Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

You spent quite a lot
of time with your dad.
I didn't get to say goodbye to him.
Zoe has anxiety.
I just think we need to be really
careful with her.
She's not a little
girl anymore, Jane.
Ballistics are certain it's
the same gun that killed Ben Sailor.
Mitch Marcovic!
Stop! Police!
No-one is safe in this city anymore.
I want the shooter's head
on a platter tomorrow.
He's not gonna engage with you until
you prove you're as smart as he is.
Hello, Jane. You can call me Daniel.
People are asleep!
And you want them to wake up?
That's exactly what I mean.
That's good.
Why don't you tell me
about the plan?
I wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise.
The city remains on high alert
as a new threat emerged overnight.
The outcome of countdown
timer is still unknown,
but a tense press conference
was held by the Police Minister
this morning to address the issue.
We are a peaceful,
tolerant state but
any attempt to intimidate us will be
met with the full force of the law.
I have full confidence in the police
and the taskforce's efforts to
bring this killer to justice.
And this is why our new facial
recognition laws are so important,
so people can go about their
day-to-day lives knowing
that the government is keeping them
Despite Police Minister Nolan's
reassurances, however,
there's widespread dismay and fear
at how easily the shooter and the
now infamous countdown clock
has brought the city to a
Authorities confirm there's
an increasing pressure
to shut down each website
carrying the clock timer,
with reports new countdowns continue
to spread across the internet.
How're we looking?
We have access to the entire city.
Kip, we got CCTV up?
Just getting the feeds
up and running now.
Oh, no, no, we need Collins Street.
We have some idea of the last route
he took, but I don't know what's
Yeah, I'm onto it.
Hey, he's gonna be using
the same jamming tech.
We wanna at least see if we
can see that signal cut out.
As I was saying.
Yeah, no, we have the ballistics on
that weapon.
Were there any
links to other outstanding crimes?
Yeah, sure, I'll hold. It's not
as if I've got anything else to do.
Yeah, well, that's all I got, OK?
I'm relying on you.
Just get it done.
How are you?
How do you think?
It'll pass.
So you say.
Have you heard from him?
He's enjoying this, isn't he?
Yes, he is.
Quite right.
Police are expected to
issue formal warnings
about the threat later today,
while the minister's office have
warned the public to avoid the CBD.
Pressure is mounting for
the government to declare
an official state of
emergency across Melbourne.
Businesses are expected to close
and employees told to stay home
and all non-essential travel
until authorities have further
Attention. Attention.
This is a community service
He's got control of the city alarm.
Shut it down now.
You gave them
everything, but that wasn't enough.
Your data, your privacy,
your voice, your vote, your lives.
And you don't even realise they own
you, and they do what they want.
But it doesn't have to be this way.
Now that I finally have your
attention, we can stop them.
I'll show you how.
They want facial recognition
software, identity checks,
CCTV cameras and perpetual
They want a pliant population.
It's time to take back control.
We can overturn corporations,
fight the government and deal with
anyone who stands in our way.
This has been a community
service announcement.
You're welcome.
He's posted something.
It's linked to the website.
And a list of demands.
"Abandon the facial recognition
disable the city-wide
CCTV network, prosecute Google,
Facebook and Twitter for
hostile data collection."
I know we legislated to outsource
government cybersecurity,
but there's supposed to
be checks and balances.
Well, is there anything, anything
I can say to reassure the public?
Thanks very much.
Interesting day, ma'am.
Yes, Charles, you could say that.
Minister's on the warpath.
Can you explain to me what the hell
just happened?
He wanted our attention,
and he's got it.
Right, so, is that it?
Is it over now?
I don't think so.
At least there's bugger-all traffic.
They want facial recognition
software, identity checks
For god's sake, turn that off.
..CCTV cameras
and perpetual surveillance.
They want a pliant population.
Come on!
It's time to take back control.
We can overturn the corporations.
I asked you to turn it off.
Oh, Jesus. Are you seeing this?
Boss! He's filming the minister.
Oh! Oh! I can't
Switch it off!
It must have stopped.
What's going on?
This is Dispatch.
We need two SWAT teams, corner of
Swanston and Flinders, west side.
Hi, you've called Professor Jane
Halifax. Please leave a message.
Daniel, it's Jane.
I know you're monitoring my
calls and I know what you're doing.
You tried to talk to me last night.
You didn't think I understand,
but I do.
I want to help you,
but you need to talk to me before
you hurt more people.
Please, call me back.
He's hacked her car.
How is that even possible?
They're high-tech vehicles.
He's planted malware.
