Halt and Catch Fire (2014) s04e05 Episode Script

Nowhere Man

1 People need a guide through the disorganized maze of the Web.
Previously on AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire" This is what I was hoping for.
We should add more people.
Current model isn't scalable.
You are officially hired as Comet's Chief Ontologist.
You live with Diane, who has more money than all of us combined.
That'd be the end of us.
Programmer's been banging his head against the wall for months.
We don't got that algorithm.
What part is he stuck on? To Rover.
Series A financing.
Now all of a sudden we're up against this capitalized nightmare.
Who wrote the new algorithm? [Door closes] [Keys clatter] Donna: Well, I was just a little bit surprised because, you know, you'd struggled for so long.
So I just I have to ask Who wrote the new algorithm? I mean, I did.
Though I gotta give Bos credit.
He had a great idea.
Yeah, we're calling it the, uh, the "waiting room" concept.
People wait in line in life.
Why not on the web? [Chuckles] So I-I created a-a queuing program.
Our crawler was rude.
I had to teach that sucker some manners.
[Chuckles] [Chuckles] Well, uh, you enjoy the party.
[Computer chimes, keyboard clacks] Joanie: No! - Oh, my God.
- What is wrong? [Sighs] This is so annoying.
What is that? Cameron's game? I thought that review guy was just an asshole, but [Keyboard clacking] this is actually impossible.
Like, she doesn't want anyone to actually win.
Well, did you try all three of these? [Ethereal video game music plays] They all take you back to the beginning.
I'm getting ice cream.
[Freezer opens] [Freezer closes] [Cookie clatters] Hey, you think I'd make a good spy? [Door opens, closes] [Eastern European accent] I leave message here on service, but you do not call.
[Chuckles] Why? Do you want to watch something else? [Normal voice] No! I'm really into it.
- Yeah? - Her accent is ridiculous.
[Eastern European accent] How many times have you viewed this moving-picture show? Geez, I don't know.
Too many times.
I've lost count.
- Four in the theater.
- [Normal voice] Oh, my God.
- Easy.
I like what I like.
- [Chuckles] I like that you like what you like.
Totally makes sense that it's your favorite, though.
What's that supposed to mean? Are you kidding me? It's a motley crew of dude friends pulling capers with nothing more than nerdy technical skills and a dash of moxie.
Well "Functioning superbly does come automatically to me.
" Fortunes! [Wrapper crinkles] What did you get? - [Laughs] - What? Let me see! "An exciting 'Tim' is coming my way.
" Damn it! And I'll bet he likes swing dancing.
Why swing dancing? Yeah, isn't that the thing that you do every Friday night? Roller derby.
Seriously? I don't even know how you mix those two up.
Well, in my defense, I was incredibly distracted by how bad I wanted to sleep with you.
Nice save.
Yeah? Roller derby, huh? That's hot.
I know.
You want to come tomorrow? Yes.
Yes, yes, I do.
Oh, wait.
Yeah, I think I got the girls tomorrow.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe Maybe I'll see if they want to come, too.
Okay then.
Do you mind if we rewind a bit? I don't want to miss any madcap adventures.
Oh, I think we've missed way more than a bit.
[Chuckles] [VCR whirs, clicks] [Eastern European accent] I leave message here on service, but you do not call.
- Oh.
- One more time.
- [VCR whirs, clicks] - [Laughs] I leave message here on service, but you do not call.
And then the guy drove all the way back to my house to bring me the bag that I forgot 'cause he said he knew I loved my Yoo-hoo.
[Scoffs] Can you believe that? I mean, these people are the nicest people on the planet.
I don't know why anyone lives in the city anymore.
So you don't have to drive 30 minutes to get your groceries.
I mean Good point.
[Rock music playing] We weren't totally wrong, though.
What? Comet.
Search was always a land grab.
[Sighs] But I thought we planted a flag.
Now, flush with all that cash, Rover will be able to innovate in ways that we cannot, especially with the current structure.
So I What I guess I'm trying to say is you were right.
- Algorithmic search is the future - [Glass breaks] Ay! Shit.
