Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Any attempt to intimidate us will be
met with the full force of the law.
They want a pliant population.
This has been a community
service announcement.
In the list of demands, prosecute
for hostile data collection.
I'm resigning.
Or you could grow a backbone.
You know, on the phone, he said that
he protested at uni.
I wanted to see you because the
cops were asking about you.
Jane, it's Toni Moretti.
The guy in the photo? It's him.
Don't try and speak to him.
He's dangerous.
I could put together a Photofit
of what he might look like.
Zoe has anxiety.
Are you OK?
Oh, baby.
You sold a gun to a neo-Nazi.
That gun was used to murder
my partner, Ben Sailor.
If you didn't pull
the trigger, who did?
It was police.
There has been a major breakthrough
in the hunt for the shooter
who has been terrorising Melbourne
for the past two months.
Taskforce Stingray have released an
identikit image of the man
they believe to be
responsible for the killings.
Currently he goes by
the name of Daniel.
If you recognise or know this man,
do not approach.
He is armed and dangerous.
Hello. Housekeeping!
He is also wanted for questioning
over the murder of Toni Moretti
Oh, ah, don't worry,
the room's fine.
I'll tidy up. Thank you.
OK, I'll come back later.
For any police assistance,
call 000 immediately.
As I said,
he is armed and dangerous.
Morning, Nick.
Morning, Jane.
Hey. Have you had a response?
We've had to add more lines.
You didn't sound like
a man about to resign.
If the Commissioner
wants my resignation,
he's gonna have to come and get it.
Ooh, sorry.
The pathologist is finished
examining Toni Moretti's body.
Report's coming through right now.
Do you mind if I take a look?
Not at all.
"A fractured hyoid bone
and contusion to the neck
indicates the cause of
death was asphyxiation."
"Approximate time of death was
1730 hours."
We were only 15 minutes away.
This is the first person he's killed
that he knew, so what,
he's just changing his MO?
Why would he do that?
He knows we're closing in.
Hey, the vehicle of
interest has been IDed.
We've got eyes on it now.
So, how do we know this is our guy?
Well, the owner of the caravan park
said Daniel was
living in a white truck.
There's a lot of
white trucks out there.
How do we know it's not
just full of frozen food?
Because the plates are stolen
and it's the same make and model.
It's still not a lock.
So, if this is our guy,
where's his head at?
He's lost his home base.
Makes him vulnerable.
Heading east on Princes Freeway.
Towards the city.
OK, I want Traffic Command on the
Vehicle 1, 5m, speed, 120 over 80.
Let's see if we can ID the driver.
We have an unmarked vehicle on that
Is that him?
Stay on him.
See if we can't get a better look
with one of the marked cars.
222's blocked, backing up.
A05, coming up inside. It looks
like him but I can't be sure.
Let's see if we can
get a Locstat update.
It doesn't make sense.
I mean,
it's like he's putting on a show,
or he wants us to follow him.
I want all cars to proceed with
caution. He could be armed.
So what's he thinking?
Well, maybe he's not.
Everything he's done so far has
been planned. This looks reactive.
Good. That gives us an advantage.
Taking right exit.
Maintaining pursuit.
Get out there. I want our presence
on the ground when they catch him.
Yeah, just keep your distance.
We don't know how he'll
react if he's cornered.
Do we wanna intercept?
We want to start looking for
Quiet street, not many people.
Keep the sitreps coming.
We're en route.
Get the Bomb Squad to our location.
All heads OK units onsite.
Has he said anything?
Has he done anything?
Nup, but he hasn't moved. He's
just been sitting in the truck.
Contain access and move in?
Go for it.
On my fix.
Everything up.
Maintain firing line.
Secure the rear of the vehicle.
Show me your hands!
Show me your hands!
Don't shoot. I'm not
Show me your hands!
Don't shoot, I'm not armed!
Get out of the vehicle now.