So what can he control?
Brakes, accelerator, wipers.
Pretty much everything.
Look out!
Oh, shit!
Ma'am, you've got to get out.
Other side.
Get out.
Use the car as a shield.
Hi, you've called Professor Jane
Halifax. Please leave a message.
Daniel, we can get people
to listen to your message
but you have to stop what you're
No-one will listen to
you if more people die.
I wanna help you, but not like this.
I'm here for you.
I know you're not a monster.
Why would he leave his gun here?
Leaving his gun means he doesn't
need it anymore.
He's told us what he wants.
He's clearly brilliant with tech.
Well, we believe he broke into the
government car pool
and Bluetoothed
code into the Minister's car.
Did anybody get a look at him?
A 15-minute glitch
on some CCTV footage.
How long ago was this?
Three months ago.
He's been planning
this for a long time.
I mean, the countdown,
the shootings.
He had access to the Minister's
And he
made sure everyone was watching.
Well, all because of
the facial recognition laws?
No, no. You've read the manifesto.
He's been fighting this battle for
Carry on.
Go on, carry on.
Anyway, this could be a turning
point for us and for Daniel.
So you think he'll
stop shooting now?
He's got his message out there and
forced everyone to listen.
So there's a chance
that he could go to ground
and we'll never
hear from him again.
Or, when we fail to deliver on his
he could do something much worse.
Either's possible.
Well, he's certainly shown
us what he's capable of.
OK, so we need to ID
him before we lose him.
You know, on the phone, he
said that he'd protested at uni.
OK, so maybe we trawl
through university archives.
Well, looking for what?
Well, anything to do with student
I mean, the keywords
would be CCTV, surveillance.
I'm guessing late 2000s, but
you might have to go right back.
And we should go through
the manifesto. Same keywords.
I'll run the software.
OK. Let's get to it, eh?
There will be a full investigation
into how our systems were so
catastrophically compromised.
Do you have anything to say?
I think it's grossly
to blame my team for the government's
own tech failure.
You gave up a highly regarded
position in law enforcement
in the US to come back here.
might seem a harsh reward.
Thank you, sir.
Your resignation letter on my desk,
by Friday.
This is a fuckin' disaster, Tom.
I've just come from interviewing
Mitch Marcovic.
He's regained consciousness.
And what'd he say?
No, nothing.
He wouldn't say anything.
Wouldn't talk without
a lawyer present?
He's refusing to speak.
He wouldn't even look at me.
OK, so let me talk to him.
No, absolutely not.
I shouldn't even be
talking about Ben's murderer.
I'm sharing this with you because
I think you ought to know,
but you have to leave this to us.
Yes, OK. Alright.
Hey, you've called Zoe,
leave a message.
Or don't, or whatever.
Zo, it's Jane again.
Listen, the police will be calling
if they haven't already,
I just wanted you to know
I'm here, if you need me.
So call me when you can.
Zo, hey.
Thanks for calling me back.
The police told me. They
caught the guy that killed Dad.
I know. Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm OK.
Yeah, I've just
..just been thinking about him
Mum and I are going to go out for
lunch, so that's good.
Hey, this or this?
You're sure you're OK?
Yeah, everything's fine.
I can come over if you like.
No, I'm - yeah, I'm fine. I just
OK. Well, call me if you need
OK. Alright, um, bye.
Hi, I'm Dr. Jane Halifax.
I'm here to see Mitch Marcovic.
Do you know who I am?
You sold a gun to a neo-Nazi called
Jack McCarthy.
That gun was used to murder my
partner, Ben Sailor.
Was it you?
Did you kill him?
How did it feel when you pulled the
Why did you want him dead?
Or maybe it wasn't him you were
aiming for.
Maybe it was me.
Don't you fucking
turn away from me.
Was it him, or was it me?
Tell me!
I expressly refused permission for
you to talk to him,
but you ignored me.
Not only that, the man is wounded,
but when I walked in just now,
you were threatening him!
Yes, I know.
Have any reason to touch him?
No, I didn't.
Were you concerned for your safety?
Then what the fuck were you doing?
I thought I could make him talk.
When we couldn't?
And how did that work out?
I'm sorry.
You tried to keep me in the loop.
It doesn't work.
How did you go?
Well, student unions
love their hard copies.
Some of it looks promising.
There's just so much of it!
Yeah. Hey, fill me in later.
Don't wanna give me a hand?
Nicky Tanner.
Jimmy bloody Cooper.
Listen, I need a heads up.
Mitch Marcovic?
And word is, Bronski's got him on a
ward somewhere.
Here we go.