You okay? Yeah.
I don't know why we would wait to pivot.
I think I'm gonna stay at the Airstream tonight.
MacMillan: What? It'll be 11:00 by the time you get there.
[Chuckles] All right, yeah.
Do what you want, but - What? - I-I was really hoping you'd come in to Comet with me in the morning.
I want to have a-a brainstorming session with Gordon, and we could really use your perspective.
Joe, I didn't mean to get in your head - about the algorithm thing, okay? - You - Forget it.
- You didn't.
Rover did.
You should just keep doing what you were doing.
You have a very unique approach.
One day, maybe two.
I don't want to get in the middle of things with you and Gordon right now.
I'm not asking you to mediate.
I'm telling you it's important that we keep things separate.
Cam, Rover is gonna kick our ass.
That's not my fault! [Scoffs] I didn't say it was your fault.
I'm I'm asking for your help.
Yeah, now.
I said that you were right.
Okay, you and Gordon didn't want me to be a part of your little club.
You weren't even listening to me.
That is not true.
I asked you if you wanted to be involved, and you turned me down.
I also asked if you wanted to move in, and you don't want to do that, either.
I ask you out to the Airstream all the time.
I can't stand up in the damn thing! Look, I've been really understanding with you, beyond patient.
[Scoffs] I'm sorry.
I didn't realize we were running a tab.
[Door opens, closes] [Wok clatters] [Birds chirping] [Sighs softly] [Indistinct conversations] [Air hockey puck clacking] [Door closes] Hey, I got Katie on the ropes.
Herman: Oh, I'm letting him win.
- Oh, please.
Get a load of this wrist! - Aah! [Laughing] No! [Indistinct conversations continue] [Keyboard clacks] - Oh, look at that one! - [Laughs] [Puck clacking] Oh! Oh.
[Telephone rings in distance] [Sighs] Gordon! What? I can't hear myself think.
You wanted the thing.
You picked the place for it.
It's Friday, okay? All but two teams have clear queues.
Maybe take a break from thinking.
So now when I put in "Dallas Cowboys," the first results are the top fan sites.
Okay, so they've improved.
That was inevitable.
It's the next few results where we're in trouble.
The Chisholm Trail Historic Society.
The rankings for the Texas rodeo circuit, and, of course, the country-Tejano crossover classic, "Mercy Me," by our friends the Dallas Cowboys.
[MIDI music plays] I don't get it.
I mean, the last time we looked at it, that was a bad thing.
Then they rank too high.
They've managed to make the results accurate for the average user while still accounting for the outlier.
It's brilliant.
Well, if the results are that impressive, then They are! We need to build out our coding team, hire analysts, statisticians.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is a much larger conversation.
So let's have it.
[Laughter in distance] It It's Friday.
And most of the queues are clear.
[Indistinct conversations] Okay.
Growth has slowed.
Yet we're still growing.
Not for long with this.
No, I think you're overstating things.
Look, I get it if you don't think we're gonna be able to pay for it.
I think you were right the first time.
What we have is working.
Comet is great.
Okay? Will you please just relax? Okay? We sure are paying Katie a hell of a lot to play air hockey.
What's this really about? - Ensuring the future of this company.
- Yeah? Because from where I stand, everything seems fine.
You, on the other hand, walked in here this morning like somebody took a dump in your oatmeal.
Oh, yeah? From where I stand, it looks like you don't care what happens to this company as long as you get to keep screwing the chief ontologist! [Indistinct conversations stop] [Puck and slider clatter] Why don't you get some air? [Door closes] Reese: First wave of hires will be in the engineering department.
Four programmers by the end of the month, a director of product management, and a Q.
team by Q2.
You have fun last night? Sure.
Sure, nice do.
Yeah, I was so wired.
I stayed up half the night, looking at that algorithm.
It's just so impressive, don't you think? Cecil really came through.
On the top sheet, you'll see we're outsourcing the CFO role I mean, he solved every problem he's been wrestling with for months in one elegant update.
Well, I guess the muse finally had something to say.
