Halt and Catch Fire (2014) s04e09 Episode Script

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1 I don't know why you're doing this.
Your father would be devastated.
Well, it's a good thing that he's not here to see it, then.
Previously on AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire" I got the wrong bag.
At the hospital, with Bos, what I said, I-I-I didn't mean it.
Please, I don't even remember what you said.
Do you know what's gonna happen with it? Oh, Comet.
Joe will carry it on.
I'm getting ready to step back as managing partner.
Really? If you still want the job, I'll back you.
Let's go outside.
No! Let them see what a mess we've been! - [Indistinct conversations] - Man: It's starting.
What am I looking for? Uhh What am I looking for? What am I looking for? For bootlegs 3/4-inch socket wrench.
For the best coffee in the city.
- [Audience applauds, whistles] - Winona Ryder.
So into her.
Landscaping supplies? - Shoes.
- Shoes.
For the meaning of life, bra.
[Laughter] [Speaking Spanish] I'm looking for something funny.
[Speaking Hebrew] I'm looking for inspiration! I'm looking for a cure.
- I'm looking for - I'm looking for - I'm looking for - I'm looking for - I'm looking for I'm looking for Dude, the Internet.
- The Internet? - The Internet.
What in God's name would I look for on the Internet? - Yeah, you could - [Applause] find just about anything on the Internet.
[Inspirational music playing] Whoo! [Cheers and applause] [Cheers and applause continue] Okay it's, uh, a commercial.
And commercials exist to sell products.
But this isn't just a product.
It isn't.
It's a new way of connecting.
A new way of being.
Uhh, hit it.
- [Gasping] - Whoo hoo hoo! [Cheers and applause] So, this is the new Comet, and it launches tonight.
No longer are we just a way station on people's journey someplace else.
We are the destination.
[Cheers and applause] This is the combined effort of every single person here, from our original surfers to our coding team headed up by Cameron Howe.
- [Cheers and applause] - Woman: Good job, Cam! It's Cameron's last day now that work on the relaunch is complete All: Aww! Settle down.
We all knew her days were numbered.
Uhh So, one more person I'd like to mention.
A huge part of the soul of this place is no longer here.
But this is a family business.
Comet began with Haley Clark.
Her dad and I met back in 1983.
And I told him, "Computers aren't the thing.
They're the thing that gets us to the thing.
" And this is the Com-IT! Com-IT! All: Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Com-IT! Whoo-ooo! All right! Back to it! [Cheers and applause] [Indistinct conversations] Yeah, do like Think we can, uh, discuss that - We have some mock-ups.
- Yeah, five minutes.
[Indistinct conversations] You okay? Yeah.
Celebrate later? Yeah.
What you wanna do? Just get some dinner and make out in a parked car somewhere? A little over-the-clothes stuff and some dim sum.
[Laughs] So I guess I will say goodbye to the guys, and, uh, I can call Alexa.
Of course.
[Indistinct conversations] Woman on P.
: Ladies at gentlemen, at this time, we are now boarding our main-cabin passengers onto Pacific Flight 590, with nonstop service to Bangkok.
Oh, oh.
I almost forgot.
Hang on.
- What is this? - That is a travel organizer.
I put a little map of Bangkok in there.
- Hmm.
- Compartments for loose change and, um, your passport, traveler's checks.
Mom, I'm not taking this.
Why? Because I'm 18 and not 45.
I'm staying in hostels.
If you actually want me to get mugged, I'll walk around with a Louis Vuitton wallet.
[Sighs] Mom, this is my trip.
I just wish you'd treat me like an adult.
Which I am, by the way.
You Fine.
Be safe.
- Bye.
- Oh, my God.
Keys to my Civic are on my desk.
Take my old driver's license, okay? Just in case.
It's an old photo, but the cops will believe you 'cause you're a cute girl.
Maybe wear a hat just in case.
[Laughing] Yeah.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final boarding call for the Cathay Pacific Flight 590 - Okay.
- with nonstop service to Bangkok.
Don't go.
[Sobs] You don't have to go.
I don't know why you have to do this right now.
You should just just stay.
This is such bullshit, Mom.
Uhh [Indistinct conversations] Let's go, Mom.
[Sobbing] [Monitor beeping, buzzing] The doctor complains to his wife that she ain't so good in bed anymore.
Well, he goes to work.
And by midday, he calls her on the phone.
And the phone rings and it rings - [Beeping, buzzing] - And it rings and it rings.
And, uh, finally, she picks up.
She's out of breath.
And he goes, "What the hell took you so long to answer the phone?" [Laughs] And she says Something about a second opinion, right? Yeah.
[Clears throat] That's the one.
So stent looks pretty good.
Any shortness of breath, chest pains? No.
Get a little light-headed sometimes if I shit real big.
You know, I never asked you Levecq what the hell kinda name is that? Levecq? Is it, uh Swedish? Or is it Norwegian, or Is it a Czech Czechoslovakian? Little French Canadian there? Hmm.
[Inhales deeply] [Exhales] Dutch.
You're good to go.
Well Okay, but wh When do you want me to come back? I don't.
Well, not even for a look-see? I mean don't you want to make sure I'm not blowing a gasket? Mm, nope.
Something goes wrong, call.
If doesn't, don't.
[Clears throat] You're in good health, John.
If you take care of yourself, you'll live well into the 21st century.
[Gong booms] [Drumming] [Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" plays] 21st century.
Son of a [Laughs] Joe: So then Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark fly out to Urbana Champaign, gather all the Mosaic coders in a pizza joint, and offer them $65,000 salaries, a-a week's vacation on his yacht in Tahiti, and 100,000 shares of the company.
And Clark tells them that if they leave NCSA and come work for him, they'll be worth $10 million in less than five years.
So Jim Clark steals all the best coders from a shitty company to go do something way better Why does that sound familiar? Anyway, my point is that they've all followed him out to Silicon Valley to build a browser, and now Netscape is about to demolish Mosaic.
If we were to launch Comet inside Netscape, it'd be slow as hell, if it even loads correctly.
And if it doesn't, then Rover won't or any of our competitors.
But if we can figure out a way to make Comet run smoothly on Netscape, then all of their users will flock to us.
But those guys created Mosaic.
They already know how to make a browser that runs.
But they can't replicate what they've already done.
The Mosaic code is intellectual property.
Like the BIOS.
Yeah, like the BIOS.
