Hamarinn (The Cliff) (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

So why am I not trusted
to investigate this case?
We decided to get an experienced
detective to back you up.
An experienced detective?
Not to take charge,
just to help you out.
I know these people
I was there when I was a kid.
That should speed things up.
I need your experience.
This is more than just
an accident.
Some dynamite and
a detonator were stolen.
It was at least one full box.
Lauga said she saw
the Moon of Urd.
Excuse me. Have you started
you own investigation?
No, I just
Just to make it clear,
I'm leading this investigaion.
That's clear.
There are no explanations.
- There is always an explanation.
They were off work
for the weekend.
We have no idea what
Snorri was doing there.
It was sabotage,
nothing else.
You can pay off a lot
of debt with that.
Are you accusing me of trying
to get insurance money
by injuring my son?
I have got nothing against Snorri,
but his father is an arsehole.
And then he blames
me for the accident.
He wants me bankrupt.
Where the hell were you?
I kept calling you.
I lost the damn phone.
These people chain themselves
to the machines to stall the project.
They've got the dog
sniffing around.
This is political persecution.
Mom is hoping that.
You find a woman.
Hi Helgi. It's Marin.
I'm waiting for you at the cinema.
The Commissioner has decided that
work can start at the cliff tomorrow.
Doesn't anyone give a damn?
Isn't the boy with you?
So how are you feeling, Helgi?
- I'm fine.
No one's fine who has to
bury his child.
So you know the names of
all the elves and ghosts.
No. I don't. But I would not
have taken that rock.
We'll try to wake him
in two days.
Code blue in number seven!
One milligram of adrenalin.
I'm coming.
What's going on?
The boy in the digger is dead.
What happened?
- Cardiac arrest.
Is that normal?
You never know when people
are so severely injured.
The body is under a lot of pressure.
The post mortem might
shed some light on it.
Weren't you going to wake
him up tomorrow?
Yes. That was the plan.
But there was someone else there
who stole the explosives.
That's a different matter.
It's being investigated.
We'll close this as an accident
so people can go back to work.
- We don't think this was an accident.
The only thing you have
is the phone call
that Snorri
couldn't have made, right?
It's almost impossible.
- Almost? What do you mean?
Every day costs a fortune.
The contractor is paying daily fines
and the powerline team
is being held back.
From when he put the
phone down
he had fifty seconds to do
everything and that's not possible.
With all due respect for you and
- Yes. Inga.
I'll talk to the Commissioner
and he'll make a decision.
Just do what you have to do.
We've authorised the autopsy.
They found Snorri's
necklace on the floor.
lt must have fallen when they
tried to resuscitate him last night.
It's not his. I've got his here.
This is the same medal. Do you know
why it's been snapped in half?
We were discussing that. He said
he gave one half to somebody.
He and Larus were always
going to horse tournaments.
Snorri usually got first prize
Something happened to Larus's
Snorri felt that he should have won.
I think he gave Larus
the other half.
Did he visit Snorri at the hospital?
- No, not as far as I'm aware.
Do you have any idea who might
have brought this?
Did you tell anyone that Snorri was
supposed to be woken up today?
Yes. Veigar.
You don't think there was someone
who didn't want him to wake up?
Of course. If someone was afraid
of what he might say.
Anna knew. She could
have told Larus.
Veigar, you don't think that Larus?
- I don't know. Do you?
What are you thinking?
- I'm helping you out
With the investigation that you
helped stop yesterday.
It wasn't my decision. Besides,
things have changed.
Snorri is dead
and someone brought
the second half of the medal.
Do you think the investigation
will continue?
- Yes. I spoke to the Chief and he
talked to the Commissioner.
The explosives have not yet
been found. We'll continue.
- You. This is your case.
Eydis is my friend.
You're too close to these people.
I was walking down the hallway and
saw a woman going to the ICU.
Are you sure it was a woman?
- Yes. I know the difference.
What time was this?
- Around 11.30, midnight.
