Hamarinn (The Cliff) (2009) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Are you alright?
What do you mean?
- I saw the Moon of Urd.
I'll let you in.
No! I'm going fishing.
I was just about to go.
I haven't got anyone else.
This is an accident! Why isn't the
local police taking care of it?
There is more to it. Dynamite
and a detonator were stolen.
The District Commissioner
Contacted the National Commissioner.
The Intelligence Service says
there are protesters in the area.
I know these people.
I was there when I was a kid.
That should speed things up.
I need someone experienced.
What about Gudjon?
- He's in Florida.
This is just to calm them down.
They've got a rookie on the case,
fresh out of the FBI Academy.
no, I can't do it this weekend.
A case was dropped on me.
Cocoa puffs? Yeah, alright.
I'll pick her up at eight. Bye.
Have you talked to
the psychologist? -No.
Maybe you should do that.
- I'm okay. I'm fine.
Don't cut yourself off.
Great? That sounds good.
Alright? Goodbye.
So, Inga. What is it?
I am the Chief Inspector
while Gudjon is on holiday, right?
So why am I not trusted
to investigate this case?
A lot of dynamite was stolen.
It went higher up the chain.
They sent an experienced
detective to back you up.
An experienced detective?
Not to take charge,
just to help you out.
A forensic team as well.
Everything is by the book.
And when was I gonna be told?
- I thought you already had.
Good morning.
- Helgi.
I'm very sorry we have to meet
under these circumstances
but I was asked to assist
with the investigation.
Could we talk out in the hallway?
No. We have no idea what
Snorri was doing there.
I mean, no one was working.
They were off for the weekend.
I just don't understand this.
This was sabotage. I suppose
they'll blow us up now.
Well, I'm not sure the cliff
should have been disturbed.
It's a sacred place.
- Don't start with that nonsense.
It's not the first time
something's happened.
What do you mean?
We bought a prize-winning
mare this spring.
It died in the field the day after
they started working on the cliff.
Veigar got a metal splinter in
his hand and it just won't heal.
And the machines are
always breaking down.
It was sabotage, nothing else.
Have you had any problems
with the digger?
No. It has just been serviced.
Let's be clear on that.
Lauga called and woke me up.
She saw a light above our house.
The Moon of Urd, or something
I don't know exactly what that is.
But what should one believe?
There are no explanations.
There is always an explanation.
- Hi.
Weren't you supposed
to be fishing?
Don't mention it.
I'm going to the cinema
tonight at eight. Fancy it?
Should we go over this?
- Yes, I'll talk to you later.
All the dynamite in this
container was stolen.
I don't know the exact amount,
but it was at least one full box
over 25 kilos.
The detonation device was kept
here and it's gone as well.
No witnesses have come forward yet
except the mother of the victim.
She was the first one to arrive and
called 112 from the car phone.
I have asked for the printout
from the phone company.
It was just lucky that they hadn't
brought all the explosives yet.
Are they blowing up the cliff?
- Yes.
They are putting up
a mast on the edge.
They have to blow up the rock
to create the foundation.
No one knows what he was doing
here in the middle of the night.
- What?
His name is Snorri
Yes. Snorri is not suspected
of being intoxicated.
His mother, Eydis, says she
only touched the mobile phone.
When she walks to the car
it is open and the engine running.
Isn't it?
- Yes.
No one here but she sees a man
on a bicycle further down the road.
Yes. We haven't found him yet.
We haven't found him.
She came here because Lauga
said she saw the Moon of Urd.
The what?
Moon of Urd.
An electrical phenomenon.
Like a ball of lighting
An omen of death.
Excuse me. Have you started
your own investigation?
No, I just visited the hospital
to speak to his parents
and now I'm updating you.
Just to make it clear,
I'm leading this investigation.
That's clear.
You're just here to give advice.
Yes. That's clear.
- Okay.
This is were he went off the cliff.
It's a 19 meter fall.
We have combed the area
and this is all we found.
It was in the shovel path, so it
was dropped after the accident.
It could be from this morning.
There were a lot of people here.
No. There were no footprints.
And the earth under it was dry
so it must have been there
when it rained last night.
I'll take it. Thank you.
- Inga's in charge.
The lock's been forced
with a crowbar or something.
I'll email you a report tonight.
- Okay. Thank you.
There are three possible scenarios.
Snorri surprised the burglar
The burglar knocked him out
and staged the accident.
Which is actually rather far-fetched.
Or, a complicated suicide attempt.
The dynamite is possibly unrelated.
Or, what I think is most likely,
a failed insurance fraud.
And then the dynamite was
taken to mislead us.