And they won't know how it works until it's out in the wild.
And And they They'll want to make Netscape better than Mosaic.
Joe what are we doing here? You could've told me all of this in bed.
The sound card's blown.
Other than that, it runs perfectly.
Oh 'Kay.
I need one more thing from you.
[Exhales deeply] Uh-huh It's a quick job.
When Netscape launches, we pull apart the code so that Comet can load fast.
And you're bribing me with Centipede? Mm-hmm.
If we can pull this off, we'll have a a showpiece to offer Jim Clark so he can promote his baby.
They will beg for us to be a part of their infrastructure.
[Sighs] Okay.
We can't wait until Netscape launches.
It's too late.
We have to optimize Comet so that it's running fast on Day One.
Which, if you want a showcase for Jim Clark we need to start pulling apart the Netscape code today.
But there's no way they're going to just give us a working copy.
Oh, no, they won't.
Let me make a call.
I love you.
[Laughs softly] [Distant beeping] What is that sound? [Beeping continues] It's Gordon's wristwatch.
It would go off when he needed to take his medication.
[Beeping continues] I don't know where the key to the office is.
[Beeping rapidly] [Beeping stops] [Scoffs] Okay.
I'll call a locksmith today.
Hey, do you want to play? Sure.
[Coins rattle] All right.
[Buttons clicking] [Splashing] Oh.
[Chuckles] How, uh How was Seattle? Soggy.
[Laughs] Sorry about the ambush.
I saw your car parked in the driveway, and nobody answered when I rang the bell.
How was it? Sending Joanie off? Oh, you know, fine.
Just hope she stays safe.
Donna: How's Jennifer settling in at Stanford? Well, she was home the first weekend.
Doing laundry, stealing food.
- Yeah.
- Last year at this time, I couldn't bear the thought of her leaving for college.
And now I kinda wish she'd at least left the zip code.
[Laughs] Yeah, well [Sighs] So we have news.
Kimberly is pregnant.
Wh I Congratulations! That's amazing.
No, but thanks.
[Laughs] But the whole family wants to take a big trip to Ireland while she can still fly.
And John and I would like to do some traveling of our own No, I know.
You're ready to move on.
Donna, I understand.
It's been hard.
But it's been four months.
And I need to know what you're doing.
I'm swimming.
[Exhales sharply] We have greased the rails.
Managing partner is yours.
You said you wanted the summer to be with your girls.
I heard that.
But the summer is over, Donna.
The longer you wait, the harder it's gonna get.
Trip and his stooges are strutting through that office every day thinking they can run it better than you.
They think you're getting soft.
Look, if you don't want this, it's okay.
We can have that conversation.
But you need to make a decision.
[Sighs] Okay, well give it some thought, and let me know.
[Sighs] Hm.
[Chuckles] C You got to be kiddin' me.
Whaaat? Oh, hey.
Hey, you're home later than I thought.
How was the trip? - It was good.
- Ahh! Sorry, I stopped to see Donna on the way home from the airport.
Well, so what's the verdict? We gonna sprout wings and see the world or is she gonna float in that swimming pool forever? You know, I don't know.
I'm gonna go wash the plane off me.
All right.
Hey, what is all this stuff? Some of Ben's old junk, I suppose.
[Chuckles] What have you been doing with your bachelorhood? Well, you know, fartin' around.
This and that.
Went to the doctor.
Got a clean bill of health.
[Laughs] He said I should live well into the 21st century.
You imagine that? Jet packs and robot overlords.
[Chuckles] Hey, look what I found, too.
Can you believe this? This is a Cardiff original.
I could've packed this thing in a box myself when I was a teenager.
[Laughing] My God.
I bet it still works.
I just need to get some batteries for it.
What? [Inhales deeply] Honey, what? [Clank] What? I'm sorry, I You're gonna be okay.
Yeah, I'm okay I'm okay.
I'm gonna be okay.
You weren't kidding about that plane goo, were ya? [Laughs softly] Come on! Get to scrubbing! [Chuckles] Ahh, look at ya.
[Indistinct talking, phones ringing] But how do we optimize for Netscape if there's no Netscape yet? Look, I get it.
And I'm trying to figure it out.
But in the meantime, we still have to go through - [Knock on door] - Oh, okay.
One second.
For you.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
[Laughing] Sure.
Um Here, let me show you out.
So this is Comet.
Oh, I I saw the Mercury today.
- Mm.
- God, the robotics thing you're doing looks so cool.
I'm flying out with those guys in a few weeks conference at the Sorbonne.
You should come.
Oh, that's [laughs] I mean, I find all that stuff super fascinating, but it's not really my thing.
Right? No, I know.
But it's just a couple of days.
All expenses paid.
Worst that happens? You meet some fascinating people and eat too much lobster thermidor.
[Laughing] Yeah.
Next time.
Is what you said last time.
Look, I know that I've been talking you up.
People are really interested.
And that's great.
Hey, look, I'm sure that it's been a tough time for all of you.
And I get that you're trying to help a friend out.
And I'm young, so, you know, what do I know.
But you can get so tied up in your obligations you forget your biggest obligation is to your future self.
I know that.
Well Hey, thank you.
And [Hushed voice] Seriously, this is the last thing.
I hope so.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Cameron: [Laughing] But these are, like, huge shrimps, like, should not be called shrimp, and had those, like, little feeler touchy things - still attached? - No! - Yes! - No.
Huge plate, deep-fried, and those feeler things were, like, this long.
- Come on.
- Oh, no.
Please tell me you didn't eat one.
It was a business dinner.
[Laughing] I had to.
So I took a glug of saké, picked one up, and just [Crunches] - [Slurps] - Oh, good lord.
You're disgusting.
That's my story.
- [Laughs] - [Laughs] Okay, Joe, you're up.
Uhh Porpoise testicles.
- Joe - Ughh.
you did not eat porpoise testicles.
[Laughs] I 100% did.
It is not legal to even eat any porpoise anything.
I ate those fishy balls.
I did.
Do porpoises even have testicles? I think so.
I mean, what is porpoise? I mean, yeah.
I think it was a porpoise.
But whatever it was, it was it was squishy, - and I vomited - Mm! into the gutter, and Donna, you're up.
Uhh Yeah.
All right beef carpaccio.
So weird.
Um Um, Cameron will do this thing where she can, uh, like, set up, uh - What? - an assembly line of bologna, mayonnaise - Ohh! - and pickles.