Get out! Keep those hands up where
we can see them!
Get on the ground.
Come here! On the ground!
Put your hands behind your back!
Don't move.
Take it easy.
It's not him.
Who the hell is that?
A guy contacted me on Facebook.
Offered me two grand to take a
little drive, end up here.
Two more grand if I got into the
shit with you blokes.
I don't know.
He just said, "Be here at 6:00."
He said a specific time?
He's lured us here.
Get him out of here right away.
Get him out of here now!
Call in the Bomb Squad.
Get away from the truck!
Call in the Bomb Squad.
Move! Clear the truck!
Dramatic scenes are unfolding
out in the western industrial
..with a heavy police presence
at a location with a man being
It's believed the Bomb Squad
has been called to the facility
and police are urging the public to
stay away from the area.
BD4, IED located. It's on a timer.
BD4, IED defused.
Confirming threat is disarmed.
Will prepare to remove it now.
Alright, call emergency services.
Say we've got it under control.
It's been disarmed.
Oh, fuck me.
BD4, another timer's counting down.
We've got another possible IED.
It may be a separate device nearby.
Do we have a visual on the device?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Do you have a visual on the device?
Negative. It's wireless.
It'll be within 100m.
Clear the area!
Get these civilians out of here now!
We've got another possible IED.
Clear the area!
Move, move, move!
Clear the area now!
Move, move, move!
That way! Get back, get back!
Have you got eyes on a second IED?
Get away from the dumpster!
..on a second IED?
Get away!
Jane, Jane.
Secure those people below there!
Make sure nobody's injured!
People out there,
secure that vehicle.
Nick! Oh, Jesus.
Jesus. Tom?
Got you, got you, got you.
Tom? We need a medic!
Tom, I need you to stay awake, OK?
Medic, right here!
Tom, look at me.
Tom, look at me. Look at me. There's
shrapnel, with an active bleed.
OK, swap it over.
I've got this one.
Hold the pressure.
Hey. How are you?
Yeah. I'm alright.
How's the big guy?
He's in surgery.
Half a dozen pieces of shrapnel.
It's a miracle he made it here.
Jane, you should go home.
No, someone needs to
contact his family.
No, it's already done.
Seriously, go.
I'll call you if I hear anything.
OK. Thanks.
I'm sorry to call. It's
No, any time. You know that.
I just didn't want to be alone.
Well, that's never a good idea after
a panic attack.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's been a big day. Where's Mandy?
There was a gig on at the Corner
Hotel and she really wanted to go.
And I was like, "Go. You've earnt
your time away from me."
She wants us to have a break -
to go away, I mean.
Go away where?
Bolivia, mostly.
She wants us to go to the
Dia de los Muertos festival. It's
The Day of the Dead. I know
exactly what it is. But really? Now?
Is that a good idea?
Well, Mum seems to think that it'd
be a good way for us to grieve.
I'll get you a wine.
I'm just getting Zoe a blanket.
She told me about the panic
attack in the restaurant.
Oh, yeah, well, we dealt with
that pretty well actually, thanks.
Without you.
I didn't come here to fight.
Why did you come here, Jane?
Because Zoe called me, Mandy.
And listen, she told me
about this Bolivia trip.
Yeah, that's gonna
be really exciting.
Yeah, well, I just don't think
now's the right time for her
to be traipsing off
to another country.
Traipsing? Can you hear yourself?
There is no right time, Jane.
She needs to grieve. Really grieve.
Not the stitched-up,
repressed grieving you're doing.
You have no idea about my grief.
Well, you're not her mother.
She's an adult and she
can make her own decisions.
I've been in Zoe's life for 15 years,
taking care of her, Mandy.
I know what she needs.
We don't want you here, Jane.
Oh. Fuck.
Oh, just when I thought things
couldn't get any worse.
Hey. How you feeling?
How do you reckon?
You look like shit.
Listen, Tom,
what you did for me back there,
No, stop.
