Hamarinn (The Cliff) (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

This is something more than
an accident at work.
Someone stole explosives and
devices to use them.
We don't have
detailed information
but it was at least
one box.
Old Lauga who lives at Fell
said she saw an ball of light.
What, are you conducting
this investigation?
Just so you know it,
I'm in charge here.
Yes, I know.
There is no explanation
- There is always an explanation.
No one was working.
Everybody had the weekend off.
We don't know what
Snorri was doing there.
It was sabotage
and nothing else.
You can pay off a
lot of debts for
Are you accusing me of
insurance fraud?
My son is injured.
I don't dislike Snorri.
But his father is an idiot.
He blames me for
the accident. - Why?
He wants to ruin me.
- Where the hell were you?
I called and called.
I lost the phone.
He had been drilling there.
He could have loosened it.
Could be but it is still
strange that it happened
while no work was going on.
Una, did you know Snorri?
I told you about the explosives.
The information is on the Internet.
Mum wasn't sad because of
the accident. It was the picture.
What picture?
That's your mother, Snorri.
Who is this? - Uncle Oddur.
Uncle Oddur?
- Mum's brother.
He also had an accident
This must have created
tension between the boys.
- She's Veigar's daughter.
- Anna.
She's Snorri's halfsister.
What about this one?
- Have you seen her?
Yes, she came here.
- Are you sure?
Yes, I was going
into the lift.
Where are you two going?
- Us two?
I'm just going home.
I found out that Anna
bought the phonecard.
as we get the warrant
and let's talk to Anna
at the same time.
with us to the station.
What? - We suspect that you
caused the accident.
This is nonsense.
Isn't the boy with you?
Who? - The one who came
with you the other day.
The one in the Arsenal-outfit.
So you are saying that the
hidden people
caused the accident
and Snorri's death.
Not at all.
But the hidden people
give us a warning.
The land is a living being
and defends itself
when we attack it
as we always do.
The hidden people know it
but can't stop it.
The attacker hit her on
the left side and she fell.
She hit her head on the
edge of the chest of drawers.
She lost consciousness.
There are no signs of a fight.
It was one punch.
Thank you.
Then we can talk to her
later today. - Yes.
See this. It's from the
The same date was
circled on the calendar.
I'm going to check it out.
- Sorry, I
Inga, one moment.
There is an ongoing
I can't say anything.
Do you look at it as
a sign of no confidence in you
been called home from holiday
to take over the
Is it true that the explosives
were stored at Holt?
When I came home Veigar
had trashed Snorri's room.
He went out and he was
absolutely furious.
I'll come as soon
as I can.
Wait. He's not alone.
I need your interim report
in the morning.
Let's say eight o'clock.
Then I'll take over.
My dear Inga
- I'm not your Inga.
Have you really brought
to take over from me?
- We don't have enough people
Wouldn't it have been more honest
to fire me?
What is this? It's unnecessary
to overreact.
of experience
You could have least
told me in advance.
Or just told me.
Ajournalist told me.
Stop it. It's just a reaction
to increased pressure.
- This is ridiculous.
What about Helgi? - I expect
that he continues
What are you going to
We can't keep him forever.
I just need to get his
alibi confirmed.
The sooner, the better.
This is Orri.
Leave a message.
It's ten o'clock.
Where are you?
Hello, darling.
- Hi, dad.
I just wanted to remind you
of the horseshow tonight.
When is it?
- Eight o'clock.
It could be a bit difficult.
- You always say that.
I know. But I'm working.
Is there a second show?
- I'll try to come.
No, don't come then.
- I'll come if I can.
All right.
- All right, darling.
- Goodbye.
I'm not going to
press charges.
Who is it you are
covering up for?
Who attacked you?
important information
about what happened the
night of the accident.
You must want us to find
out what happened to Snorri.
Of course I want that.
Can you confirm that?
Nothing ever works out for me
when it comes to men.
Thankfully the baby
is all right.
Who is the dad?