No, not pickles cornichon.
- And, yes, duh - I'm corrected.
It's delicious.
You get a pile of mayonnaise, pile of cornichon, dip the cornichon in the mayonnaise, wrap it in bologna, pop it in your mouth.
[Laughs softly] That's pretty gross.
So have you guys heard from Joanie? Yeah.
Uh, she went to the Grand Palace, and she saw this huge elephant park and something called the Sanctuary of Truth, which is this massive temple carved totally out of wood.
And on her second night, there was this monsoon? But it's not like here, the rain was super warm, so she went running through the streets and she got all soaked and she ended up eating noodles in this little shack and made friends with these total strangers, and now they're all backpacking to Phuket.
That's awesome.
Yeah, I know.
It's like She decides she want to do something, and she just does it, you know? Where's she going next? I don't know.
Uh, I don't know.
I, uh, didn't get a chance to talk to her when she called.
She just spoke to Haley, so Oh.
Uh Hey, Haley.
There's something I want to show you.
Hm? Come with me.
Yeah, go check it out.
- Okay.
- We'll clean up.
It's the commercial.
I've just been dying to show it to you.
Oh no, that's that's okay.
No, you got to see this.
Come on.
We got to grab lunch soon.
Catch up, you know? Yeah, sure.
- [Faucet running] - Ooh! - [Faucet stops] - [Hushed voice] Sorry.
We're not actually gonna do the dishes.
Um, Joe likes the dishes done in a very particular way, and I'm not good at doing them like that, so I just don't do them anymore.
[Comet commercial playing] Hey, so you're the new Diane now.
Oh Yeah, no.
I mean, nothing's official yet.
I'm still trying to decide if I even want it.
What? Of course you want it.
Yeah, you know, it's just, I'm already so far removed from the creative side of things.
And it only gets worse if you're managing partner, you know? Oh, uh, how are things with Alexa? Are you, uh, you working on something new? Kinda.
[Wine flowing] God, she just scored with this Oh, yeah, the robotics thing.
Robotics, yeah, yeah, yeah.
The Mercury - Yeah.
- Ugh.
God, I miss that.
Doing things.
I mean, it's not like she actually did anything.
She just found those people, you know? She doesn't really get her hands dirty.
Why, do you want to do something? No.
I don't know.
Aaaghh I just I haven't had an original idea in kind of a long time.
Well, you came up with Community.
[Laughs softly] That was just an idea that percolated down from one of your ideas.
That's not totally accurate.
And, anyway, ideas are, like, not the work.
I mean, what you do it's more than just signing a check.
I-I get that now.
[Laughs softly] So I'm not parasite? You're not a parasite.
[Laughs softly] What the hell.
Hey, hold on.
Haley, wait.
Is it because It's weird to see him.
Is it weird? Yeah, it's weird to see my dead dad in a stupid commercial.
It's weird that I'm in it, and that you didn't even ask me, and I don't even look like that anymore.
And it's weird that you've taken this thing that I made, and and now it's yours.
And all you want is to make money off of it! Hey, I understa I'm 15! I don't want to have lunch and catch up or whatever.
I don't want to be at dinners.
I want everyone to leave me alone.
- [Keys jangling] - I'll be in the car.
[Door opens, slams shuts] Uhh I'm pulling the ad.
Joe Look, you put a lot of money in that commercial.
Don't just throw it down the drain.
Maybe you can cut her out of it.
It's my company.
I'm gonna do some work.
Before bed.
[Pots clank] What work? Uhh, I've been putting things off with Alexa.
And, uh I need to give that some thought.
[Microwave humming] I gave Joe permission, you know, for you to be in the ad.
So if you want to be angry, you should be angry with me.
It's not his fault.
[Plastic crackling] I thought you'd like it.
I just want some Bagel Bites.
Haley, if there's anything you want to talk about, I'm [Microwave beeping] [Sighs] [Plate clinks] Hey, I know we said I'd go back to work as soon as you started back up at school, but if you want, I can stay home No.
I want you to go back to work.
And I want you to stop worrying about me so much.
Just, you know, worry about you.
You're here all day.
Well, I like swimming.
Yeah, Mom, I like swimming, too, but Jesus Christ.
[Laughs] [Laughs] Not bad.
They're incredible.
Um I'm gonna go to my room.
So good night.
John: Oh, that is a beaut, huh? Donna: Uh-huh.
That's good cocoa.
Mama used to make it with real chocolate.
She'd put it in the double boiler and melt it down.
That instant bullshit they have.
Ugh, ugh.
It's alkalized cocoa powder, what it is.
That's the garbage that's left over after they roast the cocoa beans, and they run it through a chemical bath so you can't taste how awful it is.
My God, it's a national travesty.
Yeah, well things used to be more real, right? See the way they worked this connects to this.
Now it's just all on a chip.
Yeah, it's like magic now.
Ahh, yeah, well not my kind of magic.
[Chuckles] What's so special you need to get this thing fixed today, huh? You gonna miss the Glenn Miller Orchestra or something? No, just got a bug up my butt, wanted to see if it still worked.
I used to pack that exact model into boxes all day at the Cardiff factory.
[Chuckles] [Laughing] Yeah.
I can still smell that place.
It's weird, isn't it, how much stuff you remember from early in life? And how all that stuff in the middle just kinda just kinda runs together.
I am seven years older than my father was when he died.
He spent the whole day before yelling about how the tree from the Malone place was gonna bore into that sewer line and cost him a damn fortune.
[Chuckles] And then boom, down.
Just spent his last day bitching about tree roots.
Oh, Dad.
Anyway, it just seems to me if you want something, best to go get it done.
ANNOUNCER: It's a real pitchers' duel here.
- Hey! - [Laughs softly] Now, that's magic.
See? Perfect.
[Static] Hey, would you, uh Would you have Diane give me a call? Will do.
Ahh, screw it.
[Exhales deeply] Just tell her I'm ready.
[Veruca Salt's "Seether" playing, volume increasing ] I try to knock her out I try to cram her back in my mouth, yeah Can't fight the seether Seether Can't fight the seether Seether Can't fight the seether I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth [Music stops] [Imitates monkey screeching] [Laughs] [Indistinct conversations] Hey um So, I was thinking.
I have my sister's car.
Because remember how I said she's going to Thailand? Which she says is hella badass.
Um and, I mean, I'm sure you have a car, too, and I'm not even supposed to be driving it yet, but whatever.