You don't have to say it
Just let me say it.
Just let me say this.
Thank you.
Listen to me.
I want you to go back
and pull the team together.
You're in charge of this now.
OK? You can get this done.
I got ya.
Didn't realise you were a leopard
print kinda girl.
Oh. I've done something really
I was at Zoe's and I ended up
going through Mandy's things.
I just don't like
the influence she has on Zoe.
Well, I would have taken
more than a notebook.
I think you showed
superhuman restraint.
Now she wants to drag her off to
South America.
I'm trying not to let my personal
animosity cloud my judgement,
but I just don't think it's a good
What's this?
Amounts of money and is that grams?
Is Mandy dealing drugs?
Wouldn't surprise me.
Anyway, I'm sure you've got way more
important things
to worry about than Mandy.
Well, yes, I'm about to interview
your partner's alleged killer.
Do you wanna tune in?
Yes, I would. Thank you.
We wanna talk to you in relation to
the murder of Ben Sailor,
Mr. Cooper.
Detective Sergeant, please.
Mitch Marcovic has made a full
and detailed statement in spite of
your attempts to silence him.
Yes, well, Marcovic will say
anything to get his next fix.
What'd you promise him?
Methadone with a whisky chaser?
Marcovic has said that you
provided the murder weapon.
He drove you to the home Ben shared
with his partner, Jane Halifax,
helped you dispose of the car
afterwards and then sold the gun.
And you think a jury
is gonna believe a pathological,
lying junkie over a copper?
You got nothing. You got no
evidence putting me at the scene.
You got no witnesses,
no forensics, nothing.
What's my motive?
There isn't one.
'Cause I wasn't there.
It wasn't me.
Is that it?
Is that meant to make
me quake with fear?
Why would someone I've
never met want me dead?
I'm looking for points where
the two of you might intersected.
So, he left the academy
in the early '90s,
did a stint in Armed Robbery.
Armed Robbery? When was that?
2000 to 2004.
I was brought in to do assessments
of the detectives running that squad.
That would have been 2004.
I don't remember Cooper, though.
He still would have been
a junior detective then.
Well, my findings led to an
investigation by the
Office for Police Integrity.
And armed robbery was disbanded.
Where did Cooper go after that?
He was sent to Archives for years
and then finally worked
his way back into town.
So he could blame me
for derailing his career.
Forensics have finished processing
the truck. You wanna have a look?
Yes, I do.
Well, that's
the thing, mate, isn't it?
Am I clear?
Yeah, yeah, go through.
We're just about done here.
Ready to head off when you are.
Find anything interesting?
Just this little guy.
And he's not talking.
Oh, I think
you've got the wrong house.
This is a warrant to search
the premise for drugs of dependence,
contrary to the Drugs Act of 19
Oh, fuck off.
Ah, I know you.
You checked my alibi.
You interviewed me.
You work with Jane? Yes? Don't you?
Jeez, what's going on?
Ask Jane.
Stop it.
A couple of grams.
Just under a trafficable quantity.
Great, thank you.
Why the hell did you do that?
I was following up a lead.
This has nothing to do with Ben.
Jane, I had to follow up.
I'm not interested
in scoring points over Mandy.
OK, there were reasonable
grounds to search.
Yeah, based off evidence
that I stole.
I'm sorry. I made a judgement call
based on the information
that was available at
Yeah, well, you've put me in
a terrible fucking position.
I've got something from the trucks.
City Roads pass.
The account is under the same name
as the truck's registration.
Winston Smith.
What? Oh.
Big Brother, right.
We scanned the accounts.
This is where Winston's
been in the last two weeks.
Ah, here's where it gets
A week ago, he
took Exit 22, heading west.
CCTV picked him up at a service
less than a kilometre
from Anton Bungert's farm.
Bungert? Oh, that's the gun
nut you guys questioned, yeah?
Yeah. Could they know each other?
