Halt and Catch Fire (2014) s04e08 Episode Script


1 Bos got married.
- What? - Hope it works out for them.
You know, better than our sorry asses.
Previously on AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire" I would never do anything to interfere with Comet.
Man: Donna, I get it.
It hurts to be thought of in that way.
Maybe we can talk about you coming back to Comet.
But I don't want to.
I'm getting ready to step back.
If you still want the job, I'll back you.
We'll deliver people to other sites, but they always come back to us.
Donna? [Footsteps approach] Is she down? Yeah.
Is it over? Please tell me it's over.
I love my parents, but, good God They're gone.
In an hour, they will be in the air on their way back to Texas.
They are gone.
They are TWA's problem now.
[Moans] But, no.
No! Why?! [Laughing] Oh, promise me we will never look at each other the way they do.
I can't promise.
[Chuckles] Sorry they drive you so crazy.
What are you talking about? They were great.
You see what your dad got me? The perfect reminder of how unmanly he thinks I am.
- [Electric knife whirring] - Oh! Screechy.
Yeah, why we need to improve upon a tool that's been serving mankind brilliantly for millions of years is beyond me.
[Electric knife whirring] Dang.
This baby's really sharp.
Hey, give me an old boot.
Let's see what this thing can do.
Stop it.
You're gonna wake her up.
Oh, fine.
I'm always amazed at what my mom can do with a glass of Chardonnay in her hand.
She could join the circus.
Hey, you think they had fun? Yeah.
I'm not sure my mom approved of the building, or the neighborhood for that matter, but you know, it's all about appearances to her.
And did you hear what your dad said about the peanut farmer and his whole energy-conservation diatribe? No, don't.
I can't.
Or the line about how we should live in an area with more homeowners than renters.
You know what that's code for.
Well at least they're good with Joanie.
Your mom is great with her.
Well, so is my dad.
I mean, he didn't strike the child, if that's what you mean.
Yeah, he also managed not to set off any fireworks next to her head.
[Chuckles] It was one bottle rocket.
Oh, my God.
Did you see the look on his face when Joanie spit up on his special 4th of July Polo? Hey, she was doing that shirt a favor.
Oh, he tries to help.
He just doesn't always know how.
Offering to buy us a house as long as it's in Dallas.
Oh, come on.
I mean, would it be the worst thing in the world if we had a little bit of help? We don't need help.
Why? Do you want to live here forever? Look, Donna, we are not gonna live here forever, okay? Okay, we're gonna build something, a machine, okay? And we're gonna sell it together.
Oh, yeah? And when are we gonna do that? Between nursing and changing diapers and being the only one that can get the baby to sleep, I don't really see a whole lot of time for building computers in my future.
Gordon: Yeah, well, it's not always gonna be like that.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
What's gonna change? I don't know.
I mean, everything.
Well, I hope so, 'cause I don't want to be breastfeeding and doing dishes the rest of my life.
Look, it's been three months.
Well, in Texas, I'd be freed up to go to work, and so would you.
We're not actually talking about moving back to Texas right now.
My mom said that if we wanted Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You've been talking to your mom about this? - Well - What, are you guys making plans? No, just in broad, hypothetical terms.
N-No, no, no, Donna! Listen to me! This industry is all about who we know, and if we leave, we'll miss it.
That's not help.
That's That's offering to kill us slowly.
- That's a death sentence.
- No, they just They're seeing that we're struggling is all.
Well, I'll do more, okay? I-I-I'll help! Oh, yeah? Every time the baby cries, you hand her back to me.
Well, I won't do that.
Well, it's not just that.
It's I'm concerned about everything that she sees and eats and touches.
And you you're exploding fireworks next to her head.
Oh, my God.
Donna, it was one goddamn bottle rocket, okay? Look, if you want to leave, let's just pack everything up right now.
No, I'm serious! Let's pack everything up right now, and we'll move back to Texas, and I'll go get a job working for one of your dad's friends, and you can go play golf with your mom every day.
That's what you think I want? I don't know what the hell you want.
Okay, yesterday it was it was me and and San Francisco and building something, and today, I I don't have a clue! You are being so mean right now.
I would just like us to stop and think about one thing we do before we do it.
I mean, we got we got pregnant and then married, and then we got this whole life - [Joanie cries] - and I feel like I haven't made any of the decisions to get us here.
Oh, you feel like you didn't make any decisions? Was I the one who got down on one knee and proposed to you? Oh, God.
[Crying continues] Oh.
I guess I'll go get her, then.
No, just let her cry! [Crying continues] [Door slams] Mommy's here.