So, um, I was I was wondering, um, have you h have you heard of "Natural Born Killers"? Yes.
Juliette Lewis is awesome, and it's playing at the Century 24, but it's super popular so it might be sold out - Oh, well, that's - But if it is, uh, then we could go to the Winchester Mystery House which is right next door, and they do these midnight tours.
Which are dope, I think - [Laughs softly] - And, um, yeah.
Anyway, um [inhales deeply] Could I take you to see "Natural Born Killers"? [Door bells jingle] Um [Inhales sharply] [Whimpers] [Sobbing] A long time till then [Broom sweeping] Okay, hold on.
Hold almost.
I am nobody's friend All right.
[Gasps] It's truly a masterpiece.
[Both laugh] This is your Sistine Chapel.
Awww, hell.
I found a box of Miracle-Gro down there from 1982.
[Chuckles] All right.
I'm done.
Done, I say.
[Sighs] How about you and I do some actual living? Hmm? [Paul and Paula's "Hey Paula" plays ] Hey, hey, Paula, I wanna marry you Hey, hey, Paula, no one else could ever do I've waited so long for school to be through Paula, I can't wait no more for you [Laughs] My love, my love [Keyboard clacking] Can't we cheat it? Make it so we that we store recurrent Comet images in the user's Netscape cache? It would make it load so much faster.
Yeah, I would, if Netscape supported that, but they don't, so Is the query box fixed? Or does it still get a null response if you put a space before the carriage return? Still on my punch list.
[Foot taps] Joe, this is still an early beta.
So there's tons of bugs.
We don't know what they're gonna fix, how they're gonna fix it, how those fixes are gonna affect us.
Guess I should just shut up.
No, but could you just relax? We've got tons of time.
We've got two days.
Yeah, we have two days.
Okay, here.
That looks worse than it did before.
I know.
It's part of the process.
[Inhales deeply, exhales] Maybe you shouldn't watch how the sausage is made.
[Notebook slams] [Pen slams] [Computer dings] Are you checking your e-mail? What? Nothing.
No, what? What, am I not taking this seriously enough for you? I didn't say that.
You didn't have to say it.
You're acting like it.
We've got the cheat sheet to the exam.
We've won.
I just don't want to miss another opportunity.
Two days.
That's all I'm asking for.
Can you just focus long enough for us to get Comet optimized - Oh, my God.
- so that it loads perfectly when Netscape ships.
I'm giving you my focus.
Jesus, I'm doing you a favor.
Who's the e-mail from? [Scoffing] Are you Alexa.
Go ahead.
Read it.
[Sighs] Oh, g It's the new beta.
Shall I thank her for you, or do you want to compose something That'll make her feel like a total shitbag for helping you out? Give me a break.
[Computer chimes] Okay.
Looks the same as the old one.
Yeah, the skin's the same.
Let's see how she runs.
- Whoa.
- Uhh That's way faster than I thought.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
Hold on.
What, you can put text in fields before the page fully loads? Really nice touch.
Okay, so they've got support for JPEG.
The formatting is perfect.
I'm gonna set a call with Jim Clark.
[Gasps] You know what we could do? We could put a badge on our homepage saying "Optimized for Netscape.
" And the gifs would render smoothly if Wait, wait What is that? That wasn't there before.
What the hell is Yahoo? Two guys.
Used to be called "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web.
" [Laughing] But This sucks.
The design's terrible, there's no image support, they're On the toolbar.
What? They're on the toolbar.
That's it.
They've won.
They're the directory to the Web.
We don't exist.
[Watch beeping] Oh, God.
Come on.
[Beeping continues] Joe.
Joe! [Beeping continues] [Beeping quickens] [Beeping stops] [Whimpers] There's coffee.
I'm all right.
[Exhales deeply] I wanted it to work.
I wanted us to work.
Yeah? Me too.
It did.
For a while.
For a while.
The thing that gets you to the thing.
Huh? It was you.
It was always you.
[Elevator bell dings] [Exhales deeply] [Elevator dings, descends] [Applause] Thank you.
Thank you all.
Let's, uh, get right down to it, shall we? [Indistinct conversation] Hi.
Glad you reconsidered.
I'm just going for the lobster thermidor.
Trip: and to circle back to Web search, I got word that when Netscape launches this week, Yahoo will be the default directory.
They've got their own button and everything.
So Comet is pretty much kaput.
And Uh so, where does that leave Rover? Should off-load it for parts, sell it on the B2B market.
Lucky for us, it's algorithm-based, so it actually has some value.
There's a What is it, Benji? It's a medical indexing company that's actually expressed some interest, so We should probably look into that one and try to get 20% to 30% of value and Hey, go back.
What is Netscape's search directory called? It's, uh Yahoo? [Scoffs] I'm sorry, what is it? It's "Yahoo"? Ya-hoo? Yeah, Yahoo.
Like, "Yahoo," with a with an exclamation point.
Oh, Yahoo with an exclamation point, not a question mark? 'Cause you keep saying Yahoo with a question mark, - so I was - Okay.
Shouldn't it be more like Yahoo! [Chuckles] Sure.
Come on.
[Laughs] Drill down with me now, Trip.
Yahoo! Yahoo.
[Laughing] No, man! No! [Laughing] Oh, Jesus! Now put some mustard on it, you know?! Yahoo! Yahoo! There! Ya-hooooooooo! [Laughing] Ya-hooooooooo! [Laughing] Ya-hooooooooo! [Laughing] That's so [Laughing continues] Ross: Everybody needs a friend, even an old tree.
Okay, now, take our liner brush.
Paint thinner.
Want to thin it down.
Thin some brown down, very, very thin.
Very thin.
A lot of paint thinner.
Let's put a little arm or two.
Maybe this old tree don't have any leaves.
[Mumbles] Maybe he's already retired for the for the year.
- [Telephone ringing] - [Sighs] [Ringing continues] [Exhales sharply] - [Telephone beeps] - Hello? Joanie: Hey, it's me.
What's going on? I-Is everything okay? Can I just tell you something? Uh, yeah, o-of course you can.
[Exhales sharply] Okay, so there's this German guy in the hostel named Otto.
Oh, yeah? Is he cute? Anyway he was telling me about this ancient temple ruin.
Actually, he was going on and on about it at 3:30 in the morning while I was trying to sleep and I wanted to bash his head in with my "Lonely Planet" guide.
