Halifax: Retribution (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I was the target, not Ben.
Did you know your father
was having an affair?
If you can call having an affair
with my mother having an affair.
She just lost her father.
If you do anything to hurt her,
you'll have me to deal with.
Mandy ordered the hit.
No-one is safe in this city anymore.
I want the shooter's head
on a platter tomorrow.
Why don't you tell me about the plan?
I wouldn't wanna spoil
the surprise.
They want a pliant population.
This has been a community
service announcement.
He knows we're closing in.
Get away from the dumpster!
Is it you?
You going all big
brother on me now?
This can't go on.
You killed your brother.
Yeah, well, we're nearly done.
It's gonna be a beautiful day.
Police identified the man believed
to be at the centre of Melbourne's
shooting terror as
Jarrod James Bungert.
The alleged gunman
is still at large.
Questions remain whether taskforce
officers mishandled operations
after the armed fugitive evaded
capture yesterday when the body,
believed to be his brother,
of Anton Bungert was discovered.
I fed your cat. Don't worry.
It's gonna be a beautiful day.
I love you.
Oh, shit!
Sorry. Sorry, it's just
Oh, no, it's - it's fine. Sorry.
Are you alright?
Yeah, just
Sorry I'm here. It's just,
I just couldn't sleep at home.
No, of course.
Mandy's - just shit everywhere.
Of course.
I was just wondering
if the offer still stands, if I
could stay here for a few days.
As long as you like. You know that.
I just feel like I need some
time to sort my shit out.
Do you wanna talk about it?
Not yet.
I'll go get your room ready.
I'm glad you're here.
Where's Dazza?
Don't know. Ah, gastro, I heard.
Just gonna check the roster.
I'd be worried if you didn't.
Just stay in the vehicle
till I sort this out, mate, OK?
Sure, sure.
You do what you gotta do.
All digital traces of Jarrod James
Bungert have been wiped clean.
I mean, he's like a ghost.
Hey, that call last night,
what do you think he meant by
"Today's gonna be a beautiful day"?
I don't know.
Well, can you hazard a guess?
Well, he knows we're
closing in and he's lost
all freedom of movement, so he'll
be wanting to wrestle back control.
Probably do more damage.
Yeah, to what?
Well, what's he angry about?
Big data, surveillance -
something to do with that.
OK. Hey, Kip, where're we at with
the most recent surveillance hacks?
Interview with Amanda Petras,
August 25 at 9:29 a.m.
Interview conducted by
Detective Senior Sergeant Bronski
and present,
Detective Sergeant Pratt.
I wanna talk to Jane.
She'll ask me about my childhood,
whether my Daddy didn't love me
or whether he loved me too much.
She can solve me like a puzzle.
I don't think that you fully
appreciate the gravity
of the situation.
Oh, I do.
I get it. I'm fucking terrified.
Is that what you
wanted to hear, Jane?
I wanna talk to you about
the events that led up to the death
of Benjamin Sailor.
The events that led up to?
In particular the circumstances
under which you engaged
the services of James Cooper.
Look, Jane has set me up here,
just like she put the coke
in my bedroom,
but you'd know all about that.
Do you wanna tell me what you were
doing at the laundromat last night?
Yeah, I was getting washing powder
'cause I'd run out and I was buying
it from the machine.
In a laundromat that was
a ten-minute drive from your place?
What about that locker you opened?
You do know that that,
and the texts on your phone,
are enough to charge you
for conspiracy to commit murder.
Well, maybe I should
get that lawyer?
Is everything alright?
Mandy called me and she said that
she wants to see me.
And what did you say?
I blanked.
I mean, what am I supposed to say
to that?
I tried to tell her no, but
she just wouldn't listen.
What do you think I should do?
I can't tell you that.
Even if I want you to?
Well, it's not that simple.
Jane, can you just please,
can you just tell me what to do?
I just - I need answers.
Well, OK, you want answers?
Don't call her back.
She'll just manipulate
you because you let her.
I'm sorry.