Maybe they're shooting buddies?
Yeah, or it's just a coincidence.
Look, he's been less than a
kilometre away from a lot of places.
Let's keep digging.
Do you trust your government?
I work for them.
What do you use the 3D printer for?
I make stuff.
What sort of stuff?
Farm tools, machine parts.
Anything I bloody like.
Are you making guns?
No, I told you, I don't
have the software for that.
What is this here?
Ah, excuse me.
The toy was made with a 3D printer.
Every 3D printer has
unique striations.
Like ballistics.
Furrows, ridges.
It's kind of like a fingerprint.
What, and this
matches Bungert's 3D printer?
Enough for a warrant?
You're not coming in.
Well, as part of your bail
we can search your property
at any time.
But we do have a search warrant, Mr.
Oh, yeah, very nice. Got a nice
big red stamp and everything.
Very funny.
Open the gate, please, sir.
You know, this is fuckin' bullshit.
This is an infringement of my
We have reason to believe you're
in possession of more firearms.
Oh, so that just gives you
the right to come in here
and do whatever you like, does it?
Open the gate.
You're welcome.
Mr. Bungert, do you know this man?
Oh, you sure?
Why don't you take another look?
I could stare at it till Christmas.
I still won't know who it is.
OK, well, we were here a
little while ago
and there were a lot of shooters
We'd like to know a little
bit more about your mates.
One mate in particular who might
have visited this property
last week on Wednesday?
Leave the jetski!
Mr. Bungert
Christ, this is doing
my fuckin' head in.
Why have you got the dynamite?
Oh, I don't know.
What do you reckon?
'Cause I live on a farm.
I clear rocks, blast trunks.
All the papers are there.
It's all up-to-date.
Mr. Bungert, do you
mind if we have a word?
The person that the police are
looking for
clearly has expertise with weapons.
Now, I understand you're upset,
but you can see
why they'd wanna talk to you.
Listen, I don't condone acts of
perpetrated on innocent bystanders,
I've got
values, the same as anyone.
Mmm. No, I hear you.
Listen, any chance of a beer?
You don't look like a beer drinker.
You'd be surprised.
That's a nice photo.
Is that your Dad?
Were you a close family?
Close enough.
And is that you?
And who's this?
It's my brother.
Half-brother? Different mothers?
What's his name?
Was Jarrod at Melbourne University in
2009, Mr. Bungert?
Is it possible that
Jarrod could be the shooter?
I wouldn't know.
I haven't seen Jarrod in years.
But you know him. Is he capable
of something like that?
Doubt it.
But it's possible?
Did he have any violent tendencies?
Nuh. Just an ordinary kid.
Ordinary in what way?
Just a normal kid.
Was he bright? Good at school?
It isn't him.
If Jarrod is the shooter,
we know that he was within a
kilometre of your place last week.
Don't you think it's strange
that he didn't drop in?
You've got a family?
Yeah, so you know what it's like.
Families are complicated.
It's his brother, I know it.
Well, did he admit to
him being here last week?
Not in so many words.
Well, just because they're related
doesn't necessarily
give us anything.
Yeah, but we've got a name.
Jarrod Bungert.
OK, hang on.
Hey, Kip.
Can you run a name for me?
Ah, Jarrod Bungert.
I hope you're right.
Listen, if you see Jarrod
I won't.
Mr. Bungert, he's killed 11 people.
Maybe think about that.
Hello, Anton.
Had some visitors?
I thought you didn't like cops.
I say we just wait for an ID on
If Kip can connect them,
then we arrest Bungert
and we bring him in, OK?
Sorry, excuse me.
Nice work.
This isn't a good time.
My passport's been seized,
thanks to
your little drug raid.
Look, I can't talk
about this right now.
You wanted to sabotage
my trip with Zoe.
Why don't you call me
back when you sober up?
You're vicious.
You act all professional and
superior but you are just
Is it you?