Listen, we've got three outstanding
jobs. He's good for all of them.
Nicky, where are they keeping him?
I promise I'll go through
the proper channels.
Detective Sergeant
James Cooper, Armed Crime.
Just need a quick
word with Marcovic.
Sorry I didn't bring flowers.
I'm disappointed. I mean, I would
have at least expected a hello.
Maybe you're feeling guilty
'cause you didn't get
rid of that fuckin' gun
like I told you to.
You see, the police know you
sold that gun to that Nazi.
So you just sit tight
and take the rap for the rest.
And me and my mates
just might let you live.
We'll go easy on that
girlfriend of yours, too.
And I wouldn't try
and rat if I were you,
you are just a junkie.
Good boy. And I'll pass on
your regards to Emily, too.
I'm catching up with her later on.
Should be a bit of fun.
So, what'd Jane want before?
Jane, you know, that tedious woman,
very blonde.
You were on the phone to her before.
Um, nothing.
So, this is a very expensive
establishment, OK? It's very fancy.
We have to be on our best behaviour,
OK? So, get on up there, girl!
You're not getting out of here!
Hey. Sorry.
Ah, we have a table reservation
for two classy ladies.
Is it good enough for you?
Mmm, it's very upmarket.
Oh, only the best for you, babes.
Um, I've gotta go to the bathroom.
You order for me.
I always thought that I was like
a jeans and boots girl.
Just jeans, boots, jeans,
boots, and dresses just hated me.
But then I was wearing a dress, and a
friend took a photo of me
and I was looking at it and I was
"Oh, my god! Shit!"
I am really still quite hot.
You're not going
anorexic on me, are you?
Oh, my god.
Mmm. It's the food of orgasms.
Oh, wow.
We are the same, you know.
You should wear them more often.
Are you OK?
OK, well, a bit more input
would be really appreciated.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Oh, shit.
OK, here's the idea.
We're gonna take a trip together.
Sorry, I need to go. I'm sorry.
You OK?
Let's go.
It's OK.
Just breathe.
Oh, my poor baby.
It's gonna be OK.
Boss, I think you
might wanna take a
Hey, is he in?
Yeah, but don't bother.
You're wasting your time.
Has anyone spoken to him?
No, he just Nothing.
You coming?
OK, so they call themselves
the Anti-Surveillance Alliance.
Hardline student activists.
They staged a street action to
protest Australia's involvement
in the Five Eyes Treaty.
Unfortunately that got violent.
Some of the members got arrested.
And excuse me, Jane.
They threatened to destroy
every CCTV camera in the CBD.
These were the locations of
the CCTV cameras at the time,
and there's a call to
protest on this page.
A lot of this writing pinged.
Ah, guys?
This is from the manifesto.
Hang on. Is that the same graphics?
The icons are identical.
What's the text?
"We are being spied on.
We have to act.
We must act now before all our
rights and freedoms
are swallowed up by corporations
..selling our world out for profit
and governments so corrupt they make
Mafia state Russia look like a
model of enlightened governance."
Which means either Daniel copied
his manifesto from some obscure
uni magazine from ten years ago
He wrote the original
and he's updated it.
This is a frontline attack.
So, who are these people?
And where are they now?
Toni Moretti?
Can you come down, please?
Ms. Moretti, we just wanna have a
It took me an hour
and a half to set up.
And you want me to break health
and safety regs
just so you can hassle me?
Toni, this is
Professor Jane Halifax.
She's a forensic psychiatrist.
Hi, Toni.
I've been beaten up by
the cops a few times.
They never brought a psych in before.
So, what's this about?
This is you, yeah?
What do you want?
It's all part of an ongoing
Ah, what can you tell us?
What, about the Alliance?
Kay-Lin died a few years ago.
A cop kicked her in the head
and she was never the same.
They called Romy a faggot
and strip-searched him. Repeatedly.
He couldn't live in
the country after that.
Vanessa left as well.
Oh, Kendall's a banker now.
Lives in Adelaide and votes
Conservative. You'd love him.
Look, we understand that you
have issue with the police.
You reckon?
We were young.
Sometimes we got outta hand, but at
least we were trying to do something.
And who's this, Toni?
I don't remember.
What is this?
This was your group's manifesto.
Who wrote it?
You're trying to pin something on
us, aren't you, after all this time.
We are just we're
just asking questions.
What did you study at uni, Toni?
An arts degree.
And before you start
with the jokes
No, that's a rounded education.
I wish more of us had it.
Did any of
the group study computers?
Look, it was a long time ago.
I don't remember.
Anything else?