Look, do you want me to come home
so we can talk this through?
No, don't worry about it.
It's fine.
Before capturing global media's
31-year-old Jarrod James Bungert was
a fringe dweller
and unknown to police.
His movements prior to the alleged
attacks remain a mystery.
Oh thank god.
The media was doing my head in.
So much for watching soap operas.
Well, there's not much choice.
There's news on every channel.
You're supposed to be resting.
I heard they arrested Mandy.
She's tried to deny it.
We're waiting for her lawyer
to show up. You OK?
I thought I'd feel better?
I don't, not yet.
Anyway, I need a
distraction while we wait.
Well, did you wanna bounce
a couple of ideas around?
Why would Jarrod kill his brother?
What's the family history?
He had a messed-up
relationship with his father.
Yeah, so did I.
Didn't turn me into a killer.
His father was a Vietnam vet.
He was super-violent.
Died when Jarrod was 15.
Jarrod killed him?
Yeah, well, that was my first
thought, too.
I mean, it would fit with him
shooting middle-aged men,
but no, it was cancer.
Multiple cancers,
from exposure to Agent Orange. So?
Well, Jarrod mentions Agent Orange
in his manifesto.
I've been going back
through Jarrod's manifesto.
We know that chemicals
killed his father.
There are multiple references
throughout it. Words like 'toxic',
'poison', 'chemicals',
it comes up time and time again.
Almost as many times as the word
'data'. Right.
And buried down the back is this.
"Corporate greed has
poisoned the environment
"with toxic chemicals,
but there will be a reckoning,
and the agent of their destruction
will be of their own making."
He's planning a chemical attack?
Mandy's lawyer's arrived.
They've agreed to a deal.
I thought I might let
her stew for a while.
That may not necessarily loosen her
up. She's a pathological narcissist.
Without an audience,
she might just shut down.
Well, she doesn't look too worried.
She thinks she can talk
her way out of anything.
She's been doing it for years.
Game on.
I'm prepared to admit to some
things, but not to others.
Yeah. I mean, I sent a text.
I mean, that's all.
It's not like I actually
pulled the trigger.
And these texts that you sent,
how did you know where to send them?
Ah, my dealer knew
someone who knew someone.
And do any of these
someones have names?
Well, there was
only one number on the phone.
It was a prepaid phone? Yeah,
I know. I thought it was a joke.
But you still called the number.
I just wanted to scare her.
I didn't mean for anyone
to, you know, to be killed.
Not Jane, not Ben.
God, not Ben.
Where did you
get the money to pay for it?
That's a good story, actually.
You'll appreciate
the irony of this, Jane.
I was in my hotel room.
I hope you're hungry.
There's a great Chinese place
around the corner.
It's pretty pricy, but
I got dinner waiting for me at home.
Oh, god. Live a little.
Um What, Jane's not
gonna let you out to play? Don't.
What are you doing?
It's just temporary
until I fix myself up somewhere,
like, properly.
What'd you do with the money I gave
you for the bond, for that flat?
Oh, god, that place
wasn't right for us.
Mmm, there is no us, Mandy.
God, what is up with you?
Yeah, he tried to buy me off.
Oh, my god. He gave me $50,000
to get the fuck out of his life.
You're gonna have to make
this money last, OK,
'cause there'll be no more.
There's enough there to, you know,
I don't know, go somewhere new.
And what about Zoe?
I'm her mother.
You can't just shut me
out of her life.
So, yeah.
He ended up paying for his own hit.
It's not what I wanted to happen.
I just wanted to scare you, Jane.
This is a massive misunderstanding.
Can I have a minute?
Interview paused at 11:37.
It's alright.
Do you want me to stay?
No, I'm good. Thanks.
You gonna solve the puzzle?
It's not that difficult.
Yep. It's karma.
Do you understand that? It's my job
to understand people, Mandy.
You have no idea who I am.
The thing about narcissists is
you you don't see other people.
You only see them in terms
of your own internal drama.
Like Ben.
You think you loved him,
and I've no doubt
that you believed that. Mm-hm.