The shootings?
Is it you?
I thought you'd understand.
I thought
I thought we'd be on the same page
with this.
The same page?
What are you talking about?
You didn't say anything to me.
What would I say?
I'm your brother. If you can't talk
to me, then who can you talk to?
Maybe I was trying to protect you.
Protect me? From what?
There's cops everywhere,
asking me about you.
What about that explosion
yesterday? Was that you?
I didn't have a choice.
They said you were here last week.
Yeah, I needed some ammo.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
What's going on, mate?
What are you doing?
Is it Dad? Huh?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what to do.
I should have been there for ya.
You going all big brother on me
now? Hmm?
I'm trying to help.
After all these years? Now?
I know it must have been hard.
I know it was different with you.
But I didn't know what to do.
You know what he was like.
He was crazy. I'm sorry you
had to take the brunt of that.
But this can't go on, mate.
This has gotta stop.
You gotta hand yourself in.
This can't go on.
Give me the gun.
Got him.
Kip's found a photo licence on
a Jarrod James Bungert
and it matches the Photofit.
Let's drag him back in.
That's multiple shots fired.
Get in the car! Let's go!
Police! Drop your weapons!
We're coming in!
And get on the ground!
Over there.
There's a body there.
There's a body there.
Hey, hey, hey! Back corner.
He's dead.
Fucking hell.
The Dog Squad's on the scent.
The killer travelled
about a kilometre on foot.
There's a road down there
that leads to the highway.
OK, set up road blocks.
Yeah, on it.
Hey, and organise a chopper.
His own brother.
Do you think he came here just to
kill him?
If he thought he betrayed him.
You're not exactly
seeing me at my best.
Well, you were never an
oil painting, let's face it.
Oh, come on, I had my day.
Not sure what you were trying to
prove with all this heroism stuff.
Mmm, haven't you heard?
Ten foot tall and bulletproof.
So what's the prognosis, Doc?
Am I gonna live?
Could I get a TV?
To watch the news?
You don't need the aggravation.
No, no, I love watching Mexican
Oh, right.
I got very addicted to
them when I was at Quantico.
Right, OK. Well, we'll see
about that, shall we?
In the meantime, eat your chocolates.
There's been a major breakthrough
in the search for the shooter
who's been terrorising Melbourne.
Police have confirmed the name
of the man they're seeking as
Jarrod James Bungert.
If anybody has information
regarding Jarrod's location,
police have asked that they
Hey. There's been a development
with Cooper. I'm on my way in.
You're gonna want to see this.
Let me guess.
You've got nothing,
and you have to let me go.
Apology accepted.
Is this yours?
I prefer my phones a
little dumber than that.
It's a pretty generous gift.
I don't know what you're talking
Sure you do. You gave this phone to
your girlfriend's son.
You told him it was an old one from
your work.
And that's true, isn't it? I mean,
it's not from your police work.
This is one of the phones
you use as a freelancer.
Shooting people for money?
I've been polite, very cooperative.
I could have lawyered up,
kept my mouth shut,
but I've sat down,
shot the breeze
So you've never seen
that phone before?
Nup. Never.
It's got your prints on it.
I have nothing else to say.
Yeah, all the information on the
phone had been wiped.
Bad luck.
Until it was unwiped.
You know, we lifted two
things from that phone.
Jane Halifax's address,
and this photo.
Can we turn that off?
You tried to kill me.
I don't even know who you are.
Right, so this isn't payback for the
Armed Robbery squad?
Oh, half that squad was crooked.
I was all for wiping the slate
Didn't help your career,
though, did it?
Nothing to do with the armed
If my life went to shit, and it did,
that was all down to me.
That was all my work.
Got no-one to blame but myself.
What makes someone who's
been a copper for over a decade
suddenly turn gun for hire?
I wouldn't know.
But hypothetically,
I mean, maybe it doesn't have to be
that complicated.