But it sounded kind of awesome.
This, uh the temple ruin? Yeah, it was burned to the ground by raiders like 100 years ago.
I asked Otto if I could go with him, and he said yes.
This place was wild, empty.
It was a major shrine city.
Okay, anyway, Aat, our guide, he brought us to this tree, and it had this this sandstone head of the Buddha in it.
And the roots of the tree had completely grown around it and covered everything except its face.
And Aat had us get on our our hands and our knees as we got closer to it because you can't look down at the Buddha.
You have to be respectful, so we crawled up to it, and, um, I reached out and I-I touched the roots, and Aat put his forehead to the ground so we did, too.
And it's not like we were worshipping the Buddha or the statue, you know? It was, like more of the tree for what it was doing, and burned stones and grass.
Anyway, it, um, started to rain.
And when I put my forehead to the mud, I thought about Dad [Sighs] like he was still with me, Just in, like, a different way.
Oh, honey, that's beautiful.
It's pretty cool.
[Chuckles] I think maybe you and I, we're actually pretty similar, and maybe that's why we fight all the time, you know? [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah.
I do.
[Phone beeping] Oh, shit, my calling card is running out.
I love you, Mom! Bye! [Receiver clicks] [Chuckles] - [Phone beeps] - Ross: There.
Shoot, I think with that, we about have a finished painting.
Good luck.
- Good luck, Mikey.
- Thanks, Joe.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, Joe.
Thank you.
No, really.
Comet was a miracle.
Wish we could've done it longer.
You made the right call.
Like you said, it would've been a bummer to sit around here and watch the world swallow us up.
I like this place.
I know it doesn't feel like it now, but this is the start of something.
[Sighs heavily] [Birds chirping] [Indistinct conversations on TV] Mmm.
- But now - Yeah! Now! Woman: Oh, my goodness.
I have get ready fast.
[Both laugh] [Bell rings] - Mm.
- Oh.
I'm sorry, are you Are you open? Mmm.
[Muffled] Wait.
[Clears throat] Osiris! Turn down the tube, babe.
Well, sit down.
Denise: Please, have a seat.
Okay, so it's gonna be, uh, $20 for a palm reading and $30 for palm and cards.
Um Thank you.
May I see your palm, please? Oh, yikes, I'm sorry.
Mm, but your salsa line looks pretty good, huh? [Napkins rustling] Mm.
Long life line.
Oh, um broken here and there.
Lot of challenges.
Challenges and changes, huh? Shocking.
What's that? Mm.
Test for stubbornness.
Sharp head line.
Little selfish maybe? Heart line seems to say some love.
Some loss.
Come on, Denise, enough softballs.
Why'd you come in here today? Destiny.
Dessert now? Dessert? You just scarfed down those nachos! [Laughs] - How many? - Two.
Just two? Okay.
Have fun.
That That's my grandson, Osiris.
Thanks for your time.
Wait, don't you want your card reading? You paid for it.
Would you please put your right hand on the deck? [Sighs] Hmm.
Thank you.
[Cards shuffling] Past.
What does that mean? Well, you know, they really mean whatever you want them to mean.
Well, you know destruction.
- Destruction? - Yeah.
Agony, indecision, misery.
[Chuckling] Christ.
[Laughs] So I lose again? Okay, great.
Not necessarily.
Because, you see, this golden horizon behind the storm clouds, that could be something.
- Can I keep this? - Sure.
I sell packs for another $20.
[Birds chirping] [Car engine revs in distance] [Tires screech] Man: Jesus! You okay? [Tires squeal] Joe MacMillan? Dale: And like that, we're getting killed in the PC business.
- Who'd have guessed, right? - Joe: Me.
[Chuckles] [Sighs] Of course.
Besides you.
[Uncle Tupelo's "New Madrid" plays in background] Can I just say, Joe, it's been a kick watching you carve a path all these years.
Always on the bleeding edge.
I mean, way out there.
More than a few of us really grew to trust your finger in the air.
Browning has a prediction Have the leaves changed yet? - What? - Back east.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Just started.
It's gorgeous.
All right, better get to SFO.
They got us flying business class now.
Believe it? No, please, I got it.
Can't wait to see what you do next, Joe.
Walk with me to the fountain And hold [Beck's "Beercan" plays] Alcohol on my hands I got plans to ditch myself and get outside Dancing women throwing plates Decapitating their laughing dates Swirling chickens caught in flight Out of focus, much too bright Coming down, shiny teeth Game shows suckers trying to bleed - But I got a drug and I got the bug - Impressed? - And I got something better than love - When will we move in? - [Laughs] Right now.
- Donna is on speed dial.
I think we're gonna have you guys set up here.
How you like me now? Okay, great.
- Pretty good - Thank you so much for having us.
- Going on, feeling strong - I'm so excited to be here.
Don't thank me.
I quit my job blowing leaves Telephone bills up my sleeves - Choking like a one man dust bowl - Man: Yes.
Freedom rock slime ball, talking in code We went down Lit up the shack Grab me a beer out of the sack - Everybody bent over twice - Okay, so we've got this here.
- Painting the walls, throwing some dice - Man: That's so common.
- Leaping up into the air - There's, like, buttons on the side.
- Getting juiced up beyond belief - No, no, no, John.
- No, I'm gonna - No, I'm telling you, you got to - I'm trying to do that.
- Uh, that was John.
- Let me try.
- No, no, I want to - Let me just try it.
- Let me at least try.
And they were singing like this Look, look, look.
Winos throwing Frisbees at the sun Put my soul between a bun - Now I'm hungry, now I'm drunk - Where you guys going? We got tacos.
- Now I'm running like a flaming pig - Taco time, you guys! Come and get 'em.
- Oh, yeah - Good.
- Scraping off the attitude - Oh, wow, what is this? What are we looking at? Old man eating all my food - Don't be kind, don't be rude - So, this is one tenth of 1% of one little gene, but this Just shake your boots and let it all get loose Oh, yeah My goodness [Inhaling sharply] [Coughs] Are you all right? Oh, yeah.
That nasal gel you gave me on the plane, it feels like a slug crawled into my nose and took a dump.
Well, you'll thank me when you don't get sick.
How will I thank you for something that doesn't happen? It would be neat to hear you thank somebody for something.
[Scoffs] Two months abroad with top investors, and we've got nothing to show for it.
Yeah, well, it's tough for the work to translate once we got north of Oslo.