But you never saw him
for who he truly was.
He was just a character
in the Mandy show.
And unfortunately so was Zoe.
And what was I, the villain?
The sad thing is, Mandy,
apart from the fact that you've
lost everything, I honestly
believe you don't know what you are.
But I do.
I see you very clearly.
And there's nothing there.
I wanna see Zoe.
So, apart from
"It's going to be a beautiful day,"
did he say anything else?
We chatted about the cat.
He was really nice.
And then all of a sudden,
he just puts the cuffs on me.
OK, do you have any idea why
he might have targeted you?
Did he take anything?
Just the van.
OK, well, what was in the van?
Ah, nothing. I was just driving
to work. Where do you work?
Southbank Security.
Guarding where?
Appleton Dock.
Appleton Dock. Get details.
What's up?
He's gained access to the hazardous
chemical section of the wharf.
It's a secure area.
Well, not that secure.
There are three guards on duty.
Two are unaccounted for.
OK, any idea where he is?
One of my members has eyes on
a man on old wharf three.
It's the development next door.
Looks like he's cut through a couple
of fences to the haz-chem facility.
Which way's that?
OK. Hey, get onto Kip.
I want a drone up in the air.
We need a positive ID.
I wanna know exactly what we're
walking into in there.
All SOG units on site.
Maintain a secure perimeter.
Take up positions.
Do not fire without authorisation.
Use extreme caution until
the threat has been identified.
Copy that. Alpha Team, move in.
That was quick.
Tell the taskforce I'm impressed.
Why are you here?
Well, we discussed this, remember?
People need to wake up.
And how do you plan on doing that?
I did terrible things, Jane,
and they still didn't listen.
I had to take it to the next step.
Which is?
You'll see.
What's that on his arm?
Is that a timer?
Do you want me to get closer?
Yeah, do it.
Hang on, is that a chemical UN ID?
Can you zoom in, Kip?
I'm gonna check that out.
Yeah, great.
Hey, Nick? Yeah.
Ah, piss 'em off.
Get 'em right back, yeah?
2100 hours.
Look at this.
What's that about?
It's for me.
No, that's why he's
calling me, Nick.
He thinks we have a connection.
He's reaching out.
Well, I'm not sending you
over there, so forget it.
Oh, come on.
Can you tell us what's happening?
I need the vans back to
the other side of Dynan Road.
We've established a perimeter
and you're breaching it.
Is that Jarrod Bungert at the docks?
OK, pack up the vans
and move them all back.
Do you have him cornered?
Do you expect to apprehend him?
If you don't pack up the vans and
move them back,
I'm gonna get my mates in uniform
to do it for you, alright?
As you heard, a spokesperson
for the taskforce is unable
to confirm if the man
at the end of the docks is the same
man who's been terrorising
Melbourne for the last month.
Copy 07, hold position. That's as
close as we're going to get.
07 to 50, target acquired.
08 to 05, target in sight.
Copy 08, hold position.
Alright, snipers are now in
position here, here and here.
They've been instructed to
hold their fire
until we're clear about
what we're facing.
OK, great.
You don't think he expected snipers?
Nick, everything we know about
him suggests he's planned this.
Well, Jane, you said
that he's on the back foot,
you said he's on edge, so which
is it? Just send me out there.
What, and give him a hostage?
That's my problem.
No, it's not. It's gonna be my
problem, Jane,
because then I'm gonna have to
explain to your loved ones
why I sent you out there.
I've got the best chance of stopping
him, Nick. He's cornered and this is
the place he's chosen, so he doesn't
think he's walking away from this.
What if he wants to go
out in a blaze of glory?
Well, then, I'm definitely not
sending you out there.
07 and 50, establish new position.
Copy, 09. Hold position.
OK, the chemical is called
methyl isocyanate.
It's used in adhesives, pesticides,
that kind of thing.
And it's dangerous?
Well, not when kept in cold storage
or stored in barrels or loaded into
shipping containers, but when
blown into the atmosphere, yes.
