouted through a number of mirrors
in Chile. He's good, very good.
But after we worked our way through
that, we came to a local ISP.
Date of birth April 1 and the name
Mr. Catch Me If You Can.
Great. Doubles as a stand-up
as well.
It could be that he's just messing
with you about Ben,
just to cover his tracks.
He's happy to claim
the other murders.
He didn't kill him.
I can't right now.
We're in the middle of
Yep. Yep. Got it.
That was the Police Minister.
She wants a debriefing.
Good luck.
She's requested your presence.
Now, let's not mention
to the minister
that we're in contact
with the shooter.
If she's looking to get
on the 6:00 news,
she would drop that gem in
a heartbeat.
I don't understand the delay.
McCarthy will be charged,
but it's going to take time to
sift through everything, OK?
We don't wanna get thrown out
of court because there's going to be
a problem with the evidence.
What more do you need?
The guy's a terrorist.
Yes, but he's not our shooter.
Can you conclusively rule him out?
Yes. Yes, we can.
What aren't you telling me?
Professor Halifax,
maybe you can enlighten me.
The shooter is a lone wolf.
McCarthy's the opposite.
He's trying to raise an army.
He's an opportunist but frankly
not smart enough to be the shooter.
I believe the shooter
is trying to send a message.
No-one is safe in
this city anymore.
That message is coming through
loud and clear.
Well, fear is part of the equation,
but there is something else going on.
Like what?
The victims fit a pattern.
It's a clear indication of a message.
It's not just random terror.
And the party boat victims?
A mistake.
Which, if it happened once,
could happen again.
So no-one in fact is safe.
You lot are no closer to finding him
than you were
after the first shooting.
With all due respect,
that is not true.
Then give me something!
I'm being grilled on
"A Current Affair tonight".
We have facial recognition
which should have been in place six
months ago
if the opposition hadn't
shot it down in the Upper House.
We look like a bunch of idiots
who can't keep the city safe.
I want the shooter's head on
a platter tomorrow, if not sooner.
I'm not avoiding anything.
Susie, for Christ's sake,
they're my boys, too.
No, listen
Not now.
You have to see this.
Not now.
This is the magnified image
of the bullet
from the weapon that killed
Ben Sailor.
Then this.
They're as close to
identical as you can get.
The second bullet is from
one of the Brotherhood guns.
Ballistics are certain it's the same
gun that killed Ben Sailor.
Kill for a coffee.
You lying sack of shit.
You murdered Ben Sailor
right in his own driveway.
Yeah, four sugar
and some milk'd be good -
Hey, get off me!
He was murdered with
one of your weapons.
I've never shot anyone!
Tom, get off him.
Tom! Stay back.
That was assault!
Stay back.
Get back.
Yeah, you call my lawyers.
Tom, get outside.
That's assault.
Get back.
You dog.
Shut your mouth!
Yeah, get outta here!
Come on.
Listen to him.
Come on.
Ah, you're all pigs.
Ballistics are certain
it's McCarthy's gun.
We've been through
all your old cases.
There's no neo-Nazi link anywhere.
Is it time to revisit
the possibility
that Ben was the intended victim?
Ben was a musician. I'm the one
who worked in the criminal field.
he did keep some things from you.
Look, with this new information,
we just need to eliminate
Ben as a line of inquiry.
Well, I can't exactly ask him
if he was on the wrong side
of any Nazis, can I?
No, but can you take one more
look through Ben's things, please?
down on my spine tonight
the line tonight
Around 10,000 in cash and payments
totalling 32,000 to an account.
Could it be Zoe's?
No, it has to be Ben's.
But it's not business stuff.
He was scrupulous about
documenting that.
He got audited once.
No cash deals after that.
I'll get a warrant
and get onto the bank.
Amy Kelleher is dead.
Oh, Jesus.
The city is in mourning tonight
with the news that Amy Kelleher has
succumbed to her injuries sustained
during a brutal attack
just days ago.
While celebrating her 21st
birthday, Amy, her father,
her boyfriend and a friend
were all gunned down
by an unknown assailant.