Well, the point was to get you in good - with some real European players.
- Players? My God, I couldn't tell you what any of those people did save for go out to dinner at fancy restaurants and name drop.
How much did this trip even cost? Well, it's my money, and I'm spending it to help you bring your ideas to fruition.
- Okay.
- But if you're just gonna sit there - and cut everyone down like some sardonic asshole - I'm sorry.
I didn't perform well enough for you.
I'm not your monkey.
Look, I know that you're still dealing with some personal issues.
Or maybe you're just losing interest because now's the part of the process you actually have to do some work and not just bullshit about the possibilities.
Can you pull over here? - Cameron.
- [Car door opens] Cameron! [Car door slams] Bosworth: How did you even get home? Cameron: Oh, just walked a mile to the McDonald's, used their phone to call a cab, cab cost $200.
You should've called me at home.
I love me some McDonald's them little apple pies.
So, have you talked since? - Two weeks.
Just radio silence.
- Oh, no.
- So I think that's done.
- [Chuckles] Yeah.
You know, there's this thing in CompSci I remember recursion.
Where a specific function calls upon itself repeatedly within a program.
So in order to solve the big problem, it uses the same small problem over and over as the solution to increasingly complex issues.
And that, my friend, is how my software runs.
[Chuckles] Sorry about Joe, by the way.
I actually still have some stuff of his to give back, but I just can't bear the thought of seeing him right now, you know? Can I tell you something? Yeah? You got a lot of love in you.
More than anybody I ever met.
It's bursting out of you.
You're taking the world in these in these big gulps, and you can't help but to let yourself get drowned in it.
Overwhelms you, makes you live like you're ready to explode at any minute.
They don't see it.
I do.
It's a burden you carry.
[Sighs] You don't think I'm just running away again? [Scoffs] Oh, I you might be.
I'm thinking about Florida.
Florida? What the hell's in Florida? They got alligators and that dadgum Epcot Center? What? My mom.
Man, I'm just tired of saying goodbye, you know? Recursion.
Maybe you ought to have yourself a heart attack.
- Yeah? - Yeah, yeah.
- [Chuckling] Sure.
- [Sighs] You know, when I went down, I did everything I could to stay in the ring.
Fought like hell.
Had this mantra in my head.
"Just stay in it, stay in it, stay in it.
" But I was losing.
I knew at that moment if I didn't give up, that guy's gonna kill me.
[Sighs] I [Sighs] I got nothing left to give up.
Oh I know it's If you stay, it's hard.
If you leave, it's hard.
It's all hard.
It's Sometimes it's not even about what you want.
It's about what it wants for you.
All you can do is listen and see if you can hear what it's saying.
It's saying goodbye.
[Sighs] But, yeah, hit the road, then.
[Sighs heavily] [Chuckles] I don't want to say goodbye to you.
Well, hell, sweetheart, it better not be forever.
[Sighs] I fully expect you to come back and shake me all up again.
Don't let me get old.
[Chuckles] [Knocks on door] You my 11:30? No.
Have a look around.
[Footsteps in distance, indistinct conversations] Nancy: [In distance] Vaulted ceilings, crown molding, great neighborhood.
What happened to the previous tenant? Not sure, but this has been on the market something like 15 days now.
[Tapping] Are you sure it's okay out there? Donna: Oh, uh, yeah.
- I mean, they'll go around.
- Okay.
[Rattles] So, I'm, uh, your last stop, huh? You are.
I went by Joe's this morning.
He's totally gone.
[Chuckles] Yeah, I didn't, uh the real estate agent told me it'd been empty for weeks.
He didn't I'm sorry, I guess I just thought he would call.
Oh, God, Joe.
Yeah, he, uh, came by here and said he was leaving and that he'd be in touch.
Uh, Haley got a letter from him a couple days ago.
A letter? Wow, well, I guess we're both fond of rash departures.
Oh, hey, um, could you just bring me one more of those, - and I think we'll be fine.
- Donna, sorry, I'm gonna finish this.
I didn't[scoffs] mean to just burst in on you and the thing you're doing.
- No.
No, no, no.
- Please, it's not Donna: [Sighs] Hey, why don't you stay for this thing tonight? - I think you might really dig it.
- Yeah? - Think I'm a little below dress code.
- Oh, come on.
You can just borrow something of mine.
No, thank you.
I really appreciate it.
I just I wanted to be in Carson City come nightfall, so - Yeah, no, that makes sense, I guess.
- Man: Sorry.
Aah! God.
I am sorry.
No, no, it's fine.
It's hardwood.
Hey, look, I I wish we could've hung out more these last couple months.
Yeah, I know.
Me too.
It's just work has been crazy, and Well, you know, probably we'll end up seeing each other more now that I'm gone, 'cause I'll come into town, and we'll really make a point of it.
Yeah, and you'll be back seeing Alexa, I'm sure, - and - No.
[Chuckles] That's, uh That's dead.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know, some things just aren't the right fit.
Hey, Mom.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Uh, this is my boyfriend, Kevin.
'Sup? Oh.
Haley, uh, Cameron is moving, I guess.
What? Yeah, I, uh I'm going on a road trip, and we'll see, uh, where I I end up.
Haley: Cool.
So everyone's leaving now.
Bye, I guess.
Uh Sorry, uh - Boyfriend? - Yeah.
[Door closes] - You okay with the door closed? - Oh, yeah, completely.
She just works on her computer, and he does the hackey sack.
That sounds right.
You know, I get the sense that she doesn't even really like him.
Oh, she's doing these college-level C++ classes.
It's one night a week at Foothill, and she's been just killing herself over this project, but she loves it.
Can you believe it? I can believe it.
Okay, I'm gonna go, uh, and throw this tomato out.
Oh, God, I'm sorry I didn't take that.
No, here, the trash is Where? Hey, I'm [Scoffs] Drive safe, okay? I'm, uh I'm gonna miss you.
[Sighs] [Chuckles] Donna, this is [Haley screams] Donna: Haley? What happened? Haley: I can't open the work file.
I keep trying to open it, and it says "Drive not ready.
" Ugh, did you hit it with your sack? - What? - Hackey, Kev.
Uh, no, I've just been chilling here.
That's my semester project! - Okay.
- Hang on.
All right, try it again.
[Computer beeping] It's the same error message.
Yeah, the platter's not spinning.
[Screams] I hate these stupid things! Breathe.
