Hamarinn (The Cliff) (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

This is something more than
an accident at work.
Someone stole explosives and
devices to use them.
We don't have
detailed information
but it was at least
one box.
Old Lauga who lives at Fell
said she saw a ball of light.
What, are you conducting
this investigation?
Just so you know it,
I'm in charge here.
Yes, I know.
There is no explanation
- There is always an explanation.
No one was working.
Everybody had the weekend off.
We don't know what
Snorri was doing there.
It was sabotage
and nothing else.
You can pay off a
lot of debts for
Are you accusing me of
insurance fraud?
By injuring my son!
I don't dislike Snorri.
But his father is an idiot.
He blames me for
the accident. - Why?
He wants me bankrupt.
- Where the hell were you?
I called and called.
I lost the phone.
What is happening?
The guy is dead.
There was someone else there.
Someone stole the explosives.
That's a different case.
We are investigating it.
We close this case
as an accident.
They have to be able
to work there.
We don't think it
was an accident.
They found his necklace
on the floor.
Maybe it fell off when they
tried to resuscitate him.
That's not his.
I've got it.
Did you tell someone they were
going to wake Snorri up today?
Do you think someone didn't
want him to wake up?
Our most expensive horse dies,
my hand is getting worse.
And then the boy
kills himself.
Don't. You know
that isn't true.
What the hell was he
then doing there
in the middle of the night?
- Yes.
We are from the police.
Had you been going out
for a long time?
Nearly a year.
It wasn't working though.
It was an accident.
I don't want the memory
of my son tarnished
by having him associated with
some crime or a murder case.
Did you see this?
Those journalists only
want headlines which sell.
Here is the letter.
"My dear Snorri.
I don't know what to say
but still I want to say so much.
I feel terrible. You know we
had so much time together."
Did you know Snorri?
I've told you where the
explosives are.
You can find all the
information on the Internet.
"Leave me alone!"
This powerline will
destroy the cliff.
The waterfalls will
be underwater.
This will destroy
tourism in the area.
We have this under control.
- Control?
Are you blind?
The car crashed.
- No, darling.
You just had a nightmare.
- No.
If this isn't just
incredibly unlucky
I don't know what it is.
He had been drilling there.
It could have loosened
bit by bit.
Strange though that it happened
while there was no work going on.
Unless someone helped.
Nobody does it by
using their hands.
It's many tons.
Sorry that I kind of slammed
the phone on you the other day.
That's all right.
It's uncomfortable sometimes.
I don't know what we are doing.
This is amazing.
A closed box.
Let me know when we may
take the flag. - Yes.
I'm going to finish the
witness statements with Freyr.
He will be with us today.
What are you doing?
Cool dog.
Is it yours?
No, I'm watching it.
This is the dog the
explosives guy owned.
He only wants to be with me.
Come here.
Mum is having a shower.
She was so sad.
Yes, because of the accident.
Aren't you sad as well?
A bit but mum isn't sad
because of the accident.
She is sad because
of the picture. - What picture?
This one.
It's your mum, Snorri,
but who is this?
Uncle Oddur.
- Uncle Oddur.
Mum's brother.
He also had an accident
like this.
His tractor went down
the whole hill.
But he didn't die.
- Yes.
What are you doing?
- What?
What are you doing?
- Printing.
This is from the
phone company.
They discovered that
the phonecard with this number
was bought here in the area
between March and June.
They can't narrow it
further down.
We have to find out.
Call all the stores and
see if you can find
any credit-or debitcard
receipts. - What?
All the gas stations?
- Yes.
Do you know how many
there are in this area?
There is one here on the corner,
one on the intersection,
one at Vellir and there is
one, two, three, four
Freyr, you've got nothing
better to do.
- Hello.
I just want to ask him
a few questions
about what happened
this morning.
Is that all right?
Is that all right?
- Sure.
Did you see someone
near the car or on the hill?
- Really?
Who was that? - The man
who pushed the boulder.
Pushed the boulder?
Did he have an excavator?
No, he just pushed with
both hands. - Really?
What did he look like?
He was in a very
long grey coat
and he had something
white on his head.
Like he had injured himself.
- He sees a lot of things.
Isn't that right, darling?
Was it a shadowy person?
Isn't the boy with you?
- Who?
The one who came
with you the other day.
The one in the Arsenal-outfit.
There was a cannon here.
Don't you remember
his outfit?