Are you sure about the time?
Yes. I went to get a trolley
that had been left behind.
Can you describe this woman?
- Yes. She was in a hurry.
She was wearing
a light-coloured coat.
She was coming out of the lift
when I was on my way there.
How tall was she? Hair colour?
It was a young woman.
Medium height. Dark blond hair.
Did you see her go into the ICU?
No. The lift was open so
I walked straight in.
Are you looking for Halldora?
We are from the police.
- I see.
Dora hasn't been home
since yesterday.
She had a bag so I guess she
was going away somewhere.
Did she say where?
- No. We don't talk much
but this place is not sound-proof
so we do hear each other a bit.
Does she live here alone?
- Yes. During the day anyway.
Want to go inside? I have a key.
She's my tenant.
No thanks Ask her to get
in touch if you see her.
Do you know if she was
home last Friday night?
Yes. She even came back early.
Around midnight.
What followed was no massage.
- So there was somebody with her?
I didn't really see him
but I heard them.
Do you know who it was?
- No.
No. I woke up in the middle of
the night and saw him drive away.
Did you see what sort of car it was?
- A grey pick-up.
Do you remember when this was?
- Around 2 AM.
Excuse me.
Do you live here as well?
- Yes. Upstairs.
Do you want to come in?
- No.
What did this man look like?
Did you see anything?
No, I just saw him speed away.
- Yes. Okay.
Helgi! Listen
my son hurt himself at the
kindergarten so I have to go.
I'm coming. Thank you for your time.
Any news from the autopsy?
- The autopsy?
We don't have a final report.
Just cardiac arrest.
No injuries that are not related
to the accident.
So the person that brought the
medal didn't do anything else?
It doesn't look like it.
There's a meeting in half an hour.
- Orri.
The boy is dead and it
may be a murder case.
They sent a man from Reykjavik
to work with me. He's waiting.
Can't he take care of it alone?
Today I mean?
I'm under close scrutiny.
Don't you get it.
Listen I'll call my mum
and you'll take him there
when he's been checked
out at the clinic.
All the candidates will be there.
- Just go then.
I have to go.
Helgi. I have to take him
to the clinic.
That's no problem.
It's on the way.
I'll see you there.
He's got a small bump on the neck
but otherwise he's fine.
You visited Snorri at the hospital
last night, didn't you?
Yes. I dropped by.
When was that? Around midnight?
- No. Much earlier.
Around eight.
Did you stay long?
- About an hour.
I must have left just after nine.
Do you remember what sort of
jacket you were wearing?
A simple, light-coloured
jacket from Zara.
Do you recognise this?
Yes. This is a medal
that Snorri always wore.
Do you happen to know
who owns the other half?
No, I
- Could it be Larus?
No, no. Larus doesn't own
anything like this.
showing people evidence
doesn't get us anywhere
unless we are conducting
a proper interrogation.
She was really taken aback when
she saw the medal
but if I was going to make sure
that Snorri didn't wake up
I wouldn't leave something behind
that could be linked to me.
Unless you wanted to direct
suspicion towards someone else.
Can you, please?
- Yes.
Oh, God. I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I didn't mean to.
- It's okay.
I have to take him to his grandma.
Shall we try Halldora again later?
- Yes.
Shall we say around 2?
- Yes.
I was wondering if you recognised
this phone number
You're wasting your time.
We're in rural Iceland. A bit of
jealousy and envy is normal.
This was an accident and I don't
want my son's memory to be linked
to a crime or a murder case.
Have you seen this?
- No.
These hacks only want to create
headlines that sell.
I don't know where the paper
got this from. They're making it up.
You should stop it. It doesn't
matter what you find. He's dead
and I just want to be left in peace
to give him a beautiful funeral.
It's not my decision.
- You write the report.
Inga writes the report.
- But you can have a say in it.
I can't stop the investigation.
Inga's in control.
I was wondering, would it be alright
if I had a look at Snorri's room?
You like her.