It is, it's deadly,
and if that stuff touches the water,
it's gonna cause this thing called
an exothermic reaction.
What does that mean?
Essentially it's the release
of an extremely toxic cloud.
It's the same chemical that caused
the Bhopal gas tragedy
in India in 1984.
"Poisonous gases flooded the city,
causing great panic.
One estimate puts it at 8,000 deaths
and adds another 8,000 since then."
OK, call the EPA.
Get the Premier on the line. Yeah.
Kip. Onto it.
Yeah, right now.
I wanna see how far
it's gonna spread.
There's been chaos
on the docks, Bryan.
The press were pulled back
and we're just hearing reports that
many of the apartment blocks in
Docklands are being evacuated.
Now, police are yet to issue any sort
of statement about the stand-off,
which is clearly taking place just
a few hundred metres from here.
The drone footage shows us eight
barrels of methyl isocyanate,
each with 200L.
There's enough C4 strapped
to the barrels to blow it sky-high
across the water,
triggering the exothermic reaction.
It's a toxic cloud.
OK, but do we know how toxic?
Oh, it will kill everyone who
comes into contact with it.
The casualties will be
in the tens of thousands,
possibly hundreds of thousands.
Ah, notify Emergency Services.
Send them Kip's simulation.
We're gonna need to
evacuate the entire city.
Taskforce Stingray has confirmed
they are involved in
an active situation at the docks,
but it is unknown if the man
involved is Jarrod Bungert,
wanted over the city's reign
of terror.
Hey, you've called Zoe. Leave
a message, or don't, or whatever.
Zoe, it's Jane. I need you to
I need you to know I'm sorry.
About everything.
And I hope you're OK. I love you.
Tom, what
what are you doing here?
I've never felt better, mate.
OK, well as Acting Command,
I'm asking you to get
back in that taxi and stand down.
Well, I don't think the paperwork
for those orders has gone through,
so request denied.
Where are we with the snipers?
I've got two on the opposite shore,
one in the shipping control tower,
one on the jetty,
both with clear line of sight.
Well, tell me about the chemicals.
Oh, Jesus! Get some of your men,
pull her back.
No. Let her stay.
What are you doing?
Shouldn't you be in the hospital?
Do you think you
could talk him down?
Honestly, I don't know.
Look, I don't want you to be his
next target.
Keep your phone on, put it in your
pocket so that we can listen,
in case it all goes to shit.
Thanks for not
telling me to come back.
I wouldn't dare.
Pull the drone up.
Keep it in sight.
I wanna get a lay of the land.
I'm sorry.
Will you excuse me for one second,
It is so good to meet you.
You too.
What's that beeping noise?
It's a timer of some sort.
Possibly linked to a detonator.
Well, here we are.
Here we are.
What's this all about, Jarrod?
You you don't know?
I've been trying to understand.
Well, you've read my manifesto.
It's all there.
It's all spelt out, very clearly.
Why the shootings?
I just - I don't understand how
that fits
into anything that I read
in your manifesto.
Why do people keep putting up
with more and more surveillance?
Can you boost up the sound?
I wanna hear everything.
They're told it's all there
to keep them safe, right?
But they're being sold a lie.
And who's lying to them?
The government.
And who runs the government?
Big fucking business.
We are being manipulated, Jane,
as a people for their capital gain.
There's no such thing
as free speech anymore.
We have no rights to our personal
What I wanted to do was
I wanted to show everyone
that all of the cameras,
all of the surveillance,
nothing can keep them safe.
I moved through all of the cameras
in that city and no-one saw me.
It's all a lie. It's all a lie.
And the victims?
Sacrifices have to be made
to get the message out.
Hey, Lozza.
No, I've been out of it. Why?
Whilst we can't confirm
the identity of the man
or his latest demands,
we can identify the hostage
as Dr. Jane Halifax.
Zoe, it's Jane.
I need you to I need
you to know I'm sorry.
About everything.
And I hope you're OK. I love you.
You know, what I do here today will
be talked about for decades to come.