It's okay.
[Crying continues] [Keys rattle] [Joanie crying] Donna: Shh, shh, shh, shh.
I know.
I know, I know.
It's okay.
[Crying] Oh, baby.
It's okay.
You want your little elephant? Huh? Yeah.
It's not so bad.
It's not so bad.
[Door bells jingle] [Pay phone dings] [Car door opens, engine starts] [Engine revs, car departs] [Semi-truck engine starts] [Engine starts] [Door opens] I don't understand what the rush is.
The rush is I want to get this over with.
I don't want to be making a million trips back here.
So, whatever you want, you should get today.
[Door closes] Hold on.
So, for big stuff, furniture we can't move ourselves, green means keep, red means donate.
- Okay? - Green, yes, red, no.
Got it.
Start in your rooms.
Don't forget all your schoolwork, textbooks.
Hey, guys? I love you.
Love you, too.
I love you.
[Drawer opens] [Doorbell rings] [Sighs] Hey, guys.
Oh, hey, hey.
How are the girls doing? That's a stupid question.
We're all doing terrible.
Everyone's terrible.
How are you doing? [Scoffs] You know.
Uh, thanks for helping out.
It's Of course.
Uh the service was beautiful.
- [Truck door closes] - Yeah.
I thought what you said was really nice.
Do you have a copy of that? I'd love to save it for the girls.
I do.
I wanted to say how beautiful the service was.
Like, really personal.
So, what, um Where would you like us to start? Yeah, God, it's, uh kind of hard to figure out.
Maybe you could tackle Gordon's closet? Just, you know, throw his clothes in garbage bags for Goodwill.
I'm gonna start in the kitchen.
If you wanted to pack up everything in here, that'd be great.
Oh, I'd just, you know, keep all the pictures for the girls, I think.
They'll probably want them eventually.
Oh, of course.
Yeah, right.
[Sighs] Hey, uh could you put something on? What? Oh, it's too quiet.
Just something, anything? Yeah, uh yeah.
[Utensils clatter] [Scoffs] I don't know.
Nothing feels right.
This is perfect.
[Dire Straits' "So Far Away" plays] Here I am again in this mean old town And you're so far away from me And where are you when the sun go down? You're so far away from me You're so far away from me So far I just can't see You're so far away from me You're so far from me All right I'm tired of being in love and being all alone When you're so far away from me I'm tired of making out on the telephone 'Cause you're so far away from me You're so far away from me So far I just can't see You're so far away from me You're so far away from me All right So far away from me You're so far You're so far away from me You're so far away from me You're so far away from me So far away from You're so far You're so far away from me Yeah, yeah You're so far away from me You're so far All right You're so far [Knock on door] You're just so far away from me [Knock on door] Check this out.
[Laughing] Oh.
He loved this one.
This is from when we went to that pumpkin patch in Garland.
Can you believe there was a time that you got this excited about pumpkins? I still get excited about pumpkins.
Pumpkins blow my mind.
You know, you don't have to get rid of anything.
You could just pack up your whole room.
[Sighs] No, it's just, I don't know where to start.
You need some help? Yeah.
Let's start with your clothes.
That's easy.
Oh, man.
So, just everything? Yeah.
I think so.
What's this? USC? - Northwestern? - Um What are these? Are these duplicates? You did send in your applications? I don't want to talk about this right now, okay? We are talking about this.
We're talking about this right now.
Where are you going? Leave me alone.
You told us that you sent these.
What's going on? Well, I didn't.
Can we talk about this privately? Please? Why? Why? Why not here? Huh? Why don't you let them see? Why? Are you afraid of what they might think? That's enough.
Let's go outside.
No! Let them see what a mess we've been! And we have been.
I don't know why you're doing this.
Your father would be he'd be devastated.
Well, it's a good thing that he's not here to see it, then.
Oh! That's That is That's a horrible thing to say.
How long did it take you to use Dad against me? Huh? Like 10 days? I'm surprised that you could hold out that long.
[Door slams] You are Sometimes I don't even know who you are anymore.
We're all hurting.
We're all upset.
What do you know? You couldn't even stand him.
[Footsteps departing] [Door slams] Cameron: Hey.
Joe took the first load.
Do you smell that? Cigarette smoke.
I'm gonna kill her.
She wants to piss you off.
Okay? It's the exact same thing I would've done when I was 17.
I did my fair share of teenage bullshit, but this is She wants to be a jerk.
Just let her be a jerk.
I don't know that that's a strong enough word for what she's being.
I mean, she lost it at me.