Police believe the gunman is
the same man responsible for
another six deaths across
the city in as many weeks.
Amy became the face of the fight
to end the campaign of terror.
It's a fuckin' tragedy.
I'm gonna resign.
I'm a liability.
I just came to say goodbye.
Look, you're in pain.
It doesn't make you a liability.
No, no, I lost control.
I understand it feels that way
No, you don't understand.
I lost control of everything.
Are you talking about your family?
They're not back in
the US on vacation.
They've moved back
there permanently.
I'm sorry.
Hardly surprising.
Shit husband. Shit father.
Shit cop. Shit human.
Yeah, well, we've all been shit
humans at one time or another.
Who're you talking about?
You or Ben?
I used to think Ben
was the open book.
Wore his heart on his sleeve.
I was the one who hid everything.
You and I,
we both know that to exist
in this job you gotta bury your shit
so fuckin' deep just to survive.
Well, we have that in common,
don't we?
That we do, Sister Mary Margaret.
Jane Halifax.
Well, it's expected. Oi!
It could come on any time.
Daniel, is that you?
Daniel, talk to me.
She wasn't meant to die.
Are you talking about Amy?
She wasn't part of the plan.
Why don't you tell me
about the plan, Daniel?
Well, it's ruined now.
It's just gotten away, that's all!
I just - I waited too long
just a split second,
and now all of these people
have died for nothing and I
I want to understand why they died.
Can you tell me about that?
I am trying to help people.
By hurting them?
No, not by hurting them, no.
People are asleep. They don't
even realise what's happening!
And you want them to wake up.
Is that what you mean?
Daniel, are you still there?
Is that what you mean?
That's exactly what I mean, OK?
I'm gonna wake 'em up.
That's exactly what I mean.
That's good.
Audio sounds like it's outside.
Gives us something to work with.
Another shooting?
Maybe he wants Jane
to hear him do it.
See if there's a chopper up
in the air already.
I want eyes on the rooftops, OK?
Onto it.
Where are you, Daniel?
It sounds like you might be outside.
I'm not I'm not trying to trick
you. I'm trying to help you, Daniel.
You wanna help me?
If you'll let me.
I feel like you understand.
Well, I'd like to.
Daniel, I can hear that
you're still on the line.
Now, I understand that this is
difficult to talk about on the phone,
so maybe we should meet and talk
about this face to face.
Come in.
Just wanting to make
sure you're alright.
Yeah, pulled up OK.
Years of practice.
I'm sorry I wasn't
much help last night.
I handled it.
I listened to the recording.
You were very cool and collected.
It was good.
Years of practice.
Listen, some of that crap
we talked about last night,
you know, it was just nonsense.
Thank you.
OK. Well, now that I know you're
alive, I'll let you get back to it.
OK. Easy on the door.
I want him off the taskforce.
McCarthy has just
contacted a lawyer.
He wants to sue
Saracen for assault.
There is no way
he is gonna cooperate with us now.
The bank got back to me.
There were deposits made
to a total of $150,000.
As you can see, the deposits cover
quite a number of years, but they
seem to fall into sections of time.
Concentrated activity,
then nothing for a couple of years,
and then it all starts up again.
And the account itself?
Next page.
Do you need the cash?
I'm taking it.
We're not quite ready for visitors
yet. I might have some herb tea
Ah, what's - what's that?
Ah, I don't understand.
Is this for Zoe?
No, it's for you. 10,000 in cash.
That's the last of it.
I don't want it.
Why not? You were happy to
take Ben's money for years.
What's the difference?
Can we just put this behind us?
For Zoe's sake?
Don't try and blackmail me with Zoe.
We have to be able to get along.
Why? You've got your relationship
with her, I've got mine.
The cash, the account
Ben was putting me through rehab.
I really don't care what it was for.
It's another thing he kept
secret from me,
and I have to come to terms
with that.
It's got nothing to do with you.
But it does matter what it was for,
because that's why I couldn't
be there for Zoe. I was unwell.
Ben understood.
So, what do you want from me?
He was the one who first
gave me my first hit.
He was just able to stop
whenever he wanted.
So we're gonna blame Ben, are we?