I'm assuming that Snorri is in
favour of this project?
Yes. He and his father Veigar are
contractors on the job.
Exactly. But there was someone
else who also bid on the job.
Yes. Larus.
But he never had a chance.
Veigar has been doing all
the work for the road authorities.
Yes. Always.
His mum stepped into the truck
and made a call from the mobile.
There is oil in this, not engine oil.
You should check it out.
Yes! Or maybe you should do it.
Yes, I could do it too.
Hi again.
We wanted to have a word.
You need a whole committee?
Come inside.
Do you recognise this lighter?
It's from that girl down the road.
What girl?
- I think her name is Halldora.
She runs the bar
at the community hall.
Does Snorri smoke?
What about you?
No. None of us smoke.
This morning you said that
this was sabotage. Why is that?
What do I know?
These people chain themselves
to the machines to stall the project.
So you think the environmentalists
did something to the digger
and stole the dynamite?
I don't know. And I also know
nothing about the explosives.
But I know Larus has been waiting
for the digger to break down.
Why is that?
We both bid on this job,
but we came in slightly higher.
Larus thinks that experience is
no longer important in this game.
That it's all about
having the latest equipment.
He's resentful about the
compensation. We own the land.
The insurance company says that
the digger is worth 15 to 20 million.
Yes. I suppose that's right.
You can pay off a lot of
debts with that.
What the hell do you mean?
Are you accusing me of trying
to get insurance money
by seriously injuring my son?
Veigar, that's not what she means.
We apologise.
Is this how you operate?
If I don't have a digger, I can't
finish the job. And then we're done.
Now my boy is lying in hospital
and this digger is worth nothing.
We understand that perfectly well.
Okay. Was there anything else?
No. That's it for now.
Actually. One more thing.
When did Snorri leave last night?
The 7 o'clock news was over when
we came from the cows.
He was getting ready for the dance.
So, between 8 and 9.
Did he mention going up there
to work that evening?
No, but he knew that we were
really behind schedule.
We are going to get daily fines.
But maybe.
Thank you.
What was that?
- I know what I'm doing.
Are your mum and dad home?
Mum's home.
Is the boy with you?
- What?
Isn't the boy with you?
We just got a printout
from the phone company.
A call was made from Snorri's phone
to an unregistered mobile number
just before Eydis called 112.
And before that there were repeated
calls to Halldora who runs the bar.
What about this unregistered
- We don't know. It's prepaid.
Oh. It's turned off.
Come on, let's go.
How is Snorri doing?
They're keeping him under.
Do you know him well?
- Yes, we were childhood friends.
We grew up together, me, him
and my husband, Larus.
Until I went to college and Larus
went to technical school.
Snorri stayed behind.
Do you want milk?
- No thanks. No thanks.
When did you last see Snorri?
- At the dance, around midnight.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
It's the police.
Why are you here?
When did you last see Snorri?
- Snorri? At the dance last night.
Did something happen?
He fell over the cliff in the digger.
- What? Is he alright?
He's critically injured.
He's being kept under.
Is that why you are here?
Is his father blaming me?
Why would he do that?
He's using old machines so he
doesn't have to rent from me
and then he blames it on me
when there is an accident.
He wants me bankrupt,
so he can get the land.
I don't know anything about this.
I woke up half an hour ago
in the car, on the road by the field.
I slept there all night.
Do you and Snorri stay in touch?
- No, we rarely speak these days.
I have got nothing against Snorri,
but his father is an arsehole.
Larus! - What? They can know
what I think about him.
Were you at the dance until the end?
- No, I left early.
I was looking for Anna but then I
found out that she'd got a lift.
Does Snorri have a girlfriend?
- Yes.
Really? I thought that was over.
Who is she?
Her name is Halldora.
She works at the community hall.
She also runs a massage parlour.
Where the hell were you?
I kept calling you.
I lost the damn phone.
He was lying. If he was down by
the field why didn't he go home?
It's just down the road.
- It's very strange.
Did you see a vehicle there
this morning? - No.
Was she there this morning?
- Anna? Yes. She works at the clinic.
You can never use this.
- I know. I just want to check it out.
This is inadmissible evidence.
What are you going to do with it?
What? Are you going to rat on me?
Are you here
because of the accident?
How's Snorri?
- Who are you?
I'm Ulfur, Larus's brother.
- They are keeping him under.
But he is going to be okay, right?
- We hope so.
This is the only place where
you can't be seen from the road.
He knows this place is out of sight.
That's why he said he was here.
There is no way he drove here.
This is at least a week old.
Are you joking?
How can you tell?
You can see that.
This is at least a week old.