- No.
Then Snorri is father, right?
- Yes.
Did you meet him that night?
No, but he called a lot and
left messages.
Then he came and knocked
but I didn't open up.
was all a mess.
Maybe this wouldn't
have happened
if I had talked to him.
Do you think Snorri knew
I don't know.
He left a message.
- I listened to a part of it.
But then I couldn't
listen to more.
He probably wanted to
talk about the baby.
We had talked about it
over and over again.
He wanted to abort it.
It was terrible.
But the thing with
You visited Snorri
at the hospital. - Yes.
He left something that night
on my doorstep.
Half a medallion in
a chain.
He had always wanted
to give it to me.
I had never wanted
to accept it.
I wanted to give it back.
- You put it around his neck.
The night he died.
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell us?
I don't know.
Why didn't you go through
with the abortion?
I went to the hospital.
But then I couldn't
go through with it.
How am I
I don't know how I'm
going to do this.
This is Oddur who died
in a tractor accident, right?
Yes. A lovely boy.
The kids loved him.
They visited him
every week
for months after
the accident
without knowing if he
registered their presence.
Can I take this picture?
- Sure.
I got this yesterday.
Gunnar at Holt demands the
seizure of our assets.
He's taken over the loan
you got when you bought the land.
So if we don't pay,
which we can't
as Veigar doesn't get paid
if he doesn't finish the job
then Gunnar can take the land.
- Yes.
And the cliff.
As the owner of the land he
can put stop to the work.
After some time.
It is very understandable
that Veigar is upset.
He becomes another person
when he drinks.
Does he hit you?
He's a good man.
Hello, this is Freyr.
This is Inga.
answering machine.
There is a message on it
which has been erased.
I need to get it.
I thought that you could
maybe help me.
Call me.
I thought I had killed you.
I wasn't going to
I lost control.
I was dead drunk.
I wasn't going to hit you.
You will of course
press charges
and I will confirm
everything you
What's happening here?
What are you doing here?
This is a mess.
Veigar bought the land
off Lauga by issuing a bond.
Gunnar bought the bond off her.
Now he is ruining
Veigar since he can't pay.
- Really?
He was drunk and mad.
She's not going to charge him.
- I don't know.
How long have you known it?
I didn't know anything.
- No.
sherrif's this morning.
He will take over tomorrow.
- What?
He's taking over tomorrow
and he will declare
that this is just a
row of accidents
and everybody will be
very happy
and I'll look like a fool.
- This is crazy.
Ajournalist knew this before
him and Freyr did as well.
Are you telling me that
you didn't know anything?
I'm telling you.
I promise that I hadn't
heard about this.
There is a man here
in a grey coat.
He has a wound
on his head.
But it didn't kill him.
Anger. He says those who live
in the cliff are angry.
Can't you tell us exactly
then what they want?
He says that the destruction
of the land has to stop.
The cliff must be left alone.
Otherwise the consequences
will be dire.
Here is a boy as well.
He's worried about his dad.
He is surrounded by
a bright light.
There is an "R" in the name.
He's has on a red football shirt
which he likes a lot.
Daddy is sad.
Daddy doesn't have
to be sad.
He says he is fine.
I've never seen people
listen like this before.
Maybe we should get him
to work for us.
Are you all right?
My son's name was
He was always wearing
a red football shirt.
An Arsenal-shirt.
He always had it on.
When he was seven
I knew about the
accident before
I was there before
the ambulance.
A few minutes.
He was lying on the street.
He didn't see anything.
He didn't see any cars.
He just saw his friend
on the other side of the street.
He never saw the car.
I went to him and
took him in my arms
and I stroked his face
and he looked in my eyes
and he said
and he said "I'm sorry",
that was the only thing he said
like he had done something wrong,
done something to me.
Hello, Helgi.
Sheriff Ragnar.
You were doing a
great job. - Thanks.
We have to have a
meeting with Inga.
I'll talk to you later.