- This woman.
Inga? No, no.
First of all she's married and
secondly I'm not attracted to her.
Fine. But it suits you.
It's my old room.
You know your way.
Halldora Reynisdottir?
- Yes.
We're from the police.
Can we come in and
talk for a minute?
I don't believe it.
Had you been seeing
each other for long?
Almost a year.
But it wasn't working.
I didn't want to live
on a farm and
he couldn't imagine living
anywhere else.
Did you see Snorri on the
night of the accident?
No, I was at a friend's house.
I was home in bed by midnight.
What's your friend's name?
Where does she live?
- Geirsdottir?
Birkivellir 4.
Did you visit Snorri in the hospital?
- No, I'm afraid not.
I couldn't cope.
And I wasn't really welcome there.
Why not?
- His parents don't speak to me.
They always thought I was
stealing their only son.
Where were you last night?
- Yesterday?
Yes. Hermann downstairs
said that you went away.
I was with my sister, in Reykjavik.
- Can we verify that.
Rosa. Raudalaekur 53.
Didn't you hear about it
on the radio? -No.
You didn't see the papers?
No. I'm just hearing this now.
Excuse me.
I'm going to get the phone.
Did you tell us where you were
this morning?
Yes. At my sister's.
I can see that you've
marked the day in your calendar.
That's not any of your business.
I run a massage parlour.
Now I want you to go.
What are you doing here?
- I'm just trying to fix the radiator.
Didn't you do that yesterday?
- Yes, but it's broken. Not my fault.
Do you recognise the
number 9292279?
- Are you sure?
That's all.
Were you wearing
this jacket last night?
Yes, so what?
Can I have a massage?
- No, Hermann.
No. But the circle is
growing bigger if anything.
You need to get to the
bottom of this soon.
We'd get this done quicker if
we had more people on the case.
Helgi, you know that
the budget does not allow it.
Have they found the person that
the mother saw?
Not yet.
- You must speed things up.
I'll speak to you later. Bye.
I've started printing things out
and I booked two rooms for us
if we wanted to stay here.
Shall we go over this. Dora.
Yes, she's hiding something.
She knew who's
phone number it was.
She's also lying about being alone
because Hermann heard someone.
He saw the grey pick-up drive
away at 2 am so if we assume that
Snorri was in the car he
must have been heading
straight for the cliff.
But why?
And why is Dora lying?
Maybe they were arguing
and he stormed out.
Yes, but we can pretty much
rule out suicide
because there was probably
someone else by the cliff.
Dora does not have a record and
the bar and parlour are clean.
I'm still wondering why she'd
marked today on the calendar.
Could she have known that
they were waking Snorri?
No. It could have been anything.
Larus. He doesn't have any alibi
and the lighter that we
found by the cliff is probably his.
And he's a competitor.
This medal.
Eydis and Veigar say that Larus
got this half but Anna denies that.
I think we should look
into this more.
Find out if anything suspicious
happened at the hospital.
There was nothing suspicious.
It was just cardiac arrest.
Have you seen the autopsy report?
- No, but we should wait with this.
Yes, let's keep it open.
Anna. - She and Snorri
used to be a couple.
- I found this letter here.
"Dear Snorri. I don't know what to
say but I want to say so much.
My heart hurts.
We shared so many moments."
Then it says down here.
"This is something we'll always
have together and can't be destroyed.
Where did you get this?
- In Snorri's room.
It's from when they were
teenagers. Backstreet Boys.
This is Robbie Williams, right here.
- No, he was in Take That.
So they were a couple.
Shouldn't we go to this
meeting tonight?
No. Orri will be there and
I know exactly what he'll be saying.
My towering, beautiful cliff!
Excuse me. What are you doing here?
- What?
Isn't anyone free to park here?
You're aware that all
work in the area is banned.
Yes. I was told that they
were starting again tomorrow
and then I'm supposed to
be blowing up the cliff.
You will not be doing anything until
they've lifted the ban.