How come you're able to
determine the age of shit?
That's because I'm professional.
Stop that.
Haven't you looked at:
Howoldistheshit. Com
Are we taking this with us?
- Yes. Put it in your pocket.
Smell this.
- They are going inside the tents.
I need to speak to you.
Here is a printout from the phone
- Yes. Thank you.
Hello. I'm Freyr Vignisson.
- Helgi.
It was me that arrived here first.
Good morning.
We're from the State Police.
Yes, I want to press charges.
This is disturbing our guests
This is my land.
- Our land.
Yes. They are looking for explosives
as I'm sure they've told you.
They're not entering any tents.
- This is persecution.
That's what it is.
- This is just rude.
They've got a bloody
drug dog sniffing around
They just talk rubbish.
Nobody admits to seeing anything.
They're just happy
if anything stalls the project.
Does any one of them own a bike?
- Was I supposed to check that?
We are looking for the cyclist
that Eydis saw on the road.
My shift is over. I told
everyone that I couldn't stay.
I haven't seen any bicycle.
We have to put the search
for the cyclist on hold.
We'll meet by the cliff tomorrow
to work out the timeline.
I can't take the phone at the moment,
please leave a message.
Hi Helgi. It's Marin.
Where are you?
I'm at the cinema,
I'll wait for you. Bye.
Who is Marin?
Marin? Why?
She invited you to the cinema.
Is she your girlfriend?
No. I just work with her.
Shall we get on with this?
Do you want some coke?
- Dad. I don't drink coke. It's sugar.
Runar used to drink coke.
Maybe you were thinking of him
when you bought it.
What do you like to drink?
- Green Top.
Green Top? Isn't that an ice lolly?
- Oh, Dad. I'll just have water.
Our prayers are with
the young man who was injured.
This project is doomed and this
accident is an example of that.
We don't know
who stole the explosives.
Probably they did it to get the
police to harass our guests.
This is political persecution.
That's what it is.
As you can hear,
feelings are running high here.
43.000 have petitioned against
plans to build any more dams.
Mum is hoping that you find
a woman. - Really?
She cries sometimes, and Bragi
comforts her. I cry sometimes.
When I think about Runar.
Do you ever cry?
No no.
There's no one to comfort you.
I comfort myself.
You can come with me if you want.
- I don't have time now, sweetheart.
Won't there be a show soon?
- Yes. I guess so.
I'll come then.
- Okay.
Isn't your mum picking you up?
- Yes. Or Bragi.
He goes to the gym on Sundays.
- Okay bye.
Here is your horse, love.
Just take it inside the paddock.
Hi, this is Marin, leave a message
and I will call you back.
Hi Marin. It's Helgi.
I just wanted to check up on you.
I'm sorry I didn't call last night.
I got home really late.
We'll speak soon. Okay. Bye.
Snorri. Snorri.
He woke up. He opened his eyes.
He squeezed my hand.
It must be possible to wake him up.
I'm not saying it can't happen.
We'll try to wake him in two days.
But now you're exhausted.
- Eydis, go get some food, lie down.
I'll stay with Snorri.
- Good to see you.
Hello. My name is Anna.
I'm a nurse at the clinic in Selfoss.
Hi. I'm Brynja.
Can you tell me what his odds are?
Don't expect too much. There's
haemorrhaging in his brain
We did a scan and it shows very
little blood flow to his brain.
Nice echo.
It's unbelievable
that he survived the fall.
You're not superstitious.
- What? In a few days they will have
blown big holes in this.
I'm going to take this rock home
and put in my garden.
When I was a kid here you weren't
allowed to speak near this cliff.
Is that why you're talking like
we're at a funeral?
Did you say you spent time
here as a child?
Yeah. I spent a few summers
with Lauga and Fusi at Fell.
So you know the names of all the
elves and ghosts.
No. I don't actually. But I
wouldn't have taken that rock.
There are four minutes from the
call to the unregistered number
until Eydis, his mother, calls 112.
So Snorri has less than four
minutes to make the phone call?
If it was him that made the call.
- Lf it was him that made the call.
Go to the top of the cliff, start
the digger, drive it off the edge,
before Eydis arrives.
And she parks here.
Runs straight to the digger.
Runs back to the car and dials 112.
We need to know how long
that would have taken her
so we can rule out Snorri
as the caller.
So, run there and back
and I'll time you. One, two, go.
Yeah. Run as fast as you can
so we can time it.
One, two and go.
- What's that all about?
And then something happens here.
- Run back fast.
- Run back fast!
What? Just multiply it by two.
What is this bullshit?
One minute and ten seconds.