Don't you wonder what took him so long? I don't.
Let's put a pin in expanding the programming department for now.
Cecil performed so well under pressure, let's, uh, let's see if he surprises us again.
[Indistinct conversations] Hey.
Um This is gonna sound a little weird, but I got this song stuck in my head, - and I can't get it out, and - Love this game.
- Okay.
- Go for it.
[Humming tune] "Indiana Jones.
" Definitely not.
Go again.
[Continues humming] "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.
" That can't be a song.
[Chuckles] It's exciting Tim's favorite.
I don't know.
Maybe I made it up.
I bet it will come to you.
Yeah? When you least expect it.
Oh, yeah? Hey.
I don't want to make it more of a thing, but Joe today Oh.
Yeah, listen There's really no excuse, but sometimes, Joe just can get It just got awkward with Haley, and maybe you should talk to her.
What? Did she say something? No.
I'm sure she heard him, so Well, she knows we're dating, you know? Yeah.
You want me to have a conversation with my 14-year-old daughter about my sex life? No.
I don't know.
- What? - Maybe! She just got weird with me.
Okay, listen.
If you can't handle a little weirdness with Haley, there's no way you're surviving trial by Joanie.
Fair enough.
I'll pack extra padding.
[Birds chirping] [Car door closes] - [Banging on door] - Oh! Oh, geez! Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Can I come in? Howe: Sure.
[Door closes] Hey.
Coffee? - Sure.
- Yeah.
[Cup clinks] [Coffee pours] You haven't responded to my e-mails.
Howe: No.
I just haven't checked in a while.
[Sighs] Sorry.
After everything with Atari, I just Oh, yeah.
I'm I'm sorry to hear about that.
No, I know you worked hard.
Oh, wait.
You didn't come all the way out here 'cause you were worried about me, did you? I had meetings with a few developers.
Many birds, one transcontinental stone.
So you are here to kill me.
[Both chuckle] I just need you to sign these.
You couldn't mail them? I did.
They were in the box with your journals and the sweater.
Did you not get them? No, I did.
Uh, it got hit by a truck.
Okay, Cam.
No, I-I know it sounds I I'll just sign whatever you want.
This is insane.
Seriously, she has lost her mind! [Door opens] Donna: Hey, guys.
[Door closes] Just had a few minutes and thought I'd check in.
Have Bos and Tanya walked you through my thinking? Bosworth: Uh, yeah, we're working through that right now.
Vera: With respect, we would prefer to prioritize programming hires.
Yeah, I understand the instinct.
And in most circumstances, I would agree.
But It makes no sense to bring in a head of business development when we don't have a staff! Hey, we're just talking here, dude.
Vera: We're all grateful for your leadership, Donna, but I think that we have more than proven ourselves.
And I would appreciate it Well, we would all appreciate the respect of being able to run our own company without this much interference.
You are an excellent programmer.
And considering all you've accomplished in the last couple months, I don't see a big value add in additional engineers.
Yeah, I-I get that.
Um, but, you know, I mean, think of think of what I could accomplish if I didn't have to worry about the cosmetic stuff or the database.
It's just distracting.
And if I could just focus on on developing functionality, you know, who knows what's possible? So you don't need programmers.
You just need coding grunts? Uh, well, both.
We need both.
Well I want you to have what you need.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
You won't regret it.
But the idea of search isn't proprietary, and our process, however, is.
So before we bring in any outside talent, why don't we get you with our legal team and file all the necessary patents? We did that back when we got seed.
That patent was for a medical records indexing method.
Do you believe that covers Cecil's recent innovations? The lawyers are gonna want detailed specifications how it works, what it does in writing.
And I Don't you think we're being overly cautious here? No, I think I'm being the exact right amount of cautious.
I assume that's not gonna be a problem.
No problem at all.
Once we lock down the I.
, you can have all the engineers you want.
I'm telling you, she knows.
[Sighs] She's got her suspicions.
She can't prove anything.
Who cares if she can prove it? She can make my life miserable.
She already is.
You've gotta get it the hell together, all right? Get with the lawyers, walk them through how this thing works, and then move on.