He was very happy
with it.
It reminds him of you.
What's his name?
Are you finished?
- Yes. Thank you.
Excuse me.
I'm not sure how
I can put this
but the thing is that
my Una, our Una,
left last night
- Hasn't she come home?
We haven't heard from her.
No, he doesn't know
anything about her.
We were wondering
if you could
Do you want us to
put out a bulletin?
Nei, I don't know.
That's maybe a bit
Just look around for her.
- Yes.
We can't do much unless
you want to declare her missing.
She is probably with a
girl she knows in the city.
She just hasn't answered
her phone. Here is her number.
We are a bit afraid for her.
She is easily influenced.
Maybe she calls us tonight.
- Let's hope so.
What did the boy see?
Anything? - Yes.
He said he saw a shadowy
person in a long coat
with bandages around
its head push the boulder.
He sees things.
Does everybody here
see ghosts?
I don't think he
knew anything.
Will you be attending
the funeral? - I'm not sure.
Look at this.
- Yes.
Smell this.
The same smell as
in the footprint in the pickup.
Compressor oil.
and interview him.
I would to like to know
about the phone number.
Me too but everything
There is no way of knowing
how long it will take Freyr
to find out who bought
the phonecard.
Yes. I'm coming.
Hi there.
- Hello.
We found some junk
in the fuel tank.
That's it.
- A rag.
So we thought
as well.
But it is a T-shirt.
Look at the edge.
It's burnt.
Like someone lit it
on fire.
football team in Grafarvogur?
Yes, I think so.
Anything else?
- No.
I'll take this.
Thank you.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
Didn't Freyr call and ask
you to find receipts?
Yes. Here they are.
Great. I'll take them
with me. - Yes.
Thank you.
Aren't you going to
the dance? - What dance?
Freyr is playing.
No, I don't think so.
Yes, I saw her.
She visited Snorri.
What about him?
I don't remember
seeing him.
What about this one?
Are you talking about her?
- Yes.
Did you see her?
- Yes, she came here.
Are you sure? - Yes,
I was going into the lift.
- Hello, mum.
How are you?
- Good.
You're a lifesaver.
No problem.
- I will see you.
Are you in pajamas?
- Yes.
And shoes?
- Yes.
wear the shoes? - Yes.
One of the nurses is sure
She saw her picture.
She is completely sure.
talk with her.
Yes, but let's wait.
I just found out Anna
bought the phonecard.
as we get a warrant
and then we can talk
to Anna as well.
Your call. - Yes, I know.
I want us to do it this way.
I will see you tomorrow.
Good evening.
I want a number for
a guesthouse called Holt.
Have you got it?
Can you connect me?
Thank you.
The county council wants the
investigation to be quick
and therefore we will meet
the sheriff tomorrow.
Hello, darling
- Is he asleep?
We just had a new poll.
We have a 15 percent lead.
- Stop this.
I'm trying to watch
the news.
All those demanding
to stop the work
Isn't my hair a bit weird?
- A little bit.
It's terribly low to use
tragic accidents here
The sheriff says more
people should be called in
to investigate the two
fatal accidents
I don't want any.
I'm trying to work.
- Are you?
What's wrong?
I'm trying to work and
at the same time
you are voting in the council
that I'm not doing my job.
It's not like that.
You know that.
We just have to do
something about this.
Why didn't you answer
when I called last night?
Someone had turned it off.
I only saw it this morning.
What's the problem?
What is this?
An earring.
- I know it's an earring.
Whose is it?
- I don't know.
Because I found it
under our bed.
Oh, yes.
She spilled something
on her at the party
and went in to
clean it.
Why did she go into
our bedroom to do that?
I don't know. Maybe
the bathroom was occupied.
Why are you interrogating me?
Damn it.
I thought we could have
a cozy evening together.
I thought you could be
happy for me. Damn.
Dad, can I be with you tonight?
Mum and Bragi are going
to the theater.
I can stay at Bragi's sister but
I rather want to be with you.
Call me.
I got the arrest warrant.
- Good.
Let's get it over with
tomorrow. - Yes.
- Hello.
I just wanted to thank you
for calling last night.
Is she all right?
- Yes.
She is with friends.
- That's good.
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
Where are you two going?
- Us two?
I'm just going home.
Snorri isn't sad.
What did you say to her?
- Nothing.
What do you want?
What the hell do
you want?
I'm here.
Do something.
It's very strange that
he isn't here.