Grow up, Mandy.
Take some responsibility for
once in your life. We all fuck up.
Doesn't make you anything special.
Jane, hi.
Just thought I'd
come and see how you were doing.
Place looks much lighter
without Turd's junk in it.
Yeah. Yeah, it's it's
coming along slowly.
Actually, I'm gonna
pop back when you're more settled.
Why - why is she upset?
Oh, I'm upset too.
What happened?
Oh, she just found out some
stuff about Ben and me,
and it's hard for her.
She's starting to understand how
in love with each other we were.
But she'll come round.
We just want what's
best for our little girl.
Did you get the macaroons?
The weapon used in the murder of
Ben Sailor was solely in your care.
That makes you
an accessory before the fact.
Add a conspiracy to murder charge,
it's not looking good.
You see these, love?
Your boss did them.
He's the animal.
He should be locked up.
And my lawyers have taken photos,
and we're gonna sue your arses.
And all of Australia
will know about you pigs.
OK, let's start again.
Do you recognise this gun?
Do you recognise
I ain't telling you shit.
Record of interview with Jack
McCarthy, August 19, 1100 hours.
Present -
Detective Senior Sergeant Tanner
and Detective
Senior Sergeant Bronski.
OK, drop your charges
and I might drop mine.
Recording paused.
Please don't waste my time.
You either give us a name now
or we proceed with the charge.
Don't you realise I can get your
boss kicked out of the force?
And I'll be using pretty boy
here to be my key witness.
I don't know what you're
talking about. Do you?
No. OK.
That's it. Charge him.
Alright. If I give you a name,
will you drop the charge?
No way. But I will tell
the judge you cooperated.
Might go some way to
mitigating your sentence.
If you don't give us his name,
you are going down for accessory
before the fact while this guy,
who actually shot Ben Sailor,
stays free. Is that what you want?
It's up to you.
Is that what you wanna do?
Mitch Marcovic, 34, priors for
possession, resisting arrest.
Nothing major.
Mmm, guess he's making up
for lost time, then. Let's go.
Nah, I'm not allowed to go
there anymore.
Fuckin' ask Emily!
I wasn't there, you ratbag
Mitch Marcovic!
Stop, police!
Cut him off.
..to the west to intercept.
Don't move!
He's moving west.
Hey, freeze!
Freeze! Freeze!
We're instructing you to stop!
Get off me!
Police! Stop!
Hey, police! Stop!
Stop running!
Hey, stay where you are!
Get out of the fuckin' way!
Hold it!
Get an ambulance, now!
We need an ambulance
at the corner of High
and Station Streets.
Suspect has
been hit by a moving vehicle.
You suggested we meet.
Daniel. I'm glad you phoned back.
I was worried about you
after the last conversation.
You seemed upset.
How I'm feeling doesn't matter.
The plan is all that matters.
Well, you obviously care about this.
Caring doesn't help.
Likes on social media don't help.
Protests don't help.
We tried to fight it
all at uni but that didn't work,
and where has it gotten us, huh?
Where are we now?
you know, nobody listens.
Nobody ever listens.
OK, well, I'm listening, Daniel, OK?
I'm listening. So, why don't
you tell me about the plan?
Oh, no, not yet. I wouldn't
want to spoil the surprise.
What are you talking about?
What surprise?
Just just stop, OK.
Just stop - stop moving.
OK, OK, alright. I've stopped.
I'll wait for
you to come to me, alright?
Daniel, this'd be much
easier face to face.
Just you and me.
That's close enough.
That - that's close enough.
I'm glad you reached out, Daniel.
But why me?
I need your help.
To get my message across.
They didn't listen
before and they definitely won't
listen now, not after Amy.
They think I'm a monster,
but you
Well, you could tell them.
They'll listen to you.
I've been watching you.
What do you mean,
you've been watching me?
People respect you, Jane. They do.
Hey! Sorry, excuse me.
You can't be down here.
Jane? Jane?
No, it's not safe.
Get out of here!
Do you still think I'm dangerous?
No, Daniel Daniel!
I thought you -
I thought you understood.
Ah, guys?
What is that?
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