I know Donna will, too.
You're not hearing me.
I can't.
All right, there are these chunks of what I wrote in there, but the way it's connected, I-I get what's happening, but I can't explain it.
Whoever wrote this is on another level, man.
- No, don't sell yourself short.
- Go ask him for the damn specs.
You know how to do all [Door opens] You know, I'm kind of bummed we're never gonna find out what that sound was.
Oh, I never told you.
What? You're not gonna believe it.
- It's an old woman tied to a bed.
- Close.
It's a parrot on a chair.
- What? - A huge one.
A macaw, maybe.
The screams were human.
I know.
How did you get in? There was a leak in Shinsuke's apartment, so Toshiaki had to open the place up for a plumber, and I just knew that that was my only chance.
Oh! What What about the scraping? It's a chair.
What? It's the chair.
One of those metal ones with the with the heart on the back.
The bird would drag the chair from one window to another.
And at first, I couldn't figure out why, until I saw that there's a cat in the alley.
So they had this intraspecies game of peek-a-boo going on.
It's so bizarre.
- So a bird - Yeah.
drags the chair with its beak? It's a big bird.
No, I don't believe you.
Well, why would I lie about that? [Sighs] Where are you moving? We got a place in Setagaya-ku.
The suburbs? That is unexpected.
We're having a baby.
I'm happy for you.
All right.
You seem good.
I am.
[Sighs] I'm sorry.
For all of it.
[Birds chirping] Itterasshai! [Mouse clicking] [Sighs] [Watch alarm beeps] [Sighs] [Pen scratching] [Pen clicks] - Hey.
- Hey.
I'm heading home, but you're on my way to the rink, so if you want me to Feeling all right? Yeah.
Nothing to report.
7:00 at your spot? You got it.
[Telephone rings] Gordon Clark.
Is he around? He's not picking up.
Um, yeah.
Let me see if I can get him.
Cam's on the line.
I don't even know what problem I'm trying to solve.
Look, I don't know where he is.
Can I have him call you? - Okay.
- Bye.
[Phone beeps] Maybe we add a search bar.
Not with a crawler like Rover, but we give users the option to search our own index.
I mean, I could get behind that.
Yeah? I don't know.
What's going on, man? I was just down there, surrounded by Post-it notes for three years, and just when I feel like I've got my arms around it I can't see it anymore.
So we're talking about the future again.
I should call her back.
Is this what you saw 10 years ago? Because it's not what I saw for myself when you showed up in my garage.
That's the point.
It was never about where it ended up.
It was about how it felt.
When I saw it I knew how it would feel to build something with you.
But this Friday afternoon, all the queues are clear I don't know what comes next.
Most of us in the human race, we don't get to know what's next.
I mean, we just feel shit as it's thrown at us.
This right now is all there is.
Welcome to the future, Joe MacMillan.
I mean, I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sure glad to have you here.
I'm really sorry about earlier.
Hey, don't worry about it.
But if you ever scream about my sex life in front of my kid again I will rip off your head and shit down your throat.
Search bar is a good idea.
[Clears throat] We should do that.
[Knocking on door] Hey, there! - Hi.
- Hey.
Well, I don't mean to barge in on you like this.
I been trying you all day.
Thought I'd take a flyer.
You know what, I'm just in the middle of something.
Do you mind if we talk later? No, this won't take but a sec.
Is Joe around? No.
He's uh, on his way home.
- Do you need to talk to him? - No.
Just you, darling.
I know what we said, - and I wouldn't ask, Cam, if there's any other way.
- No! No.
Bos, we said no patches, no updates.
It was a one-time deal.
No, it's nothing that grand.
I just need a little help with the tech specs for the patent.
What? You're telling me he wrote half the work, and he can't explain it to you? Well, he could use some guidance, huh? Just a few minutes on the phone.
No! You promised me that this would never come back to me.
No, and it won't.
It won't.
Cecil got no reason to spill.
Oh, God.
This is so stupid.
Why can't you just talk to her? Oh.
Sure, sure.