Kevin, do you have any money? I've got 20 bucks from delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to old people.
Okay, great, could you do me a favor and just take her to a movie or something? No, I have to do this.
I know.
"Star Trek: Generations" is out.
Okay, fine.
[Chuckles] Stop.
Donna: Oh, yeah.
Yeah, the head's stuck to the platter.
If I can get it off and parked, we'll have to check the data.
Well, as long as it boots, I can go through the contents.
Sorry about this.
I know you wanted to get driving.
No, [Scoffs] It's not like I'm desperate to see Carson City.
[Chuckles] [Sighs] [Squeaks] Oy, that didn't sound pretty.
But, hey, there we go.
Oh, God, I got to go get ready.
Can you keep going with this? Yeah, yeah.
[Keyboard clacking] How's it going in here? - Jesus.
- What? No, you just you you just do that so well.
[Laughs] Oh.
Hey, yeah.
One of the benefits of throwing a fancy cocktail thing.
So? Well, the file's damaged.
I'm trying to figure out if I can get a side way in to recover the data.
Well, I hope we can save some of it.
So, what, do you just kick it? Hmm? Yeah, you just just kick it to yourself.
How do you win? You just just use your knees and stuff.
I don't get it.
You know it really pisses me off, that Joe would just leave like that.
Things fell apart, yeah, but for him to just up and Whatever.
It didn't work.
Nothing here did, so [Sighs] And I'm sorry that I didn't tell you I was leaving sooner.
I just [sighs] I just wanted to make a decision and not have somebody talk me out of it.
Hey, if it's what you want to do, it's what you want to do.
[Keyboard clacking] Yeah, man.
If you do what you always did, you're gonna get what you always got.
If the elevator's broken, take the stairs.
It works if you work it.
Unless it's more and more of what doesn't work.
Meetings? [Sighs] Oh A few.
You? My mom.
I might see her on this trip.
That's good.
Cameron: [Scoffs] Man, this might be toast.
Donna: You did copy the file before you converted it to rich text, right? Yeah, but I skipped RTF and went straight to the hex editor.
Rebuild the header, too, and check the permissions.
Even if there's version control? You want to recover data or you want to make a 15-year-old cry again? [Chuckles] Okay.
[Keyboard clacking] Hey.
What if we worked together again? Um What do you, um Do you have an idea? No, the idea can come later.
That's not what's important.
I'm sorry.
That, um Oh, God, yeah.
- That I - No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
Please, forget I said it.
- I'm sorry.
I I don't know what I was thinking.
[Sighs] Uh I'm gonna go check on the caterers.
I'll be back.
Okay, yeah, I'll keep working on this.
[Sighs] [Door closes] [Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" plays in background] Diane: So, imagine there are five of us crammed into this rented Land Rover, - and Kimberly already has morning sickness.
- Oh.
And the Irish roads are built for, I don't know, horse-drawn carriages.
John John stops and takes a picture of every shamrock we see.
Every (no audio) shamrock.
[Laughs] [Sighs] And more importantly, what you have done with the firm over the past three months - Mm.
- wow.
Thank you.
That really means a lot.
Just like children sleepin' - We could dream this night away - Cameron's here.
I thought she'd be halfway across the country by now.
Yeah, me too.
That was the plan.
But she, um She just floated the idea of working with me again just out of nowhere.
With one foot out the door and the rest of her life packed in a silver tube? Yeah, well, that is her gift.
Thinking of impossible things.
Ooh We know where the music's playin' [Sighs] [In distance] Let's go out and feel the night Any luck? Okay.
How was the movie? It was weird.
Kirk was stuck in this, like, frozen time ribbon thing and he was repeatedly living the happiest part of his life for decades.
And then Picard comes and he's like, "Dude, get out of the ribbon.
You got to help me.
" And so Kirk is like, "Sure," and he does, and he, like, immediately dies.
Picard's a jerk.
[Chuckles] Where's the Kevinator? Mm He's probably wolfing down all the tuna tartare like a dumb barracuda.
[Sighs] When we were strangers I watched you from afar Did Joe write you a letter? Yeah.
Why? Um, it was just to me.
Yeah, you're right.
Did you love him? [Sighs] Yeah.
I did.
Um, I'll just, like I'll just summarize.
Uh He said he, like, needs to start over, and that he didn't air the Comet commercial because, you know, um He talked about UNC putting their radio station on the Internet.
[Chuckles] What? Oh, it's an inside joke.
You wouldn't get it.
Um, he said that my dad was proud of me and that if he was ever in town, he'd come and see us.
Um And he said not to forget him, even when I'm running all of Silicon Valley.
He's joking again.
Yeah, Armonk, where is that? Um, it's where he's from.
It's where, uh, IBM is.
[Sighs] Hey, I'm sorry that we couldn't recover your data.
It's fine.
Like what Joe said.
What's that? Fresh start.
[Inhales sharply] Mm-hmm.
Well Come find me in the time ribbon.
I will.
Yes, good.
[Laughs] If you'll excuse me one second.
I'm just gonna [Indistinct conversations] Uh, thank you.
Um, I just, uh I wanted to thank you guys for coming out tonight.
[Chuckles] "You guys.
" See what we're up against? [Laughter] When I graduated from Berkeley in '75 with a degree in computer science, nobody batted an eye.
That's probably because back then, coders were like secretaries and engineers, meaning little solder soldiers on the assembly lines, were kind of invisible.
And we're used to that.
But somewhere along the line, these jobs became important.
And don't get me wrong, I'm happy to hang out with "you guys" any time and eat good food, but I hope that by the time my daughters are my age that they don't have to have gatherings like this anymore to remind themselves that they're actually here.
I've been in tech for 18 years.
I've won.
And I've lost.
I am a woman who voted her female partner out of her own company, the company she founded.
I am a woman who lost a marriage to, among other things, this line of work.
I can't sleep at night sometimes worrying if I'm seeing my kids enough or if I've been there enough for them or if it's already too late.
But I've done things.
That always comes with a price, but I did them.
One of the many things I've learned is that no matter what you do, somebody is around the next corner with a better version of it, and if that person is a man, it might not even be better.
It just might get more attention.
And sometimes, that person is you.
The you that's never satisfied with what you just did because you're obsessed with whatever is next.
The one constant is this.
It's you, it's us.
The project gets us to the people.
Because it's people that got me where I am, people like Diane Gould.