I'm worried that they'll talk about
it as the work of a madman.
And I know you don't want that.
Can I ask you a question?
When you talk to power,
you have to talk about something
they care about, right?
And as we both know,
they don't care about big data,
toxic chemicals, climate change.
What do you think they care about?
How much do you think the real
estate of greater Melbourne's worth?
More than it should be.
What if it's
uninhabitable for a year?
Or or maybe five years.
What then?
How many Royal Commissions
do you think there'd be into this?
And I guess they'd have
to work through
every issue I raised, wouldn't they?
You're sounding like a martyr.
If necessary.
So you've thought about everything.
What if you don't make it that far?
Oh, you're talking
about the snipers?
Those two over there, or the one by
the truck? I don't - you know what,
I don't think they're gonna want
to shoot me. Things'll get ugly.
Right on cue.
What happens if you stop
pressing the button?
I think you know.
How many seconds between beeps?
And if you don't press it?
All snipers maintain your position.
Suspect is armed with
a dead-man switch. Do not shoot.
There's a risk of detonation.
Repeat, risk of detonation.
You know my mother used to say -
oh, you would have loved her,
by the way. You and her would
Ah, she used to say,
"Every single person has the power
to change the world, but only
the special ones have the courage."
I can't let this lie, Jane.
People like me and you, we don't -
we don't get to sit by
on the sidelines and watch.
And so, because the idiots
aren't listening,
I had to come up
with something even bigger.
Something no-one will be able to
sleep through. And it's beautiful.
Do you think your mother
would approve of you killing
so many people, Jarrod?
Sacrifices have to be made.
Well, I know you
didn't mean to hurt Amy.
That was an accident, Jane.
I know.
You went to the hospital, you took
flowers, risked getting caught.
And I don't believe you wanted
to hurt Toni, either.
She brought that upon herself.
But all the other victims were male.
Why is that?
Did they remind you of your father?
Let's not speak about my father.
You don't know anything about him.
Well, I know he was violent.
Did he beat you? Was he abusive?
Is that what this is about?
Yes, he beat us! Yes, he beat
the living shit out of us!
All of us! I was a kid!
They sent him off to Vietnam
and they fucked with his head.
They drenched him in
poisons and in chemicals
that ate away his insides.
They turned him into a monster.
And so now you're going to drench
everyone else in chemicals.
I tried to wake everyone up, Jane!
I tried!
I tried really hard and guess what?
Nobody gives a shit.
I literally put the information
in front of them!
I did all the work for them!
They're all happy to go
about giving their data to -
to - to Google, to Facebook,
or anybody else who asks for it.
I honestly thought
all of that would stop once I took
control of the screens, once I took
pot shots at the Minister while she
was in her vehicle. I - I thought -
I really thought it would.
But nothing.
They're all still asleep.
Zoe, you can't be here.
Mila! Where's Jane?
Give us a moment, OK? Hey,
we're in the middle of something.
Yeah, I know.
It's all over the news.
Yeah, OK.
We're all in a lot of danger
and Jane would not want you being
here. Well, I'm not going anywhere.
So unless you arrest me,
I'm not leaving.
Mila, please let me stay.
OK, she's with me.
Come on. Come on. Quickly.
Alright, you stay where I put you.
If you give me any grief,
I swear to god I will cuff you
and throw you in the back
of a divvy van.
This is as far as you go.
Mate, keep an eye on her, please.
You don't empathise with those
Those sleepers? No, not really.
No, they had their chance.
I could pretend to.
What psychological category
would that put me in?
Lack of empathy is symptomatic
of a number of disorders.
I feel empathy, I do.
I - I don't want you to be harmed.
Well, maybe that's because you're
projecting something onto me.
Kip, check that timer.
Make sure it's 30 seconds.
Or perhaps I need your
help with something.
And what's that?
I need you to tell my story.
And why would I do that?
'Cause I think you care.
Is it important to you that I care?
What do you think of me, Jane?
I think you're very complex.
The timer's confirmed at 30 seconds.