Donna: She's the one who didn't send them in.
I don't know if reason's gonna be that helpful to you in this situation or her.
[Sighs] Probably shouldn't have brought up Gordon.
Probably not.
I mean, was it not clear that she disrespected me or Could I talk to her? Yeah.
Tell her she's being an asshole.
[Knock on door] Do not open the door.
Really good one.
Your mom's totally freaking out right now.
You don't get a million points for subtlety, but still, it's very effective.
I wasn't trying to do anything.
I just needed a smoke.
[Water sizzles] What's up? [Door opens, closes] Joe: Hello? In here.
Where is everyone? Oh scattered to the far corners of the house, some avoiding me, others also avoiding me.
Do I smell cigarettes smoke? You do.
[Chuckles] Joanie? Uh-huh.
How are you holding up? Haley: What the hell? Sweetie, what's wrong? Dad's clothes, where are they? Oh, I just got back from Goodwill.
Honey, what's wrong? Talk to me.
Dad's s-sweater, I wanted to keep it, but It's the green one.
It doesn't matter.
I'll Forget it.
No, no.
I just got back.
You want your dad's sweater? We're gonna go get it.
Come on.
[Door opens, closes] I bet she's more upset about the fact that she has to tell her friends I'm not going to college than the fact that I'm not going.
Oh, Joanie, come on.
You know that's not true.
Everything's appearances with her.
"Look at my perfect house and my perfect pool and my perfect daughters.
" Did you know she irons her jeans? Okay.
Don't say things you can't take back.
[Clears throat] I need you to give her a break.
Give her a break? Yeah.
You know why? You're hard to navigate because you're a dick.
And I say that because I'm a dick.
I'm, like, huge.
I'm Queen Big Dick.
Like That sounded weird, but - Yeah.
- the point is, you two Just try and understand where your mom's coming from.
And vice versa, of course! But, look, when I was your age, I cut my mom out of my life, and you don't want to do that.
I mean, I had a good reason to.
My mom was a mess.
Like, missed my graduation 'cause she drank too much mouthwash kind of a mess.
But still [Sighs] It's time you can't get back.
I could stay with you.
The two of us in my tin can? Yeah.
I could get another trailer and take it out there.
It'd be awesome.
Oh, Joanie I mean, I can't even take care of a plant.
[Chuckles] I don't need to be taken care of.
Everyone looks at me like I can't do anything for myself, - like I'm in diapers.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
That That's really not what I meant.
I just mean This is why college is so great.
You get to go and be by yourself for the first time, you can do whatever you want to do, smoke whatever you want to smoke, learn about the things that interest you, and if you don't know what those are, you you get to figure it out.
I mean, it's the perfect I know.
I know.
Joe: Hey, you want to put something on? What? You don't have to listen to your thing.
You can play it on the stereo.
You wouldn't like it.
I'm not that old.
Put it on.
[Cassette rattles] [Barnes & Barnes' "Fish Heads" plays ] Fish heads, fish heads Roly-poly fish heads Fish heads, fish heads Eat them up, yum Ask a fish head any How'd it go? Uh, good.
She's coolly awesome.
Managed to swipe these.
Uh, these are Gordon's grandmother's.
Gonna save them for the girls.
Christ, I keep saying that.
I don't even know if they'll care about any of this stuff.
They will.
Yeah, or they'll just put them in a box, put the box in the attic, and then, when they die, their kids will pull it out and say, "I guess we should save this for our kids.
" Yeah, that's, uh pretty dark.
I finished the game.
What game? Your game, "Pilgrim.
" Uh wow.
You "finished it" finished it? Yeah, finally.
You made it hard enough.
Yeah, I made it for people like you.
Unfortunately, there aren't many people like you anymore.
[Chuckles] Well, I liked the way it ended.
The pilgrim was a kid.
Yeah, the pilgrim was a kid.
[Laughs] Thank you for playing it.
Uh Yeah, it means a lot.
Hey, uh at the hospital, with Bos, what I said, I-I-I didn't mean it.
Please, Donna, I don't even remember what you said.
Uh, yeah.
Um, I just mean that I, you know me, I've been in such a fog.
I can't even remember my own name, let alo Yeah, no.
Me too.
I'm gonna, uh, go get another box.
Let's just go.
Oh, here.
Is this it? - No.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You can't be doing that.
What No.
We just dropped these off an hour ago.
We, uh, put something in here by mistake.
Man: Well, once you drop it off, it's our property.
You know, I have no way of verifying what's what or - These are just T-shirts.
- or who's whatever and so on.