She probably stopped for a minute
to check up on him
which gives Snorri
less than a minute.
Ok, say three minutes.
He has one minute to do it all.
That's not possible.
So, it wasn't Snorri who made the
call to the unregistered number.
So there was someone else
here just before the accident.
Maybe it was the person
that took the dynamite.
Sorry. I have to get that.
I can't just stop whenever I like.
Is that tonight?
No, you hadn't told me?
Can't your mother babysit?
I don't know
Okay? Two hours?
Okay. Bye.
Hey, this Halldora that Snorri
called so many times
The one they couldn't agree if
she was his girlfriend or not.
We have to speak to her.
- Yep. I'll do it tomorrow.
I have to go see Lauga.
She'll be upset if she hears I was
here and didn't visit her.
But if Snorri wakes up tomorrow
it will all be explained.
I'll stop by Holt
and ask about the cyclist.
I'll do a report and go through
it with you tomorrow.
Okay. Bye.
He will not be spared.
- Good morning, Lauga.
I baked some cakes for you.
I can see there's quite a
crowd joining us for coffee.
Most of the people I can be
bothered to talk to are dead.
And aren't they all doing fine?
No. The sheep gnawed their land
and now they are flooding it.
And to make matters worse
they're blowing up the cliff.
Blow up a sacred place!
I knew no good would come of it.
I saw the Moon of Urd. It thickened
over Bakki and disappeared there.
Snorri will not live.
The doctor said
he might wake up tomorrow.
I knew you would come.
It was just a coincidence that I
was assigned to the job.
So why do you think I baked all
these cakes for you this morning
and found this picture of you
and Eydis?
Everyone knows
you can't disturb the cliff.
Both animals and people died
because of it in the past.
But isn't it good to get some
compensation for your land?
Fusi sold it all just before he died.
Who did he sell it to?
- Veigar in Bakki. Who else?
So how are you feeling, Helgi?
- I'm fine.
No one who buries his child is fine.
Certainly not if he wont let it go.
You haven't done that, Helgi.
He's still with you, the little boy.
Yes, I'm on my way.
I'lll be there in ten minutes.
I should be there already.
I'm sorry you're going to be late.
I just couldn't get away sooner.
I'll take a cab later.
- Okay.
Okay, Snorri.
Now I think it's time to wake up.
The brown horse
needs to be trained.
Hi Eydis.
I was coming to town
so I thought I'd stop by.
I'm not staying long but you can
get some food if you're hungry.
Yeah. That's probably a good idea.
Shouldn't I get a vase for these?
Yes. Do that.
- You'll call me if anything happens.
Thank you, darling.
The police investigation into
the accident at the cliff
is still ongoing
All work in the area has been put
on hold at the request of the police.
Orri Fridjonsson, Councilman
What's your comment on this?
It is of course very bad if
the explosives are not found
But we are expecting a permit so
the contractor can continue.
Each day down is very expensive.
Yes. Yes. Okay. Bye.
Damn it.
- What?
The Commissioner decided that
work can start at the cliff tomorrow.
And that any further investigation
is just a formality.
He can be such an idiot, that man.
Well, isn't this just
normal procedure? -No.
Didn't you get the forensics team
to help you all day yesterday?
It's in everyone's interest to
finish this line as soon as possible.
Veigar is in great financial trouble
because of the delays.
He won't get the next payment
until he's up on the cliff.
So what!
That hurts.
Don't you think he'll want to know
what happened to his son?
And then there's
the stolen explosives.
That was a lot less
than they thought. Relax.
Orri, how much dynamite do you
need to cause major damage?
Come on.
- Why is everyone in such a hurry?
Doesn't anyone give a damn?
- Some kids have stolen it.
Had Snorri not just been working
too long and made a mistake?
Darling, you're taking this
too seriously.
The Commissioner is prepared
to write this off as an accident
and ask people to look out
for explosives lying around.
But I'm not prepared to do that.
- Inga.
And then you've also got
this attitude -Inga.
You know, I can't be bothered
to talk to you about this anymore.
Oh, Valur. What have you done?
You can't paint the furniture,
only the wall.
Come on. Lets get
something to eat.
This is something they've decided.
You should be relieved.
Now you can just finish painting
your house and be rid of me.
This was not an accident.
The fingerprints that were
on the lighter were Larus's.
How do you know that?
Because I compared them to
the prints on the other lighter.
But his prints are not on file.
- I know he doesn't have a record.
We can't use this.
- Of course I know we can't use it.
But still, it has to be looked into.
It's ridiculous to
close this investigation now.
I don't have time for this.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Code blue in number seven!
Clear! Shock!
One milligram of adrenalin.
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