You say you need me to tell your
story. We could do it together.
I could help you, Jarrod.
It doesn't have to be like this.
You're a smart, young man.
You don't have to do this.
We could lobby the government
What, from prison? Come on, Jane.
We both know that'll never happen.
They won't allow me access
to the internet or to media.
They'll strip everything from me.
So you're really not walking
away from this, are you?
I'm sorry.
I don't want you to die, Jarrod.
It's for the greater good.
Well, I'm not gonna tell your story.
What - what is she doing?
Shh! Quiet, quiet, quiet.
So, if you're going to do it, do it.
I thought you said
you would help me.
Don't let me down now, Jane.
Don't do that.
Tom, Jane's not trained to
handle this kind of situation.
She can handle it.
She knows what she's doing.
This isn't for the greater good,
because you don't care about anyone.
Those people you murdered,
they were just targets.
You only saw them down
the barrel of a sniper's rifle,
and now you're the target.
She's telling us to take the shot.
Just listen to what she's saying.
Don't make me hurt you. Not you.
Not you!
Can you pull up
the 30 second timer?
Get me a direct line to the snipers.
Look at me!
Look at me!
You are all I have. I'm sorry.
Start the timer. Take the shot!
Jane, use his thumb!
Target down.
Confirm, target down.
Clear the area.
It's OK, move away. Move away now.
It's alright. Move away.
Move away.
Clear the area!
Set a perimeter!
It's safe. It's safe.
Great job, everyone!
Jane, Zoe's here.
She's at the outer cordon.
Let's give Jane some air.
Come on, let's go for a walk.
You alright?
I didn't have a choice.
No, you did the right thing.
You did the only thing.
I can't have you going
in there doing my job.
I mean, what if I turn shrink?
Ah, come on, keep moving,
keep moving.
I have been such an arsehole, Jane.
Yeah, you have.
I used to be good at my job.
But lately,
I don't know so much anymore.
But you've brought me back
from the edge.
I just wanna know that
you're gonna be OK,
that you're gonna get through this,
that you can make it.
Well, if you can stop being an
arsehole, I can get through this.
Get out.
Dr. Halifax, are you OK?
Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.
so tell me, would you please
needed #
What are you doing here?
I got your voicemail and I
just needed to tell you
that I'm sorry, and I love you too.
and trace #
It's OK.
Professor Jane Halifax is yet to
agree to comment on the wharf siege
where Jarrod James Bungert was
shot dead by police.
Sources suggest she was at the centre
of the madman's standoff
..Police Minister has called on
the media and public to respect
Professor Jane Halifax's privacy
at this time,
but many questions
still remain unanswered.
Opposition has called on
a full enquiry into the incident.
The other day at the wharf,
were those tears that I saw?
Me? No, I'm an emotional cripple.
You know that.
Oh, don't say that.
You know I feel awful for
the stuff I said. I didn't
I know you're sorry.
Besides, you've got the next
20 years of me nagging you
to make up for it.
Oh, wow, only 20 years.
Good to know.
So, any idea what you wanna do next?
I don't know.
I'm glad, though,
that I'm not at uni.
It will give me time
to properly heal.
So no solid plans for
the next couple of months?
Oh, god, don't. Is this the start
of the 20 years of nagging?
No, I just wanna make sure
you've got time for this.
You didn't.
A ticket to Nashville.
Well, your Dad's guitar's not gonna
deliver itself.
Thank you.
You should come with me.
Well, I would, except I have
no idea who Jack White is.
And I have a trip of my own planned.
Do you?
Mm-hm. Whereabouts?
Well, I thought I might start
in Spain, and then who knows?
Maybe head south to Morocco.
Wow. Good for you.
I think we both
deserve a fresh start.
Well, on that note, I'm gonna
go and dig out that guitar.
Good idea.
every corner of
like it changes me
like a wolf in the cold
but it's not enough
why do I keep calling
like a wolf in the cold
like a wolf in the cold
so close but it's not enough
I need you to overcome. #
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