Inga, we were talking
What happened?
They went away without
telling me anything.
Are you going? Is no one going
to tell me what he said? - No.
What did he say to you?
- None of your business.
What's going on?
Am I supposed to
come to the city?
Shouldn't I finish this?
- Forget about it.
You're lucky that you just
were there to assist the girl.
It's her mess.
- What mess?
She's been going around
with all kinds of nonsense.
I was told of some wild theory
about potassium.
We have to finish this quickly.
- I'll call you later.
How are you?
I was asked to
take time off.
Was that what happened
in the meeting?
We have messed this up.
We don't have anything.
Wait a minute.
Look at this.
Look. Anna, Snorri
and Oddur.
Anna's big brother.
Have you heard about him?
No. - Oddur died in an
accident when he was a teenager.
But before he died he was
in a coma for two years.
Snorri and Anna visited
him a lot.
We can assume that Anna
would never let Snorri
suffer the same fate.
Do you mean that it
was euthanasia?
You said it.
The thing Snorri got in his
veins in the hospital
What is it called?
- Potassium.
I'll bet that if we can
sneak a peek in the drugreports
at the clinic where Anna works,
just for the last week,
we will see that some
potassium is missing.
Then we've got it.
We'll check it out.
We'll finish this.
get the credit. No way.
He's not going to come here
and finish this.
You're not quitting now.
I know a girl who works
at the clinic.
Can you call her?
- Yes.
I'm going to talk to Anna.
But if she doesn't confess
we don't have anything.
Yes, potassium was taken out.
What are you thinking about?
Go with him.
We know how Snorri died
at the hospital.
Yes, I know.
His heart stopped.
We also know he died because
of a potassium shock.
Have you anything to say
about that?
It must have been
incredibly difficult
to see your older brother
lying in hospital for months
without being able to do
anything for himself
Do you think it is
fitting to talk about this?
No. It is very understandable
that someone would decide
to stop this from happening again.
Especially if you care
about the person.
I don't have time
to talk to you.
I have to do something.
There is potassium missing
from the clinic where you work.
What? Aren't you happy
to see me?
I'm not sure.
- Not a good day?
No, take a look at this.
Hello. Can I help you?
No, I want to speak
to Helgi.
He's not in.
- You can take this.
Anna found this in my
brother's room.
Asked me to show it
to you.
A half-finished letter and
explosives instructions.
Same kind of explosives
as those which were stolen.
Do you know where he is?
- No.
He was very upset when
Snorri died.
He's been kind of strange
since Una left for the city.
He hasn't been seen for
the last two days.
Not since you arrested me.
If you had told the truth
from the start
I wouldn't have had
to arrest you.
Don't worry about the boy.
I'll arrange a search.
He's just a teenager but
he might have explosives.
If you find him you'll
call me right away.
I don't want to talk to you.
No, I don't want to
hear about it.
Two glasses of water
and coffee? - Yes.
Just go in the car.
Have you made contact
with him?
No, there are about five or
ten minutes since we came.
I'm going to talk to him.
Aren't you going to
use it? - No.
I'm just going up
to talk to him.
He's not going to
hurt anyone.
Can you hear me?
- Yes.
I just want to talk to you.
- Don't come any nearer.
I just want to talk.
What are you doing?
Don't touch it.
If you do I blow it up.
I'm coming a bit closer.
Just to talk.
I blow it up if you
come any closer.
We're going to talk
together like men.
I'll just come a
little bit closer.
This letter to Una
Ask him about her.
How is Una?
- Shut up.
When did you last see her?
- I'll blow it up.
I have turned it on.
I'm not coming down if
they don't stop this.
What are you doing?
Don't think I don't
know what you are doing.
Delaying until a tactical
squad comes.
There is no one coming.
There's just the two of us.
We are just talking.
I control this.
I don't care.
Just go.
Your message will be
on the news tonight.
You probably called
yourself so
Yes, what?
- What was this?
Why are you calling now?
- What is this nonsense?