You need something?
Yes, I need a piss.
Prisoner needs a toilet break.
Right, move over.
On your feet. Come on, move it.
Just go slow.
You wanna watch where
you're going, mate.
Back off!
I'll throttle this bastard,
I swear I will!
You don't wanna do this, Marcovic.
Don't tell me what I wanna do!
Now, listen
to me, there's nowhere left to go.
Prisoner on the move. One hostage.
Look, you've got nowhere to
go, so just let the guy go.
This way! Come on up!
Oh, Erin?
Did you find out any more
information about the Alliance,
or anyone associated with them?
No, not that we've found.
This guy. Anything in the archives?
No, I don't think so. Why?
It's just a hunch.
Hey, Mitch Marcovic has
just escaped from custody.
He's made it to the roof of the
There's a team of
police up there now.
He's asking for you.
Back off!
Mr. Marcovic, just calm down
Get the news out here.
I need to tell 'em what I know!
Mr. Marcovic has got a
They need to know about you lot!
I need to tell 'em what's going on!
Just come on down, alright?
Back off!
You wanted to see me.
Now, I'm gonna walk over there, OK?
No-one's gonna do anything.
I just wanna talk to you, alright?
Can you step away, please?
You ready to talk?
You here to tell me to jump?
It's tempting.
What did you wanna say to me?
I was just the driver.
Why are you up here?
The guy what did the shooting
was police.
Is that why you're afraid?
Yeah, he threatened me.
He threatened my girl.
I had nowhere else to go!
Mitch, listen.
We can take care of you, OK?
You just
You just have to give us a name.
You can't take care of me.
There's witness protection.
The guy was a cop!
Well, what about your girlfriend?
You'll both be safe.
Don't you think you should
at least try?
For her sake?
It was a mistake
killing your bloke.
So I was the target?
If you didn't pull
the trigger, who did?
I heard they arrested Jimmy Cooper.
Yeah, they did.
He's denying everything.
What's going on? Are you alright?
I'm resigning.
So I'm gonna pack up
and go back to the States.
Oh, well, that's
probably for the best.
I mean, the team need a proper boss,
not someone
marinating in their own self-pity.
Do you remember when you insisted
that I join the taskforce?
And I had a life, I had a family,
and yet you demanded that I come
I did not demand.
You wanted to come back.
And then Ben died.
We've got a shooter
terrorising the city, Tom.
If we don't ID him soon,
we're gonna lose him.
And you've got a team
that is working their arse off.
They deserve better
than what you're giving them.
What I've given them?
Yeah. You've given them nothing.
No encouragement, no gratitude,
Instead you just get drunk, doped
up and feel sorry for yourself.
So if that's all you're good for,
then yeah, you'd better go back.
Or you could grow a backbone.
Paul. Hey.
How did you
Dad said I might find you here.
I like that you
still get him to service your cars.
I wasn't sure about getting in touch.
I didn't know where you were.
after everything, you made
me feel really uncomfortable.
Have you thought much about that
Maybe you should.
We we used to be friends.
And I loved being your friend,
but you can't push that.
I know.
It wasn't cool.
You scared me.
I'm so sorry.
Me too.
I've missed you.
I wanted to see you because the cops
were asking about you.
What'd you tell them?
I didn't tell them anything.
Why were they talking to you?
Because they had an old photo from
the uni magazine.
I mean, seriously,
after all this time?
Just because we strung up a few
banners ten years ago?
Like, as if that was
gonna change anything.
You should have seen the photo.
We were just kids.
Yeah, we were.
How stupid are they?
I know, right. Cops. No idea.
At least
Well, at least, you know,
you and I could
you know, we could reconnect, right?
Yeah, absolutely.
Ah, we should go.
Oh, ah
Oh, it's OK, I'll pay.
Hey, could I grab the coffees?
Yeah, sure.
It was lovely to see you.
Can I see you again?
Of course.
Hi, you've called Professor Jane
Halifax. Please leave a message.
I Jane, it's Toni Moretti.
I need to speak to you.
The guy in the photo?
It's it's him.
Just call me back.
Toni, it's Jane.
I'm leaving you another message.
Please, don't approach him,
don't try and speak to him.
He's dangerous.
Call me back.
We may have a lead on the shooter,
but the woman's phone's off.
Our last call came from a site near
Altona. Looks like a caravan park.
Let's get some cars out there.
Yep, on it.
Boss? Photo's about ten years old.
Could be a bit tricky, but I could
put together a Photofit
of what he might look like.
Let's do it. Let's try.
Get it in circulation.
See what happens.
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