Soon as you tell Joe.
You really want him You want him to know about all this? [Sighs] - [Scoffs] - Look, Cam.
Okay, you need to leave.
This is gonna help the both of us.
No, this was a mistake.
We don't talk about this again.
Cam, please.
Cam? [Knock on door] Cam! Cam, please.
Gould: I should have let it slide, but after a decade of pretending to not notice him kick the ball back on the fairway like it was soccer I was either gonna have to say something or run him over with a cart.
Oh, God, he must have been furious.
He covered well.
It took him two more holes before he found an excuse to wrap his nine iron a tree.
[Chuckles] You know, I'm as competitive as they come, but I can't imagine what compels a person to cheat so brazenly.
A long life of being told that winning is your birthright.
- Hmm.
- John had a good line.
What was that? John.
- What? - About Elias.
Oh, yeah, man's just a little lobster, convinced he's king of the crawdads.
[Chuckles] Funny.
[Indistinct conversations] Why don't you get the check? Oh.
[Sighs] I still can't believe it.
Well, yeah, it's about time she stopped letting that yahoo win.
It was killing her handicap.
[Chuckles] No, you know what I'm talking about.
Let's take the night off, Donna.
I mean, it's miraculous, really.
The kid can't walk on water.
I had an idea.
It shifted his thinking.
That's all.
Just must have been one hell of an idea.
And coming from you, a tech expert such as yourself, no less.
Well, it didn't take no expertise.
I just figured you wait in line in real life, might as well wait in line on the Internet.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cecil realized Our crawler was rude.
- Yeah, we had to teach it some manners.
- Had to teach it some manners? You are so full of shit.
[Breathing quickly] How many of those have you had? I have enemies all over this town, and you bring someone in to poke around my project.
What did What the hell are you talking about? Did it not even occur to you that maybe someone out there is trying to hurt me? Sounds like you're nursing a guilty conscience.
Oh, please! Don't go trying to turn this around on me.
I think there's a reason why - you think I'm trying to screw you - You were being reckless! is that's all you know how to do.
God damn it, I don't even know who you are anymore, Donna! I'm the woman who would have fired your ass if you didn't have Diane's skirt to hide behind.
Well, shit, you've been hiding behind her skirt for years.
- Years! - I did you a favor.
The only reason I brought you on in the first place was because she was worried you were bored! [Mumbles, groans] - Bos? Bos? - [Grunting] John! John! John! Get some help! John! Oh, my God.
John! Look at me! John, stay with me.
Woman on P.
: Morales, please pick up line two.
Morales, line two.
[Door opens] Doctor: Mrs.
Bosworth? [Door closes] Mrs.
Bosworth? Actually, I Never mind.
He's gonna be okay.
All right? Come with me.
[Exhales sharply] Hi.
How is he? Oh, he's he's stable.
[Sighs] Okay.
They were doing a Um, I forget what it's called.
It's to check for blockages.
Diane's with the doctor now.
I'm sure there's more news.
- Dr.
Roberts, line four.
- [Sighs] Dr.
Roberts, pick up four.
What happened? I'm I'm not sure.
We were at dinner, and he was fine.
And then he wasn't.
[Exhales sharply] [Sighs] We had a fight today.
[Voice breaking] I was mean.
[Sobs softly] Well, you you can't blame yourself.
[Sighs] What was the fight about? [Sighs] [Exhales sharply] So it was you.
[Door opens] [Door closes] He's gonna be all right.
He's a tough son of a bitch.
Diane's with the doctors now.
She's getting an update.
You okay? Hmm? I don't know what you're doing, but stay out of my business, and stay out of my life.
[Door opens, closes] [Music plays indistinctly in headphones] - Joanie: Oh, my God.
I love her! - Herman: Right?! - [Both laugh] - Oh, God! She's so bad! [Laughing] [Rock music plays in headphones] You want to listen? No.
No, I'm fine.
Yo, punk, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Bos is gonna be all right.
I'm just tired.
Can I borrow this? Sure.
[Inhales deeply] [Cassette player clicks] Hey.