People like my husband and my first partner, Gordon Clark.
People like my last and best partner, Cameron Howe.
And for all the rest of you, I hope that tonight can be the beginning of something, something so that even if we see each other across the corporate battle lines one day, that you will know that I am rooting for you.
I can't help but not.
Because I am a partner by trade and a mother and a sister by design.
And I am I am so proud to be on this journey with you.
[Applause] [Exhales sharply] Aah! Donna: Oh, my God! Oh! No, this is good.
Now everyone knows you were the crazy one.
Oh, good.
Well, I'm glad I could be of some service.
Donna: [Chuckles] So About working together.
[Sighs] I'm sorry.
It was a terrible idea.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
I can't tell you what it means to me that you asked.
I think in some ways, I probably have been waiting for years to hear that.
I meant it.
I know.
Of course, it is also the surest way to screw up what we do have now.
What do we have now? We're friends.
Maybe we should try that for a while.
[Sighs] You falling in that pool was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
[Chuckles] Hey, where's Kevin? I dumped him.
Oh, that's I'm sor Are you okay? Yeah.
You know, sometimes I think maybe Haley's gay? - Yep.
- Yeah.
[Both chuckle] Oh, these girls, they're just amazing.
Hey, what's happening with the old Mutiny building? I mean, I can't believe they spent all this money redecorating and didn't even change the stupid lock.
Donna: Whoa, carpet.
And look at all this glass.
Yeah, this was Comet.
Uh, okay, so Gordon was in your office.
Oh, of course.
And Joe was in mine.
Um, oh.
Gordon rewired the Ethernet so it patched down through the ceiling, which was really genius.
[Laughs] What? You remember when, uh, Lev and Yo-Yo took the fish tank full of sea monkeys - and they moved it over by the fridge? - Oh, yeah, and Carl reached over it trying to get to the Better Cheddars and he spilled it all over himself.
Yeah, and he ruined his pants.
He ruined his pants.
So he had to strip them off, and he was wearing what was that? He was wearing that thing.
It was like a jock strap.
No, no, no, it was bikini briefs.
Oh, my God.
It was like a French cut.
[Both laugh] [Both sigh] Didn't he sit, like, right here? No, Carl, he was over here by Wonderboy.
Cameron: Oh.
Hey, whatever happened to Annabelle? The mannequin? Yeah.
Um, [chuckles] Well Bodie took mushrooms and immolated her on the roof during a lunar eclipse.
[Laughs] Those guys.
You know Bodie has four kids now, right? Get out.
And, uh, oh, Wonderboy teaches at NYU, but he teaches, like, video art.
Oh, cool.
What about Carl? Porn.
Oh, of course, 'cause the mustache.
No, he he hosts it on a website and he charges.
[Laughs] He has a huge house out in Arcadia or somewhere.
What would it be? If we were to do it all over again? I'm out of ideas.
Okay, then, how would we run it? Well we'd call it, um I don't know.
Oh, I like it.
[Chuckles] Equal equity.
- Equal say in everything.
- Mm-hmm.
And we'd just grow at our own pace this time.
Like, really enjoy the ride.
What if we did 24 months of pure R&D? Just focus on ideas way outside the box.
You remember our first week at Phoenix? Just you, me, and that one guy we hired out of Cal Poly.
I remember our Series A.
And then we went public.
We had to start making some hard decisions, maybe a partnership with a bigger company, and we had to sacrifice some of the culture.
Yeah, but it worked for a while.
But eventually we had to let some people go, streamline some things.
And still we kept losing ground.
We started arguing about the direction of the company.
I strategized a safe play to keep things afloat.
And I dug my heels in.
We fought about it.
But it didn't destroy us this time.
But still, we were at an impasse.
And then soon enough, the decision got made for us.
[Sighs] And we walked away friends.
It was a pleasure working with you at Phoenix.
I loved every minute of it.
[Sighs] [Sighs] [Drawer closes] [Tape player clicks] Gordon: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Now, how we doing? Close your eyes.
Does anything feel weird? 'Cause that's what this is.
Feeling weird is is how you know you're still here.
All right, now, when was the last time you ate Because all a human needs is food, water, and rest.
You got to remind yourself that you're just 160 pounds of goo in the middle of a very big universe.
So whatever's burning you up right now, just know that it'll fade.
Every problem feels big in the moment, but, Gordon, you know better.
So focus on just being being.
And then try to look up from your computer every once in a while.
I want to try and see you as much as I can, but I should be through Tallahassee in the next couple weeks, so you know, I thought I could, uh, come by.
Okay, well, then I'll see you then.
Yeah, I will, Mom.
[Sighs] [Indistinct conversations] [Sighs] [Sighs] - Donna: Did you get her? - Yeah.
- Good.
- Yeah.
So, it's a busy week for you? Oh, yeah, sort of.
We got a 3-D imaging company presenting at COMDEX, so, you know, it's just COMDEX.
[Both chuckle] Okay, well, let's do it.
What you tried to do 24 hours ago.
I'm glad I got waylaid.
Yeah, me, too.
Hey, I'll get breakfast.
Oh, no, no.
Give me that.
No, no, no.
Let's split it.
You're unemployed.
Save your money.
Fair enough.
Meet you outside.
- Thank you.
- [Sighs] [Door bells ring] [Keys clack] [Cash register opens] Donna: Cameron.
What is it? I have an idea.
[Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" plays] [Engine revs] Climbing up on Solsbury Hill I could see the city light - Wind was blowing, time stood still - [Engine shuts off] Eagle flew out of the night He was something to observe Came in close, I heard a voice Standing stretching every nerve Had to listen, had no choice I did not believe the information Just had to trust imagination My heart going boom, boom, boom "Son," he said "Grab your things I've come to take you home" Yeah, back home To keep in silence I resigned My friends would think I was a nut Turning water into wine Open doors would soon be shut So I went from day to day Thought my life was in a rut Till I thought of what I'd say Which connection I should cut I was feeling part of the scenery I walked right out of the machinery [School bell rings] My heart going boom, boom, boom "Hey" he said "Grab your things I've come to take you home" Yeah, back home When illusion spin her net I'm never where I want to be And liberty, she pirouette When I think that I am free Watched by empty silhouettes Who close their eyes but still can see No one taught them etiquette I will show another me Today I don't need a replacement I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant My heart going boom, boom, boom Let me start by asking a question.
I said "You can keep my things, they've come to take me home"