Let's go.
These clothes belonged to a friend of mine, and he's no longer with us.
There's exactly one item of clothing that we're looking for.
We dropped off nine bags.
There's only eight here.
That sweater's in the ninth bag, and we just have to find it.
Yeah, I mean, all this stuff belonged to somebody, man.
There it is.
Hmm? That's our bag right there.
How could you know that? You can't know that.
Look at that bag! Now look at these bags.
They look like trash bags, man.
I-I-I don't know what to tell you.
- I'm sorry.
- That's our bag! It's just, this is company policy, man.
I don't know what to say.
Let's go.
It is what it is, man.
[Gravel crunching] You've got your learner's permit, right? Yeah.
Pull the truck up.
Keep it running.
[Car approaches] [Engine shuts off] - [Car door opens, closes] - Hey.
How you doing? Super.
[Sighs] Hi.
[Chuckles] Mm.
Are you going somewhere? I'm moving.
Got some friends in Seattle.
I'm gonna give that a try.
They say it's great.
Yeah, yeah, I heard it's, um a whole scene.
I didn't know you were going.
I told Joe and everybody a couple days ago.
I, uh Sort of a quick decision.
I I'm sorry that I I couldn't stick it out there, for Joe's sake, but, um There's just too much of Gordon there at Comet, and there's too much of Gordon everywhere here.
Hey, you know, doesn't, uh, sound that bad.
Car full of stuff, a clean slate I suppose.
I've pinballed around a bunch.
When I landed at Comet, I thought that maybe I was done with all that, but perhaps Seattle will stick.
Do you know what's gonna happen with it? Oh, Comet.
Uh I I think Joe will, you know, carry it on.
I guess.
I hope so.
He really loves it.
With everything he's lost, it'd be a shame if that went, too.
I'm gonna go inside.
[Brakes squeal] [Engine idling] Go, go! Let's go! Come on, man! Go, go! Go, go, go! [Tires screech] What is this? [Splashing] [Tires screech] [Both laugh] Haley: Holy shit.
[Laughing continues] Possible that I I got the wrong bag.
[Laughs] Well, I I don't think we can go back.
[Both laugh] Oh, I, uh thought you might want to have this, so, uh Uh, yeah, we had a lot of fun.
Gordon was up for anything.
I mean, I don't have to tell you.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
Well, he was just crazy about you.
It was a beautiful service, by the way.
Yeah, I thought so, too.
Hey, uh, if there's anything here that you'd like to have, you should, you know, please feel free.
Oh, uh, thanks.
I don't really like his decorating style.
[Laughs] I never told him that.
It's, like, were you a vaquero in a past life or something? [Laughs] Yeah, I think, uh I think he had a decorator do it a decorator with a fetish for Navajo blankets.
[Chuckles] You know what picture I love? There's this great one of the two of you.
You're young, and I don't know how old, but you're both holding beers and Gordon's got these wild sideburns.
Yeah, yeah, I know it.
You both look like oh, man like like, "Look out, world.
" As soon as we got together, I got very, you know, "That's mine.
I want him all to myself.
I want all the Gordon there is.
" But you already had so much of him You had hell-raising sideburns Gordon and who knows what else.
And it made me jealous.
Well I don't I don't know what I'm saying.
Uh Goddamn, Gordon, what the hell? Well, I'm gonna get out of your hair.
Thank you.
Joanie's, uh, up in her room if you wanted to say hi.
But I would, um proceed with caution.
I'll be careful.
Joe's been gone for a while, huh? Yeah, maybe they stopped to get something to eat.
That's good.
Haley needs to get out of here for a little while.
Joe's been so great with her.
Hey, uh, did you want the weird priest statues or? You know, I already have so many of them at home.
[Chuckles] I always forget how good Joe is with the girls.
Just really lights them right up.
Because we're a team.
You okay? This is where I found him.
I'm gonna go.
[Door opens, closes] [Engine starts] Hello? [Door closes] [Music plays indistinctly in headphones] [Knock on door] Come in.
Bos just showed up.
He brought food.
[Sighs] Mom wanted me to see if you needed any help.
I don't really want any of this stuff.
Just my CDs and my pictures.
What? [Chuckles] What? Why didn't you apply to college? Well, I wasn't gonna get into any of them.
[Chuckles] What are you gonna do? I don't know.
I'll figure it out.
Donating you.
[Chuckles] Like to see you try.
[Laughs] At least they have you.
Exactly what they want in every way.
Well, not every way.
Come here.
You're not gonna go away, too, are you? Joe, you ever have my chili? Oh, I don't know.