[Sighs] You headed out? Mnh.
What you listening to? Oh, nothing.
Show tunes? Yeah.
" Hmm.
Really, though.
Uh, stress exacerbates my symptoms, so, um this calms me down.
Enya, then.
It's uh It's me.
I recorded myself just talking, reminding myself that things aren't so bad.
That's beautiful.
We should all do that.
Can I ask you something? Yeah, no, absolutely.
Is there a pattern in your journals? You know, a few years back, I-I got, you know, really nuts about it, and I put everything into a spreadsheet at the end of each week.
Then I had my friend, Gabe he built out this statistical analysis program that would spit out charts and graphs and reports and But [Sighs] Hey, look, I'm really sorry I missed roller derby this evening.
[Scoffs] Don't be.
It'll be there next week.
It was nice to get some good time in with Joanie.
She's fun.
She really likes you, which is something.
Hey, thanks for tonight.
You know, I really appreciate it.
It's still early.
We can watch a movie.
Um I'm really tired.
- Is that okay? - Yeah.
You sure? Yeah.
Call me tomorrow? Yeah.
Yeah, no, of course.
I'll I'll call you first thing in the morning.
Pull over.
What's wrong? Can you just pull over? Please.
[Engine shuts off] I saw John today.
Um He had some work here, and, uh, I had to sign something.
It doesn't matter.
[Sighs] But I started thinking about why I finally told him about you and me.
'Cause at the time, I thought that it was the only way to save us.
But now I think I wanted him to leave.
[Sighs] I wrote the algorithm.
I did it for Bos to help him.
He lost all this money and he hasn't told Diane, and it's a big mess.
A part of me just wanted to see if I could do it.
I'm sorry.
Why are you telling me this? Because I love you.
- ["Sneakers" plays on TV] - Bishop: Okay, keep coming.
Emery: Oh, God.
I'm driving.
I'm driving.
[Telephone ringing] [ Vehicle crashes ] [TV shuts off] [Telephone beeps] Donna: Haley left her bio book.
Does she need it for the weekend? Hello.
Do you know? I don't, but can I have her call you in the morning? Sure.
It's, um It's been good for her.
She's really growing into her skin.
I'm glad you see it, too.
She's, um God, she's just such a different person there.
Or not different.
She's just more Yeah, I know what you mean.
Look, um I know it's been complicated with Rover, but Look.
Donna, it's fine.
Tonight was hard.
I can't imagine.
God, the sound of Diane's voice when she saw him, it was And he and I had been arguing.
I was really rough on him.
No, really, I I said some awful things.
Donna, it's not your fault.
You weren't there.
You don't know.
Yeah, well, he owes 300 grand.
Sunk a bunch of money into a bad deal and didn't tell Diane.
It's probably the real reason he went to work for you.
You know, he came to me first asking to borrow it, and I turned him down, so, if you're assigning blame to anyone Donna.
You gonna be okay? Sure.
[Scoffs softly] Night, Gordon.
Good night.
[Click] [Phone beeps] [Sighs] [Insects chirping] [Mouse clicks] [ Breathing heavily ] [PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me" plays] Hmm.
[Key clacks] [Mouse clicks, game chimes] [ Breathing heavily ] Tie yourself to me No one else, no You're not rid of me [Game chimes] You're not rid of me Night and day, I breathe Hah, hah, ay, hey You're not rid of me Yeah, you're not rid of me I beg you, my darling Don't leave me I'm hurting Lick my legs, I'm on fire [Keyboard clacks] Lick my legs of my desire I'll tie your legs Keep you against my chest Oh, you're not rid of me Yeah, you're not rid of me I'll make you lick my injuries I'm gonna twist your head off, see Till you say don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her I beg you, my darling [Mouse clicks] Don't leave me I'm hurting I've been lonely [Game chimes] Above everything Lick my legs, I'm on fire Lick my legs of my desire Yeah, you're not rid of me Yeah, you're not rid of me I'll make you lick my injuries I'm gonna twist your head off, see Till you say don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her Don't you, don't you wish you never, never met her