Maybe whoever did it
just needed the money.
It's nothing personal.
What's it gonna take
to make this go away?
We're well past that,
don't you think?
You're looking at a long stretch.
Chance to catch up with some of the
crims that you put away.
Surely we can come
up with something.
If we put our heads together?
Depends. What'll you give us?
What do you want?
We want whoever ordered the hit.
He needed the money?
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have involved you.
Well, do you believe him?
That he never met the person
that ordered the hit?
Yeah, it makes sense.
None of this makes sense.
I mean, it makes sense that there'd
be no direct contact
between the principal and the
trigger man.
There's a third party.
That way they both stay protected.
It's old school.
You get a phone with one number.
You only communicate by text.
You organise a pick-up
and a drop-off and then they send
you the target.
So Cooper has no idea who he's
working for?
No, but somebody does.
The person who gave him this.
So you trust him not to do a runner?
Nuh. Like to see him try, though.
Hey, Vinnie.
So what's so urgent?
I'm in the shit.
Yeah? Too bad.
Hang on a sec. Can I have that?
Why the fuck are you
calling me down here?
If they were anywhere nearby
you think I'd meeting you?
That is Vinnie bloody Strano.
I wanna take off and disappear.
So do it.
Well, a move like that needs
That's not my problem.
I'm not asking you.
Sure fuckin' sounds like it.
I'm thinking of leaning on
whoever commissioned my hit.
Only you don't know who they are.
No, but you do.
Mate, you shot the wrong person.
And now you want them
to pay you more money? Right.
See, if the cops nab me,
how long until they
connect you to it?
Is this a threat, is it?
Nah, I get my money and I'm outta
You'll never see me again, alright?
Just tell whoever it is that I want
the same again, same place,
the locker
at the laundrette.
Come on, say it.
It has to be tonight.
And it's gotta be tonight.
Good boy.
Boom. Got it.
Yeah, I'm not sure I'm
ready to see who it is.
Well, don't worry.
Whoever it is might not be stupid
enough to take the bait.
Do you know if Cooper
killed anyone else?
Not that he's admitted to.
Always fascinates me
when cops cross the line.
I'm just surprised it
doesn't happen more often.
Should I be worried about you?
About me?
Not me, obviously.
But I don't know, I get it.
Is that anyone you know?
But I didn't know Cooper either, so.
It'll all be over soon.
Will it?
Then what?
I don't know.
You get to go back to your life.
What's left of it.
Can you make out any features?
No, I can't.
Oh, hang on.
Riley, we have a potential
suspect entering the laundromat.
Suspect at the locker. Move in.
Police, don't move.
Stop! Stop!
Hey! Hey!
Stop behind me.
Get him!
Don't resist. Get him up.
Look, if you've come to apologise,
Jane, don't even bother, OK?
Getting your mates to come here
to stop the trip, it's pretty low.
It's not about that.
It was a professional hit
that killed your father.
They've caught the gunman.
The guy that shot Dad?
They've also arrested
the person who ordered the hit.
Are they sure?
I'm sorry.
I was the target, not Ben.
Mandy ordered the hit.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, you're
fucking unbelievable, Jane.
First the trip and now Dad?
This is bullshit.
I know it's a shock, Zoe. I
Well, I don't believe you.
Can you get out?
Look, I just don't think you
should be alone right now.
Well, I don't want you here, Jane.
OK, well, I'm gonna be at
the apartment, so there's a key
Yeah, great. Thanks. Get out.
Yeah, I guessed you'd
figure that one out.
You killed your brother.
Is that why you're calling?
Your conscience troubling you?
I wanted to hear a friendly voice,
that's all.
Well, I'm not feeling
very friendly right now.
Yeah, well, we're nearly done,
What does that mean?
You'll probably wanna get some
You're gonna need it.
Tomorrow's gonna be a big one.
Jesus Christ,
just talk to me, please.
It's gonna be a beautiful day.
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