I was sure he was home.
Snorri and Anna
They were in love
when they were teenagers.
Did you know that?
- What difference does that make?
None whatsoever.
But it must have
created tension.
- She is Veigar's daughter.
- Anna.
She is Snorri's halfsister.
- What?
They didn't know about it.
But when they started
going out together
Veigar had to tell them
and then they had to split up.
It was very tragic.
They were very much in love.
You know, like young
people will.
Just come.
You stand there,
I'll stand here.
Where did you go
after the dance?
I told you. I was falling
asleep at the wheel.
So I decided to sleep
and slept until morning.
Where did you get gas?
You said we were out of gas.
There was a can
in the trunk.
Do you think I'll
believe this?
There wasn't a can
in the trunk.
We talked about this.
We can do this.
We're getting there.
We're good together.
- Hello.
tomorrow. - Yes
We have got enough.
The football T-shirt.
They lived in that part
of the city.
We have his footprint
on the pickup.
The unregistered number
was bought by someone at Teigur.
we can compare the fingerprints
with the one on the lighter.
You know he was there.
He knew Snorri and Veigar
were losing the contract.
If that happened he
would get it.
So to guarantee it he wanted
to damage the excavator.
Yes, sorry.
If you got any comments
this would be a good time.
It's just somehow too simple.
- This case too simple?
I think this is all
very obvious.
Then Snorri surprised him
by coming up there.
the excavator with Snorri in it
went over the cliff.
- The answer isn't clear.
We can't just decide it is.
- I know you care about them.
Is that bad?
So you say the hidden people
caused the accident
and killed Snorri
in the hospital?
Not at all but the hidden
people warn us.
The land is a living being
and it defends itself
when we attack it as
we have always done.
The hidden people know it
but can't stop it.
sees all kinds of things.
He says he saw a man
in a long grey coat
with bandages on his head
push a boulder off the cliff.
- Follow me.
He lived here.
He had an accident.
He slipped on ice when
he was looking for sheep.
The next morning he woke
up under the cliff.
He never knew how he
got there.
A cloth like this had never
been seen here
bandaged around his head
and covered in blood.
It's been in the family since.
cut the grass near the cliff
and said the cliff should
never be touched.
Those who are sensitive
see many things.
Well, Helgi. You are probably
needed elswhere.
And you should listen to
Anna's little boy.
Away with you.
- I'm going.
Excuse me.
Can I talk to you?
What happened?
There was a man here and when
I wanted to talk to him
he ran away and
I couldn't catch him.
He had a backpack full
of something,
I saw where he was coming from
and someone had broken in.
I don't know what has
been stolen
but it looks like something
was here in this box.
Strange that this wheel
is covered. - Yes.
Let me take a look.
- What?
Don't touch this.
We have to go in
and clean this up.
All right?
- Yes.
Let me see.
Am I hurting you?
"Investigation going nowhere."
It's obvious that explosives
have been kept in the box.
Dynamite must have fallen out
of the backpack
when Inga fought
the man.
We should have found this
the other day.
The same type as was stolen
from Veigar up at the cliff.
The people who live here and
some of the workers
have access to this
storage room.
Nobody here is going
to break in.
We are looking for someone
who knew about the explosives.
But doesn't have a key.
We're good together.
How are you?
- Fine.
I'm worried about you.
- I'm fine.
I care about us.
- Me too.
I just can't help it.
How are you?
- Fine.
How's the wound?
- Fine.
Shouldn't we get started?
- Yes.
We are finished.
Is he with you?
I'm going to talk to
Hildur and Gunnar.
I'll be right out.
- Great.
Let's talk this over
at a better time.
A 23 year old man
died there.
That's tragic of course but
I don't know anything about it.
We suspect that you stole
25 kilos of explosives and caps
from Veigar and Snorri Inc.,
near Fell cliff,
explosives which were stolen
from your shed last night.
As a suspect you have a right
to be silent.
Do you understand?
- Yes.
Can you describe what
happened that night?
This powerline and
the electricity plant
isn't just destroying the
beautiful nature here.
We just want to know what
happened that night.
I decided to take the explosives
to delay the construction.
I bicycled up there and put the
explosives in my bag.
Then I went away.
Did you see something
or hear there? - No.
A witness driving up there
that night
said he saw someone on
a bicycle on the road.
Did you meet a car?
I'm sure she didn't
recognize me.
We know when she was there.