What are you doing?
- I'm just doing what I have to.
I never told you to do this.
I care about you.
Then why haven't you
wanted to talk to me?
Damn it. I knew
you were lying.
They're not going to
do anything. I control this.
We are just talking.
What are you doing here?
I didn't ask for assistance.
They are here on
my authority.
Your authority?
Some idiot with weapons
and explosives
keeping a whole
company hostage,
that's what I call a
mission for a tactical squad.
It's just a confused teenager.
You're just making it worse.
Confused teenager.
We know he knows how
to use dynamite.
30 meters.
If he points it at Helgi
you shoot him.
They have him
in their sights.
Just remember one thing.
Don't point the gun at me.
All right.
They'll shoot if you do it.
Ready, boys.
- Relax.
Helgi knows him and
he's talking to him.
Just don't
What the
Don't point it towards me.
I'll shoot me.
Talk to me.
Look in my eyes.
What are you going to do?
Shoot your head off
in front of everybody?
Just go. I can't be bothered
with this anymore.
You're just hurting those
who care about you.
Don't to this.
Don't do this.
Just give me the gun.
Then it will be all right.
Just give it to me.
It will be all right.
He's coming with me.
Aren't we agreed on that?
Boys, it's over.
I saw on the Internet
how to blow it.
It's no problem.
Una told me where
the dynamite was.
I was just going to
get it and go away.
Then she came
- Inga.
She ran after me and
I had the dynamite
in my backpack.
Is she all right?
Yes, she's all right.
- Good.
No one was supposed
to get hurt. - What do you mean?
I wasn't going to hurt anyone.
Do you want to tell
me anything else?
I turned the excavator on.
I was just going to
burn it or something.
I saw the key was in it.
I put a stone on the
then he tried to save it
and I couldn't do anything.
It just fell down.
Then you called from his
carphone to your brother.
Some woman answered
and you hung up? - Yes.
Then someone came.
I've never been as scared.
We'll just keep him
in a cell.
All right.
I'll see you at the cliff.
Good evening.
- Is everything all right?
Maybe Snorri isn't
your only descendant.
It's difficult to get away
from this place.
I have to tell you something.
It's not good news.
Lauga died tonight.
I know she wouldn't have liked it
if you heard it on the radio.
Thank you.
I never stopped loving Snorri.
I know that what I did
wasn't right.
But it was easy.
I knew as soon as it happened
that I would do it.
Maybe I just became a nurse
to be able to do it.
I changed the needle and
added potassium.
Enough potassium.
You were right.
Snorri and I
We promised each other
that we wouldn't
let the other one end
up like my brother.
I know it's maybe terrible
to say so but I don't regret it.
I read the chart and what
the doctor said there
confirmed what I suspected.
Even if he had woken up
he would never have
lived the life he wanted
to live.
You'll have to come with me.
- I know.
That's why I came.
I'll just finish the report
at home and send it to you.
It's at least in my name.
That which happened
between us
Could you do it?
- No.
Of course I did.
Weren't you supposed to
be playing somewhere?
Yes, at a birthday party.
it on the radio
that he had solved the case in
those five minutes he was here.
You're not going to quit,
are you?
Someone was saying
Shall we listen to it?
I'm at the dance.
I thought I would see
you here.
I have to talk to you.
I'm outside your door and
I have to talk to you.
I've been knocking at
the door like crazy.
I know you are home.
Why don't you let me in?
I've got a gift for you.
The medallion you never wanted.
I want you to have it no
matter what happens to us.
I'll leave it here outside.
I think the baby is a gift.
I'm sorry that I asked
you to abort it.
I've been thinking and even
if you don't want to be with me
I would want to have the baby.
We don't have be together.
We'll find a solution.
Wait, there are some lights
up at the cliff.
What's going on?
They are not work lights.
Maybe we'll meet
some other time.
Hello, darling.
- Who is it?
It's your father.
- Daddy.
I'm coming to the city.
I was thinking
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