Is that clear?
- Yes.
- What?
I'll go speak to him.
You are Una, aren't you?
Yes. I'm in your books.
I climbed up the mast down there.
I see.
Do you think this place will be
- That's what they want.
This has to be stopped.
They cannot commit more
environmental murders.
Fucking industry.
Do you know Snorri?
He has sometimes given
me a lift home from dances.
If he's not with Dora.
He always drives. He doesn't drink.
- What about last night.
I got a lift with Ulfur.
On the bike.
Let's go.
Even though I'm old, and the house
too, it's not a museum for tourists.
My name is Inga Aradottir and
- Yes. I know who you are.
But what you are doing here.
- I came to see you.
No one came to the door
and it was open so I
thought something had happened.
- You hardly thought
I was lying dead
in a locked room?
Well. I'm going to make
some coffee. Come on.
Ulfur had been coming here
so often to help me out
that I offered him that room.
He doesn't get along
with his brother.
Is everyone happy about
him seeing that girl?
Aren't you worried that
she might get pregnant?
From my experience nothing
is more remarkable than
when two people truly
love each other.
That's rare and I don't
intend to spoil it.
Weren't Anna and Snorri
a couple once?
Who says that?
- They were, weren't they?
Snorri was a good boy. He couldn't
help the way his father is.
Ladies and gentlemen. Although we
are all devastated by this accident
we must not let grief
make us lose sight of
our common goal of giving this
region a better future.
I know I speak for many when
I say that it's important
that this job is
on schedule.
Otherwise plans to strengthen energy
distribution all around the
country could be jeopardised.
Where does this region then stand,
with regards to employment?
Thank you.
Where is your stuff?
I don't think we should go.
How am I supposed to catch the bus?
I just think it is a
bit lame to be leaving now.
You never have the courage
to do anything anyway.
Even if people deny it in public,
everyone knows this line is the
beginning of their next project
to build a hydro-electric
plant in this region.
This line will destroy the cliff,
the dam will flood the waterfalls.
This will put an end to all
tourism in the area.
That's right!
- Thank you.
I've told you where
the explosives are and
you can read all about how to
do this on the Internet.
I'm not that into you.
Do you think I enjoy
having sex with you
in that stupid room at
this old woman's house?
Cut it out, Una.
Una. Come on. Una!
Una Una!
Una Una!
I know the cliff well enough to
know that there will be no rest
unless we make peace
with those who live there.
I suggest that we put all
work in the area on hold
and set up a meeting
with a medium
or someone who can contact
someone on the other side.
Let's vote on this proposal.
Those who agree raise their hand.
Hi, what's up?
We're at home going over things
after the meeting.
Will you be long?
- No, but we'll go on for a bit.
Are you staying up there tonight?
- I don't know.
Is Olof there?
- Yes.
Is she there!
- Of course. So what.
Just wondering.
You know me better than that!
Yes. I'll speak to you later.
- Bye.
And what does this mean?
Well, it means that Snorri
went into cardiac arrest
about an hour after his
last dose of medication.
According to the day plan
and the medication record
there was nothing
unusual about this dose.
I see.
- Are you coming back tonight?
No, I'm staying.
- When are you coming?
I don't know.
- You can tell me if you
just want to forget about this.
Marin. I'm working.
- Okay. We'll be in touch.
Damn, you're lame.
- I thought you'd gone home.
No, I thought you were
going back to Reykjavik.
Did you go to the meeting?
- Orri did well.
I met Lauga.
- How was that?
Good. I saw a really cute
picture of you and Eydis.
- First love?
They decided to get a medium
to make a deal with the
hidden people about finishing this.
Have you tried the hotel bar?
- No.
Shall we?
Didn't you go abroad to study
after you finished the academy?
- No. But I did a one-week
fingerprint course there once.
- Okay.
I studied in Sweden. Malmo.
- It was good.
That's great. Really great.
This is a nice place.
And when will we be paid
for the land. - Next year.