She called the emergency number
from Snorri's phone
soon after she met you.
- Yes.
Then the excavator had just
fallen off the cliff.
Snorri's car was there
with the lights and radio on.
Are you saying that you
saw nobody,
didn't hear any noise
from a car,
didn't see any lights
and saw no movements?
What is this? I confessed that
I stole the explosives.
What more do you want?
You realize that now you are
the only one we know of
who was there apart
from Snorri.
I didn't see anything.
I didn't hear anything.
with us to the station.
What? - We suspect you of
having caused the accident
which Snorri died of.
- This is nonsense.
If you don't want to come
we have to take you.
Are you arresting me?
- You are a suspect.
It is my duty to tell you
that as such
you don't have to answer
any questions about the crime
and you have the right to have
an attorney with you.
- What's going on?
Anna, you have to come
with us well. As a witness.
What nonsense is this?
Do you have to do this here
in front of the children?
You can go and talk with them
or call someone
who can keep them company.
Freyr will wait for you.
You can't tell us anything
about the night of the accident
other than that you slept
in the car?
Is that forbidden?
Anna said that you told her
that the car was out of gas.
That's why she got someone
to drive her home from the dance.
How did you manage
to drive home?
I had a can in the trunk.
- Which Anna didn't know about.
No. - What happened
to the can after that?
I threw it away. - Why didn't
you go all the way home?
You were only two
kilometers away.
Because I was tired.
Do you know the phonenumber
Yes, it's the number of a mobile
Do you know where the phone is?
- He lost it.
- I don't know.
If I knew then it wouldn't
maybe be lost.
When did you find out
the phone was lost?
Last weekend, I think.
He told me then.
How long do I have
to be here?
I've told you all this before.
Why didn't you film that?
We know you took gas
that morning at Vellir.
You weren't up there.
Do you recognize this?
It is marked JL.
What has this got
to do with it?
Did you find any socks?
Can you explain why it was
in the gas tank
of Snorri's excavator?
This is ridiculous.
The unregistered number
She gave him the phone.
But he said he lost it around
the time of the accident.
He would hardly call himself.
- No.
So Snorri called.
- It must be.
It's such a short time.
It must be.
I visited Snorri twice
at the hospital.
I cared a great deal
about him.
That's understandable.
What do you mean?
You were once very
much in love.
Yes, we were.
Then you found out
he was your halfbrother.
Do you know of anyone who
would have wanted
to stop Snorri from
waking up?
You have to tell us.
- No. No idea.
What? Aren't you going
to turn it on?
I was just thinking what
kind of person it is
who can spin such a
web of lies
and how far he would be
ready to go to uphold the lie.
I'm going to show you
a picture of a footprint
which we found,
just newly made
on Snorri's car.
This is your footprint.
Containing compressor-oil
from the excavator.
They are the same.
We also have a lighter
which was found
where the excavator
went off the cliff.
Your fingerprints are on it.
When did you lose your
mobile phone? - When?
You have the phonenumber
929-2279, right? - Yes.
Your mobile phone was called
from Snorri's car phone
a few minutes before his
mother found him
and called for help.
Do you know what I think?
I think you were going to
get the excavator off the cliff
while everybody was
at the dance.
Snorri saw your car up there,
tried to call you
and then he saw the
excavator moving.
He came up there,
you managed to jump out
but he tried to stop
the excavator.
You knew he would tell us
when he woke up
so you wanted to stop
that from happening.
Are you out of your mind?
I haven't talked to Snorri
for months.
I wasn't near the cliff.
The phone was on silent.
Snorri was my friend.
- Why don't you just confess?
The phone was on silent.
I never did anything
to Snorri. Never.
That's the truth.
What happened to the phone?
When did you arrive
at her place? - At midnight.
Had this been going
on for a long time?
No, we slept together
once before.
It was a moment of madness.
Not supposed to happen again.
But then you know.
Did you know she and Snorri
had been together? - Yes.
I heard him on the voice mail.
Then he came and knocked.
She didn't open.
It was horrible.
It was obvious he was very
much in love with her.
Then he left.
Drove away.
In a grey pickup?
- Yes.
When? - Between one
and two.
Will she confirm this?
I haven't talked to her
after this.
Inga, you've got a phonecall.
I knocked and knocked
but she didn't answer.
I heard loud music.
She didn't answer so I
decided to look in.
I didn't know what do to
so I called you.
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