It's an old Bosworth family recipe, handed down.
The secret's in the cinnamon.
See, what you do is, you take that cinnamon, and you put it in the cupboard and keep it away from your chili 'cause it got no damn business being there in the first place.
[Sighs] You know, I remember I didn't really even notice Gordon until he started working on "The Giant" with y'all.
I used to call him Soup Stain [Chuckles] 'cause he always had a I'm not ready to do that.
You do me a favor and taste this real quick? I'm not hungry.
I don't care if you're hungry.
Just want to make sure it's not too hot for the girls.
They been eating crap all week.
I want to make sure they get a good meal.
Just check the damn spice level on that, if you could.
I want to make sure everyone's gonna eat it.
It's good.
Not too spicy? No.
It's really good.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Hey.
The food will be ready in a minute if you want to gather the troops.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, do you know where Cameron is? Bos: No.
Hey, I just needed a a minute.
Bos brought some food, so we're gonna eat soon, if you want to join.
Oh, God.
This is too much.
[Breathes deeply] I didn't know it would be this hard to be here.
[Breathes deeply] It's okay.
I didn't, um I don't mean to make this about me.
Please, make it about you.
I feel like everybody's been handling me.
Nobody knows how to act.
Well, I really love it when people say, "How are you doing?" [Chuckles] I'm pretty sure I asked you that.
Yeah, of course you did.
'Cause what else are you gonna say? And then, yeah, how do you answer? Hangin' in there.
That's right.
'Cause to answer honestly, you'd have to talk incessantly for days, and who wants to listen to that, right? So How are you doing? [Chuckles] Hangin' in there.
I lost a really good friend.
And I don't have that many of those to spare.
I know, like poor me.
But I've always had a bit of trouble making those sorts of connections.
[Shuddered breathing] There's just not a lot of people in my life.
Me neither.
Cameron: I can't even talk to Joe.
Why not? We're at different places in our life.
This has brought up a lot of stuff for him.
Like what? He wants kids.
I-I'm If you want that, I think you'd be great No, I do not.
I mean, I just never have.
And I don't see that changing.
Well, then don't.
It's really hard, and I You have to really want it to do a halfway decent job.
I mean Even then you always wanted it.
I mean, I I didn't plan on getting pregnant right out of school, yeah, yeah, I-I always wanted it.
And there's nothing wrong with not feeling that way.
Thank you.
If you change your mind, though, I've got a 17-year-old I'm looking to unload, so [Laughs] Whatever.
I I miss him.
[Sighs] So do I.
And I miss you, too.
I'm here.
I spent so much I spent so much time telling him everything he did wrong He did a ton wrong.
[Both laugh] [Chuckles] [Door opens] [Cork pops] - Hi.
- Hey.
Something smells good.
It's an old family recipe.
Oh, well, if anybody wants capers in their chili, there's about 14 jars of it in the fridge.
How dare you.
My father'd leap out of his grave.
- [Chuckles] - Thank you.
Saw a recipe the other day called for pineapple in chili.
What? Can you believe that? Pineapple? In the What the hell is this country coming to? [Joanie and Haley laughing upstairs] Oh, no, thank you.
So, um what, uh, happens next? Who comes for all this stuff? Uh, there's a company that takes care of the sale of the furniture and things.
[Joanie and Haley laughing] What's so funny? It's an inside joke.
You wouldn't get it.
- Oh.
- [Both laugh] - Joe: Haley? - Mm-hmm? I'm sorry I couldn't get your dad's sweater back.
That's okay.
Joanie: Do you remember when Dad tried to convince us that he won a hot-dog eating contest in Kalamazoo? Haley: [Laughs] That wasn't true? Oh, honey, no.
Why would he make that up? I don't know.
I I think he thought it was funny.
- Bos: That's hilarious.
- Dad was such a weirdo.
Hey, Joe, can you pass the salt? Yeah.
Donna: How's your room looking, sweetheart? Haley: Uh, it's a mess.
Oh, God, no, Mom, for God's sake, do not fly back here for this.
It's He'll be back soon.
No, Mo God, I should never have told you.
It's not a big deal.
I think he's just under a lot of stress, okay? It's He'll be back soon.
[Joanie fusses] Oh, I know, I know.
He'll be back soon.
He will.
I know.
[Birds chirping] Whoo! Whoo! [Lock clicks, keys rattle] [Donna humming] Baby mine, dry your eyes Rest your head close to my heart Never to part Baby of mine [Humming] [Sniffles] Don't you ever do that to me again, okay? I won't.