It's always paid afterwards.
- That's if we haven't lost the land.
When did you last make a
payment on the loan?
They're threatening us
with repossession. Veigar.
You have to make a deal with Larus
about the digger
I've already done it
He's starting tomorrow.
We don't get the first payment
until we have finished.
I'll end up having to
hand over the job.
Damn Lauga has cursed us.
Since when do you believe
in that sort of thing?
What the hell are
you supposed to believe?
Our most valuable horse dies.
My hand keeps getting worse.
Then the boy kills himself.
- Don't say that. It isn't true.
So what the hell was he doing
there in the middle of the night?
And that damned slut from the bar,
with the massage parlour.
And it doesn't help
how you've been acting.
Always listening to his whining.
You let him feel sorry
for himself until he gave up.
So, have you and Marin
been together for long?
We are not together.
No, why did you think that?
I don't know. I just
- Was someone talking about it?
No, we're just friends.
Will you not have to move to
Reykjavik when Orri becomes an MP?
Have you applied for a job?
- Yes. But I haven't heard anything.
Thanks again for today.
- No problem. How's he doing?
- Cute boy.
Yes. He's adorable.
I don't understand
how you can do this.
I don't know what
I would do if I lost Valur.
Life goes on.
That's they way it is.
What? Are you sleeping outside?
It's cold. Come on.
Come inside.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Come inside.
Did you see this, Ulfur?
What? No, I just heard a noise.
Is everything alright?
Is dad going to work at
the cliff tomorrow?
Yes now he finally gets a
chance to use his fancy digger.
But it's dangerous.
- No, it isn't.
Daddy is always careful.
Remember, he went to the school.
The car will be
completely crushed.
No, sweetheart. You just
had a bad dream
- Yes. Come on.
It's all going to be fine.
Let's try to get some sleep.
Let's try to get some sleep.
Have you seen my boots?
- No, are they not there?
Has Ulfur taken them again?
No, no. But aren't you just
getting in the digger anyway?
It's really muddy there.
If you see Ulfur tell him
that Hildur is looking for Una.
Be careful. Nonni had a
bad dream last night.
Have you been up for long?
About the plan on the medication
doses and the autopsy report.
It confirms that he died
of his injuries.
It could also mean that someone
wanted it to look that way.
What do you mean?
Potassium. He was getting
Potassium intravenously.
Isn't that normal?
Yes, but wait. Potassium is
necessary in small doses
but if you get too much
you have a heart attack
because the system can't cope.
- But there wasn't too much.
No, but you wouldn't see it.
Potassium leaves the body
in 12 to 24 hours
and after that
it's impossible to trace.
This is really far-fetched.
How do you know these things?
Some biochemical course
I took in Malmo.
What's that?
That footprint on the running
board was compressor oil.
And it wasn't Snorri's footprint.
The only place where this oil could
be found in so much quantity
was inside the digger
so it confirms there
was a third person
that went into the pickup.
And he'd previously
been in the digger
and must have called
the unregistered number.
Did you have this compared?
- Yes.
Yes. We'll be there.
Have you seen daddy's boots?
Where are they?
Under my bed.
It will be fine as long
as he isn't wearing the boots.
Protect the cliff!
Protect the cliff!
Protect the cliff!
You have to clean up
in this area.
Gunnar in Holt helps these scum and
if he brings them up here again
I insist that you arrest him.
Relax. We have it all under control.
- Under control!?
Are you completely blind,
god dammit?
Boys! Coffee!
Robert. Still. Robert
Robert, bring the glove.
Come here Robert.
Nonni dear.
I saw Ulfur earlier.
He's on his way here.
Will you ask him to call Hildur?
- Okay.
Are you alright, sweetheart?
- Yes.
Bye Helga.
- See you later.
Robert. Come on.
Robert, come eat.
Come! What's wrong
with this dog?
What the hell?
- What does he want?
Get out of the car!
- What does he want?
Watch out!